NPA seizes 15 firearms in Kidapawan PNP scalawag raid

New People’s Army
Regional Operations Command
Southern Mindanao Region

Press Statement | March 16, 2017

Without firing a single shot Red commanders and fighters of New People’s Army’s Mt. Apo Sub-Regional Command swiftly carried out a raid seizing 15 firearms on an arms cache of a PNP scalawag at around 1:00 in the afternoon in Brgy. Mateo, Kidapawan City, March 15, 2017. The NPA’s daring disarming operation was conducted in close proximity to the command headquarters of the Philippine Army’s 39th Infantry Battalion and several minutes away from the city police headquarters.

Seized from the house of PNP/CIDG confidential agent Reynaldo V. Dinampo were four M4 Bushmaster rifles, 2 M14 rifles, 1 Ultimax light machine gun, 2 M203 grenade launchers, 1 shotgun, 1 KG9 sub-machine gun, and 4 calibre .45 pistols, assorted ammunitions and magazines and various other military hardware.

The Southern Mindanao NPA Regional Operations Command acknowledges this punitive action against Region 12’s top brass in the PNP and the CIDG who have for years immensely profited from the illegal arms trade. With the protection of mercenary police scalawags, Dinampo and his network of dealers smuggle arms and ammunition for private armies of warlords, big landlords and compradors, big bureaucrats and fanatic paramilitary groups in North Cotabato, Far South and Central Mindanao and some parts of Davao Region. The same weapons have targeted Lumad and peasants in the countryside, and other civilians and members of progressive groups.

The masses in North Cotabato celebrate this recent disarming operation by the Red army as fitting revolutionary justice against the fascist PNP that opened fire at thousands of protesting Lumad and peasants, killing 3 and severely wounding others, on April 1 last year in what is notoriously known as Kidapawan massacre.

NPA units will continue to punish, disarm and dismantle arms trade made into milking cows by the ruling class and its armed forces at the expense of millions of poor Filipinos. While the AFP and the PNP engage themselves in all-out war, Oplan Tokhang and large miners and plantations, the NPA strives to launch more victorious tactical offensives for the benefit of the Filipino masses.

Regional Operations Command
NPA-Southern Mindanao