Unite the people to resist Duterte’s heightened tyrannical rule

CPP Information Bureau

Rodrigo Duterte is obsessed with his strongman ambitions. He is set on establishing himself as a fascist despot. His resort to tyranical methods has heightened since having unravelled as a camp-follower of the US imperialists. He has become ever more brazen and unapologetic in carrying out repressive policies and measures.

He has escalated the campaign of extrajudicial killings against street peddlers and users of shabu. He expresses satisfaction over news that more than a hundred have been killed by his police in three days. He has publicly applauded the murderous rampage of his police force and has repeated his vow to save them from punishment, stoking greater public indignation after police were caught on camera manhandling a 17-year old boy prior to his fatal shooting. There is widespread clamor for justice for all the victims of Duterte’s anti-people “war against drugs.”

This escalation of police killings comes at the heels of the discovery of a P6.4 billion shipment of shabu from China at a warehouse of the Bureau of Customs. The involvement of Duterte scion Paolo and his Davao gang of businessmen cum drug smugglers has also been exposed. Duterte has defended his appointee at the BOC despite (or perhaps because of) the drug smuggling.

Duterte is himself rousing widespread public suspicion that his “war against drugs” is nothing but a smokescreen for a major turf war among major drug syndicates, and that he has been using the police to provide favor and protection for one syndicate against another or that he himself a drug kingpin. Employing trusted and tested police officers, he liquidated the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City, long known for controlling the illegal drug trade in large parts of Mindanao and elsewhere.

He has likewise used his war against drugs as a blanket tool against his political rivals. He brandishes his thick book of dossiers of supposed drug personalities which not even the police chief can cite a basis for. He has arbitrarily included and excluded people and has used the list to armtwist rivals with threats of killings showcasing the Parojinogs and Albuerras in order to force them to accede to his political and criminal agenda.

The brutality of Duterte’s “war against drugs” is matched only by the brutality of his all-out war against the revolutionary forces under Oplan Kapayapaan, his imposition of martial law and suspension of the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao and the anti-Moro war and siege of Marawi. In the countryside, the military rules and respects no rights or freedom. Killings of peasants and national minorities run unabated. It has relentlessly carried out aerial bombings, shellings and strafings of civilian communities. Almost a million people have forcibly evacuated.

Duterte has used his congressional supermajority to earn approval and extension of his Mindanao martial law. He has also rammed through his new tax laws and is seeking rapid approval of his 2018 budget. With complete or nearly complete control of congress, Duterte aims to push for charter change to enshrine the neoliberal policies of liberalization, privatization and deregulation and realize his ambition of completely monopolizing power under the guise of establishing a federal government.

Duterte wants everyone to remain silent and blindly accept his planned infrastructure binge with all its burdensome debt deals and commissions. He has repeatedly threatened the Supreme Court against issuing TROs and had his political allies file an impeachment case against the chief justice. Threats of impeachment have also been dished out against other officials who have not been cooperative with the Duterte regime such as Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales.

Duterte has completely abandoned his cordial relations with the national democratic movement having failed to entice the people’s revolutionary forces to silence their guns in a protracted ceasefire prior to substantively addressing the roots of the civil war. His congressional swines have voted to reject the appointment of social activist Judy Taguiwalo as social welfare secretary, signaling his termination of earlier efforts to explore a possible alliance with the Left. He has repeatedly declared he no longer wants peace negotiations with the NDFP.

The Duterte regime has carried out policies that favor foreign big capitalists, bourgeois compradors, big landlords, bureaucrat capitalists and the fascist military and polace. It plans to impose additional tax burdens and pursues a debt-driven infrastructure program which are bound to be detrimental to the people’s welfare. It has waged wars of death and destruction against the people, especially against the peasants, the Moro and national minority peoples, the workers and the urban poor.

As a result, the Duterte regime has become increasingly politically isolated from the people and has resorted to more and more tyrannical measures to perpetuate itself in power. No amount of media and social media manipulation and news and public opinion fakery can withstand the assertion of the truth concerning the concrete conditions of the oppressed and exploited people.

It is the task of the Party and revolutionary forces to unite all sectors in a broad people’s alliance, provide it core strength and leadership in the struggle against the US-Duterte regime’s tyrannical, criminal and corrupt rule. Indeed, many of the Duterte regime’s victims are now rising from the depths of fear and raising their voices against his regime.

The mass organizations and alliances must unite and mobilize the people in greater numbers by intensifying the mass struggles of peasants, workers, students, the urban poor, the women, the Moro and minority peoples, the church people, teachers, the migrant workers and their families and other democratic sectors and groups. They must carry out mass struggles and campaigns along anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist lines.

They must give attention to waging a propaganda offensive against Duterte’s demagoguery. They must encourage, unleash the initiative and give full swing to their members and their mass base to confront and confute Duterte and his band of paid trolls in all forms of media. They can do so by carrying out regular educational discussions among their members and the masses in the factories, communities, schools, offices and so on.

The broadest possible online network of activists, propagandists and members of the national democratic mass organizations must be built.

