Anger and pain for the murder of Randy Felix Malayao, martyr of the cause of the Philippine people

Fronte Popolare (Italy)

At 2 am local time, while traveling on a bus in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, in the Philippines, the comrade Randy Felix P. Malayao was murdered by an killer of Duterte’s criminal regime. The hit man climbed aboard the bus during a break, surprised him in his sleep and killed him with a gun.

Kidnapped and heavily tortured under the regime of Gloria M. Arroyo, he spent more than four years in prison in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela, before being acquitted of all charges and released. Not being accused in any judicial proceedings, in recent months he moved freely around the country to support initiatives related to the promotion of peace.

An activist of the student movement, then a journalist, Randy was a courageous militant of the revolutionary cause, a defender of the oppressed Filipino classes, a sincere internationalist. During the peace talks between the Democratic National Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the government of Manila, abruptly interrupted by the Duterte regime, he had been part of the NDFP high level delegation as a representative of the Cagayan Valley and was one of the spokesmen for the the NDFP negotiating group in Europe.

His assassination strikes us not only on a political level and for the seriousness of the crime perpetrated against all those who, like us and in every part of the world, embrace the struggle for justice and human dignity and fight for it, but also on a human level.

We met Randy in June 2017, on the occasion of the First Congress of our organization during which he represented the NDFP. We were able to truly appreciate his serenity, his dedication, his love for the Filipino people and the generous depth of the convictions that animated him.

We strongly denounce the murderous regime of Duterte, servant of US imperialism, which today killed Randy, but which for months has been systematically organizing the assassination of political activists, union and community leaders. The whole world must become aware of the criminal nature of the ruling clique in Manila, its corruption, the systematic violence it practices against its own people to perpetuate its brutal exploitation and bloody oppression as a guarantee of the interests of the bureaucratic caste and of landowners who starve the country while serving their protectors in Washington.

With sympathy we are close to Randy’s family and to his fellow fighters in the pain and in the anger for the frightful crime that took us away this comrade, a man whose example we can only hope to be able to imitate. At this time of mourning, we renew our firm commitment to solidarity alongside the revolutionary struggle for the liberation and transformation of the Filipino society.

Salvatore Quasimodo wrote, paying tribute to the martyrs of our Resistance: “Here we count them one by one tenderly / calling them by young names / for all time. / Their blood is still fresh, silent / its fruit”.

To those names, to their memory, we ideally join today that of our comrade Randy Malayao. In his name, in their name, our struggle must continue until victory.

Justice for Randy Malayao!
Freedom for the Filipino people!
Down with the criminal regime of Duterte!
Out the US imperialism from the Philippines and from every country!


On the Brutal Murder of NDFP Consultant Felix Randy Malayao

Press Statement
NDFP Negotiating Panel
January 30, 2019

We, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel express our outrage and strongest condemnation on the brutal murder of Felix Randy Malayao, a publicly known consultant of the NDFP on political and constitutional reforms.

We condole with Ka Randy’s family, friends, comrades and colleagues as we give him our highest honor for his invaluable contributions to the revolutionary movement and the NDFP’s peace efforts.

He participated in the peace talks two years ago and was one of its spokespersons during the formal negotiations. He was an indefatigable worker in the service of the people and was ever ready to present the side of the NDFP in fora, seminars and consultations on the peace talks in the Philippines and overseas.

Ka Randy was a torture victim and a political prisoner for years under the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. He had been acquitted of all charges and was protected by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG) as an NDFP peace consultant.

His killing may very well be a portent of worse moves against NDFP consultants for the peace talks many of whom, such as Vic Ladlad, Adel Silva and Rey Casambre, among others have already been arbitrarily arrested and slapped with trumped up charges.

From unilateral cancellation by the GRP to the flip-flopping statements of Duterte on the negotiations, the peace talks have been stalled as the Duterte government treads the path of all-out war and persistent attacks against the NDFP and its personnel for the peace negotiations.

Ka Randy’s brazen murder indicates an escalation of attacks against peace consultants and serves as a further serious obstacle to the resumption of the peace negotiations with the Duterte government.

