On Duterte and His Parrot Roque

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
Press Statement, January 17, 2018

I am glad that Duterte, through his parrot Harry Roque, has made himself clear that he never had the intention of meeting me and was lying when he told Mindanews that he wished to meet me in particular and converse one-on-one with me in a room.

Of course, when I first read the report on Duterte´s interview with Mindanews I had some misgivings that he did not mean what he said because of his notoriety for saying one thing and then saying the opposite within a short period and also because of his arrogance and anger in setting  some absurd preconditions, like the CPP and NPA humbling themselves and capitulating to his tyrannical rule.

Nevertheless, in the interest of the Filipino people and in my sincere wish to find a way for the resumption of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, I preferred to give importance to Duterte´s public offer of a private conversation and I agreed to meet him in a country near the Philippines.

Comrades, friends and my lawyers reminded me of Duterte´s treacherous character, his previous threats to kill me and  warned me against my meeting him in any place under his full control and under conditions of his proclaimed all-out war policy, martial law, termination of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations and designation of the CPP, NPA and their suspected supporters as “terrorists.”

I have therefore suggested a neutral venue abroad for the one-on-one conversation with Duterte.  I cannot submit myself to the disposition of anyone that boasts of himself as a murderer with impunity at the age of sixteen and as an instigator of mass murders that have already offended the Filipino people and other peoples of the world.

The pompous parrot Roque also makes himself and his master look utterly stupid by insisting that the CPP and the NPA, both pillars off the people´s government, surrender themselves to the mechanisms of the reactionary government of big compradors and landlords that are servile to foreign interests.

At this juncture,  I must say that it is too difficult or impossible to have any kind of serious conversation or negotiations anywhere with someone already crazed by power, fentanyl and the drive for fascist dictatorship. His main interest now in the CPP and NPA is to make them the scapegoats to justify martial  rule and military campaigns of mass murder.

Duterte is either ignorant or merely contemptuous of the peace process.  His complaints or allegations against the CPP and NPA can be easily submitted  by his negotiating panel to the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) created under the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

The NDFP has far more serious complaints against the AFP, PNP and their armed auxiliaries and has submitted these to the JMC so as not to disrupt the negotiations on the substantive agenda of social and economic reforms; and political and constitutional reforms.

But Duterte had repeatedly rushed to the mass media  to attack  the CPP, NPA and the NDFP; and to declare as many as three times the termination of the peace negotiations within a short period. Since the very beginning of the peace negotiations, he has never had the intention of fulfilling his promise to amnesty and release all political prisoners in compliance with CARHRIHL.

There is something terribly wrong with Duterte´s mentality and behavior.  He must be examined and treated by a team of psychiatrists as being demanded of his imperialist master and fellow shithole Trump in the United States.

It is also advisable for the pipsqueak Roque to have his head and mouth examined for presuming that out of his own bloated  sense of self-importance dependent on a nutty shithole he can evaluate  and  downgrade others who are very much beyond  his sphere of sychopancy. He should realise by this time that human rights associations and activists are contemoptuous of him as the servant of a monstrous human rights violator.

But let me give some kind of praise for Duterte and Roque.  I think that the revolutionary forces and the people are thankful  to them for making it absolutely clear that they are responsible for  the termination of the peace negotiations and  for the rising intensity of the people´s armed revolution  for national and social liberation against the oppressive and exploitative state, now once more in the grip of a fascist dictatorhip.

The revolutionary forces are correct in saying that it is far easier  for them to  single-mindedly oust the US-directed Duterte regime than to negotiate and make a just peace agreement with it.  The process of ousting the regime is a way of strengthening the revolutionary forces and the people against the entire semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system.###


On the Order to Close Down Rappler and the Railroading of Bicameral Resolution No.8

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
Press Statement | January 17, 2018

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) order to close down Rappler and the railroading of bicameral Resolution No.8 of both Houses of Congress to constitute themselves as the Constituent Assembly and to carry out charter change are part of the chain of events to impose the fascist dictatorship of Duterte on the Filipino people.

Prior events in the chain include the escalation of all-out war under Oplan Kapayapaan, frenzied extrajudicial killings in both urban and rural areas, extension of the duration of martial law in Mindanao until the end of 2018, the threat of martial law nationwide, the termination of peace negotiations with the NDFP and the labelling of the CPP and NPA and suspected supporters as “terrorists.”

Duterte is hellbent on imposing fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people and is flagrantly using basically the same strategy and tactics of mass murder, intimidation, corruption and charter change as the late fascist dictator Marcos used.

Duterte´s pretense to change the unitary form of government to that of a federation is akin to Marcos´ pretense to shift to the parliamentary form of government. As in the case of Marcos, the real objective of Duterte is to concentrate powers in his hands as fascist dictator, to prolong his rule and serve his imperialist masters and fellow oligarchs and warlords through the transitional and regular provisons of a sham constitution.

Upon the ratification of a pseudo-federal constitution, Duterte will assume the powers of both the President and the Prime Minister. Elections next year will be canceled, with Duterte´s super majority in control of Congress and rewarding themselves with extended terms at higher salaries and bigger pork barrel benefits. He will be able to rule like an absolute monarch during the transition period, the end of which is not stipulated.

Charter change is not really to establish a federal government but a fascist dictatorship on top of a new layer of extremely expensive regional goverments ruled by big compradors, landlords, corrupt bureaucrats and warlords like Duterte. Duterte and his ilk want to do away with the restrictions on foreign investors, deliver to them cheap labor and the natural resources of the country, prevent national indutrialization and land reform and bury the people under mountains of foreign and local debt and heavier taxes on consumption goods as the trade and budgetary deficits grow.

Duterte´s reign of greed and terror is inflicting intolerable suffering on the Filipino people and is driving them to wage various forms of resistance. There is now a broad united front of antifascist, anti-imperialist and antifeudal forces moving to isolate and overthrow the Duterte regime. Unwittingly, this tyrannical rule is inciting the revolutionary forces and broad masses of the people to intensify the new democratic revolution against the entire semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system.###

Tribute to Veteran Journalist Rolando “Rolly” Espina

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
National Executive Committee

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines renders high tribute to veteran journalist ROLANDO “ROLLY” ESPINA, who passed away peacefully on December 28, 2017. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his eleven children, 23 grandchildren, five great grandchildren, colleagues and numerous friends.

Upon his death, his daughter, herself a well-known journalist and former president of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said in touching tribute: “Thank you for THE GIFT OF YOU!”

From his journalist son, Nonoy, we learn that he covered the march of the Lapiang Malaya which was attacked by government troopers. Rolly Espina dragged wounded some victims to safety and his pediatician wife, Lourdes “Nene” Llavore administerd first aid.

Rolly Espina was a journalist for more than 50 years. He was with the pre-martial law Chronicle, bureau chief of the Philippine News Agency, and correspondent of various wire service and foreign periodicals. He was also an editor with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and later the Philippine Star.

Of great importance for the NDFP, is the fact that he was twice the Vice-President of the National Press Club together with his close friend, during the dual term of the NPC President Antonio Zumel. Zumel would later be the first Chairperson of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and hailed as a revolutionary leader of the Filipino people.

