No bite to Aquino’s anti-Arroyo bark — CPP

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today chided the Aquino regime for “its toothless anti-Arroyo bark”. The CPP said Aquino has been employing this as a smokescreen to cover up his failings and placate the Filipino people who are increasingly restive over the worsening crisis and increasing hardships.

“After more than a year, the Filipino people are indignant at the Aquino regime’s failure to carry out any significant step to indict, prosecute and punish Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts for the numerous crimes of plunder, corruption, extrajudicial killings and several thousand cases of human rights violations,” said the CPP.

“People cannot help but recall that after Arroyo assumed power in 2001, her government was able to indict and arrest former President Joseph Estrada within its first 100 days.”

“It is difficult not to notice that in the past weeks, Aquino and his spokespersons have stepped up their tirades about the evils carried out by Arroyo during her nine-year regime,” said the CPP. “Aquino’s noisy anti-Arroyo barking, however, still raises the question: where is your bite?”

“It appears that Aquino is now stepping up his anti-Arroyo campaign in anticipation of his scheduled state of the nation address where he is to be measured by the Filipino people by what he has done to bring Arroyo and her ilk to justice,” said the CPP.

The CPP added: “It is also apparent that Malacañang is now building up noise over Arroyo’s crimes in order to draw attention away from its own measures and policies that have resulted in worsening socio-economic conditions and its failure to address the national and democratic aspirations of the people.”

“In spite of Aquino’s endless attacks against Arroyo, he is, in fact, perpetuating the old economic and political system that Arroyo thrived upon,” pointed out the CPP. “He is pursuing the same Arroyo economic line of import and trade liberalization, privatization of remaining state assets, export of cheap labor, automatic debt appropriations, reliance on foreign debt and investments and call-center-centric progress.”

“The Filipino people demand swift justice and seek to punish Gloria Arroyo and her corrupt and fascist bunch,” said the CPP. “They cannot be satisfied with empty anti-Arroyo rhetoric.”

“More important, they demand greater changes in their socio-economic conditions. They demand land reform, more jobs, higher wages, a stop to oil price hikes, and greater access to education and health services, among others.”

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