China-controlled cell towers in AFP camps will infuriate more patriotic officers

Comment on Chinese Telco Building Cell Towers in AFP Military Camps
Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, September 13, 2019

Crazed by his own corrupt interests, Duterte has allowed the China-controlled telco operated by Duterte’s dummy Dennis Uy to build cell towers inside military camps of the AFP and to avail of the military as security guards for the avowedly private enterprise which is in fact controlled by the Chinese state and its intelligence system.

Duterte is playing with fire. He is mixing up in the same military camps the Chinese telco facilities with the US military facilities also being built under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). The mix-up of facilities of two competing imperialist powers is incendiary and is confusing the mainly pro-US military minions of Duterte.

As a matter of fact, there has long been a rising resentment among the patriotic-minded elements in the military over Duterte’s traitorous sell-out of Philippine sovereign rights to China in the West Philippine Sea. This is now aggravated by Chinese telco facilities being implanted in military camps.

To add insult to the injury to what they consider as national security, the military minions of Duterte are now at public expense the security guards for the snooping facilities of China, which masquerade as private enterprise. An increasing number of junior military officers consider it their patriotic duty to withdraw military support from Duterte and his fellow crooks in power.###

RPA-ABB perfect example of capitulation and collaboration, must be disbanded and condemned

The surrender of firearms of the Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Bongcayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) to the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (ID) last September 8 is nothing but a farce. The truth of the matter is this: the RPA-ABB has long been co-opted by the reactionary regime and is being used by Duterte’s minions to glamorize their futile efforts to end the Philippine Revolution. 

The RPA-ABB already signed a peace pact with the Estrada government in 2000. In January 2002, the Arroyo administration recognized them as a paramilitary unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). In March 2010, the Joint Enforcement and Monitoring Committee (JEMC) with the Tabara-Paduano Group adopted a Strategic Action Plan which defined the concrete activities and all deliverables of the Peace Agreement which included the provision on disposition of firearms and forces. The succeeding Aquino administration set aside P100M for socio-economic projects for the group. And now, the Duterte regime alloted P500M for the transition plan which includes social protection programs, livelihood and employment assistance and such. Even more comical is that the RPA-ABB allegedly surrendered their firearms in exchange for government-issued ones as soon as they complete the 45-day candidacy training of the Community Defense Unit. 

Theirs is not an example of a successful implementation of localized peace engagement but a perfect example of capitulation and collaboration. The entry of RPA-ABB leader and Abang Lingkod Partylist Representative Stephen “Carapali” Paduano into mainstream politics is proof that they are coddled by landlords in Negros. The huge amount of funds allocated by the reactionary government is up for corruption especially by the top ranks in the AFP and PNP and government officials.

There is nothing revolutionary with the RPA-ABB. They are nothing but renegades turned bandits and armed mercenaries involved in heinous crimes and other anti-people activities. As paramilitary of the AFP, they are further emboldened to commit unbridled abuses. It is public knowledge that they are behind several atrocities in Negros. The brutal massacre of 9 farmers in Sagay last October 2018 was their handiwork. They serve as private goons of big, despotic landlords and businessmen in grabbing vast tracts of lands from peasants. They have a long history of harassment and killings of innocent civilians and progressive militant leaders not only in Negros but also in other areas where they operate. They have become a willing machinery of the reactionary state for “counter-insurgency” and extra-judicial killings. 

The people can easily unmask this charade. What the RPA-ABB deserves is disbandment and condemnation. They must be made to answer to their crimes against the people.###

For reference:
Ka Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army – Negros Island

Walang lulutasin ang pagsunod ng lokal na pamahalaan ng Quezon sa pagpirma sa ready-made resolution ng Solcom-AFP

NPA-Quezon (Apolonio Mendoza Command) spokesperson Ka Cleo del Mundo


Ka Cleo del Mundo, Tagapagsalita

Ang pagdedeklara ng pamahalaang lokal ng lalawigan ng Quezon na persona non grata ang Communist Party of the Philippines at New People’s Army ay walang ibang silbi kundi ang pagtakpan ang pagkabangkarote ng NTF/RTF End Local Communist Armed Conflict ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

Para sa CPP-NPA, walang kabuluhang ligal ang resolusyon ng Tanggapan ng Gubernador at Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Quezon dahil wala namang anumang ugnayan ang CPP-NPA sa alinmang LGU at ahensya ng pamahalaang Duterte.