After the Ampatuan massacre of 32 media persons, Rolly joined marches advocating press freedom.

He was also a noted civic leader, the recipient of several awards in recognition of his professional and civic accomplishments, including the Banwahanon Award.

His family, colleagues and friends gave a moving farewell to him. Among his children, those who have followed in his footsteps and have become outstanding journalists are Inday Espina-Varona and Nonoy Espina.

May the noble legacy and memory of ROLANDO “ROLLY” ESPINA be a model for other media people and a continuing inspiration to them and the Filipino people.

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Unite the Filipino people to resist and overthrow the fascist US-Duterte regime

Central Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines

26 December 2017

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines conveys its warmest greetings to the Filipino people and the entire membership of the CPP on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Party’s reestablishment on the theoretical foundation of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the general political line of people’s democratic revolution through people’s war.

We salute all Party cadres and members for strengthening the Party ideologically, politically and organizationally, for successfully leading the New People’s Army in advancing the people’s war, for broadening the National Democratic Front, the revolutionary mass organizations and the local organs of political power, and for steadfastly marching at the head of the broad masses of the people in fighting for genuine national independence and democracy against the reactionary rule of the big compradors and landlords subservient to US imperialism.

We pay the highest honors to all heroes and martyrs who have made the greatest sacrifice in order to advance the cause of the national democratic revolution. We recognize as well the contributions of so-many veteran cadres and members who continue to dedicate their lives for the people’s revolutionary struggle.

The Filipino people are confronted with the Duterte regime’s fascist tyranny, all-out war and headlong push toward a fascist dictatorship under the guise of a fake federal setup. Duterte and his militaristic minions are hell-bent on unleashing the full brunt of state terrorism to destroy the people’s revolutionary and progressive forces and all resistance to his brutal puppet and reactionary rule.

The Party and revolutionary forces are resolved to resist and defeat the worst fascist onslaughts of Duterte through people’s war, all-out mobilization of the exploited and oppressed masses and by building the broadest possible united front of all patriotic, democratic and positive forces and elements. The Party and revolutionary forces are optimistic that with arduous struggle and relentless hard work, they can overcome Duterte’s fascist rampage and accumulate the all-rounded strength required to overthrow his fascist puppet rule and advance the revolutionary people’s war to a new and higher level.

We are looking forward to mark the Party’s 50th anniversary next year with even bigger and more momentous victories in the ideological, political and organizational fields. We will take the opportunity to look back at the Party’s history and celebrate the Party’s heroic and indefatigable struggle as a way of looking forward and charting the future path of the national democratic and socialist revolutions in the country.

The Filipino people are suffering gravely under the Duterte regime’s fascist tyranny, all-out economic liberalization and bureaucratic corruption. The entire Party and all revolutionary forces must exert vigorous efforts to unite the Filipino people in a broad united front to resist and overthrow the fascist Duterte regime as they did the Marcos dictatorship and the Estrada regime.

I. Build the broadest united front to overthrow the US-Duterte regime and its rule of fascist terror

The Filipino people hold the US-Duterte regime responsible for perpetrating gross violations of human rights and other crimes through the use of state terrorism, imposing martial law in Mindanao and ordering the military to “flatten the hills” in unleashing an all-out war of suppression.

The regime unleashed a wave of mass murder under its so-called war against drugs with an estimated 13,000 killed in one year alone, surpassing the number of killings under the 14-year Marcos dictatorship. It carried out the brutal siege of Marawi which was pounded by US-directed aerial bombardment and heavy artillery causing the massive destruction of people’s lives, homes and civilian infrastructure.

It carries out attacks against the toiling masses of peasants and workers, as well as against the Bangsamoro, Lumad, Cordillera and other national minorities. There are mounting cases of killings, massacres, illegal arrests and torture. There are unmistakable indications that Duterte’s death squads have grown bigger and have been deployed nationwide and embedded within the police and military organizations.

The regime subjects civilian communities in the countryside to armed occupation, food blockades, military-imposed curfews and other forms of population and resource control, as well as drone surveillance, aerial bombings and shelling. Rural community schools and other socio-economic initiatives are red-tagged and attacked by the military. Close to half a million people have been displaced from their homes as a result of AFP operations.

Duterte is obsessed with imposing a military and police approach to suppress the mounting clamor for fundamental social change amid the seething socio-economic problems besetting the Filipino people. He made a complete turnaround from his earlier declaration of being a socialist and “the first Leftist president” in the country. He has totally reneged on his promised sweeping reforms and uplifting the lives of the impoverished masses.

The Duterte regime imposed its armed might on the Bangsamoro people through the Marawi siege and continuing deployment of large numbers of fascist troops to carry out the armed suppression of Moro resistance. By doing so, Duterte wants all Moro groups to submit themselves to his watered-down Bangsamoro Basic Law or to his plan of a pseudo-federal government.

The Duterte regime is completely discredited for its failure to fulfill its promise of solving the illegal drug problem within the first six months. Worse, it has been exposed that his relatives (including son Paulo and son-in-law Carpio) and associates are involved in the smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs.

Duterte issued Proclamation No. 360 terminating the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and thus, rejecting further efforts under his rule toward a negotiated solution to the long-running civil war. He subsequently issued Proclamation No. 374 to proscribe the CPP and NPA as terrorist organizations under the RA 10168 (The Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act of 2012). Duterte has wilfully and maliciously followed the baton of the US imperialists who have long made use of including the CPP-NPA in its “terror list” to further justify military intervention in the Philippines.

The resort to terror tagging is a futile attempt to discredit and attack the Filipino people’s revolutionary forces and their age-long aspiration for national freedom and social justice. It also aims to cover-up the state-sponsored terrorism wreaking havoc on the lives and livelihood of the people. It sets the stage for a ruthless clampdown against the legal democratic and progressive forces. It is also an overt threat against all forces who are supportive or sympathetic to the Party and people’s revolutionary government or are deferential to its authority.

Duterte’s vicious attacks against the Party and the national democratic forces aim to consolidate the support of the US government and AFP for his tyrannical rule. It serves his strongman ambitions of establishing a fascist dictatorship.

He perpetuates and practices corruption by making use of public funds to consolidate his rule and monopolize political power. The House of Representatives is a veritable rubber-stamp with Duterte’s super-majority in place. The Senate is not much better in exercising independence or its much-touted role as a “fiscalizer.” He has threatened the chief justice with impeachment to keep the supreme court toeing the line.

Plans are afoot to railroad the revision and supplantation of the 1987 constitution next year through a constituent assembly to establish a pseudo-federal form of government where he will sit on top and at the center. The most detested plunderers and political dynasties as well as highly discredited politicians (Arroyos, Marcoses, Estradas and the like) are looking forward to be installed as ministers or officers of Duterte’s federal government project.

Duterte has exposed himself thoroughly as a tyrannical chief executive of the oppressive and exploitative semicolonial and semifeudal system. He is basically no different from previous reactionary puppet rulers, and in some ways, has proven himself much worse especially in terms of brazen use of fascist terror and gross disregard for human rights.

