Duterte’s “land reform” is a big fake

Communist Party of the Philippines
February 12, 2019

Duterte’s “land reform” is a big fake. His government falsely claims to have distributed 60,000 hectares of land over the past few months. What Duterte is distributing, in fact, are mere documents requiring recipients to regularly pay burdensome amortization fees before they can claim ownership to the land.

This is not land distribution.This is a mere real estate transaction dressed up as land reform. Over more than thirty years under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), more than 90% of so-called beneficiaries failed to pay their dues, Ieaving them in a worse state than ever before.

The stark reality in the Philippines is that majority of the peasants and farm workers remain landless while land continue to be concentrated in the hands of a few landlords and foreign plantation owners.

Land reform, to be genuine, must distribute land for free to those who till the land. For generations, they have made the land rich and productive through their labor, but have been exploited by the owners of the land in the form of onerous land rent to as much as 50-70% of the total produce, usurious interest payments or grossly low wages for farm workers. The free distribution of land aim to end this system of exploitation.

Land reform is one of two key measures, the other being national industrialization, necessary to end the state of chronic crisis in the country.

The Duterte regime is not carrying out genuine land reform. Not only is Duterte constraining himself within lthe limits set by the CARP, more fundamentally, Duterte is a class affiliate and beholden to the big landlord class and big plantation owners. Duterte will not dare radically change the land property relations in the rural areas through genuine land reform which redounds to the dissolution of the big landlords as a class.

Duterte is making much noise about carrying out land reform only because he wants to fool the peasant masses, make them give up their cause for genuine land reform and thus condemn them to a lifelong of feudal suffering. He is using the spectacle to conceal the vast land areas he is taking away from the peasants to give to big foreign capitalists for mining, energy, tourism and other infrastructure projects.

Recall how he declared land reform in Boracay only to legitimize the grabbing of more than one thousand hectares of ancestral lands of the Ati minority people and reduce them to “owners” of a mere 8 hectares. He is also using the land reform signboard to grab the lands of the Lumad and other minority peoples and peasants.

He is pretending to be a champion of land reform in the futile attempt of drawing the peasant masses away from the New People’s Army (NPA).

In declaring “What do you need the NPA for?” after making a spectacle of “distributing land,” Duterte is actually indirectly acknowledging the fact that it is only the NPA that has been carrying out genuine land reform in the Philippines. Under the Revolutionary Guide to Land Reform, the NPA and the revolutionary masses are carrying out the minimum and maximum program for land reform in all guerrilla fronts across the country to the benefit of millions. Victories in land reform strengthen the foundations of the revolutionary government’s political power in thousands of barangays across the country.

By carrying out land reform, the NPA continues to gain the deep and wide support of the broad masses of peasants. The NPA, a largely peasant army, is determined to push land reform as it wages protracted people’s war to accumulate strength to overthrow the reactionary state of the big landlord class and big bourgeois compradors.

On the malicious and futile attempt of Duterte regime to summon me to Manila

Statement by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
13 February 2019

I pity Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra and Manila Judge Marlo Madoga-Malager for collaborating to have me summoned to Manila and for appearing stupid and grossly ignorant of international law pertaining to my status and my decades-long legal history just to comply with the truly stupid order of their boss Duterte to target me in the proscription case against the CPP and the NPA.

The summons to me from the Philippine authorities is worthless and ineffective in compelling me to appear before the Manila court. As a recognized political refugee in the Netherlands, I am protected by the Refugee Convention and by Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits my deportation to the Philippines or even to a third country. 

The legal protection that I enjoy is well tested and proven valid and effective by the legal and judicial processes that I have undergone to have my name removed from the EU list of terrorists and to cause the dismissal of the false charge of committing the alleged murder of certain individuals in the Philippines by ordering from Dutch territory alleged accomplices to commit the crime directly.

The European Court of Justice ruled in 2009 that my rights had been violated by being listed as terrorist and subjected to sanctions without being informed of the charges, without the benefit of legal counsel and without availing of judicial review. 

