Miserable state of the nation

LIBERATION International, July – August 2009 issue

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“Gloria (Arroyo) feasts while the people go hungry!” photo from Arkibong Bayan.

By Bagani Dong-Ilay

In their own version of the state of the nation address (SONA), protesters on 27 July castigated Arroyo for aggravating the country’s underdevelopment, her subservience to foreign vested interests, her shameless corruption, her thirst for power, her bloody human rights record and her undisguised puppetry to US imperialism.

Also in this issue:

US increases intervention, joins combat operations in the Philippines
By Ed Ladera

NPA medical work in Southern Mindanao a resounding success
from Ang Bayan

Filipino-American activist hits back against abductors, torturers
By Pingkian

Condolences on the death of Comrade Soedirdjo Harsono
By Luis G. Jalandoni
NDFP Chief International Representative

Lalgarh adivasis continue resistance against oppression, brutal repression
By Bagani Dong-ilay

Reject Israeli attempts to suppress press freedom — PFLP
By Roselle Valerio

Arroyo government violates peace deals, blocks peace talks
By Ed Ladera

Read or download the July – August 2009 issue of Liberation International …  

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