CPP doubts Ka Owen, friend killed in shootout in Naga

Information Bureau | Communist Party of the Philippines
March 19, 2018

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed doubts that Bicol revolutionary leader Joey Fajardo engaged the military and police in a shootout before being killed last March 16 in Naga City. Fajardo, 55, was killed together with Liza Beriso Ocampo, a long-time migrant worker from Dubai, who owned the house where Fajardo was temporarily staying in.

“He was in Naga City to seek medical attention after suffering what medics believe was a mild-stroke a little more than a week ago,” said the CPP. “It is highly doubtful that Fajardo, in his condition, could engage in any sort of firefight with a combined military and police force.”

Based on our own information, Fajardo was unarmed while he went on medical leave. Ocampo, on the other hand, was a mere good samaritan who provided shelter to Fajardo through the intercession of common friends.

“Prima facie, the killing of Fajardo appears to be an assassination operation by the AFP and PNP under the cover of serving a warrant of arrest,” said the CPP.

Many fear that Fajardo’s assassination is part of the campaign of the Duterte regime to silence those who resist the looming dictatorship, especially with the publication recently of the petition by the DOJ listing more than 600 names alleged to be part of the CPP and New People’s Army (NPA).

According to news reports, the 9th ID identifies Fajardo as Ka Owen and alleges that he heads the CPP Regional Committee in Bicol. The AFP must answer whether the “Ka Owen” listed in the DOJ petition refers to Fajardo.

On Duterte’s farcical terror trial against the CPP and NPA

Central Committe, Communist Party of the Philippines
March 11, 2018 | Pilipino»

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) rejects the farce of a terror trial which the fascist US-Duterte regime is preparing to stage against the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA).

This trial is set to be a public spectacle which Duterte wants to mount in a vain effort to keep a veil of legitimacy and credibility to his rampage of violence and murder. While Duterte keeps a façade of legal processes and claims to give those accused of affiliation with the CPP their “day in court”, it is in fact already waging a brutal campaign of state terror against all revolutionaries, progressives and other forces opposed to his fascist regime.

It is also set to be a reprise of the past anti-communist witchhunts with the listing of more than 600 names accused as leaders or members of the CPP and NPA. It is a veritable hitlist of Duterte’s perceived enemies including activists, political personalities, human rights defenders, leaders and elders of minority peoples, peace negotiators and consultants of the NDFP and other progressives. The list is supposedly supported by military intelligence, which is not so bright after all, as it includes people already murdered or disappeared by the AFP, not a few double entries and John and Jane Does for all the rest they want to drag into the case.

The Party denounces the Duterte regime for brandisihing his terror tag against the CPP and NPA and using scare-mongering as a weapon of tyranny. He aims to intimidate and silence the Filipino people and make everyone submit to his ambitious dictatorial schemes of monopolizing power and perpetuating himself and his family in Malacañang. He seeks to use the Human Security Act (the so-called Anti-Terror Law) to tag socially-rooted rebellion and dissent as terrorism in order to suppress people’s resistance and struggles, justify the curtailment of civil liberties and destigmatize the impunity of state forces.

With Duterte’s reign of terror and tyranny, where even the Supreme Court is armtwisted into bowing to his demands, and everyone accused of being members of the CPP is threatened with murder, the terror trial will be anything but fair. Its outcome is a foregone conclusion.

The Party firmly declares that Duterte’s regime of blatant terror, murder and brutality has no morale or political right to accuse the Party and the NPA of terrorism. As a matter of principle, the CPP and NPA will not allow themselves to be subjected to the farcical terror trial of the US-Duterte regime. What a monstrous perversion that Duterte the Terrorist is terror tagging the CPP and NPA!

Nonetheless, the Party and the NPA will vigorously challenge, expose and oppose publicly and politically, this farcical terror trial. Duterte’s 55-page petition submitted by his Department of Justice is a poorly-crafted half-baked hodgepodge of information drawn from the internet and “military intelligence” sources apparently written by a junior officer of the AFP and then signed by the senior state prosecutor. It should be dismissed straightaway. The Party enjoins all democratic and fair-minded people in the academe and legal circles to subject this petition to close critical review.

The CPP maintains that the petition does not contain an iota of proof that the revolutionary acts of the NPA are acts of terrorism. There is a vast ocean of difference between a people waging an armed revolution and unleashing terrorist violence against the people.

As revolutionaries with a just, democratic and patriotic cause and which rely on the support of the masses, the CPP and NPA oppose terrorism in all forms. The NPA is guided by strict rules of discipline which, among others, remind Red fighters not to take even a strand of thread or needle from the masses, to speak politely, do not damage crops, not to ill-treat captives and not to take liberties with women. All these are directly opposite of Duterte’s orders: “flatten the hills”, “bomb the Lumad schools”, “shoot them in the vagina”, “cut off the heads of the NPA and get your P25,000 reward” and so on. The NPA abides by the provisions of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and, through the NDFP, has declared its intention of applying the Geneva war protocols.

If there is anything that causes “widespread fear and panic among the people,” it is the terrorism of the US-Duterte fascist regime. Its reign of terror and tyranny has forced more than half a million people to leave their homes to pave the way for military reservations, plantations and mining operations.

His brutal “war on drugs” has resulted in the murder of more than 13,000, mostly small users of drugs, by police and state-sponsored vigilantes. Duterte’s “all-out war” and martial law in Mindanao has resulted in close to 150 activists murdered, rural communities bombed and attacked with mortar, civilian villages occupied by soldiers in the name of “peace” requiring people daily to enter their names in military logbooks, thousands of people made to sign blank documents and forced to present themselves as surrenderees under pain of arrest, hundreds more arrested and detained as political prisoners, civil liberties suppressed, freedom of travel and commerce restricted, and food and aid blockades imposed.

There are increasing number of cases of brutality by Duterte’s fascist minions including the torture and setting on fire of two activists on December 6, 2017 by elements of the 71st IB in Maco, Compostela Valley; the massacre of eight Lumad villagers in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato on December 3, 2017 by elements of 33rd and 27th IB; the killing last March 2 of Ricardo Mayumi, leader of Ifugao Peasant Movement (IPM) in Tinoc, Ifugao; the killing of 19-year old Lumad student Obillo Bay-ao by CAFGU elements last September 5, 2017 in Talaingod, Davao del Norte; the shooting of a pregnant woman by elements of the 8th IB in Bukidnon on July 2016; the raid and mortar attack by the 20th IB against an NPA mass clinic last December 16, 2017 in Catubig, Northern Samar; and so on.

Based on the bloody criminal record of Duterte and the AFP, the Filipino people can plainly see who are the real terrorists. Duterte’s ploy is to cover-up their terrorism by flinging the terror tag against the revolutionaries and dissenters.

Such schemes, however, will not succeed as the Filipino people will not be forever intimidated and silenced. They are bound to rise up and bring an end to the Duterte regime’s brutal war, tyranny, subservience and oppression.

Hinggil sa huwad na teroristang paglilitis ni Duterte laban sa PKP at BHB

Komite Sentral, Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas

Marso 11, 2018

Itinatakwil ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) ang huwad na paglilitis sa terorismo (“terror trial”) na inihahandang ilunsad ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte laban sa PKP at sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB).

Gustong simulan ni Duterte ang malaking palabas na ito sa desperasyong bigyan ng kredibilidad at pagkalehitimo ang inirargasa niyang karahasan at pagpatay. Maskara lamang ang prosesong ligal at pagkakaroon diumano ng mga akusadong kaugnay ng PKP ng karapatang “magtanggol sa sarili” sa korte, dahil katunayan, walang lubay ang brutal na kampanya ng terorismo ng estado laban sa lahat ng rebolusyonaryo, progresibo at iba pang pwersang tumututol sa kanyang pasistang rehimen.

