On the malicious and futile attempt of Duterte regime to summon me to Manila

Statement by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
13 February 2019

I pity Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra and Manila Judge Marlo Madoga-Malager for collaborating to have me summoned to Manila and for appearing stupid and grossly ignorant of international law pertaining to my status and my decades-long legal history just to comply with the truly stupid order of their boss Duterte to target me in the proscription case against the CPP and the NPA.

The summons to me from the Philippine authorities is worthless and ineffective in compelling me to appear before the Manila court. As a recognized political refugee in the Netherlands, I am protected by the Refugee Convention and by Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits my deportation to the Philippines or even to a third country. 

The legal protection that I enjoy is well tested and proven valid and effective by the legal and judicial processes that I have undergone to have my name removed from the EU list of terrorists and to cause the dismissal of the false charge of committing the alleged murder of certain individuals in the Philippines by ordering from Dutch territory alleged accomplices to commit the crime directly.

The European Court of Justice ruled in 2009 that my rights had been violated by being listed as terrorist and subjected to sanctions without being informed of the charges, without the benefit of legal counsel and without availing of judicial review. 

The ruling also established that I had not been culpable for any terrorist act and took note that, since I was detained by the Marcos fascist regime in 1977, it had been impossible for me to act as an operational leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines or the New People’s Amy

Earlier, the Dutch Appellate Court in The Hague had ruled in 2007 that I was not an operational leader of the CPP and that there was no proof that I gave orders to NPA personnel. Thus, the false charge of committing murder in the Philippines from my refuge in The Netherlands was dismissed.

The attempt to summon me to the Philippines is malicious and futile. It is a blatantly cheap political maneuver of the tyrannical Duterte regime which has become notorious for committing gross and systematic human rights violations for the purpose of terrorizing the people. 

I enjoy not only the legal protection of the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights but also the moral and political support and protection of the Dutch and all other peoples who are already well aware of the murderous and bloodthirsty character of the Duterte regime.

It is best that Duterte stop his policy and acts of state terrorism, cease and desist from violating the national and democratic rights of the Filipino people, remove all obstacles of his making and give way to the resumption of peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration.###

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