(October 18,1945 – January 11, 2018)

Makibaka, a revolutionary women’s organization and allied member of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines gives a Red Salute to Kasama Petronila Cleto and pays tribute to a revolutionary woman, defender of human rights, journalist, writer, editor and organizer.

Makibaka extends condolences to Pet’s daughter, Cynthia, to her family, relatives and to the numerous kasama who regarded her as the Tita ng Bayan.

Pet, as we all called her, passed away last January 11, 2018, in a Toronto hospital, after a short illness. Her sudden passing shocked everyone, as just before her illness, she was still up and about, doing her numerous revolutionary tasks.

I met Pet years ago, in one of my trips to Canada. She impressed me with her quiet strengh, ready smile, and helpfullness.

As I got to know Pet, my admiration for her grew.

She was passionate about women’s issues, and as a woman activist, was one of the organizers and active members of Gabriela Ontario.

In the 1980’s, Pet was one of the founders of Gabriela Philippines, Women for the Ouster of Marcos and Boycott (WOMB), Concerned Mothers League and the first Philippine women’s political party, KAIBA. She helped establish the Women’s Crisis Centre in 1989 and was a member of it’s board and staff.

She went on self-exile to Canada where she continued her activism and used her skill in writing to organize and inform the Canadian people about what was happening in the Philippines.

She edited two volumes of AKDAAN Literary Anthology, compiling the works of Filipino writers in exile. She was already working on the third volume, and, was planning on writing a novel.

I was in Montreal when she went there to promote the first volume of AKDAAN. I was amazed that, inspite of all her political work, and all her other activities, she had the time, patience and dedication to work on the anthology.

In Canada, she was invited to join the Writers in Exile Network of PEN Canada.

She invited me on several occasions to go to Canada to meet and speak to Filipino-Canadian women and men. I always appreciated the invitations and learned much from my trips there.

The last time I saw Pet was on TV Migrante, when she and Louie Queano interviewed Professor Jose Maria Sison. She was a pro at hosting the show. This was a few days before she passed away.

We will all miss Pet. We will miss her smile, her warmheartedness, her energy and most of all, her dedication to the struggle of the Filipino people, especially the women’s struggles.

And it is with great hope that the example of her life of commitment to the National Democratic Struggle of the Filipino people, will inspire many young women and men to follow in her footsteps.

Mabuhay ang diwa ni Kasama Pet!

Coni Ledesma
Makibaka International Representative
12 January 2018

Tribute to Veteran Journalist Rolando “Rolly” Espina

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
National Executive Committee

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines renders high tribute to veteran journalist ROLANDO “ROLLY” ESPINA, who passed away peacefully on December 28, 2017. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his eleven children, 23 grandchildren, five great grandchildren, colleagues and numerous friends.

Upon his death, his daughter, herself a well-known journalist and former president of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said in touching tribute: “Thank you for THE GIFT OF YOU!”

From his journalist son, Nonoy, we learn that he covered the march of the Lapiang Malaya which was attacked by government troopers. Rolly Espina dragged wounded some victims to safety and his pediatician wife, Lourdes “Nene” Llavore administerd first aid.

Rolly Espina was a journalist for more than 50 years. He was with the pre-martial law Chronicle, bureau chief of the Philippine News Agency, and correspondent of various wire service and foreign periodicals. He was also an editor with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and later the Philippine Star.

Of great importance for the NDFP, is the fact that he was twice the Vice-President of the National Press Club together with his close friend, during the dual term of the NPC President Antonio Zumel. Zumel would later be the first Chairperson of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and hailed as a revolutionary leader of the Filipino people.

After the Ampatuan massacre of 32 media persons, Rolly joined marches advocating press freedom.

He was also a noted civic leader, the recipient of several awards in recognition of his professional and civic accomplishments, including the Banwahanon Award.

His family, colleagues and friends gave a moving farewell to him. Among his children, those who have followed in his footsteps and have become outstanding journalists are Inday Espina-Varona and Nonoy Espina.

May the noble legacy and memory of ROLANDO “ROLLY” ESPINA be a model for other media people and a continuing inspiration to them and the Filipino people.