Under the direction of the Party, the New People’s Army (NPA) must continue to seize nationwide initiative, carry out more and more tactical offensives, increase the number of its weapons and arm a rapidly increasing number of new Red fighters.

Every successful tactical offensive of the NPA helps shatter the climate of shock, awe and fear imposed by the regime’s brutal war and, in turn, instills fear on the drug-crazed Duterte. The victories of the NPA inspire the Filipino and Moro people to wage mass struggles and armed resistance against the US-Duterte regime.

Mahal ng mamamayan ng Ilocos ang NPA

Ni Karlo Agbannuag
Kabataang Makabayan Ilocos

Nitong nakaraang Hulyo 22 ng taong kasalukuyan, naganap ang isang engkwentro sa pagitan ng AFP at NPA sa Brgy. Sorioan, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur. Sa mga pahayag ng militar, 5 ang nasugatan sa hanay ng AFP at isang babaeng NPA diumano ang napatay sa nasabing labanan. Samantala, sa pahayag ng Alfredo Cesar Command ng NPA at kwento ng mga magsasaka at mga taga-baryo, 10 ang kumpirmadong patay sa hanay ng AFP sa ilalim ng 81st Infantry Battalion (IB) samantalang wala namang naitalang kaswalti ang NPA. Ang ACC ang unit ng NPA na kumikilos sa probinsya ng Ilocos Sur.

Makalipas ang dalawang araw, 6 na magsasaka mula sa Brgy. Baybayading, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur ang iligal na inaresto ng mga tropa ng AFP noong Hulyo 25. Ayon sa pahayag ng mga magsasaka, inaresto sila ng mga sundalo dahil nilabag daw nila ang batas hinggil sa pagbabawal sa mga sibilyan sa mga encounter site. Pinakawalan din ang mga magsasaka sa araw ding yun matapos gamitin ang mga ito bilang human shield ng mga tropa ng AFP.

Ang kalakhan ng miyembro ng NPA ay nagmula sa hanay ng mga mahihirap na magsasaka at mamamayan. Sa rehiyon ng Ilocos, nagpapatuloy at mas sumasahol pa nga ang pyudal at malapyudal na pagsasamantala sa mga magsasaka at mamamayan. Ang kawalan ng sariling lupang sinasaka ng mayorya ng mga magsasaka sa rehiyon at kakulangan ng tulong at serbisyo mula sa pamahalaan ang nagtutulak sa napakaraming bilang ng mga magsasaka at mamamayan sa Ilocos na tumangan ng armas at magrebolusyon.

Sa ganitong kalagayan, kung saan tanging pagpatay at pananakot lamang ang alam na solusyon ng gobyernong namamayani sa ilalim ni Duterte, hindi nakapagtataka ang patuloy na paglakas at pagdami ng mandirigma ng NPA at ng buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan lalo na sa rehiyon.

Hindi na nakagugulat na mga mahihirap na magsasaka, mamamayan, mga sibilyan at di-armado ang pag-iinitan ng mga pasitang tropa ng AFP at PNP sa mga ganitong panahon at kalagayan. Suportado ng malawak na mamamayan ang rebolusyong inilulunsad ng NPA sa gabay ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP).

Ang NPA ang nakapagtataguyod ng kahilingan at karapatan ng mamamayan. Ang NPA ang nakapagbibigay ng mga serbisyong medikal at literasiya sa mga baryo at komunidad na kinalimutan na at pinagkakaitan ng mga lokal na pamahalaan. Ang NPA ang tumutulong sa mga magsasaka upang pataasin ang kanilang produksyon sa kanilang mga sakahan.

Hindi na nakagugulat ang pasismong iwinawasiwas ng gobyerno sa mamamayan dahil sa pagmamahal nito sa kanilang mga Pulang Mandirigma. Walang pag-iimbot naman itong sinusuklian ng mga mandirigma ng NPA at walang sawa rin nitong ipagtatanggol ang mamamayan laban sa atake ng mga pasista.

Sa kasalukuyan kung saan nagbabadya ang deklarasyon ng Batas Militar sa buong bansa, tiyak na mauulit lamang ang nangyari sa panahon ng diktador na si Marcos—lalong lalakas at ibayong darami ang NPA.

Ang kahirapan at abang kalagayan ng mga magsasaka at mamamayan ang nagtutulak sa mga ito upang tumangan ng armas at magrebolusyon. Pasistang gobyerno at malaganap na kahirapan ang pangunahing rekruter ng NPA sa rehiyon ng Ilocos at buong kapuluan. # nordis.net

Victories in armed struggle in Negros


The Negros NPA Regional Operational Command launched a total of 17 armed actions since late January this year which netted for the people’s army 10 high-powered rifles, 15 short arms and assorted ammunition and other military materiel. These were carried out through the five guerrilla fronts in the the island.

Ka Juanito Magbanua, spokesperson of the NPA Apolinario Gatmaitan Regional Operational Command said the most significant was the ambush last July 21 in barangay Magsaysay, Guihulngan City, which finally punished C/Supt. Arnel Arpon, five other policemen and a Cafgu militiaman.