He is set on all-out liberalization of the economy in accordance with US imperialist imposition. He plans to take advantage of scrapping the 1987 constitution to push for the complete removal of constitutional provisions protective of economic sovereignty, national patrimony and Filipino entrepreneurs.

He has railroaded a new tax law which aims to increase government revenues by PHP 600 billion by imposing a heavier tax burden on workers and peasants through increased excise taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel, kerosene, gasoline and other oil products, coal and other consumption goods and services. This is bound to cause further impoverishment of the toiling masses as the cost of living spiral up and real wages plummet.

Duterte’s avowal for free land distribution was mere lip service. There are now increasing number of cases of land use conversion where peasant tillers and farm workers are evicted from their lands in favor of real estate and ecotourism projects and expansion of corporate plantations. Tens of thousands of peasants are denied control of their land by agribusiness venture agreements with big capitalist plantation owners.

The Duterte regime has perpetuated the policy of privatization under which the people continue to suffer from deteriorating public health, education and transportation, spiraling costs of communications, public conveyance, water, electricity and other utilities. The much lauded free tuition law is threatened with budget cuts to state colleges and universities.

The Duterte regime is increasing allocations for the military to fund the formation of at least ten more battalions of combat troops and the purchase of new weaponry. In addition to definite allocations to the defense department, the Office of the President controls billions of pesos of discretionary and intelligence funds preferentially used for the military at the expense of more basic needs of the people.

The Filipino people abhor the Duterte regime for its false promises of reform and utter contempt of the toiling masses, for its subservience to the US imperialists after making false patriotic pretensions, for claiming to denounce corruption but using public funds to line the pockets of his loyalists and extend privileges to favored oligarchs and for perpetrating a campaign of death and destruction in complete disregard of human rights.

The Filipino people, therefore, demand an end to the fascist, puppet and corrupt Duterte regime. The people have the sovereign right to resist and overthrow an oppressive and tyrannical regime. They are fully justified to exercise this right as they did in getting rid of the Marcos and Estrada regimes.

Demonstrations are being mounted more frequently including those of Lumad, Bangsamoro, Cordillera and other national minorities exposing military abuses. There is a growing peasant movement to occupy and cultivate idle lands. Mass struggles have been carried out by workers, homeless people, jeepney drivers, students and other sectors. Duterte’s plans and maneuvers to establish a fascist dictatorship have been met with increasing mass demonstrations over the past few months. These are dress rehearsals for bigger protest demonstrations to come.

II. Duterte’s fascist tyranny gives people more reason to wage national democratic revolution

Ruthless fascist tyranny and all-out economic liberalization under the US-Duterte regime give the Filipino people all the more reason to wage a national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. Anti-people and pro-imperialist policies of the Duterte regime exacerbate the oppression and exploitation of the toiling masses under the semicolonial and semifeudal system.

This system is characterized by complete lack of national freedom, economic backwardness, ever worsening forms of exploitation and oppression and all-pervasive bureaucratic corruption under the rule of reactionary classes of big compradors and landlords. All the worst facets of the semicolonial and semifeudal system have deteriorated over the course of more than 70 years.

Generation upon generation of Filipinos suffer from national humiliation and indignities inflicted by the US imperialists. They trample on Philippine sovereignty and prevent the country from attaining genuine national independence and economic development. The country is made to endure unequal treaties which give the US military extraterritorial rights on Philippine soil, a grave insult against every freedom-loving Filipino.

The country has been condemned to serving as a source of cheap natural and human resources. The local economy is backward, agrarian and non-industrial and is dependent on imported goods. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of land are controlled by big plantations devoted to pineapple, banana, oil palm and other crops for export. Millions of hectares of land remain in the hands of big landlords who rely on feudal and semifeudal exploitation of peasants and farm workers and where production remains largely small-scale and backward. The Filipino people are denied the right to make use of the country’s mineral resources for domestic industrialization and manufacturing as these are extracted and taken away by foreign mining companies.

What local manufacturing exists is merely semi-processing and assembly of imported components which serve as an adjunct of the international production chain of foreign big corporations. There is no industrial base to speak of, much less of industrial production which address the needs of the domestic economy.

Economic productivity has been on a general decline, and at an increasingly rapid rate since the 1980s. Decline in manufacturing and agricultural productivity has made the economy ever reliant on imports of foreign consumer goods, which in turn, stymies domestic production.

Unemployment and underemployment rates continue to rise despite efforts to reduce the number through statistical sleight of hand. The acute shortage of available jobs compels thousands of Filipinos to leave the country daily to seek employment abroad where many suffer slave-like conditions and grave forms of abuse.

Under the semicolonial and semifeudal system, the Filipino people suffer more and more from landlessness, unemployment, slave wages, rising costs of living, widespread poverty, hunger, disease and an overall deterioration of socio-economic conditions.

Decade upon decade, the prevailing conditions of the vast majority of Filipinos have decayed. The Filipino people are strongly motivated to wage a national democratic revolution because they seek to put an end to their grievous suffering. Drawing inspiration from the anticolonial resistance of their forebears, the Filipino people are determined to achieve national liberation or complete freedom to determine the country’s destiny independent of US imperialist dictates and towards socialism.

The national democratic revolution aims to achieve social liberation and economic freedom. It aims to carry out land reform to address the main democratic demand of the peasantry, who comprise the biggest economic class in the country. There has been no genuine land reform in the Philippines over more than 100 years under US colonial and neocolonial rule. Whereas, upon the establishment of a people’s democratic government, land reform in the Philippines can be completed in a couple of years.

Combined with land reform, the national democratic revolution aims to carry out national industrialization to modernize the economy and raise national productivity to enable it to provide the people food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine and other basic necessaries, as well as respond to the people’s needs for energy, transportation, communications and cultural upliftment. The NDFP’s draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) gives a detailed roadmap of such a plan.

The national democratic revolution aims to establish a people’s democracy and put an end to the rotten political system of the reactionary classes and its elite system of political parties dominated by ruling class dynasties and warlords. The people aspire to establish a people’s democratic government. It is essentially a united front government or a coalition of such democratic classes as workers, peasants, the middle and petty bourgeoisie. It is under the leadership of the working class and has the NPA as its main armed force. It defends and upholds the people’s civil, political, economic and cultural rights.

The seeds of the people’s democratic government have long been sown and are sprouting in the form of people’s committees in rural areas from the village level up to the municipal level. A growing number of these committees have been elected by people’s assemblies.

III. The Party and the people’s democratic revolution continue to accumulate strength

For almost five decades now, the Communist Party of the Philippines has persevered in leading the Filipino people in waging a people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war upon its inception, growth and advance. It has made great strides and accumulated highly significant victories. It has overcome continual all-out counterrevolutionary attacks by the local reactionary classes with the support of the world’s most powerful imperialist power.

