International friends pledge stronger support for the Philippine revolutionary resistance

NDF International Information Office
Press Release | 31 March 2019

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – International friends of the NDFP have pledged their “individual and organizational capacities in helping the Filipino people in advancing their struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.”

They publicly extended this support in a manifesto  they signed and presented during the celebration of 50 years of Struggle for National and Social Liberation held today at the Ru Pare Community Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Powerful international solidarity needed – Luis Jalandoni
“The Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation has been enjoying a strong international solidarity since the time of the Marcos dictatorship,” stated Luis Jalandoni, chief international representative of the NDFP in his speech on the need for a powerful international support for the people’s struggle.

Jalandoni narrated the important role of international solidarity friends during the struggle against the Marcos regime, and how they helped in isolating the dictatorship both domestically and internationally. Jalandoni made special mention of the role of religious missionaries from Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and solidarity activists from Germany and Belgium.

“It is in view of the concrete and fast developing reality of the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation and the increasing danger of US imperialist intervention and even war of aggression, that we believe it is needed and opportune to launch and build the Friends of the NDFP! The Friends of the NDFP will be a systematic and organized way to develop a powerful solidarity for the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation,” Jalandoni concluded.

Friends of the NDFP
A long-time Dutch solidarity activist since the time of the Marcos fascist dictatorship, led in reading the manifesto of support.

Calling themselves the “Friends of the NDFP”, they declared: The working class and all anti-imperialist forces around the world have the duty to unite and support the Philippine revolution, as they did in supporting the Vietnamese people’s revolution and other struggles for national and social liberation around the world.

“We unite with and support the mass movements in the countryside and cities in building their organizations; in building new, democratic organs of political power; in promoting the social welfare of the oppressed classes through community programs for agrarian revolution, livelihood, literacy & education, nutrition, sanitation & health, and self-defense; and in defeating the counterrevolutionary attacks of the reactionary state,” they stressed.

Supporters, guests and messages came from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Basque, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong,  Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kurdistan, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Togo, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. 

Several of the friends of the NDFP have visited the Philippines and entered revolutionary guerrilla areas run by the People’s Democratic Government and shared their experiences while integrating with the mass base of the NDFP and the people’s guerrillas. 

Steven de Castro, an international  award-winning filmmaker from the US, related his experiences while documenting “Revolution Selfie” a film on the everday life of the people and the people’s army in revolutionary areas. Through time spent and his interviews with the people’s army he gained insights into their hopes and lives. When asked about Comrade Chen, a subject of one of his films who died fighting for the people’s interest, de Castro cited a  line from a movie: “I will not tell you how he died. I will tell you how he lived.”  

Another filmmaker from Spain, Paloma Polo,  related how she saw firsthand how the members of the people’s army through their work among the people and their sacrifices in transforming a country and its  system into a better society, are also continuously transforming themselves into selfless and humane beings.  Her experience with the NPA and the people in the countryside gave her hope and she wished she could send all of those present in the event to the Philippines.

In the face of all the violations by the Duterte regime, the people and the revolutionary forces are intensifying their resistance. Effective and urgent international solidarity is needed, now and in the future.

Tapestry of 50 Years of Resistance and Victories

NDF International Information Office
Press Release | 31 March 2019

In a celebration held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands today, more than 120 Filipinos and their international friends celebrated 50 years of struggle for social and national liberation in the Philippines. 

Billed as a “Tapestry of Resistance” , the celebration featured a speech by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, the call for international solidarity by Luis Jalandoni. A film on the work of the people’s army and showcased militant cultural performances mounted by Filipino migrants in Europe. Exhibited were photos on the everday life of NPA warriors captured thru the lens of freelance photographer Boy Bagwis and paintings of Parts Bagani, and the art and poetry of Felix Salditos aka Maya Daniel. A photo gallery of heroes and martyrs of the struggle was shown.

NPA has continued to grow in strength – Joma
In a speech on the 50 years of the Filipino people’s armed revolutionary struggle, Prof. Jose Ma. Sison (Joma) emphasized that the NPA has already spread nationwide and is deeply rooted among the toiling masses and that it has frustrated all operational plans by the armed forces of the reactionary state.

Professor Sison traced the NPA’s history from its foundational years from 1969-1977 to the period of growth, conservatism and upsurge from 2002 – 2019.

Dutere loves war and hates peace
Commenting on the recent termination of the peace talks by Philippine President Duterte, Sison emphasized that the NDFP is always open to peace negotiations. But the recent termination of Duterte  shows “Duterte loves war and hates peace”.  

Powerful international solidarity needed
Chief International Representative Luis Jalandoni narrated the important role of international solidarity friends during the struggle against the Marcos regime, and how they helped in isolating the dictatorship both domestically and internationally. 

“It is in view of the concrete and fast developing reality of the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation and the increasing danger of US imperialist intervention and even war of aggression, that we believe it is needed and opportune to launch and build the Friends of the NDFP! The Friends of the NDFP will be a systematic and organized way to develop a powerful solidarity for the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation,” Jalandoni concluded.

NPA, the people’s beloved army
One of the highlights of the celebration was the showing of three short films: on the NPA not only as fighting army but an army that works, lives with and embraces the aspirations of the people;  on the agrarian revolution being  waged to respond to the peasantry’s demand for land; and on how the masses exercise their rights and fight for their interests through the organs of political power of the People’s Democratic Government being built today in thousands of villages and towns in the country.

The speeches, messages, cultural performances, exhibits and films were all presented as a “tapestry” that has helped explain and visualize the Filipino people’s continuing struggle for national and social liberation.

A  Dutch artist and supporter, said the celebration has made even clearer to her that in its 50 years, the whole Philippine revolutionary movement is growing and achieving important victories for the people.

Biguin ang Oplan Kapayapaan! Labanan ang todo-gera ng rehimeng US-Duterte!

Magno Udyaw
NPA – Mt. Province

Kaisa ng sambayanang Pilipino ang Leonardo Pacsi Command (New People’s Army – Mountain Province) sa pagkundina sa sunod-sunod na pasistang atake ng rehimeng US-Duterte laban sa mamamayan at sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

Sa ilalim ng Oplan Kapayapaan, walang-tigil ang pandarahas at pamamaslang ng mga ahente ng reaksyunaryong Estado sa masang magsasaka, manggagawa, at pambansang minorya.