Magiging pag-uulit rin ito sa nagdaang mga anti-komunistang panliligalig sa paglilista nito ng mahigit 600 pangalan ng inaakusahang lider o myembre ng PKP at BHB. Mistulang hitlist ito ng itinuturing ni Duterte na kaaway kabilang ang mga aktibista, personalidad sa pulitika, tagapagtanggol sa karapatang-tao, mga lider at matatanda ng mga grupong minorya, mga negosyador at konsultant pangkapayapaan ng NDFP at iba pang progresibo. Ang listaha’y suportado daw ng “military intelligence,” na hindi naman pala matalino gayong kabilang dito ang ilang pinatay o dinukot na ng AFP, ilang nag-ulit-ulit na pangalan at mga John at Jane Doe para sa ibang gusto nilang idawit sa kaso.

Tinutuligsa ng Partido ang rehimeng Duterte sa pagwawasiwas nito ng terror tag laban sa PKP at BHB at paggamit sa pananakot bilang sandata ng tiraniya. Layunin niyang sindakin at patahimikin ang sambayanang Pilipino at paluhurin ang lahat sa kanyang ambisyosong pakana diktadura para monopolisahin ang kapangyarihan at palawigin ang sarili at pamilya sa Malacañang. Ginagamit niya ang Human Security Act (ang tinaguriang Anti-Terror Law) para taguriang terorismo ang rebelyon at paglabang naka-ugat sa mga usaping panlipunan, bigyang matwid ang pagsiil sa mga karapatang-sibil at ipatanggap ang kawalang-habas ng mga pwersa ng estado.

Sa paghahari ng takot at tiranya, kung saan pinipilipit ang braso maging ng Korte Suprema para yumuko sa kanyang utos, at lahat ng inaakusahang myembro ng PKP ay binabantaang patayin, walang pag-asang maging patas ang terror trial. Alam na na natin ang kalalabasan nito.

Matatag na idinedeklara ng Partido na ang pinamumunuan ni Duterte na rehimen ng tahasang terorismo, pagpatay at brutalidad ay walang karapatang moral o pulitikal na paratangan ang Partido at BHB ng terorismo. Alinsunod sa prinsipyo, hindi ipahihntulot ng PKP at BHB na mapailalim sa huwad na terror trial ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Napakalaking buhong nitong Teroristang Duterte na tagurian terorista ang PKP at BHB!

Gayunman, puspusang hahamunin, ilalantad at lalabanan ng PKP at BHB sa larangang pampubliko at pampulitika ang huwad na terror trial na ito. Mahina ang pagkakagawa ng 55-pahinang petisyon ni Duterte na isinumite ng kanyang Department of Justice na pawang pinagtagpi-tagping impormasyong kuha sa internet at “military intelligence” na tila sinulat ng isang batang upisyal ng AFP bagaman pirmado ng nakatataas na tagapaglitis ng gubyerno. Dapat tahasan na itong ibasura. Hinihikayat ng Partido ang lahat ng taong demokratiko at patas mag-isip sa akademya at mga sirkulong legal na masusi at kritikal na repasuhin ang petisyong ito.

Naninindigan ang PKP na ang petisyong ito’y wala kahit gaalikabok na patunay na ang mga rebolusyonaryong gawa ng BHB ay mga gawaing terorista. Napakalawak na dagat ang pagkakaiba ng pagsusulong ng bayan ng armadong rebolusyon at pagpapakawala ng teroristang karahasan laban sa bayan.

Bilang mga rebolusyonaryo na may makatarungan, demokratiko at patriyotikong layunin at nakasandig sa suporta ng masa, tinututulan ng PKP at BHB ang lahat ng anyo ng terorismo. Ginagabayan ang BHB ng mahigpit na alituntunin sa disiplina na kinabibilangan ng pagpapaalala sa mga Pulang mandirigma na huwag kumuha kahit hibla ng sinulid o karayum mula sa masa, magsalita ng magalang, huwag manira ng pananim, huwag sasaktan ang mga bihag at huwag magsamantala sa kababaihan. Pawang tuwirang kabaligtaran ng mga ito ang mga utos ni Duterte: “patagin ang mga bundok,” “bombahin ang mga eskwelahan ng Lumad,” “barilin ang mga ari ng mga babae,” “pugutan ang mga NPA at kunin ang premyong P25,000” atbp. Sumusunod ang BHB sa mga prubisyon ng Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), at sa pamamagitan ng NDFP, ay nagdeklara ng pagsunod sa mga protokol sa gera ng Geneva.

Kung mayroon mang nagdudulot ng “malawakang takot at kaguluhan ng tao,” ito’y walang iba kundi ang terorismo ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte. Dahil sa paghahari nito ng teror at tiraniya, mahigit kalahating milyon na ang napalayas sa kanilang mga tahanan upang bigyang daan ang mga reserbasyong militar, mga plantasyon at operasyon sa pagmimina.

Ang brutal na “gera sa droga” ay nagresulta sa pagpatay ng mga pulis at mga vigilante na kunektado sa estado sa mahigit 13,000, karamiha’y simpleng gumamit ng droga. Nagresulta naman ang “todong gera” at martial law sa Mindanao sa pagpatay sa mahigit 150 aktibista, pagbobomba at panganganyon sa mga komunidad sa kanayunan, pagsakop ng mga sundalo sa mga sibilyang komunidad sa ngalan ng “kapayapaan” kung saan inoobliga ang mga tao na araw-araw na ilagay ang pangalan sa logbook ng militar, pagpapapirma sa libu-libo sa mga blangkong papel at pagpwersa sa kanila na humarap bilang nagsurender sa bantang aarestuhin, daan-daan ang inaresto at idinetine bilang bilanggong pulitikal, pagsikil sa karapatang sibil, paghihigpit sa karapatang bumyahe at komersyo, at pagpataw ng blokeyo sa pagkain at tulong.

Pahaba nang pahaba ang listahan ng kaso ng brutalidad ng mga pasistang alagad ni Duterte kabilang ang pagtortyur at pagsilab sa dalawang aktibista noong Disymebre 6, 2017 ng mga tauhan ng 71st IB sa Maco, Compostela Valley; ang masaker sa walong Lumad na taumbaryo sa Lake Sebu, South Cotabato noong Disyembre 3, 2017 ng mga tauhan ng 33rd at 27th IB; ang pagpatay noong Marso 2 kay Ricardo Mayumi, lider ng Ifugao Peasant Movement (IPM) sa Tinoc, Ifugao; ang pagpatay sa 19-taong gulang estudyanteng Lumad na si Obillo Bay-ao ng elemento ng CAFGU noong Setyembre 5, 2017 sa Talaingod, Davao del Norte; ang pagbaril sa isang buntis ng mga elemento ng 8th IB sa Bukidnon noong Hulyo 216; ang reyd at panganganyon ng 20th IB sa klinik ng BHB sa Catubig, Northern Samar; at iba pa.

Batay sa madugong kriminal na rekord ni Duterte at ng AFP, malinaw na malinaw sa sambayanang Pilipino kung sino ang tunay na terorista. Ang pakana ni Duterte ay pagtakpan ang kanilang terorismo sa pamamagitan ng pagbato ng terror tag laban sa mga rebolusyonaryo at iba pang mga lumalaban.

Subalit hindi magtatagumpay ang mga iskemang ito dahil hindi habambanahong masisindak at mapatatahimik ang sambayanang Pilipino. Sa malao’y magbabangon sila upang wakasan ang brutal na gera, tiraniya, pangangayupapa at pang-aapi ng rehimeng Duterte.

