On the Right of Parties and Candidate to Campaign in Areas Administered by the People’s Democratic Government

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

As NDFP Chief Political Consultant, I know the following:

In the guerrilla fronts and other areas administered by the people’s democratic government of workers and peasants, political parties and candidates of all sorts have the right to campaign even in the elections conducted by the reactionary government of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats.

Such a policy of the people’s government is upheld by the CPP, NPA and NDFP, the local organs of political power and the mass organizations. The Duterte regime and its military minions are lying when they say that the NPA uses the election campaign period to extort from political parties and candidates by demanding payments for the permit to campaign.

The parties and candidates do not pay for any permit to campaign. It is simply ministerial for the people’s government to allow them to campaign, provided they do not enter the territory of the people’s government with an armed force or sacks of money to buy votes.

Sometimes, political parties and candidates offer contributions or donations to the socioeconomic and health programs of the people’s government. It is purely voluntary for them to make such offers. The revolutionary movement rejects offers of sham help from malevolent forces who oppress and exploit the people.

Regarding GRP-NDFP peace negotiations


By Delfin T. Mallari
Philippine Daily Inquirer,
October 18, 2018

1. Given the quality of the candidates for the Lower House and the Senate, can you expect their support for the resumption of the peace talks?

JMS: If you ask the candidates for the Lower House and the Senate, I am sure that almost all of them will be in-favor of the peace negotiations. Those who are reactionary and less intelligent will precondition the talks with the surrender of the NPA and the more intelligent or progressive ones will say that the talks must address the roots of the armed conflict and lead to comprehensive agreements to lay the basis for a just and lasting peace.

2. Will you ask the candidates to declare their position on the peace talks as the people’s basis for electing them?

JMS: Yes, definitely, we in the NDFP will certainly appreciate the candidates who support the resumption of the peace negotiations in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration in order to arrive at the needed agreements on social, economic and political reforms and lay the foundation for a just and durable peace under the guiding principles of national sovereignty, democracy and social justice. Thus the people will know who among the candidates are for just peace.

3. Aside from the Congress and the Senate, which other institutions may have influence in getting the talks to resume?

JMS: The executive branch of GRP and no less than the president are crucial in agreeing or not to resume the peace negotiations. In the first place, it was Duterte who terminated the peace negotiations. Outside of the government, there are institutions, like the political parties, mass organizations, professional an civic organizations, and the churches that are interested in a just and lasting peace in the country.

4. But first of all, on the basis of your analysis, is there still a chance for the peace talks to reopen in Duterte’s time?

JMS: The NDFP is always open to peace negotiations. We can negotiate peace only with the party with which we are at war. It is up to Duterte to decide whether he is interested in peace negotiations. He is the one who terminated the peace negotiations with his Proclamation 360 as of November 23, 2017.

By all indications and by his own pronouncements and actions, he does not want peace negotiations for a vile purpose: so that he can easily blame the CPP and the NPA for the armed conflict and use this as basis for declaring martial law nationwide in order to ram through his chacha for federalism, actually a fascist dictatorship with all powers concentrated in his hands.

However, it is also possible that upon the further deterioration of his health and/or the failure of his all-out war campaign to destroy the revolutionary movement, Duterte would seriously consider negotiating again with the NDFP either to leave a legacy he can be proud of or simply to ease his way to the end of his term.

Otherwise, we simply have to wait for his successor to decide whether or not to resume of the peace negotiations. The NDFP is desirous of peace negotiations but is not afraid of the reactionaries who are fixed on waging a counter-revolutionary war against the people.

5. You say that the NDFP is ready at any time to resume the talks. But it would be a big impediment for the government to resume talks if NPA attacks continue while talking? Are you ready to accept nationwide ceasefire as precondition for resuming the talks?

JMS: Duterte and his sidekicks Lorenzana and Año are not telling the truth when they claim that the NPA attacked the AFP and the PNP during ceasefires. It is their side which never stopped to occupy and militarize the barrios and attack the NPA and the people. The AFP continued Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan up to the end of 2016 and then launched Oplan Kapayapaan in early 2017.

There was never any letup in AFP, PNP and paramilitary attacks against the revolutionary forces and the people. Complaints about these attacks were always submitted by the NDFP negotiating panel to the Joint Monitoring Committee under CARHRIHL to allow the peace negotiations to proceed.

But in the case of the GRP, upon the prompting of Lorenzana and Año, Duterte always went direct to the press to complain against the defensive actions of the NPA and worse to terminate the peace negotiations. He terminated the negotiations so many times, four times if we count the termination he last made on June 14 to stop the Interim Peace Agreement from being signed in Oslo on June 28, 2017.

The NDFP is willing to negotiate under conditions of ceasefire or no ceasefire. It was Duterte and the AFP that launched attacks during the more than five months of ceasefire from August 2016 to January 2017. The NPA forces kept on evading the attacks unless they were compelled to fight back. As in the period of Ramos, it is possible to negotiate while fighting and make the agreements towards a just and lasting peace.

6. A personal question, i posed this to you before. Are you prepared to die in another country, meaning, are you not eager to return to the Philippines? As you say, you can come home only upon the successful end of the talks. And should this not happen, you must be ready to accept that you would not see the Philippines again. Sorry, Ka Joma for the emotional question.

JMS: I have always stood and fought for the Filipino people’s national sovereignty and democracy in preparation for socialism. I am a patriot and against any imperialist power like the US wishing to perpetuate all-round dominance over the Philippines and China wishing to move in by turning our country into a debt colony through overpriced infrastructure projects and through takeover of the West Philippine Sea and the the oil, gas and other natural resources there.

I am also an internationalist, a proletarian internationalist. I do not mind dying in a foreign country if that is the only way to avoid submitting myself to those who oppress and exploit the Filipino people and who wish to bribe, imprison or kill me. I have done my share of fighting in the battlefield and defying hardship and threats to life in nine years and being imprisoned for another nine years in the fight against the Marcos fascist dictatorship.

I do not mind being a political refugee for as long as necessary. I have the support of my compatriots and foreign friends in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and international peoples’ solidarity.