Noong Marso 30, umabot sa 14 magsasaka sa 3 munisipyo sa Negros Oriental ang pinaslang sa magkakahiwalay na operasyon ng mga pwersa ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) at Philippine National Police (PNP). Tuloy-tuloy ang pananakot, panggigipit, at pambubomba sa mga komunidad ng Lumad sa Mindanao sa ilalim ng Martial Law.

Sa Mt. Province, patuloy ang okupasyon ng mga tropa ng AFP at PNP sa mga komunidad ng Bauko matapos ang dalawang matagumpay na aksyong-militar ng LPC noong Marso 29 at Marso 31, kung saan nagtamo ng pinsala (isang patay at di-bababa sa limang sugatan) ang mga tropa ng Estado.

Dagdag ang mga ito sa napakahaba nang listahan ng mga paglabag sa karapatang-tao ng rehimeng US-Duterte at ang armadong pwersa nito – mula sa pamamaslang sa libo-libong maralitang-lungsod sa ilalim ng gera kontra droga hanggang sa pambabraso at panunupil sa ligal na demokratikong kilusan at oposisyon.

Lalo lamang nakikita ng mamamayang Pilipino kung sino ang pinagsisilbihan ng AFP at PNP at para kanino ang “Kapayapaan” na ipinamamarali nito – ang mga panginoong maylupa, malalaking burgesta-kumprador, at imperyalista.

Pinalalakas ni Duterte ang AFP at PNP upang higit na makapaglingkod ang mga ito sa mga mapandambong na malalaking kumpanya sa enerhiya, logging, at mining.

Kung tutuusin, kaawa-awa ang mga katulad nina Patrolman Wilfredo Padawil at Police Corporal Eroeel Lapniten, na dahil sa kahirapan, kawalan ng disenteng trabaho, at sistemikong pang-aapi sa mga Igorot ay napipilitang isugo ang kanilang mga buhay para sa mga institusyong katulad ng AFP at PNP na korap, pasista, maka-dayuhan, at kontra-mamamayan.

Ang mga tulad din nina Padawil at Lapniten ay ang target ng IP-centric approach, kung saan malawakang nagrerekluta ang AFP at PNP sa hanay ng mga Igorot upang ipaing ang mga ito sa mga operasyon sa Cordillera, isang malawak na kabundukan na pinaglalawayan ng mga dayuhang korporasyon.

Higit pang lumilinaw ang katotohanan ng gera sibil sa pagitan ng iilang naghaharing-uri at ang armadong pwersa nito sa isang panig, at ng malawak na masang api at ang isinusulong nitong armadong pakikibaka sa kabila.

Sa kagyat, dapat magpunyagi ang mamamayang Pilipino na biguin ang pasista at kontra-mamamayang Oplan Kapayapaan. Sumandig tayo sa ating sama-samang pagkilos upang labanan ang todo-gera ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

Nananawagan ang LPC sa mamamayan ng Mt. Province, Cordillera, at buong bansa na ibaling sa rebolusyonaryong paglaban ang galit sa kawalan ng katarungan sa ilalim ng naghaharing sistema. Sumapi sa NPA – ang tunay na hukbo ng mamamayan – at ipagtagumpay ang Digmang Bayan na mag-aanak ng tunay na kalayaan at kapayapaan!

71st IB is guilty of the murder of 2 civilians in Mabini, ComVal

New People’s Army
ComVal – Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Operations Command
Southern Mindanao Region
PRESS STATEMENT | March 31, 2019 | Bisaya»

The ugly twin heads of fascism and impunity has again victimized hapless civilians in Southern Mindanao under the US-Duterte regime’s brutal implementation of martial law and Oplan Kapayapaan. On the early hours of March 28, two civilian youths were murdered while another was severely wounded by members of the 71st Infantry Battalion in Sitio Mangurayan, Brgy. Anitapan in Mabini, Compostela Valley. 

Ground reports that reached NPA units in Compostela Valley painted a gruesome story of the 71st IB’s wanton disregard for the lives of civilians and their consequent effort to sweep their crime under the rug. Armed with only flashlights and an improvised marble gun, Franklin Tirol, Zaldy Tirol and one other, all farmers and part-time small-scale miners, were doing night-time hunting (panulo) of frogs, civet cat (milo) and other edible animals when, without warning, at around 1:00 in the morning, they were mercilessly fired upon for several minutes by members of the 71st IB. Killed instantaneously was Franklin while his cousin Zaldy died from sustained wounds a few hours after arriving at the hospital. AFP troops likewise arrested the third companion who also sustained severe gunshot wounds. 

Learning that its troops rained bullets over civilians, the 71st IB’s Civil Military Operations was quick to do damage control in the media and immediately churned out fake news to wash the blood off their hands. The fascist liars claimed that the youths were members of the NPA and even showed photos of the slain civilians as though these legitimized the commission of murder and the “seized” weapons that included improvised explosive device and other paraphernalia. They even absurdly insisted that one of their forces sustained gunshot wounds. 

However, the condemnation and adamant denial of Franklin Tirol’s mother that the two were members of the NPA belied the ridiculous claims of the 71st IB. Helpless and grieving, she fears for her right to demand justice for the murder of her son and nephew. Even a cursory survey of the masses in the community would prove that the murdered youths were in fact civilians. 

This is not the first time that the 71st IB displayed such stark disregard for human rights and got away with it. In the province, its forces are known as “child-killer battalion” who murdered 7-year old Sunshine Jabinez in September 2011 in Pantukan and 8-year old Roque Antivo in April 2013 in Mabini. Later that same year, on December 6, 2013, they killed Pedro Tinga, a 57-year old Mansaka tribal leader, in Maco. Not only were the culprits of these atrocious crimes remained scot-free, but the 71st IB itself enjoyed impunity for sowing terror in their areas of operation, especially since Duterte’s implementation of martial law in Mindanao. Its troops clearly follow in the fascist footsteps of their former notorious commander Jovito “The Butcher” Palparan, who has already been found guilty for the rape and murder of UP students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño. 

The US-Duterte regime’s campaign of massacre and genocide against peasants and indigenous people is clearly the hallmark of Duterte’s tyrannical rule. The murders in Mabini happened just 2 days before yesterday’s Negros massacre where 14 farmers (eight in Calaon City, four in Majuyod town and 2 in Catalina City) were massacred by police officers and soldiers under the guise of an anti-criminality drive on March 30.

NPA units under the Comval – Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Operations Command have already been directed to ensure that revolutionary justice be afforded to the families of the victims. Perpetrators of the crime must be identified, investigated and indicted in the people’s court and, following a trial conducted by organs of political power and in accordance to existing conditions in the guerilla base, appropriate punishment must be meted out. 

