NDFP and the Filipino people must be alert to Duterte’s militarism in the name of peace

Press Statement by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 14, 2019

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Filipino people should be alert to Duterte’s militarist purposes in announcing that he wishes to reopen the peace talks with the use of a militarized negotiating panel under the militarized office of the presidential adviser, General Galvez.

The NDFP does not want to be baited into accepting a war panel of the Duterte regime whose purpose is merely to seek the impossible, such as the surrender of the revolutionary forces, especially the New People’s Army.

Duterte must first answer the following prejudicial questions: 

1. Why did he terminate the peace negotiations and annul all agreements painstakingly made since the The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992?

2. Why did he terminate and dismantle the GRP section of the Joint Monitoring Committee formed under the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Humans Rights and International Humanitarian Law?

The NDFP must remind Duterte that he cannot dictate the terms of whatever kind of negotiations he seeks from the revolutionary movement pf the people. 

By all indications, Duterte is merely play-acting in the name of peace while carrying out an all-out war and scheming to rig the May 2019 elections in order to pave the way for a fascist dictatorship through charter change to a bogus federalism. ###

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  1. Mico Gamboa
    Mico Gamboa says:

    Why talk to a mass murderer. The man with a bankrupt mind could never find a solution to the problems of our country. Much more he refuses to find a solution except to kill. After three long years in power, I can’t see any project implemented in Bacolod City that was conceptualized, initiated and funded by his “Build build” program. What I knew is he has already surpassed the mass murder during the 20 years in negros. Marcos has Escalante Masacre, he hay Sagay Masacre. The Mass Murder in CHICKS area during Marcos dictatorship has been matched by Duterte and even exceeded because Negrs Oriental has been included.

    He want tro buy time with peace offer to thwart the developing scenario comes May election. His candidates in the senate will surely lose and he has to rig the election result. He will also see to it that the progressive partylist will not find a seat in congress.

    This scenario is similar to the snap election of Marcos , the result of which was Edsa Revolt. Don’t ever deal with Duterte will his lateral offers for peace. Grab the iniatiative and provide leadership and mass support both rural and urban for the oust Duterte Movement. Prepare to repudiate the election result. Prepare an organizational component for a wider united front that will frusatrate the bugos federalism and prolonged dictatorship.


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