“This tactical offensive was long overdue in the face of the revolutionary masses’ clamor to punish the fascist PNP unit in Guihulngan who, for years, have been committing extra-judicial killings against ordinary civilians, aside from protecting drug lords and criminal gangs while being guns-for-hire themselves,” he added.

During the last six months, the NPA also successfully implemented punitive measures against fourteen land-grabbers, criminal elements and intelligence assets of the 303rd Brigade responsible, just this year, for a host of human rights violations and anti-peasant activities, including the salvaging of four legal activist-leaders. Their punishment hit at the capability of the AFP/PNP to inflict further harm upon the people’s lives, rights and livelihood within and outside the guerrilla areas in the island.

The enemy also suffered further damage in the three defensive actions so far this year, with the 62nd IB losing two of its men in June 22 at barangay Cambayobo, Calatrava town, and the 79th IB four of its own in June 30 at barangay Binobohan, Guihulngan City.

In all these offensive and defensive actions, the people’s army had only one fighter slightly wounded.

Ka Juanito Magbanua said “these demonstrate the NPA’s increasing capability in launching armed struggle that is integrated with agrarian revolution and base building; nevertheless, we must constantly improve ourselves as the US-Duterte regime strips itself of all progressive trappings and intensifies its brutal reactionary war against the armed revolutionary movement.”

In this regard, the NPA Regional Operational Command also conducted two politico-military trainings during the last six months aimed at improving the fighting skill, political capability, combat discipline and revolutionary militance of NPA commanders and fighters. The first was the 40-day Basic Politico-Military Course-Instructors Training, which had 27 graduates. The second was the 50-day Basic Politico-Military Course, with 67 graduates. At least 80% of the trainees were aged 18-30, while around 15% were of petty-bourgeois class origin.

Ka Juanito Magbanua said these trainings provide added impetus for Red commanders and fighters to better implement the Party’s three-year program aimed at, among others, building more and bigger NPA formations at all levels, intensifying armed tactical offensives to seize arms and other military equipment mainly from the AFP/PNP, and waging an extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare based on an ever-widening and ever-deepening mass base.

The trainings were the first held since 2008, when Negros became one of the national priority targets for sustained counterrevolutionary campaigns under Oplans Bantay Laya 2 and Bayanihan. The people’s army in the island had to make do with politico-military crash courses in the face of sustained search-and-destroy operations of the enemy until 2013, while prioritizing rebuilding work of the revolutionary mass base thereafter.

As the fourth major island in the country and the second in the Visayas, it is necessary for the armed revolutionary movement in Negros to overcome its weaknesses and rectify its errors in order to help frustrate the US-Duterte regime’s Oplan Kapayapaan and contribute in the national development of the strategic defensive of the people’s war towards a new and higher stage, Ka Juanito Magbanua concluded.

Juanito Magbanua
Spokesperson, AGC-Apolinario Gatmaitan Command
NPA-Negros Island

Patuloy ang karahasan ng DSSP Kapayapaan sa Timog Katagalugan

August 17, 2017 | Press Statement

Mariing kinukondena ng Melito Glor Command – New People’s Army Southern Tagalog ang walang habas na militarisasyon ng AFP-PNP (Armed Forces of the Philippines-Philippine National Police) sa ilalim ng DSSP Kapayapaan ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Tahasang niyuyurakan ng rehimen ang karapatang tao ng mamamayan sa Timog Katagalugan sa walang habas na militarisasyon sa kanayunan sa ilalim ng DSSP Kapayapaan gamit ang iba’t ibang tabing tulad ng “gera kontra terorismo” at “gera laban sa droga”.

Laganap ito sa Palawan, Mindoro, Batangas, Quezon at Rizal kung saan pawang mga sibilyan ang target ng pananakot, panghuhuli, sapilitang interogasyon, intimidasyon at mga pagpatay sa layuning ihiwalay ang NPA sa mamamayan. Sa bawat pagkatalo ng AFP-PNP sa kamay ng NPA, mga sibilyan ang kanilang nilalapastangan at pinahihirapan.

Sa Palawan, ang buong pamilya ni Chieftain Polog, katutubo sa So. Marinsyawon, Brgy. Bonobono, Bataraza, ay hinuli, maging ang mga buntis na asawa, at dinala sa kampo. Binugbog ang mga kalalakihan habang iniinteroga sa kampo. Si Chieftain Polog naman ay inihulog sa truck at pinalabas na nagtangakang tumakas. Kasalukuyan siyang nasa ospital.

Samantala, sa North Palawan, hinuli at ikinulong ang mag-asawang Labaho at dalawa pang kasamahang mangingisda dahil sa mariin nilang pagtutol sa PCSD AO#5. Sinampahan sila ng gawa-gawang kaso habang pinalalabas na mga myembro ng NPA.

Pinalalabas ring may naganap na labanan noong July 27 sa pagitan ng mga nag-ooperasyong marines at NPA upang bigyan katwiran ang military operations sa buong Palawan na naghahasik ng takot sa buong mamamayan sa lalawigan.