We urge the officials of the local governments in Mabini and Compostela Valley to aid the family in seeking justice for the murder of the two youths. They must immediately demand the release of arrested youth who is currently detained under false charges and suffering trauma from the incident. The crimes of the 71st IB, including the ones that they skirted responsibility on, must be exposed and severely condemned. We also call upon the foot soldiers of the 71st IB who know the truth of the AFP’s culpability and deceit in covering up the heinous crime. There is no glory, even as you are being paid blood money to carry out crimes against the masses in Compostela Valley, in serving a fascist killing machine that victimizes your fellow peasants and Lumad. 

Finally, we urge the Lumad and peasant masses in Compostela Valley province to show their indignation by continuing to demand that the 71st IB pay for their crimes against the people and thoroughly driving them out of the province. Only by exhausting all forms of resistance, such as linking arms with the people’s movement against the US-Duterte regime’s escalating fascism and impunity and most especially joining the revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the NPA, will the state-sponsored terrorism be stopped and the brutal enemy be made to face revolutionary justice. 

ComVal – Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Operations Command 
New People’s Army – Southern Mindanao


Sad-an ang 71st IB sa linuog nga pagpatay sa 2 ka sibilyan sa Mabini, ComVal

Ang ngil-ad nga kaluha nga pasismo ug kawalay-tulubagon subling namiktima og alaot nga mga sibilyan sa Southern Mindanao ilalom sa mangtas nga pagpatuman sa rehimeng US-Duterte sa balaod militar ug sa Oplan Kapayapaan. Sayo sa kabuntagon niadtong Marso 28, duha ka batan-ong sibilyan ang gipamatay samtang laing usa pa ang grabehang gisamdan sa mga membro sa 71st Infantry Battalion sa Sitio Mangurayan, Brgy. Anitapan sa Mabini, Compostela Valley. 

Gihulagway sa mga taho gikan sa mga masa ang ngilngig nga sugilanon sa walay kaluoy nga pagpanamastamas sa 71st IB sa kinabuhi sa mga sibilyan ug ang ilang pagsulay nga tabonan ang ilang krimen. Dala ang walay lain kun dili flashlight og minugna nga jolen gun (marble gun), nanulo og baki, milo ug uban pang mananap ang mga mag-uumang sila Franklin Tirol, Zaldy Tirol ug laing usa pa sa dihang walay pasidaan silang gipamusil sulod sa pila ka minuto sa mga membro sa 71st IB. Diha-dihang namatay si Frnaklin samtang ang ig-agaw niyang si Zaldy namatay usab pila ka oras pagkahuman gihatod sa ospital. Giaresto usab sa mga tropa sa AFP ang samdan nilang kuyog. 

Sa dihang nahibaloan nga mga sibilyan ang gipaulanan og bala sa ilang tropa, dali-daling naningkamot ang Civil Military Operations sa 71st IB nga mipagula og peke nga balita sa midya aron manghunaw sa ilang responsibilidad sa krimen. Gipagarpar sa mga pasistang bakakon nga kuno mga membro sa NPA ang mga batan-on, ug gani nagpakita pa og mga litrato sa ilang napatay nga mga sibilyan sa panalagma nga hatagan og pasangil ang ilang krimen, “nakumpiskang” mga himan sama sa improvised explosive device ug lain pang kagamitan. Namakak pa sila nga kuno samdan ang usa nila ka tropa.

Apan ang pagkundenar ug kusganong panghimakak sa inahan ni Franklin Tirol nga ang duha mga membro sa NPA nagbutyag sa bakak sa 71st IB. Walay paglaom ug nabakho, nabalaka usab siya nga iduso ang iyang katungod nga makaangkon og hustisya alang sa iyang anak ug pag-umangkon. Bisan ang taphaw nga pagpangutana sa mga molupyo sa komunidad magpamatuod nga sibilyan ang gipamatay nga mga batan-on. 

Dili kini ang unang higayon nga gipakita sa 71st IB ang ilang yanong kawalay-pagtagad sa tawhanong katungod apan naluwas gihapon sa tulubagon. Sa probinsya, ilado ang ilang pwersa nga “child-killer battalion” kinsa mipatay sa 7-anyos nga si Sunshine Jabinez niadtong Setyembre 2011 sa Pantukan ug sa 8-anyos nga si Roque Antivo niadtong Abril 2013 sa Mabini. Niadto usab Disyembre 6, 2013, gipatay usab sa pwersa sa 71st IB si Pedro Tinga, ang 57-anyos nga lider sa Lumad nga Mansaka sa Maco. Gawas nga nagpabiling gawasnon ang mga sad-an niining makalilisang nga mga krimen, apan padayong naga-angkon og kawalay-tulobagon ang 71st IB sa pagsabwag og kalisang sa ginalihokan niining mga erya. Tataw nga gisunod sa ilang pwersa ang pasistang buhat sa kanhi nilang kumander nga si Jovito “The Butcher” Palparan, kinsa napamatud-an nang sad-an sa pagpanglugos ug pagpatay sa mga estudyante sa UP nga sila Sherlyn Cadapan ug Karen Empeño. 

Ang kampanya sa pagmasaker ug genocide sa rehimeng US-Duterte batuk sa mga mag-uuma ug Lumad tataw nga timaan sa malupigong paghari ni Duterte. Ang pagpamatay sa Mabini nahitabo 2 lang ka adlaw ayha ang Negros masaker diin 14 ka mag-uuma (walo sa Calaon City, upat sa munisipyo sa Majuyod ug 2 sa Catalina City) and walay kaluoy nga gipangmasaker sa mga pulis ug sundalo ilalom sa pasangil nga kampanya kontra-kriminalidad niadtong Marso 30. 

Gimandoan na ang tanang yunit sa NPA ilalom sa Comval – Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Operations Command nga ipaneguro nga mahatagan og rebolusyonaryong hustisya ang mga pamilya sa biktima. Kinahanglang ilhon, imbestigahan ug pasakaan og kaso ang mga sad-an sa Hukumang Bayan ug, human sa pagtaral nga ipahigayon sa mga organo sa pulitikanhong gahum ug subay sa nagtunhay nga kahimtang sulod sa baseng gerilya, pahamtangan og angay nga silot.

Atong gina-awhag ang mga opisyal sa mga lokal nga reaksyunaryong gobyerno sa Mabini ug Compostela Valley nga tabangan ang mga pamilya sa pagkab-ot og hustisya alang sa pagpatay sa duha ka batan-on. Kinahanglan usab nga i-demanda ang pagbuhi sa giaresto nilang kuyog nga sa kasamtangan padayong anaa sa kamot sa kaaway taliwala sa gisinati niining trauma. Kinahanglang ibutyag ug kusganong ikundena ug papanubagon ang 71st IB sa mga salaod niini. 