7. At any time since 1992, have you been offered any high position in the GRP in order to win you over from the side of the NDFP? Or have you been subjected to any threats, pressure or any punitive action in connection with your role as NDFP chief political consultant?
JMS: Two presidents have offered cabinet positions to me and Ka Luis Jalandoni, while he was the chairperson on the NDFP Negotiating Panel. But we politely declined the offers and countered that we would consider the offers only after the complete success of the peace negotiations. I need not identify the presidents because the offers were made informally through intermediaries.

The threats, pressures and punitive actions taken against me in connection with the peace negotiations are publicly known to some extent. After Estrada terminated the peace negotiations in 1999, we received reports that one hit team after another was sent to the Netherlands in a plot to knife me to death. This was exposed by General Berroya in January 2001.

The Arroyo regime requested the US gove5rnment to designate the CPP, NPA and myself as terrorists in late 2001 in order to pressure the NDFP to accept a so-called final peace agreement which amounted to the surrender of the NPA. The US listing in August 2002 triggered my being listed in the so-called terrorist lists of the Dutch government and the European Union. The social benefits I had as a political refugee were withdrawn
The Arroyo regime also fed the Dutch authorities with hearsay and speculative testimonies in falsely accusing me of several murders and causing my detention for 17 days in August 27 to September 13, 2007. But I have prevailed over the false murder charges and the EU terrorist list by taking legal action and winning my cases with finality in the Dutch courts and in the European Court of Justice in 2009.

8. What were the deals behind that offer Cabinet post offer? Was it somewhat related to the “surrender” of the NPA or stop of the communist insurgency, something like that? Since the offer was made during Ka Louie’s term as NDFP panel chief, it was not PRRD. Please clarify who made the offer of cabinet posts?

JMS: There were no deals of any kind because we declined the offers outrightly. If we accepted the cabinet posts, we would have become sellouts. PRRD did not offer any cabinet post directly to Louie and me. But he publicly offered four cabinet posts to the CPP in 2016. Please review the news accounts in 2016. I replied that he could get patriotic and progressive individuals on their personal merits for competence, integrity and diligence. He subsequently appointed Rafael Mariano and Judy Taguiwalo on the basis of their individual merits and NOT as representatives of the CPP.###


By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Duterte is either trying to sound less hostile to the revolutionary movement or he is still hostile by trying to bribe the NPA fighters to surrender. He is correct though in saying that the NPA will continue to exist even after he and I are gone from the surface of the earth, if by implication he means that the root causes of the armed conflict must be addressed and solved by social, economic and political reforms.

It is up to him to end his position of having terminated the peace negotiations with Proclamation 360. The standing policy of the NDFP is to negotiate with the GRP anytime he is ready to resume the peace negotiations in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration and further agreements.

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Condemn the fascist US-Duterte regime & greedy SUMIFRU!

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Southern Mindanao Region

PRESS STATEMENT | October 17, 2018

The National Democratic Front in Southern Mindanao vehemently condemned the US-Duterte regime for actively conniving and abetting the rapacious stance of the Japanese banana firm Sumitomo Fruits Corp. (SUMIFRU) that brutally dispersed the strike camps of 789 workers of the Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Sayupa Farms (NAMASUFA) on October 11, 2018 in Compostela town, Compostela Valley.

For eight hours, at least 300 company-hired individuals, goons and scabs attacked the makeshift barricade mounted by the workers in SUMIFRU Packing Plant (PP) 370 in Brgy. Pilar Babag, PP 98 and PP340 in Brgy. Osmena, PP 92 in Brgy. Alegria, PP 90 in Brgy. Gabi, PP 99 in Brgy. San Miguel and PP115 in Brgy. Maparat. In plain view of the PNP and the AFP forces, the rabid SUMIFRU goons destroyed the bamboo makeshifts and used the broken pieces to batter the hapless workers. They also burned the structures and demolished the makeshift kitchen, razing precious food stuff and cooked meals and looting the food supply. On the spot, 17 workers were injured including a seven-month pregnant worker. As the goons were on a rampage, members of the 66th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army searched and ransacked the workers’ houses, while the police arrested and detained the workers.

Photo: KilabMultimedia

The US-Duterte regime-backed attack against the NAMASUFA workers aimed to end the latter’s strike which effectively paralyzed SUMIFRU operations for 11 days. SUMIFRU produces 19,000 boxes of Cavendish bananas per day from its nine packing plants out of the 2,200 hectares of farm lands in Compostela alone.

The workers were legitimately struggling for their economic and democratic rights as long-standing regular workers of SUMIFRU. Aided by a Supreme Court ruling issued last year and previous DOLE decision which affirmed their status as union members and regular employees of SUMIFRU, NAMASUFA members were merely exercising their legal and democratic rights when they militantly launched a strike on October 1.

On October 2, the AFP and PNP escorted scabs and goons to disperse striking workers of Packing Plant 115; two days later, company goons mauled 7 workers. On October 5, DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III issued an Assumption of Jurisdiction order, directing the workers to stop the strike, while on October 6, the Regional Trial Court 56 issued a Temporary Restraining Order. However, the workers earned a temporary reprieve on October 10 when the the same local court denied SUMIFRU’s petition to extend the TRO and a preliminary injunction.

The NDF-Southern Mindanao regime holds Silvestre Bello, III, GRP’s labor secretary, the 10th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command and the PNP, Compostela Mayor Lerma Bollo and GRP Pres. Rodrigo Duterte for systematically assaulting SUMIFRU workers in the name of defending foreign imperialist capital’s neoliberal interests.

Once more, Duterte has displayed his limitless fascism by deputizing his reactionary armed forces to savagely quell legal redress of grievance of the exploited toiling class. In vain attempt to maintain his tenuous hold to power in his decaying regime, Duterte has shown his merciless mettle to refuse the right to tenure, economic welfare and political rights of the exploited workers. Since the October 11 dispersal, SUMIFRU continued its Compostela plant operations by employing hundreds of scabs. At the same time, agents and operatives of the 66th IB conducted house to house campaign to harass the striking workers, offering P2,000 per worker to force them to resign from the company. The 66th IB is already responsible for the spate of extra-judicial killings of workers, farmers and activists in Compostela, Maragusan, Montevista and Monkayo towns in Compostela Valley province.