The NDFP Negotiating Panel remains committed to the attainment of a just and last peace in the Philippines through peace negotiations. The militarist and terrorist government of Duterte, however, is hell-bent in sabotaging the pursuit for just peace as it intensifies attacks against the NDFP and enables brazen acts such as the murder of Ka Randy.

The heroes hall of the Philippine revolution welcomes Ka Randy. His martyrdom and his untiring work will always be remembered and inspire the struggle against tyranny and for a just peace.###

Fidel V. Agcaoili

NDFP is reconsidering policy of being open to peace negotiations due to the cold-blooded murder of Malayao and other Duterte crimes

Statement of Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 30, 2019

NDFP peace consultant Randy Felix Malayao /JB

NDFP consultant Randy Malayao was not yet murdered by the armed minions of the Duterte regime when I reiterated yesterday the policy of the NDFP of being open to peace negotiations even with the regime. The heinous murder manifests the scheme of the Duterte regime to shun peace negotiations in the first place, escalate its attacks on the people and their leaders and use its all-out war on the revolutionary forces and people as the very excuse for imposing a fascist dictatorship on the people.

In view of the murder of NDFP consultant Randy Malayao, the NDFP and all revolutionary forces within its fold are now in the process of reconsidering its policy of being open to peace negotiations with the GRP under the Duterte regime and are more than ever determined to carry out the overthrow of the the treasonous, tyrannical, murderous and corrupt Duterte regime.

It can be expected therefore that the murder of Randy Malayao and other criminal offenses of the Duterte regime will result in the intensification of revolutionary armed struggle nationwide against a regime hell-bent on going down in history as a butchering monster and enemy of the cause of just peace. The blood of martyrs is never shed in vain. It inspires the greater resistance of the people to tyranny.

NDF-Cagayan Valley condemns killing of Felix Randy Manayao, NDF Consultant and servant of the masses

January 30, 2019

Salvador del Pueblo
NDF-Cagayan Valley

NDFP peace consultant Randy Felix Malayao /JB

The NDF in Cagayan Valley region, with all its allied organizations and member individuals, condemns the murder of NDF Consultant Felix Randy Malayao by death squad elements of the 5th ID at 2.30 am today inside a bus while on a stop at Darapidap, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.

His death is the latest among the fascist US-Duterte regime’s attacks against the people, in a desperate and bloody attempt to fulfill his forecast that the revolutionary movement can be crushed by the middle of the year. At the time of his death, Comrade Felix was covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees that stipulates, among others, that consultants like him should not be harmed nor arrested.  

Comrade Felix was a humble servant of the masses, who spent 33 years of his life arousing, organizing and mobilizing the people against an unjust ruling system. He was an exemplary revolutionary, whose favorite motto was “Others First.” He lived among the peasants and workers of Cagayan Valley, later serving as the region’s representative to the NDF-GRP Peace Talks, all the while performing other revolutionary duties. 

He was abducted and tortured in 2008 before being imprisoned for four years, but steadily returned to the people’s movement after being released. It is a proof of his unwavering commitment to the people that the US-Duterte regime’s men had to kill him while sleeping, in the dead of the night, because they could not stop him otherwise. 

We call on all justice-loving citizens of the region to join various actions to protest Comrade Felix’s murder and to seek justice for his death and countless other more victims of Duterte and the 5th ID’s bloody war.  

It is foolish of the ruling class to expect that it can crush a powerful revolutionary movement by cowardly killing its leaders and members. The longer the US-Duterte regime struggles to retain in power by employing brutality, the stronger and more tenacious the people will become. Deaths like Comrade Felix’s give them enduring inspiration.###

NDFP Special Office for the Protection of Children condemns the US-Duterte regime for seeking to lower the age of criminal responsibility

26 January 2019

Coni Ledesma
Special Office for the Protection of Children
Press release

Activists holding placards rally against the lowering of the minimum age of criminal responsibility in front of the Senate building in Manila on Jan 25, 2019.PHOTO: AFP

The Special Office for the Protection of Children of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines condemns in no uncertain terms the efforts of the US-Duterte regime, through its House of Representatives, to lower the age of criminal responsibility  of children from 15 years old to 9 or 12 years old.