Ginaawhag usab nato ang mga yanong sundalo sa 71st IB nga nahibalo sa kamatuoran sa salaod sa AFP ug sa paningkamot niini nga tabonan ang maong linuog nga krimen. Walay dungog, bisan pa sa pagdawat og suholan nga nabulit sa dugo, diha sa pag-alagad sa pasistang makinarya sa pagpamatay nga nagapangbiktima sa susama natong mga Lumad ug mag-uuma. 

Labaw sa tanan, atong ginaawhag ang masang Lumad ug mag-uuma sa Compostela Valley nga ipakita ang ilang kasilag pinaagi sa padayong pagdemanda nga papanubagon ang 71st IB sa mga salaod niini sa katawhan ug hingpit nga pagpalayas kanila sa probinsya. Pinaagi lang sa lain-laing porma sa pagsukol, sama sa pagsalmot sa nagkakusog nga kalihokan sa katawhan batuk sa nagkagrabeng pasismo ug kawalay-tulubagon sa rehimeng US-Duterte ug labaw na ang pagsampa sa rebolusyonaryong armadong pakigbisog nga ginalunsad sa NPA, masanta ang terorismo sa estado ug mapahamtangan og rebolusyonaryong hustisya ang mangtas nga kaaway.

Boldly intensify guerrilla warfare and wage all-out resistance against the US-Duterte fascist regime! Carry forward the people’s war to greater heights!

Message of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines on the occasion of the NPA’s 50th founding anniversary

March 29, 2019

[This is an abridged version of the statement of the CPP Central Committee. The complete version of this statement will be released in the coming days.]

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, together with the Filipino people and all their revolutionary forces, extends most militant greetings to all the valiant Red commanders and fighters on the occasion of the 50th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA).

Let us celebrate the victories accumulated through five decades of waging people’s war, as well as those achieved in the past year of waging armed resistance against the ruthless attacks of the US-Duterte fascist regime.

Let us honor all the heroes and martyrs of the people’s war who gave their lives for the revolutionary cause. Let us recognize as well the contributions of all veterans who served the NPA and who now continue to serve the revolution in other forms. The achievements of the past 50 years could not have been accomplished without their sacrifices. Their names will forever be etched in the annals of the Filipino people’s epic resistance. Their examples inspire us to carry forward the difficult tasks ahead.

Let us also firmly salute the thousands of Red commanders and Red fighters of the NPA, both the old-timers and new recruits. They are driven by the desire to defend the people and advance their aspirations. They are ever determined to wage armed struggle. They are models of courage and selflessness.

The worsening crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system underscores the need for waging a national democratic revolution. This is made more starkly clear by the Duterte regime’s abuse of power, corruption, widespread violations of human rights, mass murder, war crimes, subservience to US imperialism, excessive foreign borrowing, onerous taxes and sellout of the country’s wealth and patrimony.

Duterte is the face of the rottenness of the entire ruling system. His anti-people, anti-national and anti-democratic policies are causing the people grave social and economic hardships. He has unleashed brutal wars accompanied by widespread abuses and fascist violence. In his lust for more power, he is set on establishing a fascist dictatorship in order to perpetuate dynastic rule and secure the entire system through barefaced force.

The broad masses of the Filipino people are suffering from worsening crisis conditions and have no other recourse but to wage revolutionary mass resistance and armed struggle to put an end to their grave situation. The crisis of the ruling system generates ever favorable circumstances for the accelerated growth of the revolutionary forces. Duterte’s tyranny and reign of terror is pushing more and more people to support and join the NPA.

THE CURRENT WORLD SITUATION is characterized by unresolved capitalist depression leading to ever worsening conditions of oppression and exploitation, as well as by growing inter-imperialist contradictions between the big powers. US imperialism insists on asserting unipolar power causing tensions and risking antagonism within the prevailing multipolar institutions.

Economic stagnation continues to engulf the US and Europe. The capitalist world is trembling over the prospect of a slowdown of the Chinese economy. Desperate to overcome economic stagnation, the US is shaking up existing trade and investment liberalization agreements. 

Amid persistent conditions of stagnation, imperialist agencies themselves are raising fears of an impending economic storm. They have warned of the international financial system collapsing under the weight of global debt. Capitalist overproduction is resulting in heightening contradictions between big imperialist powers over trade and economic arrangements. Economic stagnation in the US is pushing it to assert ultranationalism and hegemonic power more vigorously, heightening contradictions with rival powers. Other imperialist powers are racing to increase their own military capacity. 

Billions of workers and peasants across the world are suffering increasingly intolerable conditions. They are fighting back and are ever ready to respond to the call to wage revolutionary resistance under the banner of genuine communist parties. Across the world, people are waging resistance in different fronts against worsening social and economic measures under the neoliberal policy regime, as well as against imperialist intervention and military aggression. 

THE FILIPINO PEOPLE continue to suffer from deteriorating socio-economic conditions marked by rising prices, measly incomes, widespread joblessness, rural displacement and lack of basic social services. The US-Duterte regime rampages on with its war of suppression and scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship.

The import-dependent and export-oriented Philippine economy remains in an acute state of crisis. The country’s trade deficit last year ended at a record high as a result of global economic stagnation and weak demand for Philippine semimanufacture exports. Joblessness is at historic highs under Duterte. To mask the severity of the jobs crisis, Duterte’s statisticians have simply stopped counting millions of jobless as unemployed. Duterte’s promise of job creation with his infrastructure program remains unfulfilled.

Prices of food and other basic commodities continue to rise while wages remain grossly low. Prices of fuel products have increased by at least seven times over the past few weeks. 

The expected deluge of rice imports will cause grave negative impact on millions of local rice farmers, mostly tenants and farm workers, who are set to suffer loss of income. Infrastructure, tourism and energy projects, as well as the expansion of mining and plantation operations are causing widespread rural displacement. Up to 1.7 million jobs in the agricultural sector were lost last year. To placate rising rural restiveness, Duterte has mounted public stunts of fake land reform that misrepresent the handing out of land transfer certificates requiring peasants to pay regular amortization as “land distribution.”

Cases of human rights abuses continue to rise as the Duterte regime’s military and police forces go on a rampage in an intensification of its war of suppression. Extrajudicial killings of peasant leaders and activists are on the rise. The military persists in summarily accusing civilian residents of being members or supporters of the NPA and rounding them up as “surrenderees.” Children’s rights are wantonly violated by the military with recent reports of arbitrary detention of minors. 

