Denounce sedition cases against Robredo et al

Communist Party of the Philippines
July 19, 2019

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounces the sedition cases filed by the Duterte government against Vice President Leni Robredo, Sen. Leila de Lima, Bishop Soc Villegas and at least thirty other individuals identified with the political opposition.

Charging the forces of the political opposition with sedition is a clear case of harassment and intimidation by the Duterte regime which aims to force them to accede to Duterte’s self-serving drive to amend the 1987 Constitution, suppress their protests against mass killings and human rights violations, and silence their opposition to Duterte’s treachery with regards to his sell-out to China.

The Party calls on the political opposition to stand up to Duterte’s schemes and join the broad masses of the Filipino people in resisting through mass protests the regime’s tyranny, terrorism and national treachery.

Reply to the intrigues sowed by the hypocrite BGen. Arevalo

PRESS STATEMENT | July 13, 2019 | NPA Negros Island

There is no end to the lies and intrigues mouthed by 303rd Brigade BGen. Benedict Arevalo to blemish the prestige of the New People’s Army (NPA) and the entire revolutionary movement.

Arevalo would like to project that his intelligence assets are innocent civilians that were mercilessly killed by the NPA. The revolutionary government of the people established in the countrysides exercises revolutionary justice based on the International Humanitarian Law and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), an agreement between the NDFP and GRP. The military agents and informers are subjected to revolutionary justice but are not automatically granted the death sentence. First, they are warned, given education and convinced to change their ways. If they continue to harm the revolutionary movement, especially if they have blood debts against the people, they are meted the capital punishment.

All those sentenced with the capital punishment are granted due process. This means that the cases are discussed and there are affidavits and witnesses. A people’s court is established to hear and judge the case. The people’s court ensures that the accused are informed of the complaint and are granted the freedom to reply and defend themselves. In cases that the accused fights back when arrested, the arresting team has the right to defend itself especially when the accused is armed and dangerous.

The fascist-terrorist AFP/PNP relies on their intelligence operatives and informers planted in the revolutionary bases to gather information and data on the movement of the NPA. BGen. Arevalo fumes mad along with his officers because losing their eyes and ears assures the failure of their counter-revolutionary campaign.

Arevalo is a hypocrite like his master Duterte. All those meted with the death penalty has been claimed and the basis explained by the NPA to the public unlike the murders committed by the butcher AFP and PNP of Duterte that continue to deny their crimes like the Sagay 9 Massacre, killing of peasant and human rights advocates Atty. Ben Ramos and Coun. Bernardino 鈥淭oto鈥 Patigas. In Oplan Sauron 1 & 2 and other Sauron-type of murders, illegal arrests and trumped up cases, there are clear accountabilities of state agents who shamelessly assert the legitimacy of their operations.

In the end of June and this month, more innocent civilians are victimized by human rights violations and bloody murders. These happened in Himamaylan City, La Castellana, Silay City and Escalante City in Negros Occidental and in Guihulngan City and Manjuyod in Negros Oriental. According to reports received by the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC), there are already 20 victims, 17 illegal arrests and 3 brutally murdered, in a new series of Sauron-type operations. As of now, political extrajudicial killings in Negros under Duterte’s tyrannical rule are beyond 70 wherein more than 50 are peasants. Thousands more were murdered nationwide under Duterte’s Oplan Tokhang.

In relation to the successful offensives of the NPA and its encounters, the policy of the mercenary AFP and PNP is to hide their KIA and WIA to save face. The AFP and PNP later falsely claim that the NPA is getting weaker in Negros and has lost its capacity to fight the troops of the reactionary government.

The 303rd Brigade spokesperson further spins that the NPA’s use of command detonated explosives (CDX) violates the CARHRIHL. This type of bomb utilized by the NPA requires an operator to control its explosion. As a matter of fact, it cannot be considered a landmine. It is safer for civilians compared to the military’s indiscriminate use of mortars, canyons and bombs dropped from their airplanes and helicopters such as what happened in Marawi City which resulted to thousands of deaths. 

Arevalo spews lies to a greater extent by insisting that the NPA only ends up with three fates: to be killed, surrender or arrested. For the NPA sacrifices and hardships are daily companions and its members are ready to face these. The NPA and the entire revolutionary movement carry forward the national democratic revolution in order to gain national liberation and democracy for the people. Those who offered their lives are honored by the people and are regarded as great martyrs who contributed to establishing victory. Unlike the AFP/PNP that are hated by the people because they empty the coffers of the nation to spend for their bloody operations and for their corruption through fake surrenderees and recycled firearms.