The Party has accumulated a treasure trove of valuable experiences and lessons both positive and negative in the past 49 years that we should fully and wisely use to vigorously advance the armed struggle to a new and higher level. It now has a much firmer understanding of the specific characteristics and requirements of every region and interrelationships between regions and major islands in fighting and defeating every counterrevolutionary armed offensive launched by the enemy. Party cadres should be good at learning from their own experiences and from the most advanced experiences from other fronts, units, and regions. We continue to seek lessons from the long history of revolutionary struggle of the Filipino people as well as the successful revolutions, especially in China and Vietnam.

Adapting the strategy of protracted people’s war to local conditions and particularities of an archipelagic country, the Party has self-reliantly developed the New People’s Army from scratch in 1969 to a nationwide army of several thousand Red fighters, organized into platoons and companies with an arsenal of both modern high powered rifles and indigenous weaponry. At every stage, the Party integrates armed struggle, agrarian revolution and base building.

The people’s democratic revolution has outlasted all past puppet administrations who tried and failed to destroy the revolutionary movement by launching counterrevolutionary strategic offensives one after another. In the past five years, it has steadily accumulated strength by seizing the initiative in frustrating the enemy’s war of suppression, especially in the Mindanao regions.

The Party is carrying out rectification to overcome such problems as military conservatism, guerrillaism, militiaism, failure to persist in developing and mastering the platoon as basic formation and building the vertical forces to steadily build up annihilative capability, overdispersal of forces into teams and squads over long periods leading to passivity and excessive vulnerability to annihilation and disintegration especially in conditions of intense enemy operations, and weak grasp of building company-sized guerrilla fronts and interconnected company-sized guerrilla fronts that are required for ensuring the wide and deep mass support for intensified and sustained guerrilla warfare. In the past year, the overall number of Red fighters continued to grow despite setbacks in some areas.

The Filipino people and their revolutionary forces under the NDFP and the people’s democratic government are co-belligerents with the reactionary state in the civil war that has raged in the past several decades. While waging people’s war, the NDFP has engaged its adversary in peace negotiations in the past 25 years with the aim of forging agreements to resolve the roots of the armed conflict.

The Party is deeply rooted among the masses. It has thousands of branches and sections in rural villages, factories, universities and school campuses, urban communities, offices and among the mass organizations of workers, peasants, the semi-proletariat, national minorities, youth, women, small professionals and others.

In the past year, the Party’s membership swelled by several thousand new members and cadres. There is also a notable expansion in the number of Party branches and Party-led revolutionary mass organizations and mass activists. The entire Party is inspired by the successful 2nd Congress held last year which further strengthened its unity and determination to advance the national democratic revolution to even greater heights and which updated its basic documents and elected a new leadership.

The Party steadfastly adheres to the interests of the oppressed and exploited classes of workers and peasants and forges the basic alliance primarily by building the New People’s Army, waging agrarian revolution and building local organs of political power. It further builds a progressive alliance with the petty bourgeoisie and a patriotic alliance with the national bourgeoisie. It takes advantage of splits among the reactionaries in order to isolate and target the most reactionary faction.

The Party continues to assiduously study and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism on concrete conditions in the Philippines. It constantly carries out social investigation and class analysis to grasp the concrete conditions and emerging trends and phenomena in the Philippine mode of production and the alignment and relations of class forces. The Party carries out criticism and self-criticism in order to rectify errors and overcome shortcomings.

Under the Party’s leadership, the people’s democratic revolution has successfully moved forward against the international current of great, albeit temporary, setbacks and reversals in socialist revolution , as a result of the Soviet-centered modern revisionist betrayal from 1956 onwards and imperialist neoliberal political and ideological offensive from the 1980s onwards.

The Party supports international anti-imperialist unity and cooperation among people’s organizations amid the increasingly insoluble global capitalist crisis of overproduction and the worsening conditions of the toiling masses and middle classes in both the global capitalist metropolis and in the vast international countryside of backward countries. At the same time, the Party continues to promote Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and international proletarian unity.

IV. Aim to win ever greater victories and advance the revolution

The Central Committee calls on the entire membership of the Party to brace for more difficult struggles ahead amid the increasingly ruthless war being waged by the US-directed Duterte regime against the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces. At the same time, we must aim to win ever greater victories by continuously going deep among the people and rousing them to resist and wage all forms of struggle against the fascist tyranny.

The Party and all revolutionary forces must unite the Filipino people and lead their struggles against the fascist US-Duterte regime. The revolutionary forces must continue to inspire and embolden the people in order to resist the Duterte regime’s fascist terror.

The national democratic mass movement has twice proven in the past that it can cause the overthrow of a reactionary regime by mounting demonstrations of hundreds of thousands or millions of people and combining with various social and political forces to isolate the ruling reactionary clique and compel the military and police to withdraw support. By unleashing brutal attacks and gross violations of human rights, the Duterte regime is inciting the people to fight back, mount demonstrations and wage all forms of antifascist struggle.

The Party and the national democratic forces must lead campaigns and struggles to link the antifascist resistance against the Duterte regime with the people’s anti-imperialist and antifeudal struggles. They must expose and denounce Duterte’s subservience to US imperialism and campaign for an end to US military presence and intervention in the country.

They must also call for an end to neoliberal policies in mounting workers’ struggles against contractualization and for wage increases, in advancing the movement of homeless people to occupy idle housing projects, in the struggle of jeepney drivers against corporatization of transport services and so on.

They must expose the big foreign mining and plantation interests that are behind the ruthless fascist suppression against peasants and national minorities. At the same time, they must continue to vigorously wage land reform struggles nationwide demanding the dismantling of haciendas and the scrapping of so-called agriculture venture agreements and similar arrangement which deny peasants ownership and control of land.

The revolutionary forces are keenly aware that the removal of the Marcos (1986) and Estrada (2001) regimes did not amount to a social revolution but allowed the national democratic forces to expand and gain strength. Similarly, by waging antifascist, antifeudal and anti-imperialist struggles against the US-Duterte regime, the Party and all revolutionary forces must be able to expand manifold their reach and membership. In particular, the New People’s Army must be able to recruit more and more Red fighters as the Duterte regime clamps down more and more on legal avenues of democratic expression and struggle and give the people no other recourse but to join the armed revolution.

The NPA must intensify guerrilla warfare throughout the whole archipelago, launch tactical offensives against units of the AFP, PNP and attached paramilitaries, as well as punitive operations against the worst plunderers and corrupt officials, political and crime associates, and death squads of the Duterte regime.

We must frustrate the plan of the US-Duterte regime to defeat the NPA before the end of 2018. It aims to do so by concentrating its attacks first in the guerrilla fronts in the eastern and other Mindanao regions and then on Luzon and Visayas.

We will surely frustrate the counterrevolutionary plan of the US-Duterte regime as we did in the past puppet regimes. We must firmly lead the NPA in seizing the initiative, be good at planning, and in achieving fluidity by applying the guerrilla tactics of concentration, dispersal and shifting.

The various levels of command of the NPA from the national down to the guerrilla front must be able to direct and coordinate the guerrilla units and areas under their responsibility so that each and every unit and area is guided and encouraged to actively fight and contribute, according to their actual situation and ability, to delivering repeated annihilative and telling blows against fascist forces where and when they least expect them while constantly pushing the enemy to overstretch and expose its weak parts. Every guerrilla unit and area must know and do its part in order to fight and defeat the enemy’s win-hold-win campaign strategy.