Duterte now heads what is virtually a civil-military junta in the form of the so-called National Task Force to “end local communist armed conflict.” Invoking the so-called “whole of nation approach” (a rehash of the previous “whole-of-government” policy) under the National Internal Security Program, various government agencies and local government officials are reduced to serving as adjuncts of the AFP in its counterinsurgency drive. The military and police use blanket Red-tagging and terrorist-labeling, surveillance and harassment to target activists, progressive organizations and party-list groups. 

The ruling classes of big business oligarchs and bureaucrat capitalists are mired in deep factional struggles. Rival political and economic cliques are furiously competing for franchises and kickbacks and cuts in overpriced government infrastructure projects and contracts. Conflicts over pork barrel allocation indicate intense power play between Duterte and other cliques, including the Arroyos with whom he is in an electoral and political alliance.

These ruling class rivalries combine with the people’s discontent over deteriorating socio-economic conditions to cause a deep crisis in the ruling political system. This is made even worse by Duterte’s bent to monopolize power and perpetuate his family’s bureaucrat capitalist rule resulting in heightening antagonisms.

All indicators show Duterte wants to establish himself a fascist dictator either by railroading charter change in congress to establish a “federal” system of government under which he centralizes power and appoints allied warlords and political dynasties as regional and local leaders; or by outrightly declaring emergency rule and claiming autocratic powers.

He is using nationwide de facto martial law powers, as well as his fake drug war, to ensure the outcome of the midterm elections in May, or to scuttle it altogether. Duterte is setting up the scenario for widespread fraud. He is using threats of inclusion in his made-up “narcolist” against his rivals, as well as Red-tagging, threats and harassment against progressive, patriotic and democratic party-list organizations to prevent them from gaining more seats in parliament.

THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMED STRUGGLE being waged by the New People’s Army continues to advance nationwide. In 2018, the NPA surmounted the enemy’s all-out offensives and focused military operations. 

Last year, the NPA mounted several hundred tactical offensives across the country. The NPA was able to seize at least 107 high powered rifles from the enemy armed forces and police, private armies and security agencies serving big mining operations. 

Since 2015, the AFP has declared its strategic aim of crushing the NPA in eastern Mindanao. At the outset of 2018, the AFP deployed as much as 75% of its combat troops in the island. This gave the revolutionary forces in Luzon and Visayas the opportunity to expand and step up their work. With the steady growth of the NPA in Luzon and Visayas regions, the AFP has been forced to reduce its troop deployment in Mindanao to 65% by the end of 2018 and further down to 60% recently. Most units of the NPA in Mindanao continued to steadily advance and expand its ranks.

The enemy suffered at least 600 casualties in 2018, with more than 380 killed in action, more than 40% higher than the previous year. Units of the AFP that suffered the most casualties were those deployed in focused military operations in north central and northeastern Mindanao provinces where NPA units were able to carry out active defense and frustrate the enemy’s offensives. The AFP would meet defeat after defeat with at least 185 enemy troops killed in action across eastern Mindanao.

In the face of the steady nationwide growth of the NPA, Duterte’s security officials have already toned down on their earlier braggadocio of defeating the NPA by middle of 2019. They have instead moved their “deadline” to the end of 2022.

While waging armed struggle, the NPA and the peasant masses continue to establish and strengthen mass organizations of peasants, women, children and cultural activists. Supported by the NPA, peasant mass organizations continue to carry out land reform struggles. Under the auspices of the organs of political power, literacy and numeracy programs for children and adults, mass clinics and health campaigns and other mass campaigns to address the well-being of the people are being carried out.

Amid deteriorating socio-economic conditions and the fascist rampage of the US-Duterte regime, the justness and necessity to wage revolutionary armed struggle is exceedingly clear to the Filipino people.

At the same time, the masses of workers and peasants and the broad range of democratic sectors are resolutely carrying forward legal struggles to defend and assert their democratic rights. Legal progressive and national democratic forces are tenaciously waging resistance amid martial law conditions in Mindanao and de facto nationwide martial law under which they face threats of arrest, detention, torture and murder by state forces.

The united front against Duterte’s tyranny continues to expand bringing together a broad range of forces to oppose Duterte’s scheme to establish an open fascist dictatorship and plans to manipulate the outcome of the elections through force or rigging the electronic counting and canvassing system.

They demand justice for all victims of widespread abuses of human rights. They seek legal redress. They continue to mount assemblies and demonstrations to exercise the people’s collective rights and manifest their opposition to Duterte’s reign of terror and call for the ouster of the fascist despot.

UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE PARTY, the NPA is determined to bring forward the people’s war to the advanced phase of the strategic defensive and bring it closer to the threshold of the strategic stalemate. It must continue to carry out and develop extensive and intensive guerilla warfare based on an ever widening and deepening mass base.

In accordance with the Central Committee’s 5-year Program, the Party directs the New People’s Army to boldly intensify guerrilla warfare nationwide and wage all-out resistance against the US-Duterte fascist regime.

The NPA must continue to develop nationwide strength, spread and advance, and attain more effective cooperation and coordination in advancing guerrilla warfare across the country. We must strengthen the NPA several times over and raise its capability in annihilating enemy units. Let us build more and more units of people’s militias, self-defense units of mass organizations and raise their capability in waging mass guerrilla warfare. Let us build partisan units.

Let us conduct campaigns of recruitment. Let us mount campaigns to generate material and other forms of support. Let us step up recruitment of cadres from among the workers and intellectuals.

Let us strengthen the NPA through ideological building, strengthening the Party’s absolute leadership, systematic training to raise the combat capability of NPA units, raising the quality of its weaponry, raising the political consciousness of Red fighters, and their will to fight and offensive spirit, and strengthening their iron discipline and their inextricable link with the masses.

Let us continue to strengthen the NPA commands to develop planning, coordination and leadership of the work of the NPA. Let us systematically carry out the development, training and promotion of military cadres.

We must fully utilize the armed strength of the NPA and the deep and wide support of the people in order to deliver bigger and more frequent blows against the enemy. We must frustrate the enemy’s all-out war, gradual constriction, win-hold-win, triad campaigns and focused military operations.

Let us mount well-planned tactical offensives with the aim of annihilating enemy units and seizing its weapons. The NPA must target the worst fascist criminals, punish them for their abuses and smash their culture of impunity. We must also carry out partisan operations in order to punish the enemy in the cities and in their main lines of communication and transportation.