Who are the true terrorists, liars and hypocrites? Who are the enemies of the people? They are BGen Arevalo and Duterte who vomit intrigues and deception if only to defend their already exposed anti-people intentions. It is clear to the people that the AFP and PNP are instruments to defend the interests of the ruling class of big bourgeois compradors and land lords.

The AGC calls on all patriotic and pro-democracy rank-and-file and officials of the AFP/PNP to unite with people and make a stand against human rights violations and mass murders committed by the US-Duterte regime. You will greatly help in exposing the corruption, lies, treachery and anti-people nature in your ranks to give justice to the victims and uphold genuine and lasting peace based on social justice.

To the Filipino people especially of Negros Island, it is about time that we face the evil intent of the US-Duterte regime to destroy the revolutionary movement all over the country and to preserve the fascist state. Let us intensify the armed revolution and raise the level of the people’s war until victory. Our people鈥檚 war is a just war because its goal is to free the people especially the peasants and workers to fight for their interests against the exploitative and repressive system under the US-Duterte regime. Our bright future depends on the victory of our armed revolution.###

Ka Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army Regional Operational Command
Negros Island 

Sabat sa mga intriga nga ginapalapnag sang hipokrito nga si BGen. Arevalo

Wala katapusan ang pagguwa sa mga kabutigan kag intriga sa baba ni 303rd Brigade BGen. Benedict Arevalo para higkuan ang prestihiyo sang New People鈥檚 Army (NPA) kag bug-os nga rebolusyonaryo nga kahublagan. 

Ang gusto paggwaon ni Arevalo nga ang ila mga intelligence asset mga inosente nga sibilyan nga wala kaluoy nga ginpatay sang NPA. Ang rebolusyonaryo nga gobyerno sang pumuluyo nga natukod sa kaumhan naga-ehersisyo sang rebolusyonaryo nga hustisya nga nakabase sa International Humanitarian Law kag sa Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) nga kasugtanan sa tunga sang NDFP kag GRP. Ang mga ahente sang kaaway kag mga impormer ginapaidalom sa rebolusyonaryong hustisya. Apang indi awtomatiko nga panaugan sang silot kamatayon. May pag-warning kag paghatag edukasyon sa ila kag ginakumbinse sila nga magbag-o. Kun padayon sa gihapon sila sa pagtuga sang halit sa rebolusyonaryo nga kahublagan, ilabi na kung may ara sila utang nga dugo sa pumuluyo, pahamtangan sila sang kaangay nga silot. 

Ang tanan nga ginapanaugan sang silot nga kamatayon nag-agi sa due process. Buot hambalon may pagtalakay sa ginpasaka nga kaso, may mga affidavit kag testigo. May ginatukod nga korte sang pumuluyo nga amo ang magahusga sa kaso. Ginapaseguro man sang korte sang pumuluyo nga makahibalo ang natungdan nga ginareklamo agud makapa-athag kag madepensahan ang iya kaugalingon. Sa mga sitwasyon diin ang akusado nagabato sa pag-aresto, may kinamatarung ang arresting team sa pagdepensa sa ila nga kaugalingon ilabe na kung armado ang akusado. 

Ang pasista-teroristang AFP/PNP nagsandig sa ila nga mga intelligence operatives kag mga impormer nga ila nga gintanom sa mga rebolusyonaryo nga base para makapunpon sa mga impormasyon kag datos kaangut sa hulag sang NPA. Nagapalak si BGen. Arevalo kay kun wala ang ila mga mata kag dalunggan mahimo nga bulag kag bungol si Arevalo kag iya mga tropa kag sigurado nga kapaslawan ini sa ila kontra-rebolusyonaryo nga kampanya.

