On the slander against Ka Randy Malayao

Communist Party of the Philippines
February 3, 2019

NDFP Consultant Randy Felix Malayao / JB

The Communist Party of the Philippines denounces the Duterte regime’s foulest move in sowing false information surrounding the murder of Ka Randy Malayao. This aims to coverup the responsibility of state agents, specifically Rodrigo Duterte’s death squads, which he himself ordered to carry out the killing.

The Philippine National Police Regional Office 2 is not conducting any investigation on the brutal murder of Malayao on January 30, but is engaged in cover up by spreading intrigue and slandering Ka Randy, who has served the people throughout his life. The PNP is laying the stage for further extrajudicial killings of peace advocates, human rights advocates and other activists.

The revolutionary forces vow to attain justice for Ka Randy and punish the perpetrators of this fascist crime.