There can be different types of coordination in order to carry out counter campaigns of annihilation and attrition at the interregional, regional and subregional levels, particularly in wide areas with thousands of barrios and hundreds of thousands of mass support covered by interlocking guerrilla fronts. We can aim to cause the enemy forces to overstretch, expose their weak parts or lose focus.

Other regions outside of Mindanao will do their utmost to carry out widespread campaigns of annihilation and attrition based on their strength and capability, build more platoons and companies, expand boldly the number of guerrilla fronts, and grow in strength and get prepared when the enemy decides to bring their focus on them.

The NPA should develop partisan and commando units to conduct sabotage operations against the enemy communications system, military hardware, intelligence system and supplies and punitive actions against specific targets in the urban areas, such as notorious human rights violators, corrupt officials, drug lords and other chiefs of criminal syndicates..

We must make the most of victories in tactical offensives, in political work and other spheres by systematically employing the gains to further strengthening the disposition and development of platoons and companies, horizontal and vertical forces and company-sized guerrilla fronts. We must always pay attention to the correct balance between consolidation and expansion and be good at advancing wave upon wave to intensify and advance guerrilla warfare in a sustained manner.

Duterte seeks to use sophisticated weapons provided by the US military. We must study these weapons, their capabilities and limitations, in order to adapt to them defensively and offensively. At the same time, we must plan to destroy or seize these weapons to use against the enemy.

While we carry forward the task of uniting the Filipino people to wage resistance against the Duterte regime, let us look forward to marking the 50th anniversary of the Party’s reestablishment next year. Let us do so by continuing to fulfill the tasks specified in the three year (2017-2019) program promulgated by the Central Committee in its first plenum after the Second Congress.

Let us fulfill our targets for Party recruitment by applying the principle of boldly expanding without letting a single undesirable in. Let us build more Party branches in ever bigger number of factories, rural villages, urban communities, universities and so on. Strike deep roots among the people, uphold their interests and lead their struggles.

We must tirelessly conduct ideological consolidation. Concrete plans must be drawn up to fulfill targets for completion of the three level Party course. Let us regularly sum-up our experiences at various levels and in different areas of work.

Let us train more and more Party cadres and promote young cadres by conducting a thorough and comprehensive study and training program. Leading committees must initiate to conduct work conferences (on military work and army building, implementing the minimum and maximum program for land reform, waging antifeudal mass campaigns, mass work and base building and so on) to regularly sum-up our work and draw lessons from positive and negative experiences.

We must continue to deploy an increasing number of Party cadres from the working-class and young urban intellectuals to the New People’s Army to serve as Red commanders and political guides of our ever growing number of guerrilla platoons and companies. Activists who are being persecuted and hunted down by the military and police can avail of the security of the NPA. We must expand, strengthen and deepen the revolutionary underground mainly among the basic sectors and middle forces in the cities.

The Central Committee instructs all leading committees to plan to mark the 50th anniversary of the Party next year. Let us take effort to recognize all the heroes and martyrs of the Party and the Philippine revolution. Let us carry out a cultural campaign to celebrate the accumulated victories of the Philippine revolution. Let us take the opportunity to sum-up our Party’s entire history of 50 years, as well as our recent history of 15 years in order to chart the course for advancing the people’s democratic revolution in the coming years.

Let us conduct a study campaign to reaffirm our adherence to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. There must be a campaign to study and review the classical writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, as well as other great communist teachers. Let us mount a campaign to mark the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx and continue to celebrate the centennial of the October Revolution. Let us study the concrete experiences in building socialism and how it was reversed through by modern revisionist betrayal. Let us study the grave capitalist crisis and how a socialist revolution remain the only solution.

The reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries taunt the Party for yet being unable to achieve complete victory after close to fifty years of waging a people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. They obscure the fact that the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines continues to decay and rot. It is moribund and must be completely terminated through a national democratic revolution.

By wielding its current strength and accumulated victories, and taking advantage of the objective domestic and international conditions, the Party is bound to accelerate its growth and achieve bigger victories in the years to come.

Aim to win ever greater victories!
Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines
Long live the Filipino proletariat and people!
Advance on the road of people´s democratic revolution!
Fight for the socialist future and the ultimate goal of communism!

Resist with all our strength the fascist attack of the US-Duterte regime and resolutely advance the people’s war

Promote and intensify propaganda work to constantly unite the masses and the people. Raise their political consciousness especially about the enemy, to consolidate the determination of the masses in advancing the revolution.

Further Advance amidst the threat of US-Duterte’s Regime of Annihilating the Revolutionary Movement!

Our Party has proven the fertile revolutionary situation in the region in fostering mass struggles against land grabbing from the peasantry, contractualization, against the brutal war against drugs, against state terrorism and the Oplan Kapayapaan of the US-Duterte regime.

Resist the fascist US-Duterte regime, end the rotting semicolonial semi feudal system and raise the revolutionary movement to a higher level

It is imperative that we must take the lead in uniting the people in an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal united front, deliver wave upon wave of militant protests that will gather people from various oppressed and exploited classes and sectors, including the middle classes and the enlightened gentry, by the hundreds of thousands and lead the overthrow of the US-Duterte regime.


Partido Komunista ti Pilipinas – MLM
Mensahe ti Komite ti Larangang Gerilya ti Kalinga

Nabara ken natan-ok a rebolusyonaryo a kablaaw iti amin a rebolusyonaryo a pwersa ken masa iti panangrambak tayo iti maika-49 nga anibersaryo ti pannakaibangon manen ti Partido Komunista ti Pilipinas iti tarabay ti Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo!

Saan a masubalitan ti nagbalin nga akem ti Partido kas dadaulo ti Rebolusyon a Pilipino. Babaen kadagiti prinsipyo a gabay ken praktika iti Naunday a Gubat ti Umili ket umab-abante jrn dimmur-as ti tukad ti nadumaduma a tay-ak ti pannakidangadang. Utang tayo kadagiti Kadre ken kameng ti Partido ken amin a rebolusyonaryo a martir kasta met kadagiti kakadua a tuloy-tuloy nga agtigtignay dagiti nagun-odan tayo iti nganngani kagudua a siglo iti Armado a Pannakidangadang, Panagbukel iti Base a Masa ken Agraryo a Rebolusyon.

Padayawan tayo dagiti bannuar nga anak ti dangadang a sitatalek, natulnog ken awan panagdua-dua a nangidaton ti kakaisuna a biag da para iti rebolusyonaryo a panggep. Isuda dagiti pudno a Komunista nga awan panangimbubukod,saan a mabuteng iti rigat ken sakripisyo; ken natured a limmaban iti pasista a kabusor kas kadagiti bannuar tayo ita a tawen:

  • Ruben “Ka Anib” Gumabay
  • Elorde “Ka Alay” Miguel
  • Marcos “Ka Cliff” Aggalao

Saluduan tayo ti narimat a kontribusyon da ken pagbalinen nga inspirasyon ti baton-lagip da tapno lallalo pay nga agpursige iti pannakipaset iti Gubat ti Umili. Ti inbati da nga armas, nabaknang a kapadasan ken ad-adal, ti balon tayo tapno natibker ken natured a lumaban para iti naraniag a masakbayan.