NDF-Southern Mindanao commends the brave alliance mounted by the banana plantation workers, peasants and their supporters in order to defend their livelihood. NAMASUFA continues to stand ground and assert the legitimacy of their strike and struggle against SUMIFRU’s unfair labor practice and the brutal dispersal.

Since forming their union in March 2008, NAMASUFA had consistently shown the power of collective action in countering the worsening exploitation of SUMIFRU against them. They have won battles in the class war against capitalist greed and continue to regard their militant union as a weapon to thwart the capitalist machinations. Last year, the workers successfully put an end to the company’s implementation of the exploitative “pakyawan system” by mounting a 13-hour strike that slowed down SUMIFRU’s production.

Decades of unabated greed buoyed up by the reactionary state’s fascist support and neoliberal policies allowed SUMIFRU to amass massive profit at the expense of workers’ rights. SUMIFRU aggressively expanded its operation over the years, exploiting at least 12,000 hectares of lands in Mindanao and contributing to galvanize the country’s backward export-oriented, imported-dependent economy. The Japanese firm continues to peg wages at measly rates, maintains workers as contractuals and refuses to recognize their unions.

The NDF in Southern Mindanao calls on the public to support the striking workers’ struggle in Compostela Valley. The recent attack against the workers’ lives and livelihood adds up to the mounting crimes of the US-Duterte regime against the Filipino people. Duterte’s time in the presidency is fast coming to a head and, like the dictator Marcos before him, the toiling masses will ensure that he will be made to answer for the atrocities he has committed.

NDF-Southern Mindanao Region

The US-Duterte regime must answer for the rice crisis and soaring prices of goods

Statement | October 9, 2018 | Bisaya»


The National Democratic Front of the Philippines–North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) along with all the revolutionary forces in the region strongly condemn and call on the people to make the US-Duterte regime answer for the deliberate manipulation of the economy that has resulted to severe rice crisis and price increases of goods in the country in order for the foreign monopoly capitalists, big bourgeois compradors and landlords to gain even greater profits.

The regime shamelessly blames farmers for the soaring price of rice supposedly caused by elevated selling prices imposed by farmers on traders.

In a study of the situation of rice farmers in NEMR, during harvest season traders buy 50 kilos of rice grains for P900.00 (P18.00 per kilo) from farmers. On the average, after milling, the 50 kilos rice grains yields 32-35 kilos of rice. Traders spend only P50 for drying, P75 for milling and P20 for transport totaling to P145 expenses for every sack of 50 kilos rice grains. The 35 kilos milled rice sells for P1,925.00 at P55.00 per kilo. Subtract from this the P 1,045.00 spent for buying and milling and the trader earns P880.00 for every 50 kilos of rice grains. If traders buy 100 sacks of rice, they will earn P 880,000.00 profit.

This means that the regime’s blaming of farmers for the increase of price of rice in the country is utter falsehood. Almost half of the selling price of rice is pocketed by traders as profit. In fact, farmers are victims of high usury rates, lack of government subsidy, costly farm inputs and low prices of their products. Because of this, farmers, especially rice farmers, are constantly in a shortfall.

Before the implementation of the Train Law, the price of rice in the market was at P40 a kilo with traders earning P380 for every 50 kilos of rice. The profit that traders are earning under Train Law increased by 56% or P500 compared to their earnings before the Train Law was implemented. In fact, despite the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Caraga’s statement that the region has enough supply, the price of rice is still high in the region.

The US-Duterte regime’s answer to the current rice crisis is importation which will supposedly decrease market prices. Just last October 8 Duterte ordered the implementation of a free market of rice in the country, immediately taking effect the day after. His order lifted the quota of imported rice, which means unlimited volume of rice that can be imported from other countries. Also last September, Duterte issued Administrative Order 13 allowing private capitalists to import rice and other agricultural products. All these were done under the assumption that prices will go down when rice floods the market. They did not consider the fact that traders are inherently greedy for profit and that they would collude with each other to maintain the imposition of high price of rice.

If ever prices subside because of the influx of imported rice in the Philippines, it (importation) will undermine the agricultural products of local farmers. Farmers will be forced to lower the prices of their products despite the ever increasing cost of farming (tools, farm inputs and others). In the long run local rice production will be defeated and farmers will turn to planting products for export such as oil palm, banana, pineapple and others. This will again result in the monopoly of rice trading and other agricultural products by foreign capitalists. In truth, this is but a fulfillment of the agreements imposed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to open the Philippine market.

Meanwhile, the regime has no specific program that will solve the problems of farmers. If he will allocate the budget for rice importation to improving local rice production, the food crisis in the country will be solved.

No one else can be blamed for the rice crisis and the soaring prices of goods but the US-Duterte regime which continue to serve the interest of foreign monopoly capitalists, local big bourgeois compradors and landlords. It has further tied the country’s economy to import dependency and export of raw materials. It has fully implemented trade liberalization which only benefits big business and capitalist countries and will devastate the Philippine economy.

Not contented with just placing the Filipino people under severe difficulties, the regime has added the burden of Train Law to serve its Build, Build, Build projects to entice big foreign and local capitalists to invest in the country. The people are further saddled with relentless oil price increases brought about by the additional taxation of petroleum products. The average price increase of oil reached almost P12 a liter this year. In addition, the country is losing to foreign trade lowering the value of the peso against the dollar. In just seven months the value of the peso to a dollar decreased to P54, the lowest in almost 15 years. This has resulted to constant price increases of basic commodities and services in the country, such as education, health, irrigation and others.

Thus, the people must demand national sovereignty and an end to foreign domination. Land reform and national industrialization must be implemented to establish a self-sufficient national economy.

Amidst the severe rice and food crisis in the country today, the NDFP-NEMR calls on the people to plant food crops. In the countryside, where there are farm lots, the planting of food crops for consumption, such as rice, corn, sweet potato, vegetable and others through communal farming must be urged. In the cities where farming is difficult, people must plant in the yard using available materials that can hold soil (cellophane, sacks, cans and others) for planting. In little ways, these can help in solving the lack of food and rising price of rice.

The rice crisis, the continuing price increases of basic goods, and Duterte’s fascism and tyrannical rule are enough basis for him to answer to the people.