Lalo nang walang saysay sa pulitika ito dahil sino ang uutuin ng Southern Luzon Command sa isang yari-ng-resolusyon na isinubo nila at idinaan sa pambabaraso para mapasunod ang mga local executive sa probinsya. Sa katunayan, signipikante ang bilang ng mga lingkod-bayan sa pamahalaang lokal na nakikipagmabutihan sa rebolusyunaryong kilusan habang iisang tumpok ng bugnoy-na-niyog ang mga lantarang kontra-rebolusyunaryo sa Quezon.

Magkaganito mang may katawa-tawang deklarasyon ang gubernador at bise-gubernador ng Quezon, hindi nito mababago ang patuloy na pag-iral ng sariling paggugubyerno ng rebolusyunaryong mamamayan sa malawak na kanayunan ng probinsya.

Ang demokratikong gubyernong bayan sa maraming baryo at bayan ng kanayunan ng Quezon ay may tiyak na mandato na nagmula mismo sa nasasakupan nitong mamamayan. Ang pag-iral ng sariling gubyerno at armadong pwersa na nagtatanggol sa kanyang teritoryong nasasakupan, nagpapatupad ng sariling batas, kaayusang publiko at pagbubuwis, at nagtataguyod ng sistema ng hustisya na patas at kumikilala sa pantay na karapatan ng lahat ang nagpapawalambisa sa deklarasyon ng pamahalaang lokal ng Quezon.

Imbalido ang naturang resolusyon. Panghilot lamang ito sa ego ng amo nilang si Meyor Duterte na araw-araw ay kailangan nilang purihin ang kapalaluan at pagmamagaling.

Resolusyon para sa pag-aangat ng kabuhayan ng maralita ang kagyat na kahilingan sa probinsya. Sa halip, dapat na tugunan ng lokal na ehekutibo ang lampas-isang taon ng kahilingan ng magsasaka sa niyugan na magdeklara ng state of calamity para maglaan ng pondo ang mga naging biktima ng tagtuyot at patuloy na hindi makabangon dahil sa bagsak na presyo ng kopra at buong niyog.

Ang mga ganitong resolusyon na nagmula at may suporta mismo ng mahigit 200 libong pamilya ng magniniyog ang dapat tugunan ng lokal na pamahalaan kung sadyang seryoso sila na lutasin ang ugat ng armadong tunggalian sa kanayunan ng lalawigan.

Hindi ang palabigasan ng mga opisyal ng sundalo at pulis na E-CLIP, na ang ibig sabihin ay pekeng pagsusuko, ang solusyon sa pag-aarmas ng magsasaka, kaya hindi dapat suportahan ng mamamayan.  

Nanawagan kami sa mamamayan ng lalawigan na patuloy na makilahok sa usaping panlipunan para higit na mapalakas ang paggugubyernong nakabatay sa suporta at interes nila. Dapat na maging mapaggiit sila sa pagsusulong ng kanilang mga kahilingan at matapang na tumutol sa patakaran at programang hindi para sa kanila.

Krusyal ang unang 100-araw ng gubyernong Suarez para patunayan nito ang sinseridad ng Serbisyong Suarez sa mga taga-Quezon.

Sa huli, ang pagkilala at pagrespeto sa mga demokratikong karapatan ng mga mamamayan at mga organisasyon at pakikibaka ng mamamayan ay hindi nakasalalay sa personal na kagustuhan o pagsang-ayon ninumang opisyal ng sundalo at pulis, local executives o maging ni Duterte mismo. 