Sa Mindoro at Batangas naman, nagpapatuloy ang ginagawang panghaharas sa mga mamamayang nakikibaka para sa kanilang kabuhayan. Patuloy ang karahasan, pananakot at pagpapalayas sa Hacienda Almeda sa Sta. Cruz at Mamburao, Mindoro Occidental, Hacienda Roxas at Hacienda Looc sa Nasugbu, Batangas, Brgy. Coral ni Lopez, Calaca, Batangas, at Brgy. Patungan, Maragondon, Cavite.

Sa Quezon, walang tigil ang operasyon ng 85th IB sa buong Bondoc Peninsula at sa mga bayan ng Mauban, Lucban at Gen. Nakar. Patuloy rin ang kanilang operasyong psywar, pananakot at intimidasyon sa mamamayan ng Quezon. Sa layuning itigil ang paglaban ng mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Uy, sinampahan ng gawa-gawang kaso si Roldan Tayactac, lider-magsasaka at 21 pang mga magsasaka na nakikibaka para sa kanilang karapatan sa lupa.

Samantala, pinatay si Burgos Idaño sa Sitio Umagos, Brgy. Camflora, San Andres upang takutin ang mga magsasakang lumalaban para sa kanilang karapatan sa lupa sa pastuhan ng isang panginoong maylupa sa lugar. Noong Hulyo 30 naman, pinatay si Edgar Tabien, isang empleyado ng munisipyo at caretaker ng sementeryo sa Brgy. Magisian, Lopez. Kilala si Tabien bilang alyado ng mga magsasaka sa Lopez na nagsusulong ng kanilang pakikibaka sa lupa.

Sa Rizal, tuluy-tuloy ang isinasagawang military operations sa mga komunidad ng Dumagat. Hinuhuli at tinatakot ang mga katutubong Dumagat. Pilit silang pinasasama sa mga combat operations at sinasaktan ang hindi sasama.

Kaugnay nito, nananawagan ang Melito Glor Command sa lahat ng yunit ng NPA sa rehiyon na maglunsad ng mga opensibang militar bilang bahagi ng pagtatanggol sa buhay at ari-arian ng mamamayan ng Timog Katagalugan. Dapat pagbayarin ang AFP-PNP sa kanilang mga krimen sa mamamayan. Nanawagan din ang MGC sa mamamayan na i-ulat sa alinmang himpilan ng NPA ang iba’t ibang atrosidad ng AFP-PNP upang bigyang hustisya ang mga biktima ng DSSP Kapayapaan at iba pang atake sa mamamayan ng rehimeng US-Duterte.###

Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla
Tagapagsalita, Melito Glor Command
New People’s Army – Southern Tagalog

NDFP Lauds Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Election

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

It was a distinct honor and privilege to be an International Observer to the historic Constituent Assembly Election in Venezuela on July 30, 2017.

My companion, Mr. Asterio Palimas and I were welcomed in Caracas by Ms. Katiuska Rodriguez, Director General of the Secretariat of Sub-Minister Felix Placensia of the Foreign Ministry for Asia, Middle East and Oceania.

On July 29, 2017 in the morning, Ms Katiuska Rodriguez and her assistant, Ms. Nelly Mogollon, accompanied us to the final day of the 10-day Book Fair. Numerous booths contained many books on different aspects of the cultural and educational life, providing a wide variety of Venezuelan and other authors. The atmosphere at the book fair was relaxing and very surprising for us, because the Venzuelans were very relaxed, with children playing. This was a far cry from the tense atmosphere created by Western media. Katiuska introduced us to her former boss, the former Minister of Culture and Education, who looked so relaxed and unassuming.

The night before the day of the Election for the Constituent Assembly, a Foreign Ministry official told us we, the International Observers, would be divided into three groups. I was assigned to Group 2 which was scheduled to leave at 7:00 a.m. Asterio Palima was assigned to Group 3 which would leave at 9:30 a.m.

Our group went to a big electoral center, where President Maduro had voted at 6:00 a.m. that morning, followed by Cilia Flores, a prominent candidate and spouse of President Maduro.

I recalled that the day before Presidenet Maduro announced that the government under beloved Comandante and President Hugo Chavez and the Maduro administration had built 1.7 million homes for the poor. I sent this to friends in the Philippines, saying this is a tremendous achievement which would be deeply appreciated by millions of urban poor who have to struggle to acquire decent homes. President Maduro announced that they would aim to build a total of 3 million homes!

The first center our group visited has about 4,500 registered voters. The officers of the Consejo Nacional Electoral welcomed us and explained and demonstrated in detail how the process of voting is taking place. It was very impressive. The staff of five in the center allowed us to see every step in the process of voting, from the card of registration and the signature, to the actual secret voting, the folding of the vote and dropping it into the box, then again using the registration card and the thumbmark.

The process was very convincing. It showed the guarantee of the integrity of the electoral process.
After the voting procedure was shown, we were allowed to mix with the voters. Many of them asked us for our impressions regarding the electoral process.