Struggle against the rising prices of basic goods. End all anti-people policies and pro-imperialist laws of the US-Duterte regime! Strengthen the peoples war! Down with the US-Duterte regime!

Ka Maria Malaya
Spokesperson, NDFP-NEMR

Pamahayag | Oktubre 9, 2018


Ang National Democratic Front of the Philippines–North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) kauban ang tanang rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa rehiyon hugot nga nagkondena ug nanawagan sa katawhan nga panubagon ang rehimeng US–Duterte sa tinuyong pagmaniobra sa ekonomiya nga miresulta sa grabeng krisis sa bugas ug pagtaas sa presyo sa mga palaliton sa nasud aron makahakop og mas dakung ginansya ang mga langyaw’ng monopolyo kapitalista, dagkung burgesya komprador ug agalong yutaan.

Walay ulaw nga gibasol sa rehimen ang mga mag-uuma sa pagtaas sa presyo sa bugas tungod kuno sa kamahal sa pagpalit sa komersyante og humay gikan sa mag-uuma.

Sa usa ka pagtuon sa kahimtang sa mga mag-uuma sa humayan dinhi sa NEMR, panahon sa ting-ani paliton sa komersyante ang 50 kilos nga humay og P900.00 (P18.00 ang matag kilo) gikan sa mag-uuma. Sa kasagaran, ang ipagaling nga 50 kilos nga humay mobugas og 32-35 kilos. Mogasto lang ang komersyante og P50 alang sa pagbulad, P75 sa pagpagaling ug P20 alang sa transportasyon nga mo-total og P145 sa matag sako sa 50 kilos nga humay. Kun ibaligya ang 35 kilos nga nabugas na, mohalin kini og P1,925.00 sa tag-P55.00 matag kilo. Kuhaan sa iyang mga nagasto nga P 1,045.00 sa pagpalit ug pagaling moginansya ang komersyante og P880.00 sa matag 50 kilos nga humay. Kun mopalit ang komersyante og 100 ka sako nga humay moginansya siya og P 880,000.00.

Buot ipasabot, dakong bakak nga ibasol sa rehimen ngadto sa mga mag-uuma ang pagtaas sa presyo sa bugas sa nasud. Halos katunga ang ginansyahon sa mga komersyante sa pagpalit og humay. Gani biktima pa ang mga mag-uuma sa taas kaayo nga usura, walay subsidyo gikan sa gobyerno, mahal nga mga farm inputs ug ubos kaayo ang presyo sa ilang mga produkto. Maong alkansi kanunay ang mga mag-uuma sa ilabina na sa humayan.

Sa wala pa ang Train Law, ang presyo sa bugas sa merkado mokabat og P40 ang matag kilo, buot ipasabot moginansya gihapon ang komersyante og P380 sa matag 50 kilos nga humay. Kun itandi ang ginansya sa komersyante sa wala pa ang Train Law ug sa karon nga nagtunhay na, mokabat og halos 56% o P500 ang pagtaas niini. Gani, miingon pa ang Department of Agriculture (DA) sa Caraga nga may igo-igo nga suplay sa bugas ang rehiyon, apan mitaas gihapon ang presyo sa bugas dinhi.

Importasyon ang tubag sa rehimeng US-Duterte sa nasinating krisis sa bugas aron kuno moubos ang presyo niini sa merkado. Niadtong Oktubre 8 lamang nagpakanaog si Duterte og mando nga gawasnong merkado sa bugas (free market of rice) sa nasud nga gipatuman pagkasunod adlaw. Kini nga mando nagwagtang sa limitasyon (quota) sa mga gi-import nga bugas, buot ipasabot nga wala nay kinutuban sa pag-angkat og bugas gikan sa gawas sa nasud. Niadtong Septembre usab niini nga tuig gipakanaug ni Duterte ang Administrative Order 13 nga nagtugot sa mga pribadong kapitalista nga mo-angkat og bugas ug uban pang produktong agrikultura. Tanan kini gihimo aron kuno mobaha ang bugas sa merkado nga sa ilang tan-aw magpaubos sa presyo niini. Wala nila gihunahuna nga kinaiya sa negosyante ang pagkuha sa dakung ginansya ug pagkunsabuhay niini nga motakda sa taas gihapon nga presyo.

Kung gani man moubos ang presyo tungod sa maong pagdagsa sa imported nga bugas sa Pilipinas, patyon usab niini ang produktong agrikultural sa mga mag-uuma. Mapugos pagpaubos sa presyo sa ilang produkto ang mga mag-uuma samtang padayong nagataas ang galastuhan sa panguma (himan, farm inputs ug uban pa). Sa dagan, mahugno ang lokal nga produksyon sa humay ug mopabor na dayon kini sa pagpananom og mga pang-eksport nga produkto, sama sa oil palm, saging, pinya ug uban pa, nga dugay nang nagtunhay sa nasud. Mosangpot gihapon kini sa pagmonopolyo sa negosyo sa bugas ug uban pang produktong agrikultural sa langyaw’ng kapitalista. Sa tinud-anay usa kini ka pagtuman sa mga kasabutang pag-abli sa merkado sa Pilipinas nga gitakda sa World Trade Organization (WTO).

Sa laing bahin, walay tinong programa ang rehimen sa pagsulbad sa problema sa mga mag-uuma. Kun igahin unta niya ang badyet sa pag-import og bugas alang sa lokal nga produksyon sa humay, siguradong masulbad ang krisis sa pagkaon sa nasud.

Walay laing mabasol sa krisis sa bugas ug pagtaas sa presyo sa mga palaliton kundili ang rehimeng US-Duterte nga padayong nag-alagad sa interes sa mga langyaw’ng monopolyo kapitalista, lokal nga mga dagkung burgesya komprador ug agalong yutaan. Mas gipasamot pa niini ang pagkahikot sa ekonomiya sa nasud diha sa pagsalig sa import ug pag-eksport sa mga hilaw’ng materyales. Larga todo na kining nituman sa liberalisasyon sa merkado nga nakapabulahan lamang sa mga dagkung negosyante ug mga kapitalistang nasud ug nakapahugno sa ekonomiya sa Pilipinas.