Duterte is truly the no. 1 terrorist in the Philippines

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
March 8, 2018

Duterte is engaged in a wild anti-communist witchhunt under the guise of anti-terrorism. An immediate look at his list of ¨terrorists¨ will show that he is running amok in slandering people as ¨terrorists¨. There are also hundreds of John Does in the list just to intimidate a limitless number of people.

The list and the false accusations are related to the scheme of Duterte to engage in the mass murder of patriots and progressives in the country, to silence all his critics and opposition to his cruel and corrupt regime and in order to realize completely his fascist dictatorship through martial rule and the railroading of a pseudo-federal constitution. Duterte is truly the No. 1 terrorist in the Philippines.

According to sources, I am in the list. There is no basis for the charge of terrorism. Duterte and his minions are stupid and pretend to be ignorant that I have won legal cases for the removal of my name from the EU list of terrorists and for the dismissal of murder charges fabricated against me by the Arroyo regime and fed by this regime to the Dutch government.

The revolutionary movement is absolutely correct in taking as forewarning the Duterte brand of propaganda and slaughter methods used in Oplan Tokhang as early as December 2016 after he clearly backed out of his pledge to amnesty and release all political prisoners and the AFP, PNP and paramilitary forces repeatedly violated the prolonged ceasefire from late August 2016 to early February 2017.

It is often claimed that 40,000 lives have been lost in the civil war from 1969 to the present. The overwhelming majority of these lives were lost not in the course of battles but in the course of reprisals for NPA victories in battle as well as unilateral actions of repression against communities by the AFP, PNP and paramilitary forces.

In less than two years of his tyranny, Duterte has been responsible for the mass murder of 20,000 people in his war on drugs. He is hell-bent on using the AFP, PNP and the paramilitary forces to murder a far greater number of people under the pretext of anti-terrorism. This horrific scheme coincides with soaring prices of basic commodities and services, rising unemployment, lower incomes and diminution of social services in favor of higher expenditures for the military and police.

The broad united front of patriotic forces and the broad masses of the people must wage all forms of struggle to accelerate the downfall of the Duterte regime which acts as a puppet of US imperialism under Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines but which also double-deals with China for corrupt reasons related to overpriced infrastructure projects and high interest loans.

Even the US intelligence agencies now regard Duterte as a threat to democracy and human rights, despite his duplicitous and despicable efforts to keep the over-all US hegemony in the Philippines and serve additional foreign masters. As far as the Filipino nation is concerned, the Duterte regime is a murderous and greedy scourge that must be eradicated.###

CPP corrects Bato: NPA not involved in kindapping

CPP Information Bureau | March 8, 2018

Although belated, the CPP would like to correct PNP chief Ronaldo dela Rosa regarding his baseless claims the New People’s Army (NPA) is involved in kidnapping.

Dela Rosa made the claims last February 26 when he presented to the public a certain Donato Jacob whom he claimed is involved in a kidnapping case last December. Without providing proof, dela Rosa insisted that this Jacob is a
member of the NPA.

Ka Joma Sison has already promptly dismissed dela Rosa’s claims as ‘fake news’. Indeed, the NPA does not know of this Jacob.

Dela Rosa made the baseless claims of kidnapping against the NPA then, with an overacting imagination, linked this to Duterte’s PR-campaign to depict the CPP and NPA as terrorists.

Dela Rosa, however, apparently knows for a fact that the NPA does not engage in criminal activities. On the same occasion, he appeared to be in disbelief that an NPA member is involved in kidnapping-for-ransom: “Meron silang (NPA) kidnapping, pero never may ransom” apparently referring to instances when policemen or soldiers are captured in encounters but later released.

As a revolutionary people’s army, the NPA rejects kidnapping-for-ransom and other criminal activities. This policy continues to be observed strictly.

Dela Rosa knows fully well that it is the members of the AFP and PNP who are often involved in kidnapping and other criminal syndicates. In fact, on the abovementioned occasion, he presented another kidnapping suspect who happened to be a former soldier of the AFP.

Further strengthen the unity of women and fight the fascist AFP/PNP and US-Duterte regime

Statement | March 8, 2018 | Bisaya»

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) warmly join the struggling women from different classes in commemorating this momentous day. We call on all women to strengthen their unity in fighting the abuse of the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines/Philippine National Police (AFP/PNP) and the US-Duterte regime.

The tyranny of the US-Duterte regime was exposed just a few months after he came into power. He began a series of attacks against the struggling people and one of the very first victims of his tyranny were the women, especially those from among the farmers, Lumad, urban poor and workers.

One of the most vile expression of his tyranny is his being anti-women. Even before he became president, Duterte degraded women; and it worsened when he was unmasked of his pro-people charade.

Duterte’s bloody Oplan Kapayapaan traumatized many women, youth and elderly Lumad and farmers in NEMR with his bombing, shelling, strafing, political killings and other forms of harassment during military operations of the AFP. This resulted to widespread evacuations of the Lumad people and farmers. Thousands evacuated in the region in the first three months of this year, particularly in Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte.

This is similar to the imposition of martial law in Mindanao, when he, cold-bloodedly, destroyed Marawi City, victimized countless Moro women with rape and other forms of sexual abuse committed by the AFP and PNP. As of this time, not a single fascist soldier has been punished. They were even condoned by the statement of Duterte that if a member of the AFP/PNP raped three times, he will answer for the third.

In an attempt of the fascist US-Duterte regime to annihilate the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and revolutionary movement by the year 2018, he has been releasing statements to harass and terrorize the people. Duterte has seemingly lost his mind when he said that if a woman NPA is captured, he himself will shot her genitalia.

Such vile statements of Duterte has given members of the AFP and PNP more license to, without any second thought, violate human rights especially the abuse of women.

Thus, we can foresee more victimized women, young and old, by the cold-blooded actions of the AFP and PNP. Because of this, the unity of oppressed and exploited women must be more widespread, strong and firm, joined with the Filipino people, to expose, fight and make the executioner AFP/PNP pay dearly and oust the US-Duterte regime from power.#

Ka Maria Malaya

Sulat Pamahayag | Marso 8, 2018


Atol sa kasumaran sa Pangkalibutang Adlaw sa Kababayen-an, ang National Democratic Front of the Philippines-NorthEastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) mainitong miduyog sa tanang kababayen-an nga gikan sa lainlaing hut-ong nga nakigbisog sa paghandum niining mahinungdanong adlaw. Kami nanawagan ngadto sa mga kababayen-an nga mas ipahugot ang panaghiusa sa pagsukol batok sa pagpangabuso sa pasistang Armed Forces of the Philippines/Philippine National Police (AFP/PNP) ug sa rehimeng US-Duterte.

Kun mahinumduman, sukad sa paglingkod sa gahum sa rehimeng US-Duterte, pila lang ka bulan nabutyag na ang iyang pagkapasista. Sunod-sunod na dayon niini ang mga pagpangatake sa nagkadaiyang mga pakigbisog sa katawhan nga usa sa nag-unang nakahiagum sa iyang mga kabangis ang mga kababayen-an, ilabina sa han-ay sa mga mag-uuma, Lumad, kabus sa syudad ug mamumuo.

Usa ka ngil-ad nga dagway sa iyang pagka-pasista mao ang iyang pagka kontra-kababayen-an. Sa wala pa siya milingkod sa pagka-presidente, si Duterte daan nang nagpakaubos sa mga kababayen-an; samot na dihang gihukas na niya ang maskara sa iyang pagpakaaron-ingnong maki-katawhan.