Hipokrito si Arevalo kapareho sa iya nga amo nga si Duterte. Tanan nga ginpapana-ugan sang silot nga kamatayon gina-ako sang NPA kag ginaklaro sa publiko ang mga basehan kon ngaa sila ginsilutan. Indi pareho sang ginahimo nga pagpamatay sang mga berdugo nga AFP kag PNP sang US-Duterte nga rehimen nga bisan klaro nga sila ang naghimo wala nila ini gina-ako pareho sang natabu nga maduguon nga pagmasaker sa siyam ka mga mamumugon sa kampo sa Sagay kag pagpatay sa mga peasant kag human rights advocates nga sanday Atty. Ben Ramos kag Coun. Bernadino 鈥淭oto鈥 Patigas. Sa Oplan Sauron 1 kag 2 kag sa mga Sauron nga tipo sa pagpamatay, iligal nga pag-aresto kag pagpato-pato sang mga kaso athag ang akawntabilidad sa mga ahente sa estado nga kabalan sa pagduso nga lehitimo ang ila nga operasyon. 

Sa hinapos nga bahin sa Hunyo kag sini lang nga bulan, may mga bag-o naman nga mga inosenteng sibilyan nga mga biktima sang paglapas sa tawhanon nga kinamatarong kag maduguon nga pagpatay. Natabo ini sa Himamaylan City, La Castellana, Silay City kag Escalante City sa Negros Occidental kag sa Guihulngan City kag Manjuyod sa Negros Oriental. Sa nabaton nga report sang Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC), naglab-ot na sa 20 ka biktima, 17 ang iligal nga gindakop nga may pato-pato nga kaso kag tatlo ang brutal nga ginpatay, sa bag-ong serye sa tipong Sauron nga operasyon. Sa subong masobra na 70 ang political extrajudicial killings sa Negros idalum sa tiranikong paghari ni Duterte sa diin sobra 50 mga mangunguma. Dugang pa sini ang linibo ka mga napatay sa bilog pungsod idalum sang Oplan Tokhang ni Duterte. 

Kaangut sa mga madinalag-on nga taktikal nga opensiba sa NPA kag bisan sa mga engkwentro sini, nangin patakaran na sang bayaran nga mersinaryo kag berdugo nga AFP kag PNP ang pagtago sang ila KIA kag WIA agud indi mahuy-an. Ginabaliskad masami sang AFP kag PNP nga gamay kag naghuyang na ang NPA sa Negros gani kuno wala na ini sang ikasarang nga makig-away sa tropa sang reaksyonaryo nga gobyerno.

Dugang pa nga ginatorsi sang spokesperson sang 303rd Brigade nga ang paggamit sang NPA sang command detonated explosives (CDX) naglapas sa CARHRIHL. Ang ini nga klase sang bomba nga gingamit sang NPA may ara nga operator agud kontrolado ang paglupok sini, gani indi ini makabig nga landmine. Mas luwas sa peligro ang sibilyan kon kompara sa ginagamit sang militar sa mga patarasak nga pagpangmortar, pagpangkanyon kag pagpangbomba nga ginahulog sang ila mga eroplano kag helicopter kaangay sa natabo sa Marawi City nga niresulta sa pila ka libo nga napatay nga pumuluyo. 

Labaw nga indi matuod ang hambal ni Arevalo nga tatlo lang ang padulongan sang NPA: mapatay, pagsurender ukon madakpan. Indi lipod sa mga katapo sang NPA ang sakripisyo kag kabudlayan nga masumalang kag handa ang isa kag isa sa pag-atubang sini. Ang NPA kag bug-os nga rebolusyonaryo nga kahublagan ginasulong ang pungsodnon demokratikong rebolusyon agud lab-oton ang pungsudnon nga kahilwayan kag demokrasiya para sa pumuluyong Pilipino. Ang mga naghalad sa ila kabuhi sa rebolusyon ginadayaw sang pumuluyo kag ginakilala nga mga dungganon nga martir nga nag-amot sa pagpundar sang kadalag-an. Tuhay sa mga pwersa sa AFP/PNP nga ginkangil-aran sa pumuluyo sa ila paggamit sa kaban sang pumuluyo para sa ila mga maduguon nga operasyon kag sa ila korapsyon paagi sa mga peke nga surenderi kag recycled nga armas.

Sin-o ang matuod nga terorista, butigon kag hipokrito? Sin-o ang kaaway sang pumuluyo? Si BGen. Arevalo kaangay ni Duterte nga puros nalang intriga kag mga pagpatalang ang ginapaggwa sa ila nga baba tungod nahublasan na sila sa ila nga mga kontra-pumuluyo nga tinutuyo. Klaro sa pumuluyo nga ang AFP kag PNP mga instrumento sa pagpangapin sa interes sa nagahari nga sahi sang dalagku komprador burges kag agalon may duta.