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

NDFP strongly condemns the Peruvian state’s campaign of persecution against MOVADEF

December 11, 2017 | Español»

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines expresses its firm solidarity with the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamenetal Freedoms of the Peruvian People (MOVADEF). We strongly condemn the campagin of persecution of the Peruvian State against the leaders and members of MOVADEF.

We condemn the plans of the Peruvian state to imprison the leaders of MOVADEF and charge the following with the crime of defense of terrorism and offense against the state: Alfredo Crespo, Manuel Fajardo Cavero, Alberto Mego Marquez and Osvaldo Equivel. They are to made to appear before the National Penal Court on December 13, 2017.

These false charges are based merely on the publication of MOVADEF “General Amnesty”, which only advocates for freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and thought. These are universally recognized rights achieved by the peoples of the world.

This campaign of repression by the Peruvian state is in fact also repression of the fundamental right of the people to organize and their right to political participation.

This campaign of persecution against fundamenetal rights already has indication of being an internationally coordinated one. On November 24, 2017 in Argentina, at an international forum for the liberation of political prisoners in Latin America, two Peruvian lawyers, Percy Mendoza and Alex Puentes were barred from entering and deported by the Argentinian government. Atty. Percy Mendoza is the President of the Direction Commission of the International that organized the said forum.

In Chile, the state prevented the representative delegate of the Mapuche people to travel to Argentina to participate in the International Forum. The Mapuche people wage a persistent struggle for their right to exist as the original people of Chile. They are also fighting for the liberation of their political prisoners.

In Chiapas, Mexico, the indigenous people in their thousands are being forcibly displaced. This brutal repression is a gross violation of their fundamental right to their ancestral land.

In the Philippines, we in the NDFP likewise struggle for the fundamental freedoms of the Filipino people. We firmly oppose the US-Duterte regime and condemn its numerous human rights violations. These include mass murder and extrajudical killings, forced displacement of indigenous people, imposing food blockade, and bombings of schools. Yesterday, International Day of Human Rights, many thousands denounced the US-Duterte regime and called for a broad mass movement of struggle for national and social liberation.

We express our strong solidarity with the leaders and members of MOVADEF and the Peruvian, Chilean, Mexican and other peoples struggling for their fundamental rights.

Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

11 de Diciembre del 2017


El Frente Nacional Democrático de Filipinas expresa su plena solidaridad con el Movimiento por Amnistía y Derechos Fundamentales por la libertades del pueblo peruano, (MOVADEF). Condenamos enérgicament la campaña de persecución del Estado perunao contra los líderes y miembros del MOVADEF.

Condenamos los planes del Estado peruano de querer encarcelar a los líderes del MOVADEF y de acusarlos con el crimen de defender el terrorismo y de ofensa contra el Estado. Alfredo Crespo, Manuel Fajardo Cravero, Alberto Mego Marquez y Oswaldo Esquivel están convocados por la Corte Penal Nacional el 13 de Diciembre del 2017.

Estas acusaciones falsas están basadas solamente en la publicación “Amnistía General” del MOVADEF, que defiende la libertad de prensa, la libertad de opinión y pensamiento. Estos son derechos universalmente reconocidos logrados por los pueblos del mundo.

Esta campaña de represión del Estado peruano es de hecho también represión contra el derecho fundamental del pueblo de organizarse y de su derecho a la participaciónpolítica.

Esta campaña de persecusión contra los derechos fundamentales, también usa una coordinación internacional. El 24 de Noviembre del 2017 en Argentina en el forum internacional por la liberación de los prisioneros políticos de América Latina, prohibieron a dos abogados peruanos, Percy Mendoza y Alex Puentes de ingresar en Argentina y fueron expulsados por el gobierno Argentino. El doctor Percy Mendoza es el Presidente del Comité Directivo de la Coordinara Internacional, que organizó este Forum.

En Chile, el Estado impidió que el delegado del pueblo Mapucha de viajar a Argentina para participar en el Forum Internacional. El pueblo Mapucha libra firme lucha por su derecho a existir como un pueblo originario de Chile. Ellos también luchan por la liberación de los prisioneros políticos.