In so doing, the US-Duterte regime has intensified its attack on the toiling masses of the Filipino people, particularly the children.  Not content with the burning and bombing of alternative tribal schools and the extra-judicial killings of young children in its anti-drug war, the regime  now set its sight on legalizing and institutionalizing its ruthless and vicious assaults against Filipino children’s rights

Using as basis that children are now being rampantly exploited by crime syndicates, particularly drug syndicates, the Duterte government through the  House of Representatives says that lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR),  merely acknowledges that “most children above this age, especially in these times when all forms and manner of knowledge are available through the internet and digital media, are already fully informed and should be taught that they are responsible for what they say and do”.

This move of the Duterte regime is a violation of the international law on the rights of children. 

Statistics show that only 2% of crimes committed are by minors.  Of this 2%, 92% are crimes of petty theft and other non-serious offenses.  Besides, incarcerating children is not the solution to the problem.  Putting the young children in jail with older, hardened criminals will only turn them into criminals.

 Criminalizing children is not the cure for the problem.  The solution is to address  the root causes of poverty, and the building a society that is free from oppression and exploitation. That will ensure that children will realize their great potential to make positive contributions to society and so, they will not get involved in criminal activities.

Reply to Duterte’s tirade in Lucena City against the CPP, NPA and revolutionary mass movement

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 22, 2019

There is nothing rotten or insane about fighting for genuine and full national independence and people’s democracy and eventually for socialism even for another 50 years until victory is won.

What is totally rotten is for Duterte to be serving the interests of both US and Chinese imperialists, the big compradors, landlords and his fellow corrupt bureaucrat capitalists who oppress and exploit the people.

There is nothing more rotten and insane than killing 30,000 drug suspects and becoming the supreme drug lord and extend the mass murder to the workers, peasants, indigenous people, the social activists and human rights advocates to preserve the rotten ruling system.

Duterte completely denies that the growing revolutionary forces, the revolutionary party of the working class, the New People’s Army, the revolutionary mass organizations, the various types of alliances and the organs of political power that constitute the people’s government.

Duterte is insane for thinking that the revolutionary movement does not govern a single barangay. The people’s democratic government is now operating in more than 15,000 barangays and it is growing in waves until it can overthrow the counterrevolutionary state of the big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats like him.

It is too late for Duterte to glorify the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system in the Philippines and the world capitalist system, which is now in crisis far worse than in 1929 and the Great Depression.

Filipino revolutionaries have contempt for the restoration of capitalism in China and Russia but are pleased at the same time that the rise of Chinese and Russian monopoly capitalism is now intensifying the contradictions among the imperialist powers.

The intensifying inter-imperialist conflicts are making the people suffer more but are driving them to rise up in revolutionary resistance. Only an incorrigible traitor and tyrant and someone insane can glorify imperialist China and Russia, seek to keep the Philippines a prey to both old and new imperialist powers and refuse to take advantage of the inter-imperialist contradictions in order to serve the national and democratic rights and interests of the Filipino people. ###

NPA-NEMR preparing to release the POW’s hampered by the continuous military operations of the AFP


January 15, 2019

The Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the command of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Front 21B and 21C disclosed that they are preparing to release the two soldiers of the 3rdSpecial Forces Battalion (SFB), Philippine Army (PA) and the 13 members of the Civilian Active Auxiliary (CAA) who are their prisoners of war (POWs).  The plan however, is hampered by the continuous military operations launched by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the utter disregard of AFP officials and the Government of the Philippines (GRP) for the welfare of their troops captured by the NPA.  

The POWs are currently under the custody of the appointed Custodial Forces of the NPA who are ensuring their safety, need and welfare. Their human rights are guaranteed and they are being treated well as prisoners of war in accordance to the policies of the New People’s Army (NPA) and People’s Democratic Government (PDR) and the provisions enshrined in the CARHRIHL and in international protocols of war. 

Recall that the members of the AFP were captured during the consecutive successful tactical offensives launched by the NPA-Front 21C  and NPA-Front 21B. 