Likas ang karapatan ng mamamayan na dapat igiit at ipagtanggol kapag ito ay pinagbabantaan at sinisikil.#

CAA-AFP detachments are sanctuaries for criminals

Jasmen Acevedo’s bandit gang have long been active members and bask under its protection


The much-ballyhooed surrender on September 4 of notorious bandit chief Jasmen Acevedo together with his armed band before a smirking PNP-Surigao del Sur is farcical and deceptive.  Indeed, Acevedo and his gang, despite standing warrants of arrest for three counts of robbery with homicide, have long been on active duty at the CAA-36th IB detachment in Brgy. Umalag, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur. Local government and police officials in San Miguel town have long been aware of Acevedo’s whereabouts, and they could have had him arrested anytime long before his so-called “voluntary surrender.” 

Acevedo’s bandit group is notorious for crimes committed in the municipality of San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, such as robbery, murder, land grabbing, forcible exaction from poor farmers especially during harvest season and extorting from small-scale miners in the area.  This has been a great worry for many residents there. However, since this group is under the protection of the AFP and the PNP, they remain free to continue with their vile criminal activities, threatening the very lives of residents in the area.

Clearly, CAA-SCAA-AFP detachments in Caraga have become sanctuaries for criminals.  Aside from the army detachment in Brgy. Umalag, other examples include: the CAA-3rd SFB detachment in Sitios Inagawan ang Gakub in Brgy. La Purisima and Brgy. Sta. Irene in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur where Calpit Egua’s bandit group thrive; the CAA-36th IB detachment in Brgy. Panikyan, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur which serves as a base for the bandit Bagani group; and, the CAA-3rd SFB detachment in Brgy. Bolhoon in San Miguel, where Emerson Cuarteron’s criminal gang hide out. 

Moreover, AFP and PNP officials connive with these bandit groups in running illegal small-scale mines as a cash cow.  The same military officials also illicitly rent out AFP firearms to these criminal gangs in defense of their illegal mining activities.  

These criminal groups are purposely left intact and unpunished for the AFP’s and PNP’s continuing campaign of repression against people’s struggles. The AFP and PNP heavily depend on these criminals for their ruthlessness as rabid counter-revolutionaries.

Thus, such machinations by the AFP and PNP must be widely exposed and opposed. Strongly push for the complete dismantling of these groups and punish the criminals on the actual weight of the heinousness of their crimes.  The NPA must launch tactical offensives against these fascist troops as punishment for their crimes and render justice for the victims of these criminals who currently enjoy the protection of the AFP and PNP.###

Ka Ariel Montero


Usa ka dakung kataw-anan ug kamalinglahon ang gipasiatab sa  kapulisan sa Surigao del Sur sa pakanang pagsurender  sa bandidong lider nga si Jasmen Acevedo uban sa iyang mga armadong ginsakpan niadtong  unang semana sa Septembre 2019. Tungod kay si Jasmen Acevedo mismo uban sa iyang mga ginsakpan dugay nang nag-duty  diha  sa CAA-36th IB detatsment  sa Barangay Umalag, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur taliwala nga anaa na kini warrant of arrest. Ang mga opisyal ug kapolisan mismo sa lungsod sa San Miguel nasayod niini ug kun gustohon nilang dakpon mahimo kaayo kini kaniadto pa bisan unsang orasa. 

Ang bandidong grupo ni Jasmen Acevedo  nabantog sa mga kriminal nga binuhatan diha sa mga kabaryohan sa lungsod sa San Miguel, sama sa pagpanulis, pagpatay, pagpangilog og yuta, pagpangilkil  ngadto sa mga mag-uuma ilabina panahon sa ting-ani, ug pagpanghukhok sa mga gagmay’ng minero sa maong mga lugar. Gikaproblema na kaayo kini sa mga lumulupyo dinhi.  Apan gumikan kay giprotektahan kining maong bandidong grupo sa AFP ug PNP, padayon kining nagsabwag og kahasol ug nakahulga sa kinabuhi sa mga lumulupyo. 