En Chiapas, Mexico, han sido desplazados por la fuerza miles de pobladores de los pueblos indígenas. Esta brutal represión es un gran violación de su derecho fundamental a su tierras ancentrales.

En Filipinas, nosotros en el Frente Nacional Democrático de Filipinas, luchamos igualmente por la libertades fundamentales del pueblo Filipino. Nos oponemos firmemente al régimen pro EEUU de Duterte y condenamos sus numerosas violaciones de los derechos humanos. Esto incluye masacres masivas, asesinatos extra judiciales, desplacimientos forzados de la población indígena, bloqueo de alimentos, bombardeos de colegios. Ayer el Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, miles denunciaron al régime pro norteamericano de Duterte y llamaron a un amplio movimiento de masas por la lucha por la liberación social y nacional.

Expresamos nuestra contundente solidaridad con los líderes y miembros de MOVADEF y los pueblos peruanos, chilenos, mexicanos y otros que lucha por sus derechos fundamentales.

Director de la Representación Internacional
Frente Nacional Democrático de Filipinas.

‘He will stay in our hearts forever’

I know and realize that Jan played an important role for the Filipino community in the Netherlands. He was touched by your situation and angry with the system in which it is possible for human rights defenders to be treated as criminals and terrorists. The system in which communists are not sure of their lives and have to hide or flee their country. He admired and supported your struggle and the untiring efforts to resume and make the peace talks successful. 


I had the privilege to get to know Comrade Jan Beentjes in an effort of Filipino comrades to reach the elements that had remained steadfast and militant proletarian revolutionaries from the defunct Communist Party of the Netherlands. We admired how he studied hard and tried to impart Marxism-Leninism to others and how he applied the theory to the concrete circumstances of his country and to international solidarity relations.

On the significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Message to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, October 14, 2017
By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman
Communist Party of the Philippines

Comrades and friends,

I am highly honored and deeply pleased to convey warmest greetings of solidarity to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and to give some brief remarks on the significance of this earth-shaking revolution.

The epochal struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie was first defined by Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto of 1848 in the era of free competition capitalism. The objective conditions of 19th century Europe gave rise to a series of historic events: the workers’ uprisings in 1848, Marxś thoroughgoing critique of capitalism, the International Workingmen´s Association, the Paris Commune of 1871 as prototype of the proletarian dictatorship, the Second International and the rise of Marxism as the main trend in the European working class movement in the last decade of the 19th century.

Lenin extended and developed the theory and practice of Marxism to the stage of Marxism-Leninism in the era of modern imperialism and proletarian revolution. He made significant contributions to Marxist philosophy, political economy and social science. He upheld, defended and advanced the revolutionary essence of Marxism not only against the overt ideologists of the bourgeoisie but also against the classical revisionists headed by Kautsky in the Second International.

Most important of all, Lenin led the Bolsheviks in the overthrow of Tsarism in Russia in February of 1917 and then in the overthrow of the bourgeois Kerensky government on October 25, 1917 in order to establish the first durable socialist state on one-sixth of the surface of the earth. The most crucial element in socialism is the class dictatorship of the proletariat defeating that of the bourgeoisie and nationalizing the land and strategic industries, despite the vestiges of feudalism and medievalism, the exigencies of civil war and resistance to foreign intervention and transitory measures like “war communism” and the New Economic Policy.

Even while he was preoccupied with the immediate tasks of consolidating the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Lenin paid attention to the prospective stage of socialist construction and the promotion of the world proletarian revolution through the Third International or the Comintern against the rule of the monopoly bourgeoisie in the centers and periphery of imperialism. After the death of Lenin in 1924, Stalin followed up the New Economic Policy with full scale socialist industrialization and the collectivization and mechanization of agriculture and expanded the work of the Third International, especially to the colonies and semi-colonies where the bourgeois democratic and socialist stages of revolution are well defined.