Let us completely overcome military conservatism and exert efforts to always take tactical initiative. Let us root out and repudiate the wrong ideas that bring about such weaknesses such as overestimating the enemy’s strength and underestimating the strength of the people and their army. We must strengthen our resolve to overcome the fear of sacrifices and aspiring for comforts.

We must strengthen the NPA’s vertical forces which serve as the leading force in mounting tactical offensives. Relative to horizontal forces, vertical forces are more concentrated and can move more quickly, by itself or with horizontal units, when necessary to hit at the isolated and vulnerable units of the enemy. In between battles, they must also help in waging mass campaigns and struggles, participate in production, conduct trainings, education and political work.

On the other hand, we must build our horizontal or front guerrilla forces to ensure widespread and intensive guerrilla warfare by developing guerrilla fronts in a comprehensive manner–in the military, political, economic, organizational and cultural fields.

Mass work in the guerrilla fronts is of armed propaganda type. It consists of carrying out military work, tactical offensives, combating enemy offensives and raising the military capability of the army and people by building their self-defense units and units of the people’s militias. It should also result in building local Party branches and groups, section committees, mass organizations and organs of political power. We must raise the capacity of local revolutionary forces to carry out their tasks on their own in order to unburden the local army units of details of administrative work and allow it to concentrate in various aspects of military work.

In every guerrilla front, there must be a principal unit to serve as anchor of all combat maneuvers and resistance. Local guerrilla forces serve as centers of gravity of people’s militias and village self-defense units.

THE PEOPLE’S ARMY must assiduously carry out the tasks set upon it by the Party. Party cadres leading the NPA, together with Red commanders and fighters must always be good at learning and drawing lessons as they carry out these tasks from one level to the higher, always mindful of the overall plan. Led by the Party, the NPA is ever determined to surmount and frustrate the enemy’s all-out offensives, fight the fascist rampage of the Duterte regime and punish it for all the brutal crimes it has committed against the people.

With its current nationwide strength and spread, the NPA is in a position to carry the people’s war forward to unprecedented levels in the coming years. Inspired by the victories of their people’s army, the Filipino people are ever determined to wage the national democratic revolution and attain victory in the foreseeable future.

NPA AT 50 | Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army, intensify and widen guerrilla warfare to hasten the ouster of the fascist terrorist US-Duterte regime

Karlos Manuel 
Spokesperson, Efren Martires Command
March 29, 2019

The toiling masses and their supporters today celebrate in wide swathes of the Eastern Visayas countryside the 50th anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. They salute the Red fighters who gallantly laid down their lives in the tactical offensive yesterday, March 28, in Victoria, Northern Samar, and all other martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in five decades of the just war for national and social liberation. The NPA was founded fifty years ago with a few dozen Red fighters and inferior weapons against the rising fascist dictatorship of Marcos and prevailed over all attempts in the ensuing years to nip it in the bud and ground it into the dust. 

Today the NPA has thousands of Red fighters with high-powered rifles nationwide and is far more ready to bleed and defeat another rising fascist dictatorship in the US-Duterte regime that is already steeped in mass murder, war crimes, corruption, treason, narcopolitics and wholesale state terrorism. 

The people are thus ever more emboldened to wage armed revolution because of the lack of fundamental changes and because they have a powerful weapon in the NPA that is deeply rooted among them and that they cherish. 

Under the US-Duterte regime, the people remain afflicted more than ever by socioeconomic ills such as mass landlessness and mass unemployment, declining prices of agricultural products, rising costs of basic commodities, high taxation, and emaciated social services while military and police forces are fattened. 

Furthermore, the people hate the US-Duterte regime for its mass murder and other gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in its “war on drugs” and state repression through the “counterinsurgency” and anti-Moro wars. At least 545 barangays are affected by militarization in Eastern Visayas. In 2018, there were 15 victims of extrajudicial killings in the region, while mass evacuations because of intensified military operations have occurred in Samar and Leyte, most recently in San Jorge and San Jose de Buan towns in Western Samar. The soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army violate international humanitarian law by camping in civilian communities and using civilians as human shields, illegally intervening in the election campaign as well as harassing those whom they accuse of supporting the NPA.

Thus the NPA can take confidence in having established itself in the region and is poised to intensify and widen guerrilla warfare according to capabilities. To do this, it carries out the integral tasks of armed struggle, agrarian revolution and mass base building. The NPA wins over the peasants by helping carry out the agrarian revolution from lowering land rent, eradicating usury and other minimum demands to the maximum program of confiscating and redistributing the land to the landless. The mass organizations, Party branches and organs of political power are also built in the countryside towards founding the people’s democratic government.

It is the principal task of the NPA to carry out tactical offensives in the duration of the May 2019 election period and beyond. This is the correct response to the heightened counterrevolutionary war and state terrorism of the US-Duterte regime. Moreover, the guerrilla offensives further weaken the rule of the dictatorial US-Duterte regime and register that revolution and not the bourgeois election is the real solution to the Philippine crisis. 

The NPA carries out annihilative tactical offensives to confiscate more firearms and further strengthen itself. It also carries out attritive tactical offensives along with the people’s militia to wear out the enemy. It must carry out special operations to punish the worst human rights violators, plunderers and other criminals among legitimate military targets and the worst minions of the US-Duterte regime sentenced by the people’s court. This serves notice to them that they cannot go on without being punished for their crimes against the people.

The NPA looks forward to widening and intensifying offensives and raising the level of people’s war in the next few years. The US-Duterte regime is daydreaming that it can finish off the NPA and the revolutionary movement during Duterte’s term. It is Duterte who is bound to be overthrown by a convergence of the broad united front and further hastened by the sound and fury of the people’s war in the countryside.#

Summary: Ginseselebrar yana han katawhan ha hiluag nga kabubkiran han Eastern Visayas an ika-50 nga anibersaryo han pagkatukod han Bagong Hukbong Bayan ilarum han absoluto nga pamumuno han Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas. Ginsasaludaran nira an mga Pula nga mangaraway nga maisugon nga naghalad han ira kinabuhi ha taktikal nga opensiba kakulop, Marso 28 ha Victoria, Northern Samar, ngan an ngatanan nga martir ha sakob han 50 katuig han makatadungan nga gerra para ha nasyunal ngan pankatilingban nga katalwasan. 