The ruling also established that I had not been culpable for any terrorist act and took note that, since I was detained by the Marcos fascist regime in 1977, it had been impossible for me to act as an operational leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines or the New People’s Amy

Earlier, the Dutch Appellate Court in The Hague had ruled in 2007 that I was not an operational leader of the CPP and that there was no proof that I gave orders to NPA personnel. Thus, the false charge of committing murder in the Philippines from my refuge in The Netherlands was dismissed.

The attempt to summon me to the Philippines is malicious and futile. It is a blatantly cheap political maneuver of the tyrannical Duterte regime which has become notorious for committing gross and systematic human rights violations for the purpose of terrorizing the people. 

I enjoy not only the legal protection of the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights but also the moral and political support and protection of the Dutch and all other peoples who are already well aware of the murderous and bloodthirsty character of the Duterte regime.

It is best that Duterte stop his policy and acts of state terrorism, cease and desist from violating the national and democratic rights of the Filipino people, remove all obstacles of his making and give way to the resumption of peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration.###

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Duterte claims of victory vs. revolutionary forces fake – Joma

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
February 10, 2019

Contrary to the false claims of Duterte and his spokesman Panelo, the revolutionary forces of the Filipino people are winning on a nationwide scale. The CPP, NPA, NDFP, the revolutionary mass organizations and the people’s democratic government are growing in strength and advancing against the reactionary government.

It is the reactionary government of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats that is losing and suffering one defeat after another. It makes false claims of victory only by inventing fake surrenders, fake encounters and fake development projects for so-called returnees. Its death squads can only murder the innocent and vulnerable who are misrepresented as “rebels” or “terrorists”.

A tyrannical, treasonous, murderous, corrupt and swindling regime like that of Duterte has no future but total ignominy. This regime is merely a passing phase in the mortal life of the decadent anti-national and anti-democratic government. It has a demented scheme of imposing a full-blown fascist dictatorship on the people but this will actually drive the people to greater resistance and greater revolutionary victory.

Soon after the murder of the people’s hero, Randy Malayao who is a peace advocate and holder of a safe conduct document under the JASIG in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, Duterte offered an insulting and false offer of peace negotiations premised on the surrender and political suicide of the revolutionary forces. Duterte’s false offer of peace negotiations is nothing but a cheap demagogic trick to cover up and distract public attention from the criminal actions of his death squads.

NDFP Chief Political Consultant Prof. Jose Maria Sison / JB

As far as I am concerned, I have already accomplished the lifetime mission that I set for myself since I was 19 years old. I have already laid the theoretical, political and organizational foundation for the resumption and development of the Philippine revolution against against foreign and feudal domination. The revolutionary movement is always being reinvigorated by younger proletarian revolutionaries, Red fighters and mass activists by the hundreds of thousands and millions.

The increase of imperialist powers since 1991, which now includes China and Russia, has intensified inter-imperialist contradictions and pushed the worsening and more frequent recurrence of the crisis of the world capitalist system. The broad masses of the people suffer more oppression and exploitation than ever before but are driven to fight more fiercely for national liberation, democracy and socialism. 

From the current period of political turmoil and social disorder, we are now in transition to a period of great resurgence of the people’s revolutionary forces on a global scale. US imperialism and the local reactionary forces want to destroy the people’s democratic revolution in the Philippines because it has become one of the major factors for the advance of the global anti-imperialist and socialist movement.###

Persevere in attaining greater heights in the National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective


It is with extreme pride and honour that we salute all comrades in celebration of the 47th founding anniversary of the Christians for National Liberation. Carrying forward our theme and thrust from the 8th National Congress, it is with resolute determination that we persevere in attaining greater heights in the National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective by intensifying our participation in the people’s armed revolutionary struggle.

We give the highest honour to our heroes and martyrs who offer their unconditional service in advancing the class struggle and achieve national liberation. 

We offer our high commendation to all members of the Christians for National Liberation and allies who ascribe their militancy to the revolutionary organisation of church people.  This activism is our concrete faith response to the challenges posed by the decadent system and  social realities. By fleshing out our unity and programs, we continue to wage the People’s Democratic Revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

We understand that the global capitalist crisis and inter-imperialist contradictions heightens the worsening conditions of the struggling people and intensifies widespread violations of rights and dignity. This also belabours a favourable condition that forges stronger commitment and growth among revolutionary forces. 