Daw wala pa makontento sa grabeng pagpalisodlisod sa katawhang Pilipino, gidugang pa ang Train Law sa rehimen aron mosilbi sa proyekto niini nga Build, Build, Build nga nag-agni sa mga dagkung langyaw ug lokal nga kapitalista nga mamuhunan sa nasud. Lain pang palas-anunon sa katawhan ang walay hunong nga pagsaka sa presyo sa lana tungod sa gipatong pa nga dugang buluhisan sa produktong petrolyo. Miabot na og halos P12 matag litro ang abereyds (average) nga pagsaka sa presyo niini karon nga tuig. Dugang pa, hilabihang naalkansi sa langyaw’ng pamatigayon ang nasud nga nagpaubos sa bili sa peso kontra dolyar. Sulod lang sa pito ka bulan mikabat na og P54 ang matag dolyar, pinakaubos kini sulod sa halos 15 ka tuig. Ang resulta, walay hunong nga pagsaka sa presyo sa mga batakang palaliton ug serbisyo sa nasud, sama sa edukasyon, panglawas, patubig ug uban pa.

Maong, gikinahanglan na nga ipanghingusog sa katawhan ang nasudnong soberanya ug pagwagtang sa langyaw’ng dominasyon. Ipatuman ang tinuod nga reporma sa yuta ug nasudnong industriyalisasyon, aron mamugna ang nasudnong ekonomiya nga nagsalig sa kaugalingon.

Taliwala sa grabeng krisis sa bugas ug pagkaon sa nasud karon, giawhag sa NDFP-NEMR ang katawhan nga mag-inisyatiba sa pagtanom alang sa pagkaon. Sa kabanikanhan kun aduna pay gamay’ng luna, gidasig nga magtanom og mga direktang pagkaon nga pangkonsumo, sama sa humay, mais, kamote, mga gulayon ug uban pa, pinaagi sa pagtinabangay. Sa kasyudaran usab kun diin lisod ang pagpanguma, gidasig ang pagtanom sa tugkaran gamit ang mga pwedeng mabutangan og yuta (selopin, sako, lata ug uban pa) aron matamnan. Sa ginagmay nga pamaagi, makahulip kini sa kawad-on sa pagkaon ug sa nagkataas nga presyo sa bugas.

Ang krisis sa bugas, ang walay hunong nga pagtaas sa presyo sa mga batakang palaliton, ug ang pagkapasista ug pagharing tiraniko ni Duterte igo na nga mga basehan aron manubag siya sa katawhan.

Makigbisog batok sa pagtaas sa presyo sa mga batakang palaliton. Wagtangon ang mga kontra-katawhang palisiya ug maki-imperyalistang balaod sa rehimeng US-Duterte! Pakusgon ang gubat sa katawhan! Ibagsak ang rehimeng US-Duterte!###

Ka Maria Malaya
Tigpamaba, NDFP-NEMR

NDFP-Mindanao conveys its solidarity with the struggle of Filipino peasants on the occasion of the peasant month

Statement | October 16, 2018

Ka Joaquin Jacinto
Spokesperson, NDFP-Mindanao

The NDFP-Mindanao is one with the struggle of the Filipino peasantry, especially the poor and middle farmers, in Mindanao, who, along with hapless Filipino workers and other toiling classes in the country, bear the brunt of the current rice crisis, high inflation, military onslaught, and the semi-feudal exploitation and oppression maintained and exacerbated presently by the US-Duterte regime.

Poor and middle peasants and farm-workers are the most exploited, oppressed and neglected classes in the country. Comprising more than 70% of Philippine society, their constant, albeit unrecompensed toil, feed the entire nation, yet they suffer the most from the economic crisis and, worse, are at the first victims of state terrorism and fascism in the countryside.

Filipino peasants are at the forefront of food production, including rice, corn and other food crops, in the country, but they fall as victims not just twice but three times in the current rice crisis. First, farm-gate prices of the local agricultural produce, including rice, of local poor Filipino rice farmers are bought at exceedingly low rates (i.e. P18.00 or lower per kilo). The production cost of these farmers are financed through highly usurious lending either by banks or by opportunistic individual lenders, who strangle farmers to no end. Worse, poor farmers receive no subsidy from the reactionary state.

Second, with meagre income, poor farmers are forced to buy rice and other basic commodities for consumption at very high prices. And third, poor peasants are further made to suffer because the US-Duterte regime is afflicted with a high degree of myopia in solving the rice crisis through rice importation, which will eventually kill local rice production of poor local rice farmers, and gives way to the monopoly of imperialists and big bourgeois compradors of the food industry in the country. They are also at the receiving end of the current economic crisis that is plagued with: high inflation rate (4.7%-5%), where the prices of the basic of commodities are skyrocketing.

Importation is a stopgap solution to the rice crisis, the effects of which include killing local rice producers; it will temporarily resolve the need for low-priced rice, however once it dominates the market, the price of rice will eventually be dictated by the monopoly capitalists. This of course in in line with neo-liberal policies of liberalization and deregulation already embraced by the US-Duterte regime. Already, solons are pushing for allowing private rice traders to import rice from other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and even Sabah, Malaysia, which signals the death knell of local rice farmers.

Worse, the US-Duterte regime now blames poor Filipino peasants and local rice producers as the cause of the rice crisis because they “sell their produce at a high rate.” The rice cartel controls the flow and trading of rice in the country, not the government, responsible for simulating artificial scarcity, to effect an increase in the prices of rice. The price of basic commodities, including rice, have gone up; while the purchasing capacity of Filipino farmers and workers have significantly decreased.

It is no less shameless on the part of the US-Duterte regime to blame the farmers for the inflation, when in truth the cause of such an inflation: TRAIN Law 1, imposition of excise tax on petroleum products along with sugary products and beverages, whose weekly increases (per liter average of P1) has resulted in a domino effect towards other basic commodities; maintaining the neoliberal policy of liberalization (manifested through importation with almost 0% tariff on nearly all imported products); rapidly weakening of the peso against the dollar (P54:$1).

