“Oplan Red October” ups the ante for repression

/Andy Zapanta Philippine Star

NDFP National Council
Public Information Office

Press Statement | September 25, 2018

The Duterte regime is bringing repression to new heights as it faces the people’s mounting resistance. Its latest fictional conspiracy to oust Duterte–Oplan Red October–is a clear pretext to clamp down on the growing people’s movement against rising tyranny. The AFP’s admission of its plans to include the “parliamentary struggle” as a counter-insurgency target now formalizes the manner by which the military and the police have long been dealing with activists and suspected sympathizers of the revolutionary movement, especially in the countryside–killing and torturing them and subjecting them to illegal arrest and detention. The difference is that such violations of human rights will now be conducted on an even wider scale. AFP particularly wants to bear down hard on the resurgent labor and student movements which it sees as wellsprings of recruits for the armed revolution.

If Duterte and his fascist thugs had their way, no amount of political dissent would be tolerated anywhere.

A so-called inter-agency task force will be put up to infuse all civilian institutions with military personnel and ensure the permeation of draconian culture. It is a plan that brings the country a step closer to the ailing Duterte’s ultimate goal–Marcosian-style authoritarian rule in the hands of Ferdinand Marcos’ own son and heir, in a quid pro quo arrangement that no doubt involves Bongbong Marcos shielding Duterte from being held accountable for his crimes.

But the lessons of history are lost on Duterte and his ilk. For when would-be tyrants up the ante for repression, as Ferdinand Marcos did in his time, they engender people’s  anger and defiance. They unwittingly unleash the forces leading to their eventual downfall. ###