More lies are being spewed from the AFP/PNP factory

The AFP and PNP are fascist dogs and liars. Each day, more lies are being spewed from the AFP/PNP factory. 

To whitewash their misencounter in Sitio Talaptapan Brgy. Nalundan, Bindoy, Negros Oriental last July 29, the Regional Mobile Force Batallion projected to the public that it was the NPA that they exchanged firefight with. This only proves their desperation and failure to chase the NPA.

In yet another hopeless move, the AFP/PNP once again retaliated on civilians. They illegally arrested two farmers – Rico Oracoy, 39 and Lito Cadusale, 51 – in Sitio Yamot Brgy Mabato, Ayungon, Negros Oriental. The PNP was quick to plant evidence and accuse the farmers as NPA fighters.

No amount of spin stories can misled the toiling masses. The broad masses of the people know that the AFP/PNP are mercenaries for further exploitation and oppression. It is then imperative for the people to link arms and resist the fascist Duterte regime. 

In response, the NPA is more than ready to punish the AFP/PNP butchers and defend the people of Negros.

New People’s Army

Ka Dionesio Magbuelas
Mt. Cansermon Command
Central Negros Guerilla Front