Ang maduguong Oplan Kapayapaan ni Duterte nakapahiagom og grabeng troma ngadto sa daghang mga kababayen-an, kabataan ug katigulangang Lumad ug mag-uuma sa NEMR gumikan sa mga pagpamomba, pagpanganyon, istraping, pulitikal nga pagpamatay ug uban pang matang sa pagpanghasi panahon sa mga operisyong militar sa AFP. Nag-resulta kini sa kaylap nga pagpamakwit sa katawhang Lumad ug mag-uuma. Liboan na ka indibidwal ang nibakwit sa rehiyon sa unang tulo pa lang ka bulan niining tuig, partikular sa Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte ug Surigao del Norte.

Sama usab kini sa pagpahamtang og martial law sa Mindanao, dihang walay kukaluoy nga giguba ang Marawi City, kun diin ubay-ubay ang mga kababayen-ang Moro nga biktima sa pagpanglugos ug uban pang matang sa pagpangabusong sekswal nga hinimoan sa AFP ug PNP. Hangtud karon walay bisan usa sa pasistang tropa ang nasilotan. Gikunsinti pa kini sa pamahayag mismo ni Duterte nga kun makalugos og tulo ang mga membro sa AFP/PNP, angkonon niya ang ikatulo niini.

Tungod usab sa paninguha sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte nga puohon ang Partido Komunista sa Pilipinas (PKP), Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) ug rebolusyonaryong kalihukan sa tuig 2018, bisan unsa na lang ang iyang gipangyawyaw aron hasion ug hadlokon ang katawhan. Daw nawad-an na sa maayong paminsar si Duterte, pinaagi sa iyang pamahayag nga kun adunay madakpan nga babayeng BHB, siya mismo ang mopusil sa kinatawo niini.

Kining mga binugoy nga mga pamahayag ni Duterte, naghatag lang og dugang lisensya ngadto sa mga membro sa AFP ug PNP sa walay pagpanagana nga pagpanglapas sa tawhanong katungod, ilabina sa pagpanamastamas ngadto sa mga kababayen-an.

Kun mao, damhon nato nga mas modaghan pa ang mamahimong mabiktimang babaye, bata ug tigulang sa linuog nga mga binuhatan sa AFP ug PNP. Busa, kinahanglang palapdon, pakusgon ug palig-onon ang panaghiusa sa kababayen-ang gidaugdaog ug gipahimuslan, uban sa tanang katawhang Pilipino, aron ibutyag, suklan ug pabayron og mahal ang mga berdugong AFP/PNP ug palagputon sa gahum ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.#

Ka Maria Malaya

Oppressed and exploited women of the Philippines, unite with the Filipino people and oust the anti-woman US-Duterte regime!

Press Statement | 06 March 2018 | Bisaya»

The NDFP-Mindanao joins the Filipino nation in celebrating the hard work, courage and determination of oppressed and exploited women in the country and the world over on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

We remember the revolutionary zeal of Russian proletarian women who on February 27 (March 8), after having been organized by the Bolsheviks, banded together to support the general strikes and armed uprising that sparked the beginning of the 1917 February revolt, which, later on, evolved into the great October revolution, which paved the way for Russia’s socialist future.

These courageous women committed themselves wholeheartedly to the revolutionary armed uprising to help win for the Russian people their emancipation from decades of oppression and exploitation by the Czar and other ruling classes in Russia as well as from the colonization of other imperialist countries.

Today, similarly, we honor the brave women of the Philippine revolution whose lives are dedicated to the advancement of the people’s war, which will win for the Filipino people their emancipation from the oppression and exploitation of the ruling classes of landlords, big comprador bourgeoisie and US imperialism.

We give praise to women Party cadres, women Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army and other women revolutionary mass leaders who have devoted their time, strength and intellect in arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses of peasants and workers for the victory of the national-democratic revolution, which is the nation’s stepping stone towards its socialist future.

In all of 50 years since the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the exemplary dedication of these women revolutionary leaders have helped steer the movement along the right path during the First and Second Great Rectification Movements, and in every subsequent challenge and twist & turn the revolutionary movement has had to confront and resolve.

Women mass leaders who hail from the peasantry have braved every challenge in waging agrarian revolution, as well as those from the working class, who for their part, have helped strengthen the militant workers’ movement in the country.

Indeed, marks of the true liberation of women can be seen and experienced from inside the revolutionary movement, where women possess the freedom to fully participate in political discussions and decision-making as they are recognized, and are respected as leaders, political guides, educators, fighters, and stand as inspiration to the people. Thus, women’s struggle must be inextricably linked with the national democratic revolution.

Thus, the AFP’s claim that women in the revolutionary movement are “maltreated” is purely fake and poison news, propagated by the fascist US-Duterte regime and the AFP/PNP to cover up their own sheer anti-women character. Duterte himself has on several occasions spoke about “raping women” in his speeches either as a “joke” or a stern warning to women all over. He also finds it amusing to shoot captured women Red fighters in the genitals. He has also mentioned that he will grant free trips abroad to so-called “surrenderees” especially the “women surrendrees.”

These quips, whether uttered as a matter-of-fact or as a whimsical form of sarcasm, can only be adjudged as incorrigibly anti-women, which is to say the least of Duterte’s depraved and demented choice catchphrases. And since these are words that come out from the mouth of a head of state, these become policy statements that give license to his fascist minions – the AFP, PNP, CAFGU and other paramilitary forces – to abuse women, especially those whom they construe as “enemies of the state,” who is practically anyone whom they so fancy.

Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan is intrinsically anti-women, where hundreds of women, including girls, have become victims of rape and other forms of abuse, especially in their military operations in the hinterlands of Mindanao. Peasant women have become victims of extrajudicial killings.

In the US-Duterte regime’s ongoing crackdown against legitimate progressive organizations, women leaders and members have fallen victims to political killings, illegal arrests, torture, psywar tactics and have been levelled with trumped-up charges. The PNP’s brutal anti-drug campaign Oplan Tokhang or Double Barrel has been used to illegally arrest women activists along with others, who are victimized by police depravity and brutality.

In like manner, economic policies, such as the TRAIN Law, inflict more hardship to the people, especially to women, by way of increases in the prices of the most basic of commodities and whatever social services left given by the reactionary state. The reactionary state’s policy of exporting its people to other countries continues to be in place, even as overseas workers like Joanna Demafeliz are getting murdered and others continue to face unspeakable forms of suffering.

The Duterte regime seethes with hypocrisy as it offered its sympathy with the Demafeliz family but negates the implementation of national industrialization, which will provide meaningful jobs to its own people. Duterte plucked out the Filipino workers from Kuwait only to throw them to China.

Thus, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we call upon all struggling women of the country to unite and link the women’s struggle with the national democratic revolution. Unite with the Filipino people to oust the inveterately anti-woman, anti-people US-Duterte regime.#

Ka Joaquin Jacinto

06 Marso 2018


Ang NDFP-Mindanao nakigduyog sa nasud Pilipino sa pagsaulog sa kamakugihon, kaisog ug determinasyon sa dinaugdaug ug pinahimuslang kababayen-an sa nasud ug sa tibuok kalibutan niining okasyon sa Internasyunal nga Adlaw sa Kababayen-an.

Atong dumdumon ang rebolusyonaryong kasibot sa proletaryadong kababayen-an sa Rusya kinsa niadtong Pebrero 27 (Marso 8), human sila naorganisa sa mga Bolsheviks, naghugpong aron suportahan ang mga malukpanong welga ug armadong pag-alsa nga nagsugnod sa pagsugod sa pag-alsa sa Pebrero 1917, nga, sa ngadtongadto, nahimong bantugang rebolusyong Oktubre, nga naghan-ay sa sosyalistang kaugmaon sa Rusya.