The US-Duterte regime’s policy prioritizing the expansion of agri-plantations especially in Mindanao (banana, oil palm, pineapple, etc.) and at the same time large-scale mining, deprive peasants, as well as the Lumad, of their very lives and livelihood. Lumad ancestral domain as we all know are under threat of being usurped by foreign imperialist mining companies. In the countryside, the reactionary government’s push to plant cash crops (e.g. falcatta, bamboo, etc.) has its dire effect on our food security, which, if not arrested, could very well lead to widespread hunger.

The real solution is genuine agrarian reform, prioritize the use of arable lands for food crops, particularly rice, instead of allowing cash-crop/export-crop plantations to proliferate. Thus, this October and for months to come, we call on all poor and middle farmers in Mindanao to maximize this month – Peasant Month – to launch unity mass actions to press for genuine agrarian reform: genuine land distribution, land to the tillers, stop the expansion of giant imperialist agri-plantations as well as imperialist mining companies.

Unite and fight against the anti-peasant policies of the US-Duterte regime! Oust the US-Duterte regime! Struggle for genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization!###

Duterte’s culpabilities for soaring prices of basic goods and services and for the deterioration of the Philippine economy

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
October 13, 2018

It is fine that Duterte admits lately that tough economic times are ahead for the Filipino people who are now already reeling from the inflationary conditions. He contradicts his previous declaration in Bali that the Philippine economy is on an upward trajectory.

But he holds the narrow and deceptive view that rising oil prices is the only cause of the rising prices of basic goods and services in the Philippines. By this, he absolves himself from his culpabilities for the following:

  1. Train 1 and 2, which cut back the taxes on corporations and the wealthy and imposes the tax burden on the consuming public in the form of excise and value-added taxes;
  2. corruption in huge discretionary funds of the president and pork barrel corruption among members of Congress;
  3. overspending for the military, police and intelligence agencies but underspending for social services;
  4. lack of land reform and national industrialization and discouragement and decline of food production and local manufacturing;
  5. drastic fall of income from raw material exports and semimanufactures;
  6. rising import costs of oil and manufactures;
  7. rising interest rates on accumulated and new foreign loans;
  8. overborrowing for infrastructure projects (build, build, build) and bigger debt service on the rising public debt;
  9. wider budgetary and trade deficits; and
  10. declining peso due to inflation and worsening balance of payments problem.

Duterte is culpable for the aggravation of all the foregoing problems of his regime and has no solution to offer. Therefore, the regime will stink further from month to month and will ripen for rejection in the May 2019 elections or for ouster sooner than later.

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AFP’s Red October fairy tale is over, but the real struggle to oust US-Duterte regime continues

Information Bureau | Communist Party of the Philippines
October 13, 2018

Defense Secretary Lorenzana yesterday made himself look stupid by claiming that the AFP has successfully foiled “Red October,” a “plot” which they themselves invented. This is after several weeks of failing to convince the incredulous public of the existence of a supposed “conspiracy” between various political forces with the CPP to oust Duterte and instead rousing widespread indignation and display of vigilance against Duterte’s insidious plans.

The more that Duterte and his military officials insisted “Red October plot” and weaved one fabulous story after another, the more they sounded incredible. The claim by the military and police of having successfully arrested “plotters” in a raid in a farm in Rizal blew up on their faces as those seized by police turned out to be a businesswoman who revealed having paid protection money to police and military officers.

While promoting its “Red October” fiction, AFP officials trained their sights on students, workers, teachers and other sectors. Their narrow fascist mindset revealed itself clearly when they reduced campus activism and workplace struggles as mere tactics of the Party to recruit and organize obscuring the profound socio-economic and political issues which compel people to act collectively.

The AFP and PNP has gone on a frenzy of Red-baiting. Over the past weeks, they have used the “communist plot” bogey to threaten the lives, rights and freedoms of students, workers and other democratic sectors.

By claiming to have “foiled” the so-called “Red October plot,” the AFP makes itself and Duterte appear ever powerful and in control. In fact, it is increasingly weak amid the economic crisis, rapid decline in the standards of living and overall deterioration of the people’s social conditions, deepening factional struggles within its ranks and mounting clamor for Duterte’s ouster. Duterte’s political clout has rapidly waned. He is now an absolute puppet of the US and the US-controlled military and police establishment.

The AFP has ended its “Red October” tale. But the Filipino people must not relent in condemning the Duterte regime for having foisted a campaign of deception and disinformation against those who oppose its tyranny, fascism, narco-politics and anti-people economic policies. They must continue to resist deceitful schemes to perpetuate itself in power through tyranny and state terrorism.

Duterte can now only preserve his rule by having resorted to the worst forms of fascist repression having put the entire Mindanao under martial law, and subjecting the vast countryside across the country to its cruel Oplan Kapayapaan all-out war.

Even now, reports abound of activists in urban areas across the country being subjected to surveillance and threats, and charged with trumped-up criminal cases. In the rural areas, thousands of AFP troops continue to occupy communities and commit grave abuses against the people. Cases of extrajudicial killings, abductions, torture, illegal arrests and other abuses are on the rise.

The AFP may have ended its “Red October” fairy tale but the real and life-and-death struggle of the Filipino people to oust the Duterte regime continues.

NPA ambushes abusive Davao City Army unit, hitting 9 casualties

Mt. Apo Sub-Regional Operations Command
New People’s Army
Southern Mindanao Region

October 10, 2018 | PRESS STATEMENT

In desperation to perpetuate itself in power, it is expected that the US-Duterte regime will use all sinister means, not least conspiracy theories, to justify its rising tyranny against the people. As the AFP’s Eastern Mindanao Command tries urgently to whip up hysteria with the regime’s self-concocted Red October plot, the New People’s Army units in the region are frustrating the enemy’s encirclement campaigns through intensified guerrilla warfare.

On September 28, an NPA unit of the Mt. Apo Sub-Regional Operations Command delivered heavy body blow against the 3rd Infantry Battalion in Sitio Indawhong, Brgy. Salaysay, Baguio District in Davao City. Around 2:00 pm, the Red fighters ambushed a platoon of the 3rd IB and CAFGU, killing four enemy troopers and severely wounding at least five more.

Less than an hour after the firefight, attack helicopters rained bombs and artillery fire near Sitio Indawhong and adjacent Sitio Kalachuchi. For almost 24 hours, the area was continuously mortared, prompting the evacuation of at least 42 families or more than 200 civilians from the two communities.