As a pioneering socialist country, the Soviet Union demonstrated how in so short a time through a series of five-year economic and related plans, the proletariat, peasants and other working people could lift themselves up politically, economically, socially and culturally. In the face of the imperialist powers and the rise of fascism, the Soviet Union was able to strengthen itself in an all-round way and build a powerful Red Army under the leadership of the Communist Party. In World War II, the Allied Powers could defeat the Axis powers because of the decisive role of the Soviet Union in defeating the Nazi German invasion and in rolling back the fascists in an epical counteroffensive.

After World War II, the Soviet Union recovered fast from the destruction wrought by the Nazi German invasion to 75 per cent of Soviet industry and death to 27 million Soviet citizens. It continued to be the bulwark of socialism and the national liberation movements in colonies and semicolonies. It was able to develop its own nuclear weapons in order to counter the US nuclear monopoly and blackmail. It stood as an inspiration to the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world. Within the first half of the 1950s, one third of humankind lived in socialist countries and people´s democracies led by communist and workers´ parties.

But after the death of the Stalin in 1953, the modern revisionists headed by Krushchov were able to split the followers of Stalin and gain power in the Soviet Union in 1956. They instituted capitalist-oriented reforms within the ruling party, the state and the economy and propagated bourgeois populism and pacifism. Brezhnev took power in 1964, continued the restoration of capitalism, recentralized the ministries, plunged into an arms race with the US and engaged in social imperialism. The Soviet Union went into serious economic stagnation and deterioration from the latter half of the 1970s. By the time of Gorbachov, it was ripe for social disorganization and undisguised restoration of capitalism. It collapsed in 1991.

We are still in the era of modern imperialism and proletarian revolution because the modern revisionists betrayed socialism and succeeded in subverting socialism and restoring capitalism in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, causing a temporary retreat of the socialist cause and preventing socialism from becoming dominant in the world for the time being. However, upon the integration of former socialist countries in the world capitalist system, with Russia and China becoming big capitalist powers themselves, contradictions among the imperialists, between capital and labor, between the imperialists and the oppressed peoples and between the imperialists and countries assertive of independence have intensified more than ever before in what is now a multipolar world.

For a while, from the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, US imperialism appeared to be the sole superpower in a unipolar world in which it could impose its will and brute force on the people of the world. But since then, the US neoliberal economic policy and neoconservative policy of full spectrum dominance have resulted in more frequent and worse crises and wars that have in fact undermined and debilitated US imperialism. The strategic decline of US imperialism has accelerated in the 21st century. The US is upsetting the world capitalist system with further crises and wars by desperately trying to reverse the trend. Its former hubris over Francis Fukuyama´s perpetuity of capitalism has turned into anxiety over Graham Allison´s Thucydides Trap.

The October Revolution remains highly significant and urgently relevant today to the proletariat and peoples of the world. It tells us to develop the subjective forces for winning the revolutionary struggle against imperialism and for socialism. We need to build the Bolshevik-type of revolutionary party of the proletariat that has a mastery of materialist dialectics and struggles against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction. Lenin teaches us that it takes a whole historical epoch for socialism to prevail over capitalism on a world scale and Mao also teaches us that in socialist countries there must be continuing revolution under proletarian dictatorship to combat revisionism and consolidate socialism.

Under the leadership of the proletarian party with communist foresight, we need the revolutionary trade unions and the mass organizations of various oppressed classes and sectors of society. We need the Red Guards or the self-defense units of mass organizations and communities and the Red Army or people´s army wherever possible and necessary. We need to build the soviets or the local organs of political power that will become the base of the socialist state. We need the alliances in every country, the anti-imperialist solidarity of peoples and proletarian internationalism. We need to develop all the revolutionary forces and resources for waging all forms of struggle and winning the revolution against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction.###

Warm Greetings of Solidarity to CARC, Italy in its celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) conveys its warm greetings of solidarity to the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy on organiziang an intiative within its National Festival of Peoples’ Revival, on August 12, 2017 in Massa, Italy, a celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution.

We endorse your objective of drawing from the teachings of the historic October Revolution what is useful for building the socialist revolution, and in particular as regards your revolutionary work in Italy.

We wish you much success in celebrating the Centenary of the October Revolution with revolutionary representatives from other countries such as from Venezuela, Kurdistan and the Philippines.