Dayag kaayo nga ang mga CAA- SCAA -AFP detatsment nahimong pugaran sa mga kriminal. Dili lang kini sa kaso sa detatsment sa Umalag apan sa kadaghanang mga detatsment sa rehiyon. Pipila ka pananglitan niini mao ang CAA – 3rd SFB detatsment sa Sityo Inagawan ug Gakub sa Barangay La Purisima,  ug sa Barangay Sta. Irene sa Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur nga naa nagpuyo ang bandidong grupo ni Calpit Egua; ang CAA-36th IB detatsment sa Barangay Panikyan, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur nga naa ang bandidong  grupong bagani; ug  ang CAA-3rd SFB detatsment sa Barangay Bolhoon sa San Miguel nga naa magsulod-gawas ang kriminal nga grupo ni  Emerson Cuarteron.  

Dugang pa, gikakunsabo sa mga opisyal sa AFP ug PNP ang mga bandidong pundok sa pagpadagan sa ilegal nga mga gagmay’ng minahan alang sa pangwarta. Gipaabangan usab niining maong mga opisyal ang mga armas sa AFP ngadto  sa mga kriminal nga pundok alang sa ilegal nga pagmina.

Tinuyong wala gibungkag ug gisilotan kining maong mga kriminal nga pundok. Tungod kay, mapuslan pa kini  sa AFP ug PNP  alang sa ilang mapanumpuong mga lakang batok  sa nagpadayon nga pakigbisog sa katawhan. Masaligon ang AFP ug PNP niining maong mga kriminal tungod sa ilang  kamangtas ug lunod-patay nga kontra-rebolusyonaryo.

Busa, gikinahanglan ang malukpanong pagbutyag niining mga hugaw nga maniobra sa AFP ug PNP. Ipanghingusog nga hingpit bungkagon kining maong mga pundok ug silotan ang mga kriminal subay sa ilang mga salaod nga nahimo.  Ilunsad sa BHB ang mga taktikal nga opensiba batok sa mga pasistang tropa aron paninglon sila sa ilang mga krimen nga nahimo ug mahatagan og hustisya ang mga biktima batok sa mga kriminal nga giprotektahan sa AFP ug PNP. 

Duterte’s threat of Interpol arrest bares ignorance of international law

On the false charge against me and the postwar that I am subject to extradition
By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Interpol cannot arrest me because I am a recognized political refugee. I am protected by the Refugee Convention and by the European Convention on Human Rights. There is also no extradition treaty between the Netherlands and the Philippines, not to mention the Europe-wide bad standing of the Duterte regime as human rights violator and mass murderer.

The charge is invalid and cannot pass the test of due process in the Netherlands. I have my rights to be informed of the charge, to have counsel and to ask for judicial review. My lawyers can easily debunk the charge which refers to a fabricated incident in 1985. I was then under maximum security detention and had no authority in the CPP and NPA. 

My points here are sustained by previous court decisions in the Netherlands at the highest level of the judicial system. Duterte and his military nincompoops are just doing psywar about something that they do not know anything about. They merely expose their ignorance of international law by repeatedly yakking that I am subject to extradition by Interpol.

Dutch government and the European Union will not violate international law just to accommodate the tyrannical and murderous Duterte regime

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Eduardo Ano does not know what he is talking about. He just wants to do empty-headed psywar to disinform the public. He does not understand how as a recognized refugee, I am well protected by the Geneva Refugee Convention and by the European Convention on Human Rights whose Article 3 give me absolute protection from being put at any risk of being subjected to torture and other inhumane and cruel treatment.