We are already present in 14 regions across the archipelago with chapters and organising groups at the region, sub-region, denomination and institutional levels both among Protestants and Roman Catholics. We have comrades in other countries as well who are only too eager to be established as chapters in the years to come. The strong leadership of our comrades at the National Council and the National Executive Council is instrumental to this positive development.  Our strong unity on our revolutionary line, political orientation, programs and plans have enabled us to breakthrough in organising work among major religious groups, and established strong and critical alliances among church leaders and hierarchy. 

Significant support has been extended to the basic sectors and fronts ranging from materials, documentation, legal and para legal, sanctuaries and medical.  In areas where most capable, church cadres also prepared the way for sectoral organising among peasants and workers. More importantly, Christians for National Liberation has deployed cadres to other sectors and raised armed revolutionaries in the countryside. The consistent solidarity work in the international shores has paved way for humanitarian support and raise the level of political engagements that are mutually beneficial. 

Martial law in Mindanao and the similar de facto situation in other provinces has, on one hand, adversely affected the political work  and consolidation of cadres but also encourage innovative and creative ways to sustain our revolutionary task.  More is still to be done in our solid and step-by-step organising that will eventually develop and equip church cadres serving the protracted war in urban centres and the hinterlands. 

Duterte has revealed himself through and through kowtowing the lines of imperialists and serves as lackey to his masters’ thirst for profit and power. Now more than ever, amidst the relentless reign of terror and tyranny under the worsening semi-colonial semi-feudal conditions of the country, we forge our strong alliance to revolutionary forces of the National Democratic Front  and all nationalist and peace loving Filipino people in building the broadest anti-fascist united front against the US-Duterte regime and bring to reality his ouster. 

We pledge to continue arouse, organise, mobilise the church leadership, clergy, religious, lay and youth in the advancement of the people’s protracted war and raise high the flag of liberation.  

In the face of intense adversity and brazen attack propelled by the blood-thirsty US-Duterte regime, we remain steadfast and continue carry the cross reaching out the broadest of our forces, guided by the programs of the People’s Democratic Revolution, advancing the people’s struggle towards stalemate and strategic victory in the years to come.

Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution!
Long live Christians for National Liberation!
Onward the people’s struggle towards national liberation!

Renmin Malaya

Tribute to Comrade Felix Randy Malayao

February 6, 2019

When they murdered you in your sleep, it woke up even more people to the cause you fought for: a just and lasting peace, genuine freedom, democracy and prosperity to the Filipino people. To the very end, Felix Randy Malayao was a revolutionary and exemplary son of the people.

From the outpouring of rage, grief and condemnation following his brazen killing, we can see a life of service to others that Randy lived.

We see a multifaceted man with the core of a revolutionary – an exceptional student, a youth leader, excellent writer-journalist, scientist, peasant and worker organizer, fraternity brother, almost-chef, prison basketball tournament organizer, teacher to fellow inmates, jail cell“mayor” and even “adviser” to the jail warden, political prisoner, torture victim, internationalistand a warrior for peace and justice.

As a consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel for the peace talks and its Reciprocal Working Group on Political and Constitutional Reforms (RWG-PCR), Randy showed sharpness of grasp of the condition of the people, political acumen honed by revolutionary work, and enthusiasm to the work that marked how he performed every task given to him in the revolutionary movement.

Randy was methodical, patient and a superb organizer who easily adapted to whatever task, wherever it was – organizing a student conference, blooming in jail, and working as an NDFP consultant.

From his student days when he led the formation of progressive student groups and encouraged student publications to the folds of progressive journalism, to his organizing years in northern Philippines, Randy was highly-regarded by the people he met and worked with.

Even the fascism of the State and the bars of jails in Cagayan and Isabela could not contain his determination to continue to be of service to the people. He was abducted in May 2008 and tortured for days before being surfaced then charged with multiple criminal cases. After years in prison, he was eventually acquitted and freed.

His stories while in prison are now legends. He was generous to his fellows in jail – be it in sharing resources he received from families and friends, or imparting his knowledge to them. The initiatives he started and organized including literacy programs, gardening and team- building friendly tournaments were deeply appreciated by everyone.