Just across this first center was another center with about 2,500 voters. A long line could be seen, voters who stood and waited and moved slowly towards the voting center. We went to the entrance and had a good dialogue with the voters and some media people. The voters were very appreciative of the words of solidarity from the International Observers from different countries and regions. I gave a short solidarity message in Spanish which was enthusiastically received. I ended with: Viva Chavez! Viva Maduro! Viva el pueblo heroico Venezolano!

The next voting center we went to was the very famous Centro Enero 23. This is where Comandante Hugo Chavez had based himself, where he was deeply loved by the people. His tomb is just 400 meters away. Again the staff showed the details of the voting process. After that, they asked the International Observers for our impressions. The voters, clearly from masses of poor working Venezuelans, enthusiastically responded to the messages of solidarity. I said that in the Philippines, the Filipino people also struggle against U.S. imperialism and local puppets for genuine independence, sovereignty and nataional and social liberation. They offered us delicious coffee and many asked to have photos with them.

The third center we went to, in the afternoon of July 30, was a huge cultural complex, a Stadion. Many voting centers were put up by a well-trained staff of the CNE. The CNE lead official explained to us that they had to work overtime to set up the numerous voting centers so that the voters in areas dominated by the reactionaries who were prevented by the reactionaries could vote there.

They said that the reactionaries in the four towns in the East of Caracas were violently acting against those in favor of President Maduro. These reactionaries were setting up blockades in a few blocks in East of Caracas and making use of violent attacks which were used by the Western media to portray violent outbursts. These gave a very wrong impression to the world, claiming that President Maduro was rejected by the Venezuelan people. This false portrayal of the Venezuelan situation was used by U.S. President Trump to condemn President Maduro and those who followed him and Comandante Chavez.


It was deeply inspiring experience to see the militant determination of the Venezuelan people to exercise their right to vote and make democracy a concrete reality. I said to the voters we met and to the officers of the CNE and the Foreign Ministry that this commitment of the Venezuelan people and their fight for democracy and peace should be shared with peoples in other countries. Massive participation took place. By July 31 in the morning, 8,089,320 had already voted. That is more than 41 % of the registered voters. The Constitutional requirement of at least 25 % was surpassed!

On our last day in Venezuela, on July 31, 2017, we were brought to the Heart Center for Children in Caracas. What a great experience again to meet the expert staff of doctors and other trained personnel providing efficient service to sick children and their families, ALL for FREE! And the parents of the children can stay also for free in apartments near the hospital. We had a good sharing with the directress and her staff. I said that in the Philippines, when we tell people about this hospital, they would say: WOW! Is this true? The vast majority of the Philippine population are sorely lacking of good medical care. There are dedicated health workers in the Philippines but the government does not provide such facilities and free medical care as in the Heart Center for Children in Caracas!

We left with warm goodbyes to the Heart Center staff. They gave us beautiful caps with the Center’s logo, a bleeding heart!

Nelly Mogollon accompanied us to the airport in the afternoon of July 31. She brought us to the VIP room, where Asterio and I raised our arms in salute, with the huge paintings of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez behind us.

What an inspiring experience we had in Venezuela, as honored International Observers to the historic Constituent Assembly of July 30!

Viva Chavez! Viva Maduro! Viva el pueblo heroico Venezolano! #

Tropang 31st IB Phil. Army, Gumagamit Ng Iligal Na Droga Habang Nasa Operasyong Militar

Pahayag sa Midya | Agosto 15, 2017

Mariing kinukundena ng Celso Minguez Command ang pagiging hipokrito ng rehimeng US-Duterte sa pagpapatupad ng kampanya nitong Oplan Tokhang upang sugpuin diumano ang mga adik at pusher sa ating bansa samantalang ang sarili nitong pwersa ay gumagamit ng droga habang nagsasagawa ng operasyong militar.

Sa matagumpay na ambush ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan laban sa mga elemento ng 31st IBPA, 22nd IBPA at 5th Police Public Safety Battalion (5PPSB) sa Brgy. Casili, Sorsogon noong Agosto 7, 2017, natagpuan nila ang tatlong (3) sachet ng shabu at mga drug paraphernalia sa nasamsam na military pack na pagmamay-ari ni 2Lt. Lee Tremedal. Nakasuksok ang mga ito sa nilukot na medyas ng napatay na commanding officer (CO) ng Alpha Coy, 31st IBPA, AFP.

Malinaw na pagpapakita ito ng pagiging hipokrito ng rehimeng US-Duterte sa pagpapatupad ng Oplan Tokhang sa ilalim ng Oplan Kapayapaan. Habang inuutusan niya ang mga sundalo at pulis na maghasik ng pasistang karahasang walang pananagutan sa mga maralita na adik at pusher, ang mismong mga opisyal ng Armed Forces of the Philippines ay gumagamit at promotor sa paggamit ng droga ng hanay ng kanilang pwersa. Kinumpirma ng pagkatagpo ng iligal na droga sa mga nasamsan na gamit ng tropang 31st IBPA ang matagal ng mga hinala ng masang mamamayan na biktima ng kanilang walang-pakundangan na karahasan.

