Confront and frustrate the US-Duterte regime’s martial law in Negros Island this 2019

January 1, 2019

Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army Regional Command – Negros Island

The Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the New People’s Army (AGC-NPA) in Negros Island strongly condemns the terror sown from the implementation of the Synchronized Enhanced Managing of Police Operations (SEMPO) under the diabolical “Oplan Sauron” by the composite troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) with the aim to destroy the revolutionary movement particularly in Negros.

The six peasants who were victims of illegal arrests by the AFP and PNP last December 27 in Mabinay, Negros Oriental experienced the same horror that happened to peasants and civilians in Guihulngan City that resulted to 6 brutal murders and 50 illegal arrests. Jose Ferolino, who was captured by the PNP and AFP for allegedly being an NPA member together with 14 others, has not been found since his arrest at his home in Barangay Binobohan, Guihulngan City.

Meanwhile, in Mabinay, according to reports from the field, 12 trucks filled with forces from the PNP Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit and Special Action Force (SAF) were monitored to have entered the hinterlands of Mabinay on the early morning of December 27. Two helicopters were observed flying around the area from December 27-29. Simultaneous illegal operations were then conducted in Barangays Luyang and Talingting of Mabinay.

Margie Baylosis was surprised of the presence of elements of the Mabinay PNP and Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB) at her home when she arrived after attending to her farm animals. She was immediately arrested for illegally possessing two units of improvised air gun, a cal .38 pistol loaded with live ammunitions and a rifle grenade launcher. These were planted evidence since Baylosis does not own any firearms at all. The alleged firearms were planted at her makeshift kitchen that was not even inside her house. Baylosis is the cousin of political detainee Joey Baylosis of the Mabinay 6, youth organizers of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas who were also illegally arrested last March 2018.

The same circumstances happened to father and son Isaias Rabilista, Sr. and Isaias Rabilista, Jr. wherein a cal .38 with ammunitions was planted in their home. Upon arriving at their house after tending to their farm animals in the morning of December 27, elements of the PNP Mabinay and RMFB were already at their house. They asked to come inside and immediately proceeded to where the alleged firearm was located. The two victims were then arrested.

Jessie Palagtiw and Ponciano Pinili and Rolando Pinili, also father and son, were no different. They were illegally arrested as well and all evidences against them were planted. These victims were told by the PNP that there are seven more to be arrested in Barangay Luyang, Mabinay.

The alarming incidents signal the terrorism of the fascist regime of Rodrigo Duterte. There is no longer a distinction between combatants and civilians. The legal democratic movement, critics of the regime and mere citizens are targeted because of the AFP and PNP’s failure to capture the NPA. In fact, their earlier deadline of decimating the NPA by December 2018 has already expired to their humiliation and they are forced to again move their time frame to June 2019. The AFP and PNP have run amuck in Negros Oriental deploying 3,000 butchers who will surely leave behind record breaking violations of human rights and a bloody death toll of innocent civilians. 

The recent illegal arrests are sources of the PNP’s corruption wherein the victims are forced to pay bail or suffer imprisonment. The Police Regional Office 7 and local PNP led by PRO 7 director CSup. Debold M. Sinas will surely profit from the thousands of pesos they require for the freedom of their victims. Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal of the 302nd Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army has also a lot to gain from branding and fabricating lies that the six killed in Guihulngan City are members of the “SPARU” or “sparrow” of the NPA because of the bounty Duterte has set for every NPA member captured or killed.

The AFP and PNP are shameless to say that the NPA is supported by and are protectors of drug lords when the lord of all drug lords is their own commander-in-chief Duterte. It is also public knowledge that the big crime syndicates in the country have strong influence within the ranks of the AFP and PNP. 

The Filipino people knows that the NPA is the genuine people’s army. The terroristic crimes of the AFP and PNP only proves this even more. Contrary to their aim of destroying the revolutionary movement, the sorrow and grief in the hearts of the people as a result of the intensified military operations will only flare their anger against the oppressive and exploitative system, press them to embrace the principles of armed revolution as the solution to the problems of the oppressed and exploited masses suffering from poverty generated by the semi-colonial and semifeudal system, and, in the end, take an active role in the armed struggle.