The first was the ambush by the forces of Front 21C and 21B against CAA members under the command of the 29th IBPA last November 29, 2018 in Brgy. San Antonio, RTR, Agusan del Norte. This resulted to the killing of one 29th IB soldier (cadreman) and two CAA members and the capture of another CAA personnel. The Red fighters confiscated 4 high caliber firearms (1R4, 1M16, 2M14) from the enemy. 

The second was the raid without firing a single shot by forces of the NPA-Front 21C and 21B against the CAA-3rd SFB detachment in Brgy. New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur  last December 19, 2018. Captured in this tactical offensive were two regular soldiers of the 3rd SFB and 12 CAA  personnel who were on duty. The Red fighters confiscated 23 firearms (16 M16, 3 M14, 1 M60, 1R4, 1R4 w/ M203 & 1.45 cal. pistol), more that 7,000 rounds of ammunitions, a Harris radio, more than 100 bullets magazines, and other military equipment, from the enemy.

In reaction, the AFP ran amok by launching unrelenting military operations which has lasted for   25 days, in different areas of the region, especially in the provinces of Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. The Philippine Air Force launch indiscriminate bombings and strafing and threaten miners, farmers and Lumad earning a living in the said areas. 

Since the last week of December 2018 until present, the said AFP troops incurred several casualties from the 6 counter-attacks launched by the NPA through harassments and use of command detonated explosives (CDX). 

·      December 23, 2018, a CDX exploded under operating troops of the 26th IB PA in Sumulon, Brgy. Padiay, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur; 

·      January 5, 2018 the NPA harassed 3rd SFB troops in the mountains of San Juan, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur;

·      January 7, 2019 a CDX exploded under the 36th IB forces in the mountains of Manhulayan, Barangay Bolhoon, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur. 

These show that the officers of the AFP and GRP are unhearing of the humanitarian calls of families and relatives of the POWs and peace advocates, for the safe release  of the prisoners of war. The AFP instead, launch malicious moves and attacks to destroy the NPA.

Thus, we call on the families and relatives of the POWs, peace advocates and all those concerned, to demand GRP President Duterte to take action to hasten the release of the POWs.  We also call upon the officials of Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte and the chairperson of the Regional Peace and Order Council  (RPOC) to create conditions to ensure the setting up of the safe and smooth release of the POWs.  We challenge the politicians advocating for genuine peace to help ensure this.

We also challenge the AFP commands, especially the 4thID, 401st IBde and the 402nd IBde and PNP that if they truly support peace and are genuinely concerned for the welfare of the captured troops, they should ensure their safe release by implementing the Suspension Of Military Operations (SOMO) and Suspension Of Police Operations (SOPO).

Ka Maria Malaya

600 ‘terrorists’ stricken off revised DOJ petition vs Reds

By: Kimberlie Quitasol – Correspondent / @kquitasolINQPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 05:36 AM January 11, 2019

BAGUIO CITY — The Department of Justice (DOJ) has removed about 600 individuals and groups from a list of “terrorists” in a petition it filed last year to declare the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), as “terrorist and outlawed organizations.”

In an amended petition it submitted to the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 19 on Jan. 3, the DOJ kept on its terrorist list CPP founding chair Jose Maria Sison, alleged NPA National Operations Command chief Jorge Madlos, alleged NPA southern Luzon commander Jaime Padilla and alleged CPP Visayas Commission head Francisco Fernandez.ADVERTISEMENT

Also included on the much shorter list were alleged Visayas CPP deputy secretary Cleofe Lagtapon, alleged CPP Mindanao Commission secretary Antonio Cabanatan and alleged Mindanao NPA leaders Leonido Nabong and Myrna Sularte.

Among those removed from the original Feb. 21, 2017, DOJ proscription petition were Joan Carling, who was bestowed the title 2018 Champion of the Earth by the UN Environment Program, UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and five Baguio-based activists, including Jeanette Ribaya-Cawiding.

Cawiding, former chair of urban poor group Tongtongan ti Umili and a coordinator for the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), said the amended petition only removed the immediate danger of being tagged as terrorists.

“This is a partial victory, but we cannot let our guard down,” Cawiding said.

Gov’t spying 

Government spying on political groups and nongovernment organizations remained a threat to free speech and the assertion of human rights, she said.