The masses of Davao City rejoice this recent tactical offensive against an atrocious AFP battalion responsible for the spate of extra-judicial killings, numerous forced and fake surrenders of civilians, intimidation and forced recruitment under the Martial Law in Mindanao.

The NPA ambuscade was carried out as revolutionary justice against the 3rd IB, whose abusive troops have wreaked tumult in the lives of Lumad and peasants with vicious impunity, emboldened by the fascist instigations of both GRP Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Since 2017, in desperate attempt to attack the revolutionary movement in Davao City, operatives or uniformed elements of the 3rd IB turned against civilians and killed farmer and construction worker Ariel Gelberio and motorcycle driver Roel Satingasin in Brgy. Lamanan, farmer Rodolfo Dagahuya, Jr. in Brgy. Dominga, farmer couple Jezreel and Dalia Arrabis in Brgy. Tamayong and farmer Meling Calawag in Brgy. Salapawan.

The 3rd IB’s fascist crimes escalated this year. In Marilog District, 3rd IB troopers were responsible for ransacking several houses of civilians in Brgy. Tamugan and Brgy. Suawan in at least two incidents. In Calinan District, a peasant family was held at gunpoint and forced to admit to keeping a cache of arms for the NPA. Failing to find anything, the Army forced the family to surrender and tagged them as NPA supporters.

In Brgy. Tawan-tawan, Baguio District last July, farmers were subjected to psychological torture, held incommunicado for several days and forced to surrender as NPA fighters following a firefight between 3rd IB troops and Red fighters. In all aforementioned districts, and including Paquibato, Toril and Tugbok districts, civilians were coerced to surrender as either NPA fighters or supporters and forced to enlist as members of the CAFGU in order to “clear their names.”

With all these atrocities under its belt, it is preposterous for the 3rd IB to boast that the masses of Davao City are embracing Oplan Kapayapaan and is supportive of the Martial Law in Mindanao. Unlike the shock, terror and psychological warfare operations of the fascist AFP troops in the Lumad and peasant communities, Red fighters are immersed in the countryside 24/7, ready to defend the lives and livelihood of Lumad and peasants.

Mt. Apo Subregional Operations Command
New People’s Army

Long live the nationalist and revolutionary youth!

PRESS STATEMENT | October 8, 2018 | Filipino»

Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army – Negros Island Regional Command

The US-Duterte Regime is mistaken in red-tagging activists and persecuting Duterte’s critics as this will only intensify the people’s rage and its growing resistance against the current fascist, corrupt and puppet regime. It is assuring the broadening of the united front that will bring Duterte to his downfall.

It gives particular attention to the youth to keep them fettered in the Philippine semifeudal and semi-colonial system. In its puppetry to US neoliberal policies, it hijacks the Filipino youth’s future producing a massive reserve army of semi-skilled and cheap contractual workers. They are further victimized by a decadent and rotten culture exposing them to anti-social activities like drugs, violence and gambling.

The state’s paranoia has come to the point of going after students in their schools. Recently, some 18 universities and colleges in Metro Manila have been tagged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as recruitment grounds of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) for its alleged Red October Plot. While here in Negros Philippine Army 303rd Brigade Commander Col. Alberto Desoyo and the Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office are threatening to reveal their own list of schools and activists. Already seven names of mass leaders of the legal democratic mass movement in Negros Occidental have been maliciously branded as NPA. The AFP is further cooking up issues misusing the CPP and NPA as scapegoat to justify Duterte’s looming declaration of nationwide martial rule.

The AFP’s intention is clear. Linking the colleges and universities with the CPP and NPA and using this as justification to enter schools for the protection of the students is a pretext to militarization in campuses. This proves that the current reactionary regime can no longer rule the old way and will turn to more violent means to preserve its power. The school administrations, faculty and the students themselves must protest and expose this scheme.

The AFP has long been maligning young activists who choose to serve the people by integrating their lives with the basic masses as brain-washed communists. It mocks them for being pawns of the CPP-NPA. It wants to frighten the youth from standing up for their rights and fighting for the oppressed and exploited. Worse, it has a notorious record of imprisoning, torturing and killing young activists among others. The reactionary court’s conviction of Former Gen. Jovito Palparan for the abduction of University of the Philippines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño validates the notoriety of the AFP and fuels the pursuit for justice in making the AFP accountable for all its crimes against the Filipino people.

In truth, the US-Duterte Regime dreads the nationalist youth. In the martial law period and even during Erap’s time as president, young militant activists joining the workers and peasants and other democratic forces were able to overthrow a fascist dictator and an ultimate bureaucrat capitalist.

Young activists like Rachelle Mae Palang, Josephine Lapira and Myles Albasin are role models of the Filipino youth. They are only some of the best sons and daughters who truly serve the people, forgoing their comfortable life to join the exploited classes. The true nationalist youth aspires economic and political freedom not only for themselves nor their families but for the whole nation. They are unwavering and determined in facing sacrifices for their country. They have dedicated their lives to the basic masses in the factories and the urban poor and peasant areas. Because of the conditions resulting from the semifeudal and semi-colonial system, many of them found that genuine freedom can only be achieved through armed struggle. Therefore, the worsening crisis under the US-Duterte regime itself drives the youth to the road of revolution.

In the coming golden anniversary of the CPP, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command salutes the revolutionary youth who has contributed to the great victories of the Party in its 50 year experience of waging revolution. For the youth of the present generation, as successors of the future and as part of the oppressed and exploited Filipino people, it is rightful for you to join the NPA and together with the broad exploited masses overthrow the US-Duterte Regime and carry the people’s democratic revolution to greater heights until its complete victory.###

PRESS STATEMENT | October 8, 2018

Mabuhay ang mga makipungsodnon kag rebolusyonaryo nga mga Pamatan-on!

Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army – Negros Island Regional Command

Nagsala ang US—Duterte nga rehimen sa pag-“red tag” sa mga aktibista kag pagpakamalaot sa mga kritiko ni Duterte bangud ini magpabaskug lamang sa kaakig sang pumuluyo kag sa nagasingki nga pag-away batok sa nagaluntad nga pasista, korap kag ido-ido nga rehimen. Nagapat-ud lamang ini sa dugang paglapad sa nagahiliugyon nga prente nga magpabagsak ni Duterte.