Kining isog nga mga kababayen-an tibuok kasingkasing nga naghatag sa ilang kaugalingon ngadto sa rebolusyonaryong armadong pag-alsa aron motampo sa pagdaug alang sa katawhang Rusya, sa ilang kalingkawasan gikan sa deka-dekadang pagpangdaugdaug ug pagpahimulos sa Tsar ug ubang nagharing hut-ang sa Rusya ug gikan sa kolonyalisasyon sa ubang imperyalistang kanasuran.

Karon nga adlaw, atong pasidunggan ang maisogong kababayen-an sa rebolusyong Pilipino nga naghatag sa ilang kinabuhi alang sa pag-abante sa gubat sa katawhan, nga magpadaug alang sa katawhang Pilipino, sa ilang kalingkawasan gikan sa pagpangdaugdaug ug pagpahimulos sa nagharing hut-ong sa dagkung agalong yutaan, dagkung burgesya komprador ug imperyalismong US.

Atong dayegon ang mga kababayen-ang kadre sa Partido, kababayen-ang Pulang kumander ug manggugubat sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan ug ubang kababayen-ang rebolusyonaryong lider masa nga naghatag sa ilang panahon, kusog ug kahibalo ngadto sa pagpukaw, pag-organisa ug pagmobilisa sa masang mag-uuma ug mamumuo alang sa kadaugan sa nasudnon-demokratikong rebolusyon, nga mamahimong tikangan sa nasud paingon sa iyang sosyalistang kaugmaon.

Sa tibuok 50 ka tuig sukad pagkatukod-balik sa Partido Komunista sa Pilipinas (PKP), ang dalaygon nga dedikasyon niining kababayen-ang rebolusyonaryong mga lider kauban sa pagtimon sa kalihukan ngadto sa hustong dalan panahon sa Una ug Ikaduhang Bantugang Kalihukang Pagtul-id, ug sa misunod nga mga pagsulay ug paglikoliko nga giatubang ug gipatigbabawan sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan.

Ang kababayen-ang lider masa nga naggikan sa mga mag-uuma, nisuong sa mga pagsulay sa paglunsad sa agraryong rebolusyon; ingon usab ang hut-ong mamumuo, nga nitabang sa pagpalig-on sa militanteng kalihukang pamuo sa nasud.

Ang kinaiya sa tinuod nga nalingkawas nga kababayen-an makita ug masinati sulod sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan, diin ang kababayen-an adunay kagawasan sa hingpit nga pagsalmot sa pulitikal nga mga panaghisgut ug paghimo’g desisyon tungod kay giila, ug girespeto sila isip mga lider, pulitikanhong giya, magtutudlo, manggugubat, ug nibarug isip inspirasyon sa katawhan. Tungod niini, ang pakigbisog sa kababayen-an kinahanglang hugot nga nakasumpay sa nasudnon demokratikong rebolusyon.

Busa, ang gitagawtaw sa AFP nga ang kababayen-an “gimaltrato” sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan usa ka hingpit nga peke ug makadaut nga balita, nga gipakaylap sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte ug sa AFP/PNP aron tabunan ang ilang tataw nga kontra-kababayen-an nga kinaiya. Sa makadaghang higayon, si Duterte mismo nagsulti mahitungod sa “pagreyp sa mga babaye” isip “yagayaga” o pagbahad sa tanan kabababayen-an. Gikahimuot niyang gipamahayag ang pagpusil sa kinatawo sa madakpan nga babayeng Pulang mangggugubat. Nagsaad usab siya nga hatagan og libreng byahe sa gawas sa nasud ang mga “surrenderees” ilabina ang “kababayen-ang surrendrees.”

Ang maong mga pangyubit, kamatuoran man o pagbiaybiay, nagpakita sa grabeng pagkakontra-kababayen-an, nga kung hunahunaon menos na nga paghulagway sa mga mahilayon ug binuang nga mga panultihon niya. Ug kay kining maong mga pulong naggikan sa baba sa pangulo sa estado, nahimo kini nga mga pamahayag sa palisiya nga naghatag og lisensya sa iyang pasistang mga sulogoon – ang AFP, PNP, CAFGU ug ubang pwersang paramilitar – nga mangabuso og kababayen-an, ilabina kadtong ilang giila nga “kaaway sa estado”, nga nagpasabot sa kung kinsa man nga ilang maalaan.

Ang Oplan Kapayapaan ni Duterte adunay kinaiyang kontra-kababayen-an, diin gatusan nga kababayen-an, apil na mga batang babaye, biktima sa rape ug uban pang porma sa pagpangabuso, ilabina panahon sa paglunsad sa operisyon militar sa kabanikanhan sa Mindanao. Ang mga babayeng mag-uuma nahimong biktima sa extrajudicial killings.

Sa pagpatuman sa rehimeng US-Duterte og crackdown batok sa lehitimong progresibong mga organisasyon, ang kababayen-ang mga lider ug membro biktima sa pulitikanhong pagpamatay, iligal nga pagpang-aresto, tortyur, taktikang saywar ug gipasakahan sa mga tinumotumong mga kaso. Ang brutal nga kampanyang kontra-droga sa PNP nga Oplan Tokhang o Double Barrel gigamit aron iligal nga arestohon apil ang mga aktibistang kababayen-an, nga biktima sa kadunot ug kabangis sa kapulisan.

Sa susamang paagi, ang ekonomikanhong palisiya sama sa TRAIN Law, naghatag og dugang kalisod sa katawhan, ilabina sa kababayen-an, tungod sa pagpataas sa presyo sa pinakabatakang panginahanglan ug unsa pa mang katilingbanong serbisyo nga gihatag sa reaksyunaryon estado. Ang palisiya sa reaksyunaryong estado nga i-export ang iyang katawhan sa ubang kanasuran nagpadayon, bisan pa man kung ang mga overseas workers sama ni Joanna Demafeliz, gipangpatay ug ang uban padayon nga nahiagom sa dili matukib nga mga kalisdanan.

Ang rehimeng Duterte hilabihan ka ipokrito, samtang naghatag kini og simpatiya sa pamilyang Demafeliz, nagdumili usab kini sa pagpatuman sa nasudnong industriyalisasyon, nga makahatag unta og maayong panarbaho sa iyang kaugalingong katawhan. Gipapauli ni Duterte ang mga trabahanteng Pilipino gikan sa Kuwait aron lang ilabay sa Tsina.

Tungod niini, kami nanawagan, atol niining okasyon sa Intenasyunal nga Adlaw sa Kababayen-an, sa tanan nakigbisog nga kababayen-an sa nasud nga hiusahon ug isumpay ang pakigbisog sa kababayen-an ngadto sa nasudnon demokratikong rebolusyon. Makighiusa sa katawhang Pilipino aron palagpoton ang lunod-patay nga kontra-kababayen-an, kontra-katawhan nga rehimeng US-Duterte. #

Ka Joaquin Jacinto

AFP/PNP continue to kill, arrest and file trumped-up cases against civilians to sow widespread tyranny

Statement | March 2, 2018 | Bisaya»

Upon the orders of their master Rodrigo Duterte to sow tyranny upon the people, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) have become rabid dogs attacking without rhyme or reason. They are victimizing random civilians in carrying out their evil plans against the revolutionary movement.

Duterte’s fascist soldiers have been terrorizing civilians in North Eastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) this year, to weaken and damage the revolutionary movement and terrorize the struggling people.