She cited the profiling of ACT members by the police, which was justified by the December 2018 Executive Order No. 70 that created, among other things, a national security task force to end the 50-year-old communist insurgency.

The DOJ petition followed President Duterte’s move to clamp down on leftist groups after he terminated the peace talks between the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in November 2017.

It was also in accordance with the Human Security Act of 2007 (Republic Act No. 9372), which requires a court order to declare the CPP and the NPA as terrorists.ADVERTISEMENT

If the court grants the petition, the government could monitor people and groups more closely, track their finances and restrict their access to resources.

UN appeal to Duterte

The United Nations had defended Carling and Corpuz and called on the Duterte administration to drop them from the list.

Corpuz chaired the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues before she was appointed special rapporteur in 2014, a post she was to hold until 2020.

The Manila RTC has already ordered the DOJ to remove Corpuz and former Baguio Councilor Jose Molintas from its list.

Windel Bolinget, another Baguio activist who was on the DOJ list, said the government wanted the proscription of the CPP and the NPA “as soon as possible.”

“Once the court issues that order, the government could once more link people they suspect as [members of] front organizations of the communist rebellion. This is the danger,” said  Bolinget, chair of the indigenous peoples rights group, Cordillera Peoples Alliance.

Sherwin de Vera, a regional coordinator for environmental group Defend Ilocos and a provincial journalist, was also removed from the list.

But Bishop Vermilon Tagalog of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, chair of the group’s regional coordinating committee, said he still feared for De Vera’s safety.

“The mere existence of the DOJ petition remains a clear threat because of the continued communist-tagging of activists and progressive organizations by President Duterte,” Tagalog added. — WITH A REPORT FROM INQUIRER RESEARCH

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Stupid slanted SWS survey question in favor of Duterte regime

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 11, 2019

Asking people whether they hope for the better this year is confusing them on some abstract and vague notion and playing on their tendency to hope for the better and to be hospitable, careful and even fearful of those in power, especially when they are extremely intimidating. 

For asking such a slanted general question and getting 96 per cent of respondents to express hope and to favor the Duterte regime, the SWS proves itself stupid, deceptive, mercenary and obsequious to those in power and those agents who pay for the poll survey. 

Why doesn’t the SWS ask people such simple concrete questions whether they like the soaring prices of basic goods or services, the extra-legal killings, the corruption of those in power, the sell-out of sovereign rights to China and so on? 

The SWS must also make sure beforehand that the class structure (if any) of their poll respondents respects the fact that at least 95 per cent of the population belong to the low-income strata of the middle class and the lower class of low wage-earners, underemployed and unemployed.

Reset of deadline for scheme to destroy the NPA will surely fail as people’s war will intensify

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 9, 2019

The Duterte regime has reset by three years the deadline for its scheme to destroy the New People’s Army. The scheme will surely fail from day to day, week to week, month to month and from year to year as the NPA will intensify tactical offensives and mass work. The same military and police of the same exploiting classes cannot accomplish in 3 years what they failed to accomplish in 50 years.

In the next three years, Duterte himself will have difficulty surviving politically. These are lameduck years for him, during which infighting among his followers will be debilitating and challenges will rise from within the ruling system as well as from the revolutionary forces. 

Duterte used up his first three years to discredit himself by engaging in treasonous and tyrannical acts, mass murder and mass intimidation, inordinate corruption, economic mismanagement and causing runaway inflation and sell out of sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea to China.

Were Duterte regime willing to engage sincerely and seriously in peace negotiations with the NDFP to address the roots of the armed conflict and make agreements on social, economic and political reforms, a just peace could be attained in less time than three years and at far less cost in contrast to the enemy’s futile military campaigns that are costly in terms of blood and public money. 

The problem with the Duterte regime is that it thinks peace negotiations are merely for the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary forces and that the sincerity of the NDFP is merely the willingness to surrender to the unjust ruling system of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats like Duterte. 

The demand that the peace negotiations be held in the Philippinines is calculated by the Duterte regime to put the NDFP negotiating panelists, consultants and resource persons under the regime’s surveillance, control, duress and manipulation, reducing the peace negotiations to the status of the fake localized peace talks.###