Once again, the reactionary armed force of the Duterte regime is unleashing terror over the people of Negros

Members of people’s organizations hold a protest condemning the latest spate of killings in Negros, July 27 / Photo Bulatlat.com

There is no one to blame but the Duterte regime over the series of killings and culture of impunity in Negros. The additional military troops in the island only meant more human rights violation and even killings of innocent civilians. Since the implementation of Memorandum Order 32, Joint AFP-PNP Campaign Plan Kapanatagan and Oplan Sauron, it already claimed the lives of 40 individuals and gross neglect of human rights. 

Frustrated by the killing of its 4 police butchers in Ayungon, Negros Oriental, the bloodthirsty troops of Duterte has resulted to cheap theatrics to lead the people to believe that the NPA is behind the killing of innocent civilians.

Even without conducting thorough investigation, the police headed by Col. Raul Tacaca is quick to blame the NPA for the spate of killings in the island. When in fact, it is the continued militarization in the countrysides that is instilling fear over the people of Negros with their incessant harassment, intimidation and killing. 

As the true army of the people, the NPA will continue to heed the call for justice for all the victims of state-sponsored killings. The day of reckoning is near for the fascist dogs as the NPA is always ready to punish the most rabid police, military and paramilitary forces to defend the people. The NPA will continue to launch all-out offensives to end the reign of terror of the Duterte regime. ###

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