NDFP Negotiating Panel recommends CPP extension of ceasefire until 15 January 2013

NDFP Negotiating Panel 

Despite the very belated GPH decision to extend its Suspension of Offensive Military Operations (SOMO) until 15 January 2013, the NDFP Negotiating Panel is recommending to the Communist Party of the Philippines Central Committee (CPP CC) that it extend its ceasefire declaration to 15 January 2013 so that both will be in sync.

On 27 December 2012, one week after the CPP CC had issued its declaration of ceasefire for the period of 20 December 2012 until 15 January 2013, the CPP CC had issued a warning that the GPH must issue promptly its declaration of the extension of its SOMO. This warning was however disregarded by the GPH.

Upon receipt today from Royal Norwegian Ambassador Ture Lundh a copy of the letter of endorsement of DND Secretary Voltaire Gazmin to GPH President Aquino dated 01 January 2013 and approved by GPH President Aquino on 02 January 2013, the NDFP Negotiating Panel has written to the CPP CC recommending that the CPP-NPA ceasefire be extended to 15 January 2013.

The NDFP Negotiating Panel has informed Royal Norwegian Ambassador Ture Lundh regarding this recommendation to extend the ceasefire order of the CPP to 15 January 2013.

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel 



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