Ang AGC nagapanawagan sa mga maki-pungsodnon kag maki-demokrasya nga mga rank-and-file kag mga opisyal sulod sang AFP/PNP nga makighiliusa sa malapad nga pumuluyo kag manindugan kontra sa mga paglapas sa tawhanon nga kinamatarung kag mga makasiligni nga pagpamatay sa mga sibilyan idalom sa rehimen US-Duterte. Daku ang inyo mabulig sa pag-expose sa mga kurapsyon, pagpaniplang, pagtraydor sa pungsod kag kontra-pumuluyo nga kinaiya sulod sa inyo nga hanay agud mahatagan hustisya ang mga biktima kag matib-ong ang matuod kag pangmalawigon nga kalinong nga nakabase sa hustisya sosyal.

Para sa pumuluyong Pilipino labi na sa Isla sang Negros, panahon na nga aton militante nga atubangon ang maitum nga tuyo sang US-Duterte nga rehimen nga wasakon ang rebolusyonaryong kahublagan sa bilog nga pungsod kag ipreserba ang mapiguson nga pasista nga estado. Ang pumuluyo indi dapat mahadlok sa pag-atubang sang kabangis sang rehimen. Aton pabaskugon ang paglunsad sang armadong rebolusyon kag i-angat ang halintang sang inaway banwa tubtob sa kadalag-an. Ang aton gyera nga ginalunsad isa ka makatarungan nga gyera bangud tuyo sini nga hilwayon ang malapad nga pumuluyo ilabi na ang mga mangunguma kag mamumugon kag pagpakig-away sa ila interes batok sa mahimuslanon, mapiguson nga sistema idalum sang US-Duterte nga rehimen. Ang aton masanag nga pala-abuton nagadepende sa pagdaug sang aton ginalunsad nga armadong rebolusyon.###

Ka Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army Regional Operational Command
Negros Island 

Comment on report that Cardinal Tagle has agreed to collaborate with the PNP against the revolutionary movement

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
July 16, 2019

Because it quotes extensively from PNP chief Albayalde, the news story below, especially its title, tends to make it appear that Cardinal Tagle has agreed to collaborate with the tyrannical Duterte regime in staging sham localized peace talks and in carrying out a campaign of psywar and military suppression against the revolutionary movement of the people.

Cardinal Tagle is clear enough with his reported statement: “Any call for peace talks must come from the broad sector of society and not just a unilateral declaration from either government or underground movement.” The unilateral declaration of government or Albayalde is not enough to make peace talks with the revolutionary movement.

From the news story itself, I do not read anything which quotes Tagle directly as “joining hands with the police for localized peace talks”. The title of the news story is misleading. It merely reflects the onesided presumption and talk of Albayalde that he has hoodwinked the cardinal into siding with the tyrannical Duterte government and becoming an endorser of the localized “peace talks” which are being staged by the military and police and which have been condemned by the leading political organs of the NDFP and CPP and commands of the NPA at every level, from the national to the local level.

I think that Cardinal Tagle is sufficiently informed that the sham localized “peace talks” are being staged by the military and police and have been condemned by the aforesaid leading political organs of the NDFP and CPP and commands of the NPA at every level, from the national to the local level. To address the roots of the armed conflict and lay the basis for a just and lasting peace, the peace negotiations must be carried out at the national level in accordance with the framework set by The Hague Joint Declaration.

The CPP, NPA, NDFP and other revolutionary forces as well as the broad range of patriotic forces of the Filipino people have exposed and condemned localized “peace talks” as a mere psywar and red-tagging device of the military and police under National Task Force-ELCAC in a futiltle attempt to divide and destroy the revolutionary movement.

The military and police minions of Duterte pretend not to know that the revolutionary movement of the people continues to preserve itself and grow in strength because the conditions for armed revolution have become more favorable because of the tyranny, treason. brutality, corruption and mendacity of the Duterte regime.

On Duterte fixing the plunder cases of biggest crooks in previous regimes

Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, July 11, 2019

Arroyo unwittingly exposes the fact that Duterte has been responsible for having the corrupt and obedient Supreme Court dismiss the plunder case against her. Duterte and the Supreme Court are exposed as major factors of corruption in the Philippines.