Ti agdama a kasasaad: Kumarkaro a Pasismo ken Rumigrigat a Kasasaad ti Umili a Pilipino.
Ti pudno a maris ti agdama nga US-Duterte a rehimen ket mangmangted ti nadam-eg a kasasaad a pairtengen ti pannakilaban. Ti tallo a basaran a problema ti umili a Pilipino -Imperyalismo,Burukrata-Kapitalismo ken Pyudalismo – ket lalo a nangpakaro iti panagrigrigat ken nangikabil iti sangpagilian iti nakalkaldaang a kasasaad.

Iti tay-ak ti Ekonomiya, saan a pudno a tamtamingen ti rehimen babaen iti Dutertenomics, Build-build-build a programa ken ti baro a reporma ti panagbuwis, kdpy dagiti pakasapulan ti umili tapno mabiag a disente ken bukod nga agsammaked. Napanglaw ken awanan daga latta dagiti mannalon ken adipen latta ti kontraktwalisasyon ken kinakurapay dagiti mangmangged ken dadduma pay a sektor. Nakaro a krisis ken bisin ti sagsagrapen ti umili bayat a dimmakdakkel met ti utang ti pagilian ken agresibo a sumsumrek dagiti ganganaet a kapitalista tapno agnegosyo ken gamruden ti kinabakanang ti pagilian.

Iti tay-ak ti Pulitika, agmamauyong ken awan umno a panagbalbaliw iti sistema ti gobyerno ni Duterte a napnuan kinakusit, bambangir ken pasista. Ti pederalismo ken dadduma a reporma ket saan a masolusyonan ti sumaksaknap a disgusto ti umili iti mabukbukel a junta ken diktador a wagas ni Duterte. Pormal nga inserra ti rehimen ti tungtongan para iti kappia iti baet ti GRP ken NDFP, pamaneknek daytoy ti saan a sinsero ken awan pudno a panag-ayat na tapno magun-od ti panagmabayagan a linak ken talna.

Iti tay-ak ti Militar, lallalo a naranggas ken pasista ti pamay-an ni Duterte kumpara iti napalabas a rehimen. Ti deklarasyon ti Martial Law sadiay Mindanao, ti nasaknap nga ekstra-judisyal a panagpatay ken ti all-out war na iti rebolusyonaryo a tignayan. Saan a nakapapati ken inuulbod ti panangideklara na a ti CPP-NPA-NDF ket terorista nga organisasyon.

Iti tay-ak ti Kultura, ti nasaknap a buteng ken ranggas iti intar ti umili ket manyipakpakita ti dekadente ken pasista a kultura. Awan nagbaliwan ti saad ti nadumaduma a sektor kas iti kabataan, kababaihan ken nailyan a minorya a tuloy-tuloy a mabikbiktima ti burgis-pyudal ken kolonyal a kultura.

Ken iti tay-ak ti Relasyon iti ruar ti pagilian, nagbalin a paspasurot ken natulnog ni Duterte kadagiti programa ken panggep dagiti imperyalista a pagilian kas iti US, China, Japan krn Russia. Nagbalin a taga-suporta dagitoy imperalista a turay ni Duterte a kas mabuya iti resulta ti naiyangay nga APEC meeting sadiay Vietnam ken iti naiyangay nga ASEAN Summit ditoy Pilipinas.

Saanen a mailibak ti pudno a kagagalad ken pagserserbian ti agdama nga US-Duterte. Kadagitoy a kasasaad naluluomen ti panaglaban ken makarkarit ti umili a Pilipino nga agbirok ti pudno a panagbalbaliw ken panagdur-as ti kagimongan.

Iti Rehiyon ken Probinsya tayo a Kalinga: Gumigil-ayab nga isyus dagiti Nailyan a Minorya para iti karbengan iti nagtaudan a daga ken bukod-a-panagkeddeng.

Simmaknapen dagiti baro a wagas ti panang-agaw iti nagtaudan daga ken panaglabsing iti karbengan dagiti Nailyan a Minorya. Sagsagrapen ti umili iti rehiyon, lalo iti Kalinga ti nakaro a pqnangrigrigat ken krisis iti produksyon gapu iti didigra wenno kalamidad a pinakaro pay ti tuloy-tuloy ken pumigpigsa a pyudal ken mala-pyudal a panaggundaway ( kinaawan ti daga a masukay ken irigasyon, nangato nga abang ken anak ti pautang, atrasado a pamay-an ti produksyon, nababa a tangdan ken presyo ti produkto ti mannalon).

Kagiddan na daytoy, ti panagserrek met dagiti agresibo a ganganaet a proyekto a saan a mangbigbig kadagiti nailyan a minorya. Pilit da a sumrek, agawen ken takawen ti nagtaudan a daga dagiti nailyan a minorya ken dagiti kinabaknang dagitoy. Maus-usar ti reaksyonaryo nga NCIP ken linteg nga IPRA tapno gundawayan ken allilawen ti tattao. Nalatak kadagitoy dagiti proyekto nga agpataud ti kuryente kas iti dam sadiay Lucog, Tabuk; Tanudan, Lubuagan; Sesec-an, Balbalan ken Pasil; ken dagiti proyekto ti geothermal sadiay Tinglayan, Lubuagan ken Pasil. Limmawa ti sinakop ti baro a pamuspusan ti panang-agaw iti daga babaen iti napnuan kinakusit a programa a National Greening Project (NGP).

Saan a maisina ken kanayon nga adda kagiddan na dagitoy a proyekto ti nairteng nga operasyong militar ti 503rd Brigade babaen kadagiti “Focused Military Operation” ti 50 IB, DRC,Scout Rangers ken PNP SAF. Katinnulong da dagiti pwersa a paramilitar kas iti CAFGU, converted nga Rebel Returnees ken surrenderees kadagiti berdugo nga operasyon da. Nangiruswat ti reaksyonaryo nga armado kadagiti pasista a panag-atake kontra iti rebolusyonaryo a tignayan lalo kontra iti NPA.

Ania dagiti nasken nga aramiden ken karit tayo iti panangparegta ti rebolusyonaryo a pannakidangadang?

Nabayag a narugianen ken tuloy-tuloy a gumilgil-ayab dagiti pannakidangadang masa tapno irupir keb ilaban dagiti demokratiko nga interes ken karbengan da. Saan a matawaran ken naaddaan ti kapadasan ti umili iti nadumaduma a wagas ken pamuspusan iti pannakilaban. Kasapulan nga adawen dagiti ad-adal ken nabaknang a praktika tapno mapadur-as ken maingato dagitoy, iti kasta makapagparnuay tayo kadagiti baro a taktika ken maannatupan ti agbalbaliw a kasasaad.
Kangrunaan iti Armado a Pannakidangdang tayo, paaaduen ken buklen ti nadumaduma a pormasyon ti NPA lalo dagiti yunit gerilya ken milisya. Agpataud ken agsanay, agplano ken agiruswat kadagiti taktikal nga opensiba.