As a consultant of the NDFP Negotiating Panel for the peace talks and its Reciprocal Working Group on Political and Constitutional Reforms (RWG-PCR), Randy showed sharpness of grasp of the condition of the people and enthusiasm to the work that marked how he performed every task given to him in the revolutionary movement.

As an NDFP consultant, Randy went all over the Philippines and also overseas for consultations and education. He endeared himself to many from all walks of life.

For all he was and all he accomplished, Randy was humble, self-critical and ever aiming to improve his work and those around him.

Those who knew him for decades said that Randy’s favourite song was “You’ve Got to Do More than That” that he first heard in an international gathering of students. He did not only give more, he gave it all.

Randy once said in an interview: bloom where you are planted. Indeed, Randy, wherever the revolution took you, you bloomed and made many people around you bloom, as well. Soon, the enemies of the people will tremble at the beautiful sight of a revolution in full bloom that you helped tender and grow.

You are a martyr, a hero whom the enemies could not face awake. They are cowards as they could only traitorously murder the likes of you – civilians, activists and non-combatants – — but cower from the true people’s army and the armed revolution raging in the countryside.

Ka Randy, you shall forever be extolled in our people’s struggle until victory!Long live your memories! Mabuhay ka!

For the Negotiating Panel
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

NDFP Negotiating Panel Chairperson
Fidel V. Agcaoili

NDFP Negotiating Panel members
Julie de Lima
Coni Ledesma
Benito Tiamzon
Asterio Palima

NDFP Senior Adviser
Luis Jalandoni

NDFP Chief Political Consultant
Prof. Jose Maria Sison


On the slander against Ka Randy Malayao

Communist Party of the Philippines
February 3, 2019

NDFP Consultant Randy Felix Malayao / JB

The Communist Party of the Philippines denounces the Duterte regime’s foulest move in sowing false information surrounding the murder of Ka Randy Malayao. This aims to coverup the responsibility of state agents, specifically Rodrigo Duterte’s death squads, which he himself ordered to carry out the killing.

The Philippine National Police Regional Office 2 is not conducting any investigation on the brutal murder of Malayao on January 30, but is engaged in cover up by spreading intrigue and slandering Ka Randy, who has served the people throughout his life. The PNP is laying the stage for further extrajudicial killings of peace advocates, human rights advocates and other activists.

The revolutionary forces vow to attain justice for Ka Randy and punish the perpetrators of this fascist crime.

We cannot expect the traitor Duterte to stand up for territorial integrity and sovereign rights

Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
February 1, 2019

This photo taken on April 2, 2015 by satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe and released by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative department at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSSI) think-tank shows a satellite image of an under-construction airstrip at Fiery Cross Reef (Kagitingan Reef) in the Spratly Islands in the disputed West Philippine Sea. AFP photo / CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative / Digitalglobe

We cannot expect the traitor Duterte to heed the call of Justice Carpio to stand up for the territorial integrity and sovereign rights of the Philipines and the Filipino people in connection with the Chinese occupation and construction on the Kagitingan Reef (Fiery Cross).

In his electoral campaign for the presidency in 2016, he was financed by the China lobby and the plunderers like the Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas, Remullas and Enriles. The armed minions of Duterte are complicit with him in treason.

Aside from being a traitor, he is bound to bigger plunder in connection with Chinese loans and infrastructure projects and to use state terrorism to assure him of absolute power and limitless accumulation of ill-gotten wealth.

Everyday that Duterte is in power, he victimizes the people with his treason, plunder and the most violent human rights violations. At the rate he is making the people suffer his tyranny and the worsening socio-economic crisis, he should not be allowed to stay long in power. ###

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MANILA- The Philippines should protest China’s recent construction efforts on the Fiery Cross Reef, locally known as the Kagitingan Reef in the West Philippine Sea, Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio said Thursday.

On the brazen intrigue of Chief Superintendent Espino

Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consukltant
January 31, 2019

NDFP Consultant Randy Felix Malayao /JB

The false claim of Chief Superintendent Mario Espino, the regional director of the Philippine National Police in Cagayan Valley, that the murder of Randy Malayao was done by the NPA is a brazen intrigue of the vilest kind.