Naghatag ang US—Duterte nga rehimen sang partikular nga atensyon sa mga pamatan-on agud magpabilin ini nga nakagapos sa sistema nga mala kolonyal kag mala pyudal sang Pilipinas. Sa iya pagyuko sa mga neoliberal nga polisiya sang US, iya nga gin-agaw ang bwas damlag sang mga pamatan-on nga Pilipino kag nagtuga sang madamo nga reserba nga hukbo sang mga “semi— skilled” kag barato nga mamumugon nga kontraktwal. Dugang sila nga nabiktima sa nagagaruk nga kultura nga nagtulod sa ila sa mga kontra-sosyal nga mga aktibidad kaangay sa mga druga, pagtuga sang kagamo kag sugal.

Ang ka-praning sang estado naglab-ot na sa punto sa paglagas sa mga estudyante sa mga eskwelahan. Sining ulihi, ang 18 ka mga unibersidad kag kolehiyo sa Metro Manila ginmarkahan sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) bilang patag sang rekrutment sang Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) kag New People’s Army (NPA) sa ila gin-alegar nga “Red October Plot”. Samtang diri sa Negros, si Philippine Army 303rd Brigade Commander Col. Alberto Desoyo kag ang Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office nagpamahug sa pagpagwa sa ila lista sang mga eskwelahan kag aktibista. Gani, may ara na 7 ka pangalan sang mga lider masa sa ligal kag demokratiko nga kahublagan sa Negros Occidental nga gintatakan nga NPA. Ang AFP dugang nga nagaluto sang mga isyu nga nagapasibangud sa CPP kag NPA agud hatagan katarungan ang nagahana nga deklarasyon sang Martial Rule sa pungsodnon nga sakop.

Athag ang katuyoan sang AFP. Ang pag-angot sa mga kolehiyo kag unibersidad sa CPP kag NPA kag paggamit sini bilang balibad sa ila pagsulod sa mga eskwelahan para sa pagpangapin kuno sa mga estudyante isa ka paghinabon para sa pagmilitarisa sa mga eskwelahan. Nagapamatuod lamang ini nga ang nagaluntad nga reaksyonaryo nga rehimen indi na makahari sa karaan nga pamaagi kag magakadto na sa tuman nga kapintas agud mapreserba ang iya gahum. Ang mga administrasyon sang mga eskwelahan kinahanglan nga magprotesta kag hublasan ang ini nga iskema.

Madugay na nga ginapakamalain sang AFP ang mga pamatan-on nga aktibista nga naghukom sa pag-alagad sa pumuluyo paagi sa paghalad sang ila kabuhi sa mga sandigan nga masa bilang gin-brain wash nga mga komunista. Ginahimo sila nga kaladlawan bilang mga tawo-tawo lamang sang CPP-NPA. Luyag sini nga hadlokon ang mga pamatan-on sa pagpanindugan para sa ila mga kinamatarung kag pagpakig-away para sa ginpigos kag ginhimuslan. Ang malain pa, bantugon ang rekord sini sa pagpangpriso, pagtortyur kag pagpamatay sa mga pamatan-on nga aktibista upod sa iban pa. Ang ginhimo nga pagkonbikto sa reaksyonaryo nga korte ni anay heneral Jovito Palparan bangud sa pag-abduct sa mga estudyante sa University of the Philippines nga si Sherlyn Cadapan kag Karen Empeño nagapamatuod sa pagkabat-olan sang AFP kag magagatong ini para sa pagpangita sa hustisya agud sukton ang AFP sa iya salabton sa tanan nga mga krimen batok sa pumuluyong Pilipino.

Sa matuod, ang US-Duterte nga rehimen nahadlok sa mga maki-pungsodnon nga pamatan-on. Sa panahon sang martial law kag bisan sa panahon ni Erap bilang presidente, ang mga pamatan-on nga militante nga aktibista nga naga-upod sa mga mamumugon kag mangunguma kag iban nga demokratiko nga pwersa nagpabagsak sa isa ka pasista nga diktador kag bat-olan nga burukrata nga kapitalista.

Ang mga pamatan-on nga aktibista pareho nila ni Rachelle Mae Palang, Josephine Lapira kag Myles Albasin mga modelo nga talaksan sang mga pamatan-on nga Pilipino. Sila isa sa mga maayo nga anak nga tampad nga naga-alagad sa pumuluyo, ginbayaan ang ila komportable nga kabuhi agud maga-upod sa mga ginhimuslan nga sahi. Ang mga matuod nga makipungsodnon nga pamatan-on nagahandom sang kahilwayan pang-ekonomiya kag pangpolitika indi lang para sa kaugalingon ukon sa ila pamilya kundi para sa bug-os nga pungsod. Mabakud ang ila panindugan kag determinado sa pag-atubang sa mga sakripisyo para sa pungsod. Ginahalad nila ang ila kabuhi para sa mga sandigan nga masa sa mga pabrika kag sa imol sa syudad kag sa hanay sang mangunguma. Bangud sa mga kahimtangan bunga sa sistema nga mala kolonyal kag mala pyudal, madamo sa ila nakamuklat nga ang matuod—tuod nga kahilwayan malab-ot lamang paagi sa armadong paghimakas. Gani, ang nagalala nga krisis sa idalom mismo sa US-Duterte nga rehimen nagatulod sa mga pamatan-on sa banas sang rebolusyon.

Sa palaabuton nga mabulawanon nga anibersaryo sang CPP, ang Apolinario Gatmaitan Command nagasaludo sa mga rebolusyonaryo nga pamatan-on nga naga-amot para sa mga dalagku nga kadalag-an sang Partido sa iya 50 ka tuig nga inagihan, bilang mga sumulunod sang bwas damlag kag bilang kabahin sa mga ginpigos kag ginhimuslan nga pumuluyong Pilipino, insakto lang nga maga-upod kamo sa NPA kag upod sa malapad nga ginhimuslan nga mga masa magpabagsak sa US-Duterte nga rehimen kag dal-on ang demokratikong rebolusyon sang banwa sa mas mataas nga lebel tubtob sa lubos nga kadalag-an.###