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NPA explosive wounds 2 Army regulars, 6 paramilitary troopers in Davao City

Spokesperson, Merardo Arce Command
NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command

Young farmer mauled by Philippine Army troopers in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley

Punitive measures continue against the 10th Infantry Division-Armed Forces of the Philippines to counter its atrocious methods of terrorizing the peasant and Lumad masses in Paquibato District, Davao City. On Wednesday, 7 November, at 2:20 PM in Km. 24 Pamantawan, Barangay (village) Malibog, the 1st Pulang Bagani Company of the New People’s Army used a command-detonated explosive against three 72nd Infantry Battalion elements and 10 Alamara and Blackfighter bandits, wounding two of the Army troops and hitting six of the bandits.

The explosive is meant to warn the Lumad bandits and 10th ID-AFP from further exploiting and abusing the indigenous Manobos of Paquibato for its reign of terror and counterrevolutionary operations.

The military’s abuses are not limited in Paquibato. On 31 October in Purok 3, San Roque, Nabunturan, the 66th Infantry Battalion-10th ID-AFP mauled, tortured, buttstroked using an M203 grenade launcher a young peasant, Boboy Ayagina. The troops numbered about 18, who came up to Ayagina as he was on his way to his home. The soldiers suspected Ayagina of being an NPA member, tore his malong (blanket) and forced him to eat the raw fish he was carrying. Soldiers only stopped from hurting Ayagina when his relatives, upon hearing his cries of help, came up to the hill and rescued him.

In Paquibato, the paramilitary Lumad bandits were led by Nomer Ogaw, son of Cawsing Ogaw, a notorious paramilitary leader of Blackfighters who was punished by the NPA last July. Under instructions from the 10th ID-AFP, the younger Ogaw led in arming civilian Lumad minors in Barangay Salaysay, Marilog District. Ogaw is now heading the Operation Blackfighters, Baganis and Alamaras in Paquibato.

The AFP has no qualms in arming innocent Lumads to become paramilitary troops or “force multipliers” for its counterrevolutionary purposes. When the NPA punished the elder Ogaw and Abantas Ansabo, alias Kumander Ibon last July, the 10th ID-AFP continued organizing the Alamaras and Blackfighters in Barangay Ganatan in Arakan Valley in North Cotabato, and in Barangay Salaysay, Marilog. Over the last three months, Nomer Ogaw and minions of his deceased father forced their young recruits in a test mission of foot patrols, intimidation of peasant masses, and a host of other criminal activities and banditry.

By using hapless, innocent Lumads as its rabid dogs and torturing civilians, the 10th ID-AFP only perpetuates the very character of Oplan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino regime — that it is no better than the deadly Oplan Bantay Laya of the US-Arroyo regime.

In the last one and a half years of Oplan bayanihan operations, the AFP has shown itself as wholly reactionary, counterrevolutionary and fascist to the core. The 10th ID-AFP spokespersons and officials are wasting their time in depicting themselves to the public as peacemakers and human rights advocates. They are not.

The Oplan Bayanihan has unleashed its fangs of fascism in the countryside leaving in its trail an increasing list of human rights abuses. While masquerading as benevolent soldiers and people’s heroes, they are criminals who defend, not the impoverished peasant and Lumad masses, but the rotten, puppet and fascist state of bourgeois compradors and big landlords.

(Sgd) Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Spokesperson, Merardo Arce Command
Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command
New People’s Army

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