Yana an NPA mayda yukot-yukot nga Pula nga mangaraway nga armado han magbakod nga pusil ha bug-os nga nasud ngan andam kaupay agud paduguon ngan pakyason an nagkakamang nga diktadura han rehimen US-Duterte nga grabe an mga sala han panmatay, krimen ha gerra, kurapsyon, pagtraydor ha nasud, narkopulitika ngan hiluagan nga terorismo han estado. Ginkakangalsan han katawhan an rehimen Duterte tungod ha militarisasyon hini ha 545 nga baryo ha Eastern Visayas, 15 nga biktima han ekstrahudisyal nga panmatay ha rehiyon, ginpakusog nga operasyon han militar ha Samar ngan Leyte, pagkampo han militar ha mga komunidad, paggamit ha mga sibilyan komo human shield, iligal nga panginlabot ha eleksyon, ngan panharas ha mga gin-aakusaran nga tagsuporta han BHB.

Hilarum nga nakagamot an BHB nga nakaestablisar na ha rehiyon ngan andam nga parayhakon an gerilya nga pakiggerra. Prinsipal nga buruhaton hini yana nga maglansar han mga taktikal nga opensiba ha panahon han eleksyon Mayo 2019 tubtub ha unhan agud paluyahon an rehimen Duterte, ngan irehistro nga diri eleksyon kundi rebolusyon an tinuod nga solusyon ha krisis ha Pilipinas. Pahihitas-on han BHB an balitang han gerra han katawhan ha masunod nga mga tuig. Nag-iinop hi Duterte nga mapupuypoy hini an BHB ngan rebolusyunaryo nga kagiusan ha iya termino. Hiya an segurado nga patatalsikon han hiluag nga nagkakaurusa nga prente ngan han nagkukusog nga gerra han katawhan ha kabubkiran.

NDFP Strongly Condemns the Unjust Arrest of Frank Fernandez and Companions and Demands Their Immediate Release

Fidel V. Agcaoili, Chairperson NDFP Negotiating Panel
Press Statement | March 25, 2019

NDFP Panel Chair Fidel V. Agcaoili

Frank Fernandez is a publicly known consultant of the NDFP in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations as NDFP spokesperson in Negros. He holds Document of Identification Number PP 978544 as provided for in the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG).

The JASIG is an agreement between the two Parties in armed conflict. It has been duly approved by their respective Principals. And there is a required protocol for its termination. So, no matter how many times President Rodrigo Duterte unilaterally flip-flops from resuming and then terminating the peace talks, the JASIG remains in full force and effect unless otherwise terminated according to the terms of the agreement. In fact the immunity guarantees of Frank Fernandez extends even after the actual termination of the peace talks.

Moreover, Frank Fernandez, who is 71 years old and has been ill for some time, had to come down from Negros for medical treatment, accompanied by his wife, Cleofe Lagtapon, and a companion, Gee-Ann Perez. For humanitarian considerations alone, he should not have been arrested and allowed to receive unhampered medical treatment. With his unjust arrest, the Duterte regime runs the risk of adding another detainee to the list of three political prisoners who died in prison from June 2016, in violation of international humanitarian law and the minimum prison standards recognized by civilized nations.

Frank Fernandez and his companions were reported to have been arrested last Sunday in Nagcarlan, Laguna. However, details of where they are incarcerated are still unclear. This poses grave danger to their health and lives. Its incumbent upon their custodial units to forthwith present Frank Fernandez and his companions to their relatives and lawyers in order for him to receive his medicines and assure that their rights and well-being are respected.

We demand that Frank Fernandez and his companions be released immediately as a matter of principle, justice and humanity.###

503 Infantry Brigade at 50 IB, mga dramatista at tigalubid ng fakenews!

Tipon Gil-ayab, Spokesperson |Bagong Hukbong Bayan – Kalinga

Marso 20 ibinalita sa midya ni Col. Henry Doyaoen, hepe ng 503rd Infantry Brigade ng Philippine Army, na may naganap daw na engkwentro sa pagitan ng mga tropa ng 50th IB at ng BHB, 4:50 ng madaling araw sa pagitan ng Buaya at Mabaca, Balbalan, Kalinga. Sa nasabing labanan ay nakakumpiska diumano ng isang M16 na riple, dalawang granada at mga bala ang mga militar habang nagtamo naman daw ng isang sugatan mula sa panig ng BHB.

Kasinungalingan! Walang yunit ang BHB sa nasabing lugar ng mga panahong nabanggit na nagkaroon ng labanan.

Ang tanging katotohanan sa kwentong-barbero ng AFP hinggil sa nasabing labanan sa Mabaca-Buaya ay ang paglabag nito sa karapatang-tao ng mga residente at pagbulabog nito sa katahimikan ng nasabing mga barangay dahil sa walang-habas nitong pagpapaputok ng matataas na kalibre ng baril upang palabasing may labanang naganap. Sinasayang lang ng AFP ang kanilang mga bala at pinahihiya ang sarili dahil sa gawa-gawang sarswela nito. 

Matagal nang alam ng taumbayan na sa desperasyon ng mersenaryong AFP, madalas itong gumawa ng fake news at fake encounters upang palabasing nananalo ang gera nito laban sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan. Kung kaya’t ang pekeng labanan sa Mabaca-Buaya ay pakana ng 50th IB upang may maipalabas na “accomplishment” at nang makakuha ng promosyon at makakurakot din ng pabuya mula sa kaban ng bayan.

Layunin din ng mga ganitong pekeng balita na magpakalat ng takot at pangamba sa hanay ng masa. At isa lamang ito sa mahabang listahan ng mga pekeng balita na inimbento ng AFP sa prubinsya. 

Noong nakaraang linggo rin ay ipinagmalaki ng AFP na may napa-surrender silang dalawang diumano ay miyembro ng BHB sa Brgy. Allaguia sa munisipyo ng Pinukpuk. Ang totoo ay mga miyembro ng CAFGU sa nasabing barangay ang sinasabi nilang nag-surrender!

Ang mga pekeng surrender ay matagal nang bahagi ng saywar ng AFP upang palabasing “humihina” na ang BHB at isa ring raket na pinagkakakitaan lang ng mga matataas na opisyal ng AFP. Gamit ang dalawang helicopter na pinaikot-ikot sa iba’t ibang bayan ng Kalinga nitong nagdaang mga araw, nagpakalat ang AFP ng mga polyeto na nananawagan ng pag-surender ng mga kasapi ng BHB at mga sibilyang sumusuporta sa BHB. Nagsasayang sila ng lohistika.

Rebolusyunaryong hustisya sa mga biktima ng pagsasamantala sa kababaihan ni Cesar Umali!

