Liberation International is a publication of the International Information Office of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

US-Arroyo Regime isolated by popular resistance and global condemnation


For the first time in Philippine history,the biggest Churches united tocondemn the Macapagal-Arroyogovernment. The Catholic Bishops’Conference of the Philippines (CBCP),the El Shaddai Movement, the Jesus isLord Movement, and the NationalCouncil of Churches in the Philippines(NCCP) called for a massive prayer-rallyon 17 December 2006. Even the usuallyconservative Iglesia ni Kristo (INK,Church of Christ) criticized the regime.The key issue they condemned was theArroyo regime’s scheme to change theconstitution (Cha-Cha) through aConstituent Assembly (Con-Ass).

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    Hamas, Palestinian parties, reject Abbas early elections “coup d’état”

Liberation International is back!

Relaunch issue of Liberation International 

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is pleased to announce the return of Liberation International. With the renewed publication of Liberation International, we intend to provide our readers a continuing account of the ongoing struggle being waged by the Filipino people for national and social liberation against imperialist domination and feudal backwardness. We also aim to publish the analyses and views of the NDFP and its allied organizations on burning issues in the international front.

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    US and Arroyo regime’s dirty war uncovered

    Filipino people file case vs US-Arroyo regime in international tribunal

    Philippine Anti-Terrorism Bill and Bush war of terror

    CPP warns against use of Philippines as staging ground for US war against DPRK

    Tipping Point: US war of aggression is facing defeat in Iraq

    Sidebar: The Iraqi Resistance

    International Day of Protest vs rights violations in the Philippines

    India’s RDF calls for general strike

    FARC leader Ricardo Palmera’s trial sparks solidarity protests

    Workers’ Party of Belgium triples number of councilors in municipal elections

    Czech communist youth fight against government ban

    Being a woman and an NPA commander