Duterte pretends to hate corruption. But his strongest alliance is with the plunderers like Arroyo, the Marcoses, Estradas, Enrile and others. He is now the chieftain of the biggest Filipino crooks in Philippine history.

Against the interest of the people, he has fixed all the plunder cases against these Luzon-based plunderers in exchange for their giving him some 14 percentage points in addition to the 25 percentage points of Bisayas votes to make him president at 39 percentage points in 2016.

The Luzon-based plunderers delivered the crucial bailiwick votes that made Duterte president, contrary to the notion that the troll armies made the difference for him. The troll armies were only good for hyping him and putting down his opponents.

Now, the people are at the mercy of a president who is hell-bent on surpassing the corruption of Marcos and who is in alliance with the most successful plunderers in past regimes. Duterte and his evil alliance of the biggest crooks in the Philippines will continue to wreak havoc, unless the people rise up to end their reign of greed.

Note on Duterte Favoring Chinese Rice Importers To Kill Tens of Millions of Rice-Growing Filipino Peasants

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Cheap Imported Rice Soothes Philippine Inflation Pangs

Just to decrease the price of rice for a while, Duterte has connived with the Chinese cartel to import cheap rice.

But the stupid crook is unmindful of the fact that he is literally killing the tens of millions of rice-producing Filipino peasants. After local rice production is killed, the import-oriented Chinese cartel will escalate the price of rice in a market that they monopolize.

Comment on Duterte’s daring the US to fire the first shot in the West Philippine Sea

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
July 6, 2019

Duterte dares US to declare war with China | July 6, 2019

1. There is no need for the US to fire the first shot against Chinese intruders in the West Philippine Sea. Unlike Duterte and his subordinates, the Vietnamese and Indonesian authorities have been able to apprehend and even burn Chinese boats intruding into their respective seas as defined by the UNCLOS. And no war with China has ensued.

2. Without firing a single shot, the US can easily instruct its following within the military and police forces under Duterte to take him into custody as a traitor and to install vice president Robredo as the constitutional successor, with the expectation that she can do what the Vietnamese and Indonesian authorities have been able to do against Chinese intruders.

3. On behalf of the Philippines and in accordance with the UNCLOS and the PAC judgment in favor of the Philippines, Robredo can order the filing of cases in the US and other countries, where China has substantial assets, in order to compel China to pay rent for occupying the artificial islands and compensation for the serious damage to the marine environment in the West Philippine Sea.

4. Why does Duterte expose himself so blatantly as a traitor, coward or even a moron? It is because China holds him by the balls. He has been heavily bribed to talk and act as he does. It is already of public knowledge that Duterte and his cronies have privately benefited from so many shady deals with China (high interest loans, overpriced infrastructure projects, oil and gas exploration, telco contract, casinos and tourist projects,etc.) aside from collaboration with the Chinese criminal triads involved in the smuggling of drugs and other goods.

5. And why does the US refrain from doing No. 2 above? It is because it is still trying to use Duterte to crack down on the revolutionary movement and to make charter change to allow 100 per cent foreign ownership of corporations engaged in the exploitation of land and natural resources and operation of all types of businesses. But like Marcos, Duterte can still be junked by the US when he becomes more of a liability than an asset to US interests.

Note on the Jueteng and Drug Networks

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, July 4, 2019

‘Jueteng’ a lesser evil compared to drugs: Dela Rosa

Since several decades ago, the drug problem has spread through the jueteng networks under the protection of governors and generals. The drug and jueteng networks have become usually concurrent.

Now, Duterte, his dynasty and his national, regional, provincial and municipal agents lord over and rake in money from both the jueteng and drug networks.

It is absurd that Duterte’s top butcher Bato is now offering to the public a false choice between jueteng and drugs. This means that the Duterte ruling clique is maintaining the concurrent use of the drug and jueteng networks.

Duterte has coup jitters

Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, July 2, 2019

Duterte to AFP, PNP: Don’t stage a coup, please

Duterte is having coup jitters.  He is feeling the heat and is getting wet in his pants.  He anticipates that the people can rise in gigantic mass actions against his traitorous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt regime and the military and police can turn against him as they did against Marcos and Estrada. 