Liban sa tropang AFP-PNP, di linggid sa mamamayan na embwelto din sa droga ang ilang matataas na opisyal sa reaksyunaryong pamahalaan. Matatandaan na nitong nakaraan ay nasangkot ang Department of Customs sa isang malaking transaksyon o ismagling ng shabu na pinalusot ng nasabing ahensya sa bansa. Bagama’t malaki ang pananagutan ni Customs Commissioner Faeldon sa nasabing transaksyon bilang hepe ng nasabing ahensya ay nagawa pa ni Duterte na ipagtanggol ito. Tila may “double standard” din ang pagpapatupad ng Oplan Tokhang. Mapahanggang ngayon ay puro maliliit na pusher at adik lang ang nahuhuli o pinapatay habang ang mga malalaki at maimpluwensyang druglord ay patuloy na namamayagpag sa kanilang narco-negosyo. Libre din sa Oplan Tokhang ang mga matataas na opisyal ng AFP-PNP na protektor ng droga sa bansa.

Kundenahin ang paggamit ng diumano’y gera kontra-droga upang patuloy na patayin, takot at abusuhin ng rehimeng US-Duterte ang mamamayan!

Ka Samuel Guerrero
Celso Minguez Command
New People’s Army-Sorsogon

Ilusyon ni Duterte ang mga panibagong banta sa seguridad sa Mindanao

Press statement

Editorial cartoon ng August 7, 2017 issue ng Ang Bayan

Kabaliwan ang paghahangad ni Duterte ng karagdagang 20,000 sundalo para sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Ayon sa Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions – Southern Tagalog (RCTU-ST), ilusyon lamang ang binabanggit nitong mga panibagong banta sa seguridad sa ibang bahagi ng Mindanao.

“Matutulad lamang sa mga napaslang na sundalo ng AFP ang buhay ng karagdagang 20,000 tropa na hinihiling ni Duterte sa Kongreso. Mangangahulugan din ito ng milyon-milyong pondo na ibabawas sa kaban ng bayan para lamang pasahurin ang mga reaksyunaryong sundalo na nangunguna sa paglabag sa karapatang pantao,” pahayag ni Fortunato Magtanggol, tagapagsalita ng RCTU-ST.

“Pagmamaliit at pagmamasama ang pahayag ni Duterte na banta sa seguridad ang lumalaking bilang ng New People’s Army (NPA). Ang mga NPA ang totoong naglilingkod sa mamamayan pangunahin sa mga magsasaka sa kanayunan na patuloy na inaagawan ng lupa. Ang mga sundalo ng AFP ay reaksyunaryo at nagsisilbi sa mga panginoong maylupa, malaking burgesya komprador, at dayuhang monopolyo kapitalista.”

“Hindi kailanman matatapos ang digmaan kung hindi sosolusyonan ng reaksyunaryong gubyerno ang laganap na kahirapan na resulta ng pagsasamantala ng iilang naghaharing uri. Isang paraan na dapat gawin ni Duterte upang matigil ang armadong paglaban ng mamamayan ay ang pagtutuloy, pagseseryoso at pagtatagumpay sa usapang pangkapayapaan,” pagpapalawig ni Magtanggol.

Sinusuportahan ng RCTU-ST ang pag-uusap hanggang sa pagpirma ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) at Government of the Republic of the Philiippines (GRP) sa Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER).

“Bilang alyadong organisasyon ng NDFP, sinusuportahan ng RCTU ang usapang pangkapayapaan at ang CASER bilang isa sa mga sustantibong adyenda dahil laman nito ang programa para sa pagtatayo ng pambansang industriyalisasyon. Mahalaga ito para sa mga manggagawa at mamamayang nagnanais magkaroon ng disente at regular na trabaho na may nakabubuhay na sahod at maayos na benepisyo. Kung may mga batayang industriya ang ating bansa na pinatatakbo ng gubyerno, hindi kakailanganin na gipitin ang sahod at benepisyo ng mga manggagawa dahil walang mga kapitalista na kumokontrol sa ekonomiya,” pagbibigay diin ni Magtanggol.

Ngunit sa halip na gawin ang tama, itinuturing pa ni Duterte na banta sa seguridad at kahanay ng mga terorista ang NPA. Sa kabila ito ng katotohanan na isa ang NPA sa nagsusulong ng pambansang industriyalisasyon at iba pang programa na para sa ikabubuti ng nakararami.

