ILPS condemns massacre of peasants in Taquarucu, extends solidarity with people’s movement in Brazil

The peasants of Taquarucu do Norte have been subjected to all kinds of violence from local landlords and land-grabbers for more than a decade. They have been victims of assassinations, torture and threats by armed goons under the employ of local landlords. The Brazilian state has always turned a blind eye to these atrocities being committed by the landlords against the peasant masses.

AFP’s strike operation, foiled by the NPA

At around 7:00 am, April 20, the 92nd DRC raided the temporary base being built by the NGC unit for its military training. Due to skillful defense, no NPA elements were wounded nor killed. On the other handed, no less than two were wounded on the the side of the AFP. According to the residents, an AFP helicopter went back to the site twice after the encounter.

Message of the NDFP-NEMR on the 44th founding anniversary of the NDFP

NDFP-NEMR also lauds all revolutionary forces, cadres, activists, Red commanders and fighters of the New People's Army for their boundless service and firm adherence to the leadership and guidance of the CPP in advancing the revolutionary movement in the region. NDFP-NEMR renders its Red salute to the revolutionary martyrs for the heroic sacrifice of their valuable lives for the interest of the people and the Filipino revolution.