Ilaban ken salakniban ti interes ken pagsayaatan ti umili. Babaen kadagiti kampanyang mas ken dagiti rebolusyonaryo nga organisasyon masa lalo ti Vordillera People’s Demokratic Front (CPDF) ingato ti pannakidangadang masa a manggun-od iti pang-ekonomiya,pampulitika ken sosyo-kultural a kiddaw ken tarigagay da.

Iyabante ken padur-asen ti programa ti agraryo a rebolusyon agturong iti pananggun-od iti ekonomya a makaanay para iti bukod a kasapulan ken para iti gubat. Risuten ti nabayagen a problema ti nailian a minorya a mannalon kasilpo iti karbengan para iti nagtuadan a daga ken bukod-a-panagkeddeng.

Ken maudi, lagumen dagiti nadumaduma a kapadasan tayo iti rebolusyonaryo a pannakidangadang, ken agadaw kadagiti naimbalitukan nga ad-adal kas tarabay iti sumaruno a panagtignay ken panagabante iti nangatngato a tukad iti gubat ti umili.

Agpursige nga agpalawa ken pasakanapen ti rebolusuonaryo nga impluwensya ken pairutan ti panagkaykaysa a lumaban ken makipaset iti rebolusyon. Agkonsolida iti Ideolohiya, Pulitika ken Organisasyon. Rimbaean dagiti pagkapuyan, ilinteg dagiti kamali ken padur-asen ti panagtignay – parnuayen ti baro a kasasaad ken umabante.

Iti laeng panangidaulo ti Partido Komunista ti Pilipinas, iti panagpigsa ken panagdakkel ti pudno a soldados ti umili nga NPA ken agkikinapet-takyag nga umili a magungundawayan ken maidadanes magun-od tayo ti pudno a panagbalbaliw ken panagdur-as.

Agbiag ti maika-49 Anibersaryo ti Partido Komunista ti Pilipinas – MLM
Agbiag ti Rebolusyon a Pilipino!
Umabante, Lumaban ken Pairtengen ti Pannakidangadang!
Igpaw Kordilyera, Abante Kalinga!


Press statement | December 22, 2017 | Bisaya»

For the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) and revolutionary forces in the region, the release of prisoners of war (POW) PO2 Jhon Paul M. Doverte and PO2 Alfredo L. Degamon of the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Placer last December 20, 2017 in Sitio Palalihan, Barangay Mahanob, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte, is a show of goodwill for the resumption of peace talks.

The two POWs were under the care of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Front 16 Custodial Force for 36 days. The two policemen were captured by the NPA-Front 16 in the course of its successful raid of the PNP outpost in Bad-as, Placer, Surigao del Norte last November 13, 2017. It was reported that the two policemen were involved in protecting illegal drugs and extortion of small scale miners in Placer.

The NPA is a revolutionary army and are not terrorists. Red fighters fully abide by the Basic Rules of the New People’s Army which ensures its firm discipline. The Eight Points the NPA Must Follow guarantees the respect of the rights and security of the prisoners.

The Eight Points the NPA Must Follow are the following: 1) Be respectful when speaking; 2) Pay all bought correctly; 3) Return all borrowed things; 4) Pay for the damages made; 5) Do not hurt or curse anyone; 6) Do not destroy people’s crops; 7) Do not exploit women; and 8) Do not harm prisoners.

It is a principle of the NPA to humanely and appropriately treat prisoners of war and enemies who can no longer fight back. Enemies wounded in battle are cared for and given treatment.

Under the care of the NPA-Front 16 Custodial Force, the policies of the NPA were strictly followed, and the provisions under the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and international protocols of war relating to the rights of PO2 Doverte and PO2 Degamon as prisoners of war, were upheld. The Red fighters made sure that the lives of the POWs were safe and their health and food guaranteed.

The POWs were scheduled to be released last December 5, 2017 to show goodwill for the peace negotiations, in response to the appeals of the family of the two policemen and the peace efforts of the people in the region and the country. But because the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) were not interested in peace talks and are bent on implementing Duterte’s all-out war against the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA), it always goes for a militarist solution for social problems. The 402nd Brigade Philippine Army and PNP-Caraga continued its military operations in the municipalities of Surigao del Norte where the POWs were to be released resulting to the cancellation of the release on that day.

Through the sincere efforts of the third party facilitator, officials of the local government unit (LGU), church people, concerned individuals and with the help of the people, the release of the POW finally pushed through. Despite the statement of the AFP/PNP that they will not halt their military operations, close to 500 people attended the event for the release. It may not be as large a crowd compared with the POW releases in the past, but the people risked their safety to push for the resumption of the peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). The people are strongly calling for a sincere dialogue and solving the root causes of armed struggle to achieve just and lasting peace. The revolutionary movement is also pushing for this.

Thus, we must continue with the struggle to advance and defend the rights and just demands such as genuine land reform, wage increase and security of tenure, free education, housing, and other rights because these are the basis for achieving genuine peace, not surrendering and bowing to the fascist criminal US-Duterte regime. We call on the people in the region to resist the fascist oppression of the US-Duterte regime.

Ka Maria Malaya

Press statement | December 22, 2017


Alang sa National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) ug mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa rehiyon, ang pagrelis sa mga prisoners of war (POW) nga sila si PO2 Jhon Paul M. Doverte ug PO2 Alfredo L. Degamon sa Philippine National Police (PNP)-Placer, niadtong Disyembre 20, 2017 didto sa Sityo Palalihan, Barangay Mahanob, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte, usa ka hulagway sa pagpakita sa maayong kabubut-on sa pagpadayon sa panaghisgot pangkalinaw.

Mokabat sa 36 ka adlaw nga gikustodiya kining duha ka POW ilalom sa Bagomg HUkbong Bayan (BHB)-Front 16 Custodial Force. Kining maong mga pulis nabihag sa BHB-Front 16 atol sa malampusong pagreyd sa PNP outpost didto sa Bad-as, Placer, Surigao del Norte niadtong Nobyembre 13, 2017. Gikatahong nalambigit kining duha ka pulis sa pagprotektar sa ilegal nga druga, ekstrahudisyal nga pagpamatay ug pagpangotong sa gagmay nga mga minero sa Placer.

Ang BHB usa ka rebolusyonaryong hukbo ug dili terorista. Hugot nga gitamdan sa mga Pulang manggugubat ang mga Batakang Lagda sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BLBHB) nga nagtakda sa puthaw nga disiplina. Ang Walo ka Puntong Kinahanglang Tamdan sa BHB naggarantiya nga ilhon ang mga katungod ug kaseguruhan sa usa ka dinakpan.

Ang Walo ka Punto mao ang mosunod: 1) Magmatinahuron sa pagpamulong; 2) Tukma nga bayran ang tanang gipalit; 3) Iuli ang tanang gihulam; 4) Bayran ang tanang nadaut; 5) Ayaw pagpanakit o pamalikas og tawo; 6) Ayaw pagdaot sa mga pananom sa katawhan; 7) Ayaw pahimusli ang kababayen-an; ug 8) Ayaw dagmali ang mga bihag.