The current false charge against me is far more baseless and ridiculous than previous false charges made against me. When the fake Inopacan massacre was supposed to have occurred in 1985, I was under maximum security detention and had no authority whatsoever in the CPP or NPA. As soon as I was arrested in 1977, I lost my position in the CPP and was held under maximum security detention by the military.

In the entire European Union and entire world, the Duterte regime is notorious as a murderous violator of human rights. The people of the world know how much the Filipino people detest the regime as tyrannical, treasonous, murderous, corrupt and deceptive. The whole world knows that the regime red tags, frames up and kills people with impunity. The Dutch government and EU will not violate international law just to accommodate a tyrant and mass murderer like Duterte.

Paghuhugas-kamay ni Duterte sa kurapsyon sa BuCor, isang desperadong hakbang

NPA-Southern Tagalog spokesperson Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla / Photo: Boy Bagwis |

Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla, Tagapagsalita,
Melito Glor Command, New People’s Army – Southern Tagalog

Naobliga ang hambog na presidente ng reaksyunaryong Gobyerno ng Republika ng Pilpinas na si Rodrigo Roa Duterte na ipag-utos na bawiin ang ginawang pagpapalaya sa 1,900 kriminal na may mga kasong heinous crimes. Nagkandarapa siya sa takot nang kundinahin siya ng buong sambayanan at salubungin ng galit sa pakanang paggawad ng kanyang masugid na alipures na si Nicanor Faeldon ng Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) kahit sa mga may kasong karumaldumal na krimen. Pangitang-pangita rin ang kurapsyon sa hanay ng reaksyunaryong ahensyang Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) dahil siyento porsyentong binayaran ang inutil na ahensya ng mga maiimpluensyang bilanggo sa National Penitentiary.  

Para iwasang masingil ng taumbayan, agarang sinibak nito si Faeldon upang isalba ang sariling reputasyon  sa publiko. Para kunwang may pangil ang kautusan ni Duterte na ibalik sa kulungan ang mga pinalayang bilanggo, nagbanta siya ng isang milyong patong sa ulo sa bawat mahuhuling bilanggo na pinalaya sa ilalim ng GCTA. Hindi pa nasiyahan, inutusan niya pa ang AFP-PNP na hulihin ng patay o buhay ang mga nakalayang bilanggo sa loob ng 15 araw. Hinamon niya pa ang New People’s Army (NPA) na tumulong sa pagdakip sa mga nakalayang bilanggo at baka maging daan ito sa muling pagbubukas ng usapang pangkapayapaan. 

Malinaw na ang pag-aalok ng rehimeng US-Duterte na tumulong ang rebolusyunaryong kilusan (CPP-NPA-NDFP) sa pagdakip sa mga pinalayang bilanggo ng mga kurap na pinuno ng BuCor (Bureau of Corrections) ay pagpapakita na hindi ito nagtatagumpay sa paggamit ng kamay na bakal ng pasismo sa lumalabang sambayanang Pilipino. Malaking kahihiyan ang pa-bastang pananawagan ni Duterte na umupo sa mesa ng kapayapaan ang CPP-NPA-NDFP sa kabila ng kanyang pagmamayabang na tatapusin ang armadong pakikibaka bago matapos ang kanyang termino sa 2022. Kahit hindi hamunin ni Duterte ang NPA, ang NPA ay lagi’t laging handang tumulong at magbigay katarungan sa mga biktima ng mapaniil na sistema ng hustisya sa bansa. Hindi kailangang hamunin ni Duterte ang NPA dahil may sarili itong pinapatupad na rebolusyunaryong hustisya para lamang sa muling pagbuhay sa usapang pangkapayaan. Sa kasalukuyan, hindi na umaasa ang rebolusyunaryong kilusan sa ilalim ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte na muling mabuksan ang nauntol na usapang pangkapayaan. Makakaasa ang mamamayan, laluna ang pamilya ng mga bikitma ng karumaldumal na krimen, sa tulong ng rebolusyunaryong kilusan na mabibigyan sila katarungan at hustisya.