He  has exposed himself as a shameless traitor and as a paid agent of China with his own statements and actions on the issue of selling out to China Philippine sovereign rights in the EEZ and the rich marine, oil, gas and other mineral resources. His own military and police can easily understand that Duterte is betraying the people just to benefit himself, his family and cronies from deals with Chinese authorities as well as from the Chinese triads engaged in drug smuggling and distribution and in casino operations. 

The military officers and troops are already tired and exhausted from continuous campaigns and operations against the revolutionary movement and yet they  have failed to destroy it as one deadline after another passes. In the meantime, the people are suffering from rapidly worsening  conditions of  of unemployment, poverty, low incomes, soaring prices of basis commodities and brutal acts of the police and the military.

The propaganda war: Truth will always trump Duterte’s lies

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 25, 2019

A military official was reported to have acknowledged that the Duterte regime is losing the propaganda war with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the revolutionary forces. In a Philippine Daily Inquirer report, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Director General Alex Paul Monteagudo claims that the CPP-NPA “has exploited and deceived the people for 50 long years.”

To Mr. Monteagudo, we have this to say: The CPP, the NPA and all revolutionary forces in the Philippines could not have thrived for 50 years if it were not speaking the truth which reflect the objective conditions of the Filipino people. They could not have grown and persevered if they did not express the sentiments and aspirations of the people.

The revolutionary forces speak about the objective realities which Duterte tries hard to obscure. About rampant killings, arbitrary arrests, and gross abuses of human rights perpetrated by military and police forces against the mass of poor people under condition of martial law. About landlessness and the grabbing of peasants’ and minority peoples’ lands. About the continuing crisis of the local economy and deteriorating social conditions of the masses. About the lack of jobs, low wages, oppressive working conditions, high prices and burdensome taxes. About Duterte’s treason and sellout. How he favors big business oligarchs, big plantation owners and mining companies.

How Duterte and his cohorts continue to accumulate unexplained wealth. His ambitions to be like another Marcos and how he fears ending up in jail. The people’s outrage and their determination to wage armed struggle and all forms of resistance.

The fact is, the revolutionary movement continues to grow in strength and draw in thousands of adherents everyday because it speaks the truth about exploitation and oppression, abuses and injustice which daily beset the people. The Party’s program and its declarations reflect their aspirations for genuine freedom and democracy, real change and a better life.

Duterte Is Engaged in Bogus Land Reform, He Is Doomed in the Most Ignoble Sense

By Jose Maria Sison
June 14, 2019

The Filipino people and their revolutionary forces would applaud any government that carries out genuine land reform, which is well explained by the Revolutionary Guide to Land Reform of the Communist Party of the Philippines and by the NDFP Draft Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms.

But certainly the Duterte regime is not engaged in any genuine land reform by distributing mere pieces of paper to some 13,000 people that require them to pay the unaffordable price for 24,000 hectares in Central Mindanao, even if by installment.

The long-running record of the reactionary government in land reform is that more than 95 percent of supposed land reform beneficiaries ultimately cannot pay for the land assigned to them and lose it to merchant usurers, landlords, bureaucrat capitalists, big comprador companies and foreign corporations.

The New People’s Army is cherished by the people, especially the peasant masses because it defends and guarantees the genuine land reform being carried out by the revolutionary movement led by the CPP.

Revolutionary land reform includes the minimum program of reducing land rent, eliminating usury, raising farm wages, improving farm gate prices of agricultural produce, raising agricultural production and creating sideline occupations, and promoting rudimentary cooperation.

Revolutionary land reform also includes the maximum program of distributing land for free to the landless peasants, building cooperatives in stages, providing support from the people’s revolutionary government, raising production and capital construction and setting prices favorable to the agricultural and other products of the peasant masses.

It is not the NPA but the Duterte regime that is doomed in an ignoble sense because of his distribution of mere pieces of paper misrepresented as land reform. The ignoble end of Duterte is assured by his gross and systematic crimes of tyranny, treason, mass murder of people (including the peasants and the indigenous), corruption and deceptions.

In many areas today, the peasants and the indigenous people are being subjected to bombings, mass murders on mere suspicion and forced evacuation in order to allow the corrupt government officials, landlords and the mining, logging and plantation companies to grab the land.

The New People’s Army and other revolutionary forces of the people are indestructible because they serve the people and are carrying out the program for people’s democratic revolution against the three evil forces of foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, which the Duterte regime and its armed minions are dishonorably and maliciously serving through campaigns of suppression and butchery.###