Recall that last February 25, 2018, 26th IB and PNP forces arrested civilian Roger Salinas Gonzales in Brgy. Del Monte, Talacogon, Agusan del Sur and fabricated that he is a commanding officer of the People’s Militia. According to the relatives of the victim who witnessed the arrest, soldiers planted a .38 revolver to make it apear that he was armed. They immediately went on air to brag about capturing another official of the revolutionary movement.

Meanwhile, 75th IB troops shoot and killed a civilian in Sitio Kabaohan, Brgy. Bunawan Brook, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur last February 15, 2018. The victim was Keynard Barrientos, 23 years old, single and resident of the area. The AFP immediately proclaimed that the victim was a member of the NPA and was killed during an encounter.

Last February 14, in Brgy. Manat, Trento, Agusan del Sur, 75th IB forces ambushed and killed Aaron Notarte, a farmer, while he was on his motorcycle on the way to his farm carrying coffee seedlings for planting. The 75th IB immediately proclaimed that the victim was a member of the NPA.

Last February 9, 2018, Mario Labao, a CAFGU member, killed Datu Guillermo Tiambong a leader of the Mamanwa tribe, in Brgy. Buodlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte. The 30th IB and 402nd Bde tried to cover-up the crime and maliciously charged it to the NPA. They even used the supporters of Mario Labao, accompanied by the AFP, to hold a rally against the NPA.

Last February 2, 2018, the AFP accompanied by the police, arrested Leonida Guao in Brgy. Bading, Butuan City and accused her as being the finance officer of the Mindanao Commission of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). But in truth, she was a civilian and small businesswoman. According to the spokesperson of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) there is no such designation of finance officer in the Mindanao Commission, as such, it was a trumped-up accusation made by the AFP/PNP against the victim.

In January 2018, without mercy, 29th IB forces strafed the home of Jinky Asay in Brgy. Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. Their two passenger motorcycles were riddled with bullets destroying these and resulted to them losing their source of livelihood.

These are but a few among the many cases of abuse and violations of human rights committed by AFP/PNP forces in the region since the extension of martial law in Mindanao, implementation of Oplan Kapayapaan, declaration of the NPA and CPP as “terrorists” and boasting of annihilating the NPA by the year 2018. Failing to prevent the advance of the revolutionary movement and amidst the worsening crisis in the Philippines, Duterte has seemingly lost his mind, making statements granting the fascist AFP/PNP license to commit crimes and persecute the people.

But the US-Duterte regime and the AFP/PNP are sorely mistaken in thinking that the people will continue to cower in fear and he can establish his ambitious dictatorial rule in the Philippines without opposition. It has instead enflamed the people to resist and opt for armed struggle to achieve social justice. Duterte will suffer the same fate of Marcos, overthrown by the thunderous uprising of the people, his name despised in the pages of history.

NDFP-NEMR call on and challenge the people in the region, turn fear and doubt into blazing courage to expose, fight and frustrate all manners of deceit and oppression. Let us stand up for our rights and just interests to bring forth genuine justice and freedom.

The NPA will launch many tactical offensives against the brutal AFP/PNP forces to defend the people and give justice to the victims of fascist abuse.

Ka Maria Malaya

Pamahayag | Marso 2, 2018


Sa pag-aghat sa ilang amo nga si Rodrigo Duterte nga mosabwag og kalisang ngadto sa katawhan, ang Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ug Philippine National Police (PNP) daw susama na sa irong buang nga nagpataka na og pamaak. Bisan kinsa na lang nga sibilyan ang giligsan niini basta mapatuman ang ilang hugaw nga mga laraw batok sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan.

Sunodsunod na ang gihimong panglutos sa mga pasistang sundalo ni Duterte ngadto sa mga sibilyan sa North Eastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) niini nga tuig, aron lang pahuyangon ug dauton ang rebolusyonaryong kalihukan ug makamugna og terror ngadto sa katawhang nakigbisog.

Kung atong mahinumduman niadtong Pebrero 25, 2018, gidakop sa mga pwersa sa 26th IB ug PNP ang usa ka sibilyan nga si Roger Salinas Gonzales didto sa Brgy. Del Monte, Talacogon, Agusan del Sur ug gitumo-tumoan nga usa ka commanding officer sa Milisya ng Bayan. Matud sa mga paryente sa biktima nga nakasaksi sa maong pagdakop, gibutangan pa sa mga sundalo og usa ka .38 rebolber aron ipakita nga ang ilang nadakpan usa ka armado. Walay paglangan gisangyaw gilayon kini sa kahanginan aron ipanghambog nga nakadakop na usab sila og laing opisyal sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan.

Samtang usa ka kaso sa pagpamusil-patay nga hinimoan sa mga tropa sa 75th IB ang nahitabo didto sa Sityo Kabaohan, Brgy. Bunawan Brook, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur niadtong Pebrero 15, 2018. Ang biktima mao si Keynard Barrientos, 23 anyos, ulitawo ug residente sa maong lugar. Gisangyaw dayon sa AFP nga membro sa BHB ang biktima ug namatay diha sa engkwentro.

Niadtong Pebrero 14, didto sa Brgy. Manat, Trento, Agusan del Sur, giambus-patay sa mga pwersa sa 75th IB si Aaron Notarte, usa ka mag-uuma, samtang nagsakay sa motor paingon sa iyang umahan nga nagdala og semilya sa kape nga itanomay. Gipasiatab dayon sa 75th IB nga usa ka membro sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) ang biktima.

Niadtong Pebrero 9, 2018, gipusil ni Mario Labao, usa ka membro sa CAFGU, si Datu Guillermo Tiambong usa ka lider sa tribung Mamanwa, didto sa Brgy. Buodlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte. Hinungog nga gitabunan sa 30th IB ug 402nd Bde ang krimen ug malisyosong gipanumangil kini ngadto sa BHB. Gigamit pa ang mga sakop ni Mario Labao uban sa AFP sa pagpahigayon og rali batok sa BHB.

Niadtong Pebrero 2, 2018, gidakop sa AFP uban sa kapulisan, si Leonida Guao didto sa Brgy. Bading, Butuan City ug giakusahan nga finance officer sa Komisyon sa Mindanao sa Partido Komunisa sa Pilipinas (PKP). Apan sa pagkatinuod usa siya ka sibilyan ug gamay nga negosyante. Matud usab sa tigpamaba National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) walay designasyon nga finance sa Komisyon sa Mindanao busa usa ka tumo-tumo ang akusasyon sa AFP/PNP batok sa biktima.

Niadtong Enero 2018, walay puangod nga gi-istraping sa mga pwersa sa 29th IB ang panimalay ni Jinky Asay didto sa Brgy. Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. Gitadtad pa sa bala ang ilang duha ka motor nga pasaheroan nga maoy hinungdan sa pagkaguba niini ug pagkawala sa ilang panginabuhian.

Nalakip kini sa daghang mga kasong pangabuso ug paglapas sa tawhanong katungod nga binuhatan sa mga pwersa sa AFP/PNP dinhi sa rehiyon sukad gipalawig niini ang martial law sa Mindanao, gipatuman ang Oplan Kapayapaan, pagdeklara nga “terorista” ang BHB ug PKP ug panghambog niini nga puohon ang BHB sa tuig 2018. Tungod sa kapakyas nga babagan ang pag-asdang sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan ug migrabe pa ang krisis sa katilingbang Pilipino, daw nawad-an na og saktong pangisip si Duterte diha sa iyang mga pamahayag nga naghatag og dugang lisensya ngadto sa mga pasistang AFP/PNP nga mopahamtang og mga krimen ug panglutos ngadto sa katawhan.