Prinsipyo sa BHB nga makitawhanon ug tukmang trataron ang mga bihag sa gubat ug ang mga kaaway nga wala nay katakus makigsangka. Ginaatiman ug ginatambalan ang mga samaron nga kaaway panahon sa panagsangka.

Ubos sa pagdumala sa BHB-Front 16 Custodial Force, giseguro nga istriktong mapatuman ang mga lagda sa BHB, ug ang mga probisyon nga nahipatik sa Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) ug mga internasyonal nga protocol sa gera kalambigit sa mga katungod nila PO2 Doverte ug PO2 Degamon isip prisoners of war. Giseguro sa mga Pulang manggugubat nga dili mahimutang sa peligro ang kinabuhi sa mga POW ug makanunayong gimonitor ang ilang panglawas ug kasegurohan sa pagkaon.

Kaniadtong Disyembre 5, 2017 gikatakdang buhian unta ang mga POW isip pagpakita sa maayong kabubut-on alang sa panaghisgot pangkalinaw, pagmaminaw sa hangyo sa mga pamilya sa duha ka pulis ug pagtubag sa paningkamot sa katawhan sa rehiyon ug sa tibuok nasud alang sa kalinaw. Apan tungod kay ang Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ug Philippine National Police (PNP) walay interes sa panaghisgot pangkalinaw ug nagpatuman sa todo-gera ni Duterte batok sa Partido Komunista sa Pilipinas-Bagong Hukbong Bayan (PKP-BHB), kanunay giduso niini ang militaristang solusyon sa mga katilingbanong problema. Gipadayon sa 402nd Brigade Philippine Army ug PNP-Caraga ang operisyong militar sa gitakdang mga lungsod sa Surigao del Norte kun asa buhian ang POW, hinungdan nga wala madayon sa maong adlaw ang pagrelis.

Pinaagi sa seryosong paningkamot sa third party facilitator, mga opisyal sa local government unit (LGU), taong simbahan, mga nagpakabanang sektor alang sa kalinaw ug tabang sa uban pang katawhan, hingpit nga napahigayon ang pagrelis sa POW. Bisan nagpahayag ang AFP/PNP nga dili nila hunungon ang operisyong militar, gitambungan sa dul-an 500 ka tawo ang programa sa pagrelis. Dili man kini pareho sa gidaghanon sa nagsaksi sa miaging mga pagreles sa POW apan gisuong sa katawhan ang risgo sa dakung tinguha nga ipadayon ang panaghisgot pangkalinaw tali Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) ug National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Malanugon nga gisinggit sa katawhan nga sinserong ugkaton ug sulbaron ang mga gamot hinungdan sa armadong panagbangi aron kab-uton ang makatarunganon ug malahutayong kalinaw. Kini usab ang hugtanong gipanghingusog sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan.

Busa, ipursige ang pakigbisog sa pagduso ug pagpanalipod sa mga katungod ug makatarunganong pangayo sama sa tinuod nga reporma sa yuta, taas nga suhulan ug kasegurohan sa panarbaho, libreng edukasyon, pabalay, ug uban pa tungod kay kini ang kapanukaran sa pagkab-ot sa tinuod nga kalinaw, dili ang pagsurender ug pagyukbo ngadto sa pasistang kriminal nga rehimeng US-Duterte. Giawhag ang katawhan sa rehiyon nga suklan ang pasistang pagpanumpo sa rehimeng US-Duterte.

Ka Maria Malaya

The imposition of martial law challenges the Mindanao peoples’ resistance

Press statement | 22 December 2017 | Bisaya»

The US-Duterte regime’s coercive re-extension of martial law in Mindanao is a dangerous machination. Duterte is inexcusably accountable for its atrocious and treacherous imposition. He has proven once more his subservience to his real bosses, the rapacious foreign monopoly capitalists.

Contrary to Duterte’s declaration that the martial law is necessary in fighting terrorism in Mindanao, the AFP and PNP are conspicuously intensifying their attacks against the civilians. With martial law, state terrorism is becoming even clearer in the extermination of social activists and bombardments of civilian communities to satisfy Duterte’s greed for power and facilitate imperialist encroachment.

The imposition of martial law challenges the Mindanao peoples’ resistance. More than ever, the people will pursue a much wider and more intense denunciation and struggle against the anti-people and pro-oligarchs fascist regime. The people’s revolutionary armed struggle becomes more necessary in defending democracy and national sovereignty. Moreover, the armed resistance of the Moro people and the Lumads is virtuously in position to defend their ancestral land and right to self-determination.

The revolutionary forces in Far South Mindanao are resolutely embracing their utmost task to lead and be one with the people in the struggle against all-out war of suppression and Duterte’s aim to establish a fascist dictatorship.

Ka Efren Aksasato
Spokesperson, NDF-FSMR

Sulat pamahayag

22 Disyembre 2017

Ang pagduso sa martial law nakahagit sa pagsukol sa katawhan sa Mindanao

Ang pagpamugos sa Rehimeng US-Duterte nga subling lugwayan ang Martial Law sa Mindanao usa ka peligrosong laraw. Dili mapasaylo si Duterte alang sa kabangis ug mabudhiong pagpahamtang niini. Subli lamang niyang gipamatud-an ang pagkamasulundon ngadto sa iyang tinuod nga mga amo, ang hangol nga mga langyawng monopolyo kapitalista.

Sukwahi sa ginapamahayag ni Duterte nga gikinihanglan ang martial law aron mapuo ang terorismo sa Mindanao, tataw nga mas gipakusgan sa AFP ug PNP ang ilang pagpangatake sa mga sibilyan. Pinaagi sa martial law, labaw pang midayag ang terorismo sa estado diha sa pagpamatay sa mga aktibista ug pagpamomba sa mga sibilyang komunidad aron tagbawon ang kahakog ni Duterte sa gahum ug para mapahisayon ang langyawng pagpanghilabot.

Ang pagduso sa martial law nakahagit sa pagsukol sa mga katawhan sa Mindanao. Labaw kanus-a man, ang katawhan mopahigayon og mas malangkobon ug mas kusganon nga pagpanghimaraut ug pakigbisog batok sa kontrakatawhan ug dapig sa oligarko nga pasistang rehimen. Mas nagatataw ang panginahanglan sa rebolusyonaryong armadong pagsukol sa katawhan aron panalipdan ang demokrasya ug kagawasan sa nasud. Dugang pa, ang armadong pagsukol sa katawhang Moro ug Lumad anaa sa makatarunganong pusisyon aron panalipdan ang ilang yutang kabilin ug katungod sa kaugalingong paghukom.

Ang tanang rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa Far South Mindanao determinadong nagahupot sa ilang kinatas-ang tahas sa pagpangulo ug pagduyog sa katawhan sa pakigbisog batok sa todo-largang gera ug pagpanumpo ug laraw ni Duterte nga magtukod og usa ka pasistang diktadurya.

Ka Efren Aksasato
Tigpamâbâ, NDF-FSMR