Buong tatag, tapang at determinasyong haharapin ng CPP-NPA-NDFP kasama ang malawak na masa ng sambayanang Pilipino ang pasistang pananalakay at karahasan ng mersenaryong tropa ng pasista at tiranikong rehimeng US-Duterte sa rehiyon Timog Katagalugan at sa buong bansa. Kaalinsabay na nanawagan ang Melito Glor Command – NPA Southern Tagalog sa lahat ng mamamayang mapagmahal sa kapayapaan at katarungan na buong pagkakaisang tutulan at labanan ang lumalalang pasismo ng estado sa buong rehiyon at sa buong bansa. Sama-sama nating biguin ang kapalaluan ng pasista at tiranikong rehimeng US-Duterte na ipailalim ang bansa sa kanyang kontrol at pasistang paghahari.###

Reptilian minds of Duterte and Panelo cannot intimidate me and defeat the revolution

Photo NDFP Archive

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant


The shyster Panelo who fixes the cases of his convicted clients by abusing political power cannot preach to me about appearing before any rotten court of the Duterte regime.

The charge against me is patently false. I was under maximum security detention in 1985 and as a prisoner I had no position in the CPP or NPA at the the time.

I have the right and reason to refuse surrendering myself to a tyrannical regime that fabricates false charges to persecute its critics and opponents.

As a recognized political refugee, I am well protected by the Geneva Refugee Convention and by the European Convention on Human Rights. There is no way for the Duterte regime to put its murderous hands on me.

Filipino compatriots and Dutch solidarity friends are also prepared against any attempt of the tyrannical Duterte regime to send a death squad and kill me in The Netherlands. We have been aware of the murder scheme since 2017.

Duterte and Panelo keep on boasting that they are successful at gaining reactionary power and taunting me that the Filipino people’s democratic revolution has not yet captured the presidential palace in Manila.

The crocodile Duterte and lizard Panelo cannot understand in their reptilian minds that the people’s democratic revolution continues to grow and advance and that the people’s democratic government has already spread on a nationwide scale in the guerrilla fronts.

There are two governments in the Philippines (one is reactionary and the other is revolutionary) as a result of the Filipino people’s resistance to the persistent oppression and exploitation by US imperialism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism represented by the Duterte puppet regime.###

Riposte to Duterte and the palace lizard Panelo

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
September 2, 2019

Duterte and Panelo belong to my same senior age bracket and are not any much younger than I am. It is politically and intellectually bankrupt for Panelo to refer to my aging. The ad hominem remarks against me are stupid, impertinent and devoid of reason. It is an attempt to distract attention from the issues that I raise.

I have stood for the sovereign rights of the Philippines and the Filipino people over the exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea and have exposed and condemned the traitorous sell-out of such sovereign rights to China by Duterte. This position of mine is supported by the broad masses of the people, the revolutionary movement and by the most responsible leaders, organizations and institutions motivated by patriotism.

Palace hits ‘aging armchair passé rebel’ Sison over remarks vs Duterte

Inquirer Mobile

Duterte regime releases worst criminals but accumulates political prisoners

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 31, 2019

Because the Philippine reactionary government is run by the tyrant Duterte, militarist butchers and criminal gangsters, those imprisoned for heinous crimes, including murder, rape and drug trafficking, are being released in big numbers already estimated to be 800 to 2000.

In sharp contrast, the tyrannical regime refuses to release the political prisoners and continues to accumulate them on trumped-up charges of common crimes. Furthermore Duterte has already announced that he will unleash more trouble against critics and opponents of his terrorist regime.

Among the possible kinds of trouble expected from the evil regime is the intensification of red-tagging, fabrication of charges against critics and opponents, false flag operations, exemplary killings in urban areas and mass arrests. The tyrant is forcing the people to fight back the way they did heroically against the Marcos dictatorship.