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NPA warns against derelict, despotic politicians; reiterates revolutionary policies on elections

Spokesperson, Merardo Arce Command
NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command

Candidates vying for seats at the provincial, congressional and mayoral levels should adhere to the policies and programs of the People’s Democratic Government with regards to the forthcoming electoral exercise of the reactionary US-Aquino regime.

The New People’s Army, as a separate and distinct armed force, exercises control over a significant portion of territory in the country, under an effective and responsible command. It acts for and in defense of the constituency of the People’s Democratic Government while the organs of political power govern such territories.

As the masses participate in the reactionary electoral process, politicians and bourgeois political parties are interested in reaching out to them. It is only proper and fair for these politicians to respect the distinct territories held by the revolutionary government and coordinate with the NPA and people’s militia, organs of political power, revolutionary forces and Party branches. In doing so, candidates must comply with the following requisites:

  1. Demonstrate sincerity in both words and deed as they relate with the masses;

  2. Undertake concrete actions to conform to campaign promises especially within revolutionary territories;

  3. Desist from performing counterrevolutionary intelligence activities against the NPA and revolutionary movement;

  4. Abstain from carrying out anti-social activities like gambling, drinking, prostitution and other decadent bourgeois exploits that affect the youth and promote profligate culture;

  5. Deter from conniving and/or conspiring with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan;

  6. Provide material and financial help to fund mass production campaign, education, health, and immediate infrastructure projects especially in areas badly hit by Typhoon Pablo and other calamities; and

  7. Shun from carrying firearms.

The requisites hew with the CPP’s policy and practice to classify mayors, governors and members of congress as allies, neutrals or enemies.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US-Aquino regime attempt but fail miserably to debunk the notion that the revolutionary forces can determine the outcome of the reactionary elections, especially in its areas of mass base and influence. The AFP is allergic to the very idea that the NPA can let progressive and neutralized candidates win while it can also isolate the most rabid ones.

In general, the revolutionary forces have long considered the electoral process of the reactionary state as farcical because traditional politicians of the exploiting classes monopolize this fleeting circus. The reactionary elections do not reflect the people’s will nor can it dispel the people’s discontent. No matter who wins, there will be no fundamental change within the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in a country ruled by the big compradors and landlords that lay prostrate to imperialist dictates. Thus, the people’s war persists as the ultimate and viable solution in attaining the people’s aspiration for social emancipation.

Indeed, the masses clamor for real change and alleviation of their suffering. More than three months after the 4 December 2012 tragedy, the typhoon victims — victims for they continue to be such — are in even direr conditions, in stark hunger and constant state of need. The US-Aquino regime has grossly neglected them, dished out token assistance while hoarding calamity funds and international aid. Worse, the regime has attempted to alter the fascist collar of its running dogs in the AFP as people’s heroes, not goons of environmental destroyers for what they really are.

Thus, the people should denounce those who have neglected and worsened the plight of Typhoon Pablo victims. The people should identify and isolate the re-electionist officials and incumbents who have maliciously and wickedly aggravated the economic and political conditions of Typhoon Pablo victims. The same despotic re-electionist officials that ride on the back of the brutal Oplan Bayanihan as with the rest of other candidates in the region, should also be opposed.

Politicians who have taken hook, line and sinker the rabid, anti-people and duplicitous Oplan Bayanihan of the AFP are crooks that the people must oppose; they should not be supported at all.

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