Apan sayop ang rehimeng US-Duterte ug ang AFP/PNP sa ilang pagtuo nga mapakurog sa kahadlok ang katawhan sa lahutay ug hanoy niining mapabarug ang ambisyosong diktadurang paghari sa Pilipinas. Mas gisugnuran hinoon niini ang katawhan nga mosukol ug mosandig sa armadong pakigbisog aron kab-oton ang katilingbanong hustisya. Mahisama si Duterte kang Marcos sa umaabot nga pukanon sa nagdahunog nga pag-alsa sa katawhan ug ipanghimaraut ang iyang ngalan sa panid sa kasaysayan.

Ang NDFP-NEMR nag-awhag ug naghagit sa katawhan sa rehiyon nga pulihan nato ang kahadlok ug pagduhaduha ngadto sa nagdilaab nga kaisog aron ibutyag, suklan ug pakyason ang tanang matang sa pagpanglingla ug pagpanglupig. Kusganon natong ipanghingusog ang atong mga katungod ug makatarunganong interes aron mopatigbabaw ang tinuod nga hustisya ug kagawasan.

Ilunsad sa BHB ang daghang mga taktikal nga opensiba batok sa bangis nga mga pwersa sa AFP/PNP aron panalipdan ang katawhan ug mahatag ang hustisya ngadto sa mga biktima sa pasistang pagpangabuso.

Ka Maria Malaya

The US-Duterte regime’s control over Marawi keeps Moro residents suffering in the fringes

Press Statement | 28 February 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Marawi residents have been displaced by the fighting. Credit Jes Aznar for The New York Times

Nearly half a year has passed since Duterte declared Marawi City “liberated,” yet thousands of Bangsamoro evacuees continue to agonize over the loss and destruction of homes and livelihood in the aftermath of the US-Duterte regime’s brutal five-month siege led by its AFP and PNP forces. Evidently, no significant rehabilitation effort by the regime that truly serves the interests and needs of the evacuees is underway.

With a greater part of the city still in ruins, most Moro and non-Moro residents suffer in temporary settlements as they are housed either in government- issued makeshift tents or left languishing in dilapidated lodgings, which the reactionary government deliberately employed to keep most of them situated along the city’s fringes or outer limits.

The process by which these residents are supposedly enabled to return to their homes is remarkably slow. Apparently, the Duterte regime has no real plan to restore them to their original residences. Worse, the so-called ‘renters’ – or those who are not native to Marawi City — will have no chance whatsoever to return to where they resided before.

In the meantime, the reactionary government, together with its puppet local government led by Marawi Mayor Majul Gandamra, as well as the AFP, now usurp the right to decide who gets to return or not to the city, with which favors predominantly members of the Moro ruling class and the political allies of Duterte. Ironically, they are instead hell-bent on expediting the building of a housing project and a new military camp for the AFP/PNP.

Under an extended martial law, this grand maneuver has the hallmarks of a classic “divide and rule” tactic, to ensure on one hand that the pro-administration Moro ruling clique stay loyal to Duterte. And that, on the other, the thousands of Bangsamoro residents who were forcibly driven away by Duterte’s destructive war will not possess the opportunity as well as the capacity to rise up in militant dissent.

While shortchanging the Moro people in broad daylight, Marawi City has been sold to big bourgeois compradors, such as the Ayalas, the Uys and other big shots of big business. They wait in earnest for the rise of their newest profit-making venture in Marawi and other parts of Lanao del Sur. Duterte is still having a field day enticing foreign capitalists, particularly from the US, China and Russia to invest in Marawi and widen their profit margin in the near future, at the expense of deprived and displaced Moro people.

Despite the existence of Camp Ranao, Duterte will allot 10 hectares of the city’s prime land for the AFP. The purpose of which is to ensure that the US-Duterte regime’s “grand plan” for Marawi City stays on course, especially since martial law is still in effect. A new brigade under the 4th ID will also be deployed possibly in Marawi City or Lanao del Sur in order to tighten Duterte’s control of the area.

This will surely turn for the worse should the US-Duterte regime enforce an antiquated presidential decree, PD 453 to be exact, which grants more than six thousand hectares of Marawi land to be used as a military reservation for the United States Armed Forces, which, if implemented, is given more leverage to launch its own “anti-terrorist” operations in the island and in the entire country.

To shield this grand scheme from any setback, Duterte has placed the MILF leadership in a stranglehold and kept the BIAF Moro fighters at bay by promising the passage of the BBL. He claims it will take place possibly even before his plan of amending the 1987 Cory constitution that will pave the way for the establishment of the federal government. This, of course, is only to pacify inflamed Bangsamoro who, in the first place, lost their most important city because of the reactionary government’s relentless attacks.

Sadly for Mindanaoans, the first ever president who hails from Mindanao and brags about his Moro blood is also the first ever to have the gall to destroy a whole city in Mindanao and persecute the Bangsamoro and other Mindanaoans to no end.

Thus, the Bangsamoro has no other recourse but to unite under the aim of continuing both the armed and non-armed struggle against the US-Duterte regime and fight for their genuine right to self-determination.

The hundreds of thousands of residents of Marawi must stand together and press the Duterte regime to implement genuine and speedy rehabilitation, and that all of them must be restored back to their rightful residences and paid in full for all the damages caused by the state’s war of destruction.#

Ka Joaquin Jacinto

The US-Duterte regime is foremost orchestrator of vile psywar tactics and the no. 1 peddler of fake and poison news

Press Statement | 28 February 2018

The NDFP-Mindanao condemns in strongest terms the spate of desperate and brutal psychological war (psywar) tactics employed by the US-Duterte regime to exploit, deceive and divide the masses, particularly the Lumad people, in the all-out desperate attempt to emasculate the New People’s Army (NPA) in particular, and the revolutionary movement in Mindanao, in general.

The US-Duterte regime, through the AFP/PNP/CAFGU/paramilitary forces, went to extremes to set-up brutal murders and pin it on the NPA in the vain attempt to malign the people’s army and induce the anger of the people, particularly that of the relatives of the victim, with the end in view of causing them to “rise up” against the revolutionary movement.

The AFP, for instance, recently conspired with their own thugs and paramilitary attack dogs in San Miguel, Surigao del Sur to perpetrate the grisly murder of Manobo CAA/CAFGU Mar Acebedo Bocales, who was reportedly beheaded and sustained multiple lacerations. The AFP was then quick to claim that the NPA was responsible for such an act, and quickly let loose their spin doctors to spread this fake and poison news in both mainstream and social media.

The NPA was in no way involved in such murderous act, and all evidence point to the fact that it was the AFP’s own bandit attack dogs, led by a certain Emerson Cuarteron, that executed the crime mainly because of a dispute over the control for ancestral domain.

There were two other incidents in the Caraga region that involved the brutal killing of Lumad tribal leaders perpetrated by CAA/CAFGU elements in Alegria, Surigao del Norte, with which the AFP exploited to blame, malign and slander the NPA. This is one of the blackest and vilest psywar attacks employed by the AFP that allows them, with impunity, to kill, maim and torture anyone of their choosing, especially those among the Lumad whom they treat merely as expendable pawns, to demolish the credibility of the NPA and the revolutionary movement.

The US-Duterte regime, in its utter desperation, has also paraded so-called “NPA surrenderees” in Davao Oriental, Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato, Caraga and other provinces in Mindanao in order to grimly paint the picture of “revolutionaries abandoning the movement.” This elaborate tele-serye-like script of “NPA members returning to the folds of the law because of exhaustion” however is nothing but a grand fake and poison news.

Why should the good sons and daughters of peasants and workers simply opt out when they know full well that what they are fighting for aspires to emancipate their kin and the people from the exploitation and oppression of the elite few? They will most assuredly choose to fight against an oppressive system that has made them and their families suffer for a long time than bow down and surrender to a fascist regime that perpetuates the same system.

