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NPA sniping operation hits enemy troops anew in Capiz

Jose Percival Estocada, Jr. Command
NPA – Central Panay

A unit of the New People’s Army under the Jose Percival Estocada Jr. Command (JPEC) harassed the 18-man “Peace and Development Team” of the 61st Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army, based in Barangay (village) Acuña, Tapaz, Capiz last 29 November 2012. The NPA unit positioned around 4am at an advantage position and conducted the sniping-harassment when a definite target showed himself around 8am. According to the populace, one was killed and was immediately transported out of the area.  But in their statement to the media, the military command only admitted that one Pfc Arthur Etiong was wounded.

The PDT detachment is located in a populated area and near civilian houses. The fascists troops intend to use the civilians as a shield against NPA attacks. The Red fighters exercised their discipline in firing and ensured that no civilian gets hurt in the assault. This is the second time that this detachment was attacked since 14 May 2012..

After the attack, their force was increased to a 27-man PDT unit to recover the morale of the frightened fascist troops. If we recall, this same PDT unit ran away in fear when a claymore detonated right inside their detachment when they were attacked last 14 May of this same year.

After this action, the NPA then burned the abandoned PDT detachment in Barangay Tacayan, Tapaz, Capiz. The fascist troops were forced to abandon this detachment after they were harassed last 8 September 2012 which left Pfc Macolbacol dead. This military unit is responsible for the killing of 6-year old Rodelyn Aguirre last 14 March 2012.

The Tumanduk people are rejoicing in these successive actions of their true army. For them, this is just a start of seeking payment from the long list of military brutality and violations of human rights. They strongly believe that only through armed struggle can their cry for justice be met. 

Jose Percival Estocada Jr., Command

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