On Duterte’s repetitive termination of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations

By Prof.Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Politcal Consultant
August 16, 2018

Duterte never gets tired of repetitively terminating the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. He terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations on November 23,2017 with his Proclamation 360, and then he followed it up in December 2017 with Proclamation 374 designating the CPP and NPA as terrorist” organizations with the malicious intent of making it doubly sure that he had killed the peace negotiations.

It was all a sham that Duterte was inviting me to the Philippines after he issued those two proclamations. He was in fact demanding all along the surrender and political suicide of the revolutionary movement of the people before any comprehensive agreement on social, economic and political reforms.

He will go down in history as a mass murderer and terminator of the peace negotiations. He is hell-bent on establishing a fascist dictatorship, with him monopolizing political power and plunder. To establish his fascist dictatorship, he has to terminate the peace negotiations to be able to scapegoat the CPP and NPA for the purpose of declaring martial law nationwide.

But thanks to Duterte, like Marcos, he has become the chief recruiter of the NPA by oppressing the people and goading them to join the NPA. He has also become the chief transport and supply officer of the NPA by sending his troops and police to the hinterlands for ambush by the NPA. The fascist dictatorship, like that of his idol Marcos, will generate the conditions for the growth in strength and advance of the revolutionary movement.