It has two malicious and evil purposes: 1. to cover up the criminal responsibility of the murdering agents of the Duterte regime and 2. to set the stage for further murders of suspected revolutionaries, peace and human rights advocates and critics by the death squads of the Duterte regime in the PNP and AFP.

Espino is playing the role of intriguer for the benefit of Duterte and his death squads. Duterte and all his armed minions are digging their own graves because they are goading the NPA to launch more tactical offensives by way of demonstrating that they are targeting those responsible for the rising and expanding crimes of state terrorism.

In the face of the propaganda of the Duterte regime to cover up the murder of Randy Malaya and further crimes of state terrorism, there is no other effective way for the NPA to prove the falsity of intrigues and attain a measure of justice for the victims but to deliver more lethal blows on those perpetrating the crimes of state terrorism.###

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On the Brutal Murder of NDFP Consultant Felix Randy Malayao

Press Statement
NDFP Negotiating Panel
January 30, 2019

We, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel express our outrage and strongest condemnation on the brutal murder of Felix Randy Malayao, a publicly known consultant of the NDFP on political and constitutional reforms.

We condole with Ka Randy’s family, friends, comrades and colleagues as we give him our highest honor for his invaluable contributions to the revolutionary movement and the NDFP’s peace efforts.

He participated in the peace talks two years ago and was one of its spokespersons during the formal negotiations. He was an indefatigable worker in the service of the people and was ever ready to present the side of the NDFP in fora, seminars and consultations on the peace talks in the Philippines and overseas.

Ka Randy was a torture victim and a political prisoner for years under the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. He had been acquitted of all charges and was protected by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG) as an NDFP peace consultant.

His killing may very well be a portent of worse moves against NDFP consultants for the peace talks many of whom, such as Vic Ladlad, Adel Silva and Rey Casambre, among others have already been arbitrarily arrested and slapped with trumped up charges.

From unilateral cancellation by the GRP to the flip-flopping statements of Duterte on the negotiations, the peace talks have been stalled as the Duterte government treads the path of all-out war and persistent attacks against the NDFP and its personnel for the peace negotiations.

Ka Randy’s brazen murder indicates an escalation of attacks against peace consultants and serves as a further serious obstacle to the resumption of the peace negotiations with the Duterte government.

The NDFP Negotiating Panel remains committed to the attainment of a just and last peace in the Philippines through peace negotiations. The militarist and terrorist government of Duterte, however, is hell-bent in sabotaging the pursuit for just peace as it intensifies attacks against the NDFP and enables brazen acts such as the murder of Ka Randy.

The heroes hall of the Philippine revolution welcomes Ka Randy. His martyrdom and his untiring work will always be remembered and inspire the struggle against tyranny and for a just peace.###

Fidel V. Agcaoili

NDFP is reconsidering policy of being open to peace negotiations due to the cold-blooded murder of Malayao and other Duterte crimes

Statement of Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 30, 2019

NDFP peace consultant Randy Felix Malayao /JB

NDFP consultant Randy Malayao was not yet murdered by the armed minions of the Duterte regime when I reiterated yesterday the policy of the NDFP of being open to peace negotiations even with the regime. The heinous murder manifests the scheme of the Duterte regime to shun peace negotiations in the first place, escalate its attacks on the people and their leaders and use its all-out war on the revolutionary forces and people as the very excuse for imposing a fascist dictatorship on the people.

In view of the murder of NDFP consultant Randy Malayao, the NDFP and all revolutionary forces within its fold are now in the process of reconsidering its policy of being open to peace negotiations with the GRP under the Duterte regime and are more than ever determined to carry out the overthrow of the the treasonous, tyrannical, murderous and corrupt Duterte regime.

It can be expected therefore that the murder of Randy Malayao and other criminal offenses of the Duterte regime will result in the intensification of revolutionary armed struggle nationwide against a regime hell-bent on going down in history as a butchering monster and enemy of the cause of just peace. The blood of martyrs is never shed in vain. It inspires the greater resistance of the people to tyranny.