For us in the Philippines, the Centenary of the October Revolution is a special occasion and opportunity to deepen our integraion and links with the workers, the peasants, the women, youth, the urban poor, the indigenous peoples and other sectors struggling to defeat imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. We have to take up the concrete issues of massive human rights violations by the Duterte regime and the military under martial law declared by Duterte in Mindanao, the intensified oppression and exploitation of the workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, women and youth and urban poor.

We mobilize the masses in broad campaigns to strengthen their organizations and to help build our organs of political power in 71 provinces out of a total 82 provinces. With the broad and strong support of the masses, the revolutionary party, the people’s army and the national democratic front are making significant revolutionary gains.

We also take this occasion of the Centenary of the October Revolution to hold conferences abroad, to strengthen the organization of our Overseas Filipinos and Migrant Workers and our solidarity with international organizations.

We express once again our deep appreciation for the solidarity support you are giving to our Filipino migrant workers in Italy.

Again, we convey our warmest wishes of success in your celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution. We wish you more victories in deepening your integration with the working masses in Italy and thereby further firming up the growth of your revolutionary forces.

Long live the Party of the Committee to Support Resistance – for Communism, CARC – Italy!

Long live the historical inspiration and legacy of the October Revolution!

Long live the solidarity between the Italian people and the Filipino people!

Long live the international solidarity of peoples striving for socialism!

Luis G. Jalandoni
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

The NDFP Stands in Firm Solidarity with the Venezuelan People and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela led by President Nicolas Maduro

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) reiterates its firm solidarity with the heroic Venezuelan people and His Excellency, President Nicolas Maduro, as the Constitutional and elected President of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela. The Venezuelan people and government founded on the legacy and inspiration of Comandante and President Hugo Chavez, Simon Bolivar and so many other people’s heroes, have earned the solidarity of freedom-loving peoples and governments in Latin America and the Carribe and other parts of the world.

The united strength of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Government led by President Nicolas Maduro, with the overall international solidarity support of other peoples and governments are firm and strong enough to repel any acts of subversion and attacks by the domestic reactionaries and counter-revolutionary foreign powers.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines vigorously condemns the terrorist attack perpetrated on June 27, 2017 against the headquarters of the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace and the Supreme Court of Justice, both in Caracas, as part of a coup plot against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its institutions. We strongly support the valiant efforts of the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan people to defeat the domestic and foreign reactionaries behind the coup plot.

We take this occasion to also congratulate the Venezuelan people and their Bolivarian Government in celebrating the 206th Anniversary of the Signing of the Act of Independence. We convey our warmest greetings of solidarity to President Nicolas Maduro and in the Philippines to H.E. Capaya Rodriguez Gonzalez, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela to the Republic of the Philippines.

Long live the heroice Venezuelan people and President Nicolas Maduro!
Long live the solidarity between the Filipino people and the Venezuelan people!

Luis G. Jalandoni

CPP salutes Canadian champion of the working people


The Communist Party of the Philippines just learned of the passing of Charles Boylan, a communist and a comrade. We send our sincerest condolences to his partner Donna Petersen, his family, and to the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

The activism of comrade Charles was not divorced from what he did as a teacher, a broadcaster on Vancouver’s Co-Op Radio, a writer, an active union member of Local 21 Education and Training Employees Association (ETEA); he was also a friend to people’s movements and peoples’ struggles (including that of the Philippines, Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela, etc.), a fighter for social justice and human rights, a strong critic against globalization and neo-liberalism, and a solid champion of the working people.

Comrade Charles lent his voice to highlight the issues and struggles of the Filipino people, in their local mass actions, through his radio program and through his friendship with the Filipino community in Vancouver. His work reflected a vision of a society that is humane, free of oppression from imperialism and capitalism, a community where people take control over their lives and ensure that each person enjoys basic human rights.

Whatever Comrade Charles Boylan did, it was always to move society forward for the better. And his being a Marxist-Leninist and a communist informed all that.

Salute to comrade Charles Boylan! Mabuhay ka!

International Department
Communist Party of the Philippines
20 June 2017