“Hindi ang all-out war at Martial Law ng Rehimeng US-Duterte ang tatapos sa armadong paglaban. Hindi nito kailanman mapipigilan ang paglakas ng NPA hangga’t naririyan ang laganap na kahirapan at pagsasamantala sa mamamayan. Ang paghahangad ni Duterte ng karagdagang 20,000 sundalo para sa AFP ay lalo lamang magpapalala sa krisis ng bansa. Lagi’t laging mag-i-ilusyon ng ‘banta sa seguridad’ ang reaksyunaryong gubyerno hangga’t nagpapatuloy itong kasangkapan ng imperyalistang Estados Unidos at lokal na naghaharing uri para abusuhin ang murang lakas paggawa at dambungin ang likas na yaman ng ating bansa,” pagtatapos ni Magtanggol. ###


Sa kainutilang sugpuin ang droga sa bansa, MGC NPA-ST, nanawagang magresign si Duterte

Melito Glor Command, New People’s Army
Southern Tagalog

Tahasan nang inamin ni Duterte ang kawalang kakayahan ng kanyang rehimen na iwaksi ang malaganap na iligal na droga sa buong bansa. Walang kahihiyang inako niya ang kainutilan ng kanyang rehimen na sugpuin ang droga matapos ang mala-trapong pulitikong pag-aastang lilipulin ang problema sa droga sa unang tatlong buwan niya, sa anim na buwan at hanggang ngayon. Dahil dito, marapat lamang na magresign na siya sa pagkapangulo ayon sa kanyang paulit-ulit na sinasabi sa bayan.

Sadyang hindi malilipol ang salot na droga sa bansa dahil walang bayag si Duterte na kalabanin ang mga narko-pulitiko na paulit-ulit niyang pinapangalandakan sa publiko na tukoy na niya at ipahuhuli ang mga ito. Patunay rito ang kawalan ng naaarestong malalaking drug lord na nasa mahabang listahang ipinagmamalaki niya. Maging ang kanyang anak na si Paolo Duterte na sangkot rito, ganun din ang mga paborito niyang opisyal militar sa Bureau of Customs na may malakas na dudang sangkot sa pagkakapuslit ng bilyon-bilyong pisong halaga ng shabu sa bansa ay hindi niya kayang papanagutin. Pawang mga target niya rito yaong mga drug lords o pulitiko na hindi malapit sa kanya. Walang tinutugis ang kanyang rehimen kundi ang mga walang kalaban-labang mga mahihirap na mamamayang biktima ng iligal na droga.

Patuloy ang walang patumanggang pagpatay sa mga kawawang biktima ng droga sa nakakasawang kwentong lumaban kaya napatay habang wala ni isa mang pulis ang napapatay sa maraming Operasyon Tokhang at Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Umaabot na sa kulang sampung libo ang napapatay ng mga pulis sa naturang gera kontra droga at malaganap na extra-judicial killings.

Ginawa niya pang halimbawa ang numero unong tapagpalaganap ng droga sa buong daigdig – ang US – na hindi nagawang pigilan ang paglaganap ng droga sa bansa nito. Subalit kahungkagang lulutasin ito ng US dahil ang negosyo sa droga ay pinagmumulan nito ng pondo sa pagpapalaganap ng “gera kontra-terorismo” at agresyon sa buong daigdig. Ito rin ang naglilikha, nagrerekrut, nagpopondo at nagsasanay ng mga terorista mula sa iligal na drug money. Halimbawa nito ang malaganap na drug cartel sa Colombia sa pasimuno ng Central Intelligence Agency na siya ring pinalalaganap sa Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East at sa buong mundo. Pinoprotektahan rin nito ang mga sindikato sa droga sa buong mundo bilang pangunahing pinagkukunan ng pondo ng kanyang maruming gera laban sa sangkatauhan.

Sadyang walang patutunguhan ang panabing na gera kontra droga sa problema ng droga sa bansa. Lalo lamang itong magdudulot ng samu’t saring kaso ng pagpatay sa mamamayan habang pinagkakitaan ng limpak-limpak na salapi ng mga pulitiko at dayuhang sindikato sa droga.

Tulad ng pagkabigo nito sa kanyang gera laban sa iligal na droga, ang kahambugan at kayabangan nitong tatapusin at lilipulin ang buong rebolusyunaryong mamamayan matapos ang gera nito sa grupong Maute na tuluy-tuloy pa rin sa kabila ng paulit-ulit na mga nagsasalungatang pahayag ng mga tagapagsalita ng AFP-PNP. Tiyak na mabibigo itong gapiin ang makatarungang digmang bayang inilulunsad ng CPP-NPA-NDF dahil sa malalim na sinusuportahan ng lahat ng inaaping uri at sektor sa lipunang Pilipino.

Nanawagan ang Melito Glor Command sa buong sambayanang Pilipino na magkaisa at itakwil ang pasistang si Duterte sa kanyang mga anti-mamamayang gera at patakarang neoliberal sa ekonomiya, mga di pantay na kasunduang militar at makaisang panig na patakarang panlabas. Paghandaan ang todo-todong gerang ihahasik ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa ilalim ng martial law sa buong bansa. Salubungin nang nag-aalimpuyong digmang bayan sa kanayunan at ng malawakang kilos protesta sa mga kalunsuran at kabayananan ang paghaharing pasista ng rehimeng US-Duterte buong bansa.###

Rehimeng US-Duterte, inutil sa problema sa droga!
Anti-mamamayang gera-kontra-droga, labanan ng mamamayan!

Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla
Tagapagsalita, Melito Glor Command
New People’s Army Southern Tagalog

NDFP replies to AFP Chief of Staff General Año re plot to assassinate Sison and oust Duterte

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) has ample information about the CIA-instigated two-stage plot to assassinate the NDFP chief political consultant Prof. Jose Maria Sison and subsequently to oust President Duterte. The information has come in recent weeks from several corroborating sources inside the reactionary armed forces.

The NDFP National Executive Committee has sufficient factual basis and compelling reason to expose the two-stage military plot in order to discourage and frustrate its implementation. In due time, more facts shall be revealed, with due consideration to the safety and security of patriotic military officers who are the sources of information.

General Año / Inquirer file photo

General Eduardo Año, chief of staff of the Philippine reactionary armed forces, is completely unqualified to posture as an honest person and to cast invectives against Prof. Sison who is the target of the first stage of the military plot.

General Año is a brutal and malicious person who has lived on deception and lies and has been promoted from one position to another by engaging in psywar, abductions and extrajudicial killings, such as those of Jonas Burgos and Leoncio Pitao or Ka Parago.

It is utterly malicious for Año to cite as “figment of imagination” the assassination plot that was launched against Prof. Sison in 1999 and 2000 during the time of the Estrada regime. Two members of the hit team gave to the NDFP continuous information about the planning and implementation of the plot.

Colonel Reynaldo Berroya, who was to be reinstated in the Philippine National Police and promoted to the rank of general, exposed the assassination plot against Prof. Sison
in a nationwide DZBB broadcast in January 2001 and went to The Netherlands to give information to the Dutch police in February 2001.

Berroya had so much vital information because a key member of the first hit team sent to The Netherlands was a former operative of his and had used a Visa card to evidence his trip on the secret mission to The Netherlands. The Dutch police would later verify the Visa card and some real Philippine passports with false names of some members of the hit team.

General Año has no respect for the facts and the truth as well as for the legal system of his own rotten reactionary government. In an earlier, ad hominem attack on Prof. Sison, he disregarded the conclusive resolution of the Manila prosecutors in 1994, dismissing as groundless and based on sheer speculation the false charge of multiple murder related to the Plaza Miranda grenade throwing in 1971.

The NDFP does not recommend psychiatric treatment to General Año because he is obviously an irredeemably cold-blooded and cunning butcher. It is his boss Rodrigo R. Duterte who needs urgent professional psychiatric help for trusting him too much and other military officers who have consistently sabotaged the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

The Duterte regime is characterized by a mania for mass murder. It engaged in killing people and bombing communities even when there were reciprocal unilateral ceasefire declaration from August 2016 to February 2017. It has carried out a ceaseless all out war policy against the revolutionary forces of the people and yet wish to paralyze them with a protracted and indefinite ceasefire.

The Philippines is now ruled by a bloodthirsty regime that has already committed 12,000 extrajudicial klllings, far outstripping in one year the 3000 extrajudicial killings ascribed to the Marcos fascist regime in 14 years and subsequently proven in the US federal court system.###


Issued by the National Executive Committee, August 8, 2017

The National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) has received reports from several sources in the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that military officers who are assets of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and are close to AFP chief of staff Eduardo Año are engaged in a two-stage plot to assassinate Jose Maria Sison, NDFP chief political consultant, and subsequently to overthrow President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

The first stage of the military plot is to send a hit team to The Netherlands in order to assassinate Sison, with the verbal approvals of Duterte and Año, before or after the proclamation of martial law nationwide. The rationale of the assassination is to demoralize the revolutionary forces and possibly sow confusion and pandemonium among them. The head and members of the hit team are made to appear as entirely renegades or dropouts from the New People’s Army even as they are handpicked mainly from the special forces of the AFP and secondarily from the former Alex Boncayao Brigade.

The second stage of the military plot is a coup to overthrow Duterte for having collaborated with the communist party and the NPA for decades, betraying the alliance with the US and veering towards China and Russia, playing favorites with certain military and police officers, subverting the professional standards of the military and police forces,, corrupting and criminalizing them in the commission of extrajudicial killings and failing to solve the problem of illegal drugs despite the crude and flagrant violations of human rights.

The NDFP is of the view that, even while the two-stage military plot, especially the first stage, needs further verification, the plot must be immediately exposed in order to discourage its implementation. There is high probability that the hit team for assassinating Sison is already operational. Thus, Sison has already started to take security precautions, such as letting volunteers guard him and take photographss of those in his vicinity at home or in public places.

The NDFP has taken note of previous statements of the President that he is in danger of being ousted by a coup and that he is therefore trying to avert this by appointing more military officers in his cabinet and other high civilian offices. The NDFP admonishes him to end his all-out war policy against the revolutionary movement, to desist from proclaiming martial law nationwide and to withdraw from involvement in the plot to assassinate the NDFP chief political consultant.

The NDFP reminds him to engage seriously and sincerely in peace negotiations, comply with the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law by releasing all political prisoners and address the roots of the civil war through mutual agreements on social, economic and political reforms in order to lay the basis for a just and lasting peace. ###