Apolonio Mendoza Command – New People’s Army
Lalawigan ng Quezon |Marso 2019 

1. Batay sa bigat ng krimen o pagkakasala, ang maysala ay papatawan ng mga hakbanging pagtutuwid tulad ng  pangangaral, paggawa at pagbabayad ng danyos o ng pinakamabigat na parusang kamatayan.
2. Ang parusang kamatayan ay ipinapataw sa mga salarin sa mga kaso ng pag-eespiya, pagkakanulo at pagtataksil, pamamaslang, panununog, panggagahasa, malakihang paglustay, marahas at malakihang pagnanakaw at pagnanakaw ng at iba pang hayop na pantrabaho. Lalong ipinapataw parusang kamatayan kung sapat at paulit-ulit nang gumawa ang mga mamamayan at maykapangyarihan ng babala sa krimeng nabanggit.                                                        

Mula sa dokumentong Ukol sa Sistema ng Hustisya ng Rebolusyunaryong Kilusan:
VI.  Ang Kaparusahan sa Krimen

Ang rebolusyunaryong hustisya na pinapatupad ng Demokratikong Gubyernong Bayan ay nakabatay sa kongkretong paglilitis, pagdinig at pagsusuri ng mga malilinaw at matitibay na mga batayan alinsunod sa proseso ng Hukumang Bayan. Mula dito ay inilalapat ang mga karampatang parusa sa nasasakdal anuman ang kanyang katayuan sa buhay. Kaiba sa reaksyunaryong gubyerno na palamuti lamang ang sinasabing “walang kinikilangan at pantay na hustisya”.

Sa bulok na kultura na umiiral ngayon sa bansa, talamak ang mga nagaganap na pagsasamantala sa mga kababaihan. Sa mga balitang inilalabas at nailalathala sa telebisyon, radyo, dyaryo at kahit sa internet, hindi mawawalan ng kasong rape o panggagahasa. Ang pagsasamantala sa kababaihan, bukod sa panggagahasa ay kabilang ang pang-aabusong berbal, seduksyon, panghahalay at iba pang akto ng hindi paggalang sa kababaihan. Ang mga nabanggit na paglabag ay hindi simple o magaan na krimen lalo’t kung ito ay paulit-ulit na ginagawa.

Sa kaso ni Cesar Umali, malinaw na nilabag nya ng maraming beses ang karapatang tao, partikular ng kababaihan. Sinampahan si Cesar Umali at napatunayang nagkasala sa nagkakailang kaso ng panggagahasa at akto ng panghahalay (rape at act of lasciviousness). Batay sa mga nakalap na ebidensya mula sa mga nagreklamo,  napatunayan na nagkasala si Cesar Umali sa anim (6) na kaso ng panggagahasa at dalawang (2) kaso ng akto ng panghahalay. 

Karamihan ng biktima ni Cesar Umali ay mga menor de edad. Ang mga dininig na kaso ay naganap simula pa noong 2004 hanggang kamakailan lamang. 

Ang paggawad ng parusang kamatayan kay Cesar Umali ay pagpapatupad ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan alinsunod sa pasya ng Demokratikong Gubyernong Bayan na naglitis at duminig sa mga isinampang kaso laban sa nasasakdal.#

Engkwentro sa pagitan ng NPA at AFP, isang sundalo patay

PRESS RELEASE | March 19, 2019

Patay ang isang sundalo bukod pa sa di mabilang na sugatan sa naganap na engkwentro sa pagitan ng New People’s Army at 85th IBPA noong hapon ng Marso 8, 2019 sa Sityo Tanauan, Barangay Villa Nacaob sa bayan ng Lopez.

Mag-iisang linggo nang nag-ooperasyon ang mga sundalo sa naturang barangay nang makasagupa ang isang yunit ng NPA sa ilalim ng Apolonio Mendoza Command. Walang naitalang kaswalti sa tropa ng pulang hukbo.

Simula Pebrero, tinambakan na ng mga sundalo ang mga baryo sa Macalelon, Lopez at Gumaca. Layunin nilang ipatawag sa kampo ang mga taumbaryo para pasukuin ang mga hinihinalang may kaugnayan sa CPP-NPA. 

Ayon kay Ka Cleo del Mundo, tagapagsalita ng Apolonio Mendoza Command-NPA, ay hindi na bago ang pagiging militarisado ng kanayunan ng Quezon. “Pinatindi nga lamang ngayon ang pandarahas sa mga magsasaka alinsunod sa utos ni Duterte na lipulin ang NPA hanggang kalaghatian ng taon.” 

“Ang karamihan sa iniuulat ng AFP na 608 na rebel returnee mula Enero ay yaong mga pangalan ng magsasakang arbitraryong inilagay nila sa pekeng listahan. Mas maraming lista, mas malaking perang makukulimbat sa ilalim ng gatasang bakang enhanced comprehensive local integration program.”

Ayon sa AMC-NPA ay nakapagtala sila ng serye ng mga pekeng pagpapasuko mula pa noong nakaraang taon. Kabilang dito ang 11 residente ng bayan ng Lopez na napasama sa mahigit 200 rebel returnee na ipinrisinta sa Malacañang noong Pebrero 2018. 

Naidokumento rin nila ang insidente ng 14 na taumbaryo ng bayan ng San Francisco, noong Nobyembre, na inimbitahan sa isang pagtitipon ng DSWD para maging benepisyaro ng proyektong pangkabuhayan pero isang programa pala ng “pagbabalik-loob sa pamahalaan”. 

Mula buwan ng Enero, naging karaniwan ang pagbabahay-bahay ng mga sundalo para sa sensus, pagpapapunta sa kampo, pag-iinteroga hanggang panghahalughog ng kabahayan. Pinakahuling insidente noong Pebrero ang nangyari sa magsasakang si Diego Remolin ng barangay Malabahay, Macalelon na isang oras na ininteroga at hinalughog ang kabahayan habang tinututukan ng baril ang isa pang magsasaka.

Sa bayan naman ng San Francisco, tatlong lider ng samahang magniniyog ang napilitang magbakwet matapos silang puntahan ng mga sundalo at paratangang CPP-NPA ang nasa likuran ng kanilang samahan.

Sa nakaraang linggo ay may naitalang humigit-kumulang na 300 sundalong nagrerelyebo sa pag-ooperasyon sa Binahian, San Rafael, Cogorin, San Francisco-B  sa Lopez; at San Jose, Vista Hermosa, Villa Nacaob at Malabahay sa Macalelon at iba pang mga bayan sa Bondoc Peninsula.