Duterte, twice already, even treated these so-called “surrenderees” to dinner in Malacañang, and promised them monetary gifts, including lavish trips abroad. While Duterte and the AFP think that they have duped these “former rebels,” they are however utterly mistaken in thinking that real revolutionaries are easily persuaded to give up the struggle inveigled by these sugar-coated bullets. Those whom he treated to dinner, if in fact they had been part of the revolutionary movement before, have long rejected revolutionary principles. Majority of them are indubitably fake.

Flooding both mainstream and social media with the spectacle of “mass surrenders” is designed to make it appear that this has become a “trend,” but, this is just pure, unadulterated deception to dishearten the masses from their continued embrace of the national-democratic revolution. Despite Duterte’s and his AFP’s perfidious schemes however, the masses will never allow themselves to be deceived because they know full well that the victory of the revolution is the only real solution to their unbearable misery.

Duterte also went as brazen as to offer P25T for “every NPA member killed.” With this, he shamelessly uses local paramilitary forces, and practically anybody who can kill, as accomplices and accessories to his mass murder and murderous rage. By pushing civilians to kill for money, he virtually makes them his own “killers for hire.”

However, in truth, the only ones who are obsessively driven to kill the NPA are the elements of the AFP, PNP, the paramilitary and those who are considered dregs and traitors of their own tribal communities. This rampage results in the deaths of numerous civilians who fall as helpless victims to grisly killings by perpetrators who do it for the bounty. Despite this reckless offer by the ruffian in Malacanang, one cannot agonize over it exceedingly because no civilian in their right mind would ever dare kill the NPA for it is the real army of the people. However, it is only right for the masses and other civilians to be on the alert to avoid being the next victim later of whatever venomous pronouncements spewed out by none other than the demented president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte went as far as to exclaim that he himself would shoot a captured woman Red fighter in the genitals. This utter depravity virtually gives license to all AFP/PNP and paramilitary forces to rape and do despicable acts of bestiality not only to captured NPA women but also to women civilians in general. In a related recent incident, in an act of sheer bestiality, elements of the 29th IB dismembered the genital and desecrated the dead body of an NPA Red fighter in Sitio Ansili, Brgy. Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. Anyone, let alone a head of state, who gets a kick out of shooting people in the genitals is, at the very least, not in his right mind, and in utter disregard of human dignity.

In their knack for releasing fake news, the AFP even went as far as to make it appear that Rommel Salinas, an NDF consultant, was only recently captured, when in fact he was already in jail since May of 2017. In another fake story, they made it appear that a certain Leonida Guao, whom they christened with multiple made-up nom de guerres, was a suspected “finance officer of the Mindanao Commission.” The charges against her are obviously false because she has never been part of the said Commission, and, the designation “finance officer” is absolutely non-existent in the same; and, in fact, she is an ordinary civilian.

We condemn these blackest of propaganda, set-up, orchestrations and the proliferation of fake & poison news as well as the vilification levelled against the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement in general. The AFP waxes nostalgic and harks back to the 1950s, when the reactionary government under the Magsaysay regime, directed by the CIA, employed brutal counterinsurgency tactics against the Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan (HMB). The US-Duterte regime thinks that such antiquated CIA ploys are a victory clincher for them today, but, that was an entirely different era for the revolutionary movement, which was then plagued by the ideological betrayal of the Lavas and Tarucs.

Fifty years after the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the Filipino people now know full well that the NPA will never commit these unspeakable acts the AFP accuses it of doing. This is because the NPA is steeled by its own code of discipline as embodied in its 3 Points of Discipline and 8 Points of Attention, which serves as its daily guideline in its every movement, especially when Red fighters and revolutionaries are among the masses.

The revolutionary movement has gone through two great rectification movements (one in 1968 and another in 1992) and continues to uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as its ideological guide. It is consistent in its respect for fundamental human rights and the international humanitarian law. Thus, to put the masses in harm’s way is completely antithetical to these principles.

The NDFP calls on the people to unite and expose and oppose these vile acts of psywar committed by the US- Duterte regime against the public and against the revolutionary movement.#

Ka Joaquin Jacinto

Hinggil sa matagumpay na reyd ng AMC-NPA sa Tumbaga Ranch

Pebrero 27, 2018
Ka Cleo del Mundo
Apolonio Mendoza Command-NPA-Quezon

Magsilbing babala sa lahat ng panginoong maylupa sa hacienda belt ng Bondoc Peninsula ang matagumpay na reyd ng New People’s Army sa Tumbaga ranch sa bayan ng San Francisco kahapon ng gabi.

Nakakumpiska ng anim na M-16 rifle ang mga pulang mandirigma.
Pansamantalang inaresto ang dalawang CAFGU at apat pang armadong tauhan sa loob ng rantso para mabigyan sila ng mahigpit na tagubilin na ang dapat nilang panigan ay ang kapwa nila magsasaka at maralita, hindi ang panginoong maylupa. Pinalaya rin sila kalaunan.

Ang reyd ay hakbang pamamarusa sa rantso ng baka na pag-aari ng pamilyang Murray dahil sa patuloy nitong pagkakait sa mga magsasaka ng lupang mabubungkal.
Notoryus ang pamilyang Murray sa pagiging asyendero at kontra-magsasaka, matatandaang noong December 14, 1997 ay nireyd na rin ng mga NPA ang naturang rantso.

Ang 5,000 ektaryang Tumbaga ranch ay inilalaan ng panginoong maylupa sa kanyang mga alagang baka, mais, ube at punongkahoy para sa komersyal na gamit habang mahigpit na pinagbabawalan ang mga magsasaka at manggagawang bukid na magtanim ng mga produktong ikinabubuhay.

Bawal rin sa mga magsasaka na mag-alaga ng sariling hayop gaya ng baboy dahil ayaw ng mga Murray na mababawasan ang kanilang niyog na ginagawang pakain ang sapal nito.

Masahol pa, sinisira ng mga armadong tauhan ni Murray ang mga panananim ng magsasaka. Tampok na karanasan ang ginawang pagbunot sa pananim na mais at saging ng isang magsasaka, pagkatapos ay sinunog ang kanyang kubo.
Dagdag na patunay ng pagiging despotiko ng pamilyang Murray ang hindi pagpapasahod sa kanyang mga manggagawang bukid. Ang lakas-paggawa ng mga magsasaka at manggagawang bukid sa loob ng rantso ay tinutumbasan lamang ng mais na pangsaing o kaya ay perang kasinghalaga nito.

Mahigpit ang monopolyong kontrol ng mga panginoong maylupa sa hacienda belt ng Bondoc Peninsula. Hindi nilutas ng bogus na Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program ng mga nagdaang rehimen ang pundamental na suliraning ito ng bansa. Katunayan, nagmamatigas pa nga ang mga kagaya n Murray, Matias, Reyes at Uy para matiyak na hindi maipamamahagi ang kanilang lupain sa mga magsasakang walang lupa.

Kung hindi pa sa masigasig na pagsusulong ng uring magsasaka ng rebolusyong agraryo, kailanman ay hindi tatamasahin ng mga maralita sa kanayunan ang pakinabang sa lupang kanilang ipinaglaban.
Mismong ang mga mamamayan ng Bondoc Peninsula ang buhay na saksi kung paanong ang hindi nalutas ng rehimeng US-Duterte na libreng pamamahagi ng lupa dahil sa pagtalikod nito sa Peace Talks ay patuloy na ipinaglalaban ngayon ng uring magsasaka katuwang ang kanilang Bagong Hukbong Bayan.#