On the anti-communist witch hunt against legal democratic organizations

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant 
March 6, 2019

Albayalde and his ilk continue to malign me as having identified the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) and other legal democratic organizations as “front” organizations of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

I am therefore reissuing my press statement of January 8, 2019 (attached hereto ) which frontallly answered Albayalde the first time he made his lie against me and against patriotic and progressive mass organizations. It carries the following paragraphs:

“It is in the context of the anticommunist witch-hunt that PNP’s Albayalde tries to use my name for his vile purposes. I say categorically that Albayalde is a big liar. He is capitalizing on a distorted spy report on a 30-year old video of a speech of mine in Brussels in which I actually differentiate the legal democratic forces and the forces of the armed revolution.

I have never identified or enumerated any legal organization as a “front” or facade of the CPP. The language is entirely that of the un-intelligent or stupid witch-hunting police dog Albayalde. I have always referred with respect and accuracy to legal organizations adhering to the line of national independence and democracy as legal democratic formations independent of the CPP. “

The witch hunt being conducted by the political and military minions of Duterte against legal democratic organizations is calculated to intimidate them, their leaders and mass activists, prepare them for the kill by the Duterte death squads, prevent them from exercising their freedom of speech and assembly, discredit them and possibly outlaw them as “terrorist” organizations and disable them from expressing themselves during the electoral campaign period.

The anti-communist witch hunt against ACT and other legal democratic movements is part of the scheme of the Duterte terrorist regime to intimidate and discredit the forces of the opposition and make it appear that Duterte’s corrupt and high-spending candidates are real winners in the forthcoming May elections which are now increasingly emerging as characterized by fraud and terrorism by the agents of Duterte in the Comelec, the military and police.

The political life and fascist ambitions of Duterte depends on stealing the elections by fraud and terrorism in order to pack the Senate with enough puppets to railroad the charter change to a bogus kind of federalism in which powers are centralized in the hands of the fascist dictator who handpicks his regional and provincial subordinates from the narrow circles of the big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats.###

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