Overcome fear! The Filipino people must confront the terror propagated by the US-Duterte regime imposed through nationwide de facto martial law. The Filipino people, together with the Communist Party of the Philippines, NPA and National Democratic Front of the Philippines, will wage a militant and revolutionary struggle to frustrate and overthrow the US-Duterte regime this 2019.###

Continuing simultaneous attacks in Negros Oriental are EJKs and illegal arrests, not at all related to drugs and criminal activities

PRESS STATEMENT | December 28, 2018
Juanito Magbanua
Spokesperson, Apolinario Gatmaitan Command
NPA Regional Command – Negros Island

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) are spinning lies and fake news dubbed as Simultaneous Enhanced Managing Police Operations to whitewash the series of extrajudicial killings (EJK) and illegal arrests they have perpetrated in Negros Oriental since the evening of December 26.

According to consolidated reports from the New People’s Army (NPA) Leonardo Panaligan Command and Rachelle Mae Palang Command of the Central Negros and Southeast Negros Fronts respectively, there have been coordinated harassments, 6 cases of EJKs and 27 illegal arrests and trumped-up cases in Guihulngan City, Mabinay, and Sta. Catalina towns of Negros Oriental.

In Guihulngan City, six civilians were killed in simultaneous attacks by combined elements of the 94th IB and PNP. They are peasant organizer Jimmy Fat and Jun Kubol both from Barangay Trinidad, Reneboy Fat, a habal-habal driver, from Barangay Hilaitan, Jaime Revilla, a community organizer, Jesus “Dondon” Isugan, farmer and son of a peasant leader, and Boy Singko, a councilor of Barangay Trinidad.

Junior and Genia Isugan were taken into custody after their son, Dondon, was killed in their house. Fifteen others were also illegally arrested and falsely accused as members of the NPA. Barangay officials were not spared as Melbourne Bustamante and Erlinda Abraham, Village Chiefs of Barangay Trinidad and Tacpao were also detained for alleged illegal possession of firearms.

Homes of peasants were ransacked in Barangay Trinidad and the house of Sheldon Uy in Guihulngan proper was raided in the joint operation. Adding to the increasing violence in the area, a media man was also shot by a riding-in-tandem in La Libertad town early this morning.

Meanwhile, six residents of Barangay Luyang and Talingting, Mabinay were arrested wherein firearms and ammunition were planted as evidence. One of the victims of illegal arrests is Margie Vailoces, cousin of political detainee Joey Vailoces (#Mabinay6). As of press time, the aforementioned residents are on their way to the Hall of Justice in Dumaguete City.

At the same time, Barangay Nagbinlod Councilor Nonoy Trosa was arrested in Sta. Catalina town in southern Negros Oriental.

While in Negros Occidental, Rene Cañete of the National Federation of Sugar Workers was also illegally arrested and charged with trumped-up cases by dubious police forces wearing bonnets in Sagay City last December 19.

Ahead of these attacks, the AFP circulated fake news in Central Negros. They claimed that an encounter between the NPA and AFP forces took place and more than 50 firearms were confiscated. But this was only to justify their presence in the hinterlands of Guihulngan City and Canlaon City in Negros Oriental and Isabela and Magallon towns in Negros Occidental. The truth is a composite force of the 94th IB of the 302nd Brigade and 62nd IB of the 303rd Brigade with 95-120 troops were conducting operations last December 20-23 in a fruitless search for the CPP golden anniversary celebration.

Also, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC) have received reports that the local media have been under 24-hour surveillance to spy on those who will cover the activities in relation to the CPP@50 festivities.

EJKs and political harassments have been prevalent in Negros Island under the US-Duterte regime. Since the brutal Sagay 9 massacre and the murder of Atty. Ben Ramos, the spate of killings and human rights violations in Negros perpetrated by state forces have escalated further and none have been given justice by the reactionary government. As of today, there are 55 counts of EJKs in Negros since Duterte became president. With the all-out implementation of Duterte’s Memorandum Order 32 and Executive Order 70, beyond doubt, Negros is under de facto martial law.

The current conditions have only made clearer that the only means to put a stop to the fascist and tyrannical rule of Duterte and his clique is protracted people’s war. The regime has only sharpened the contrast between the butcher AFP and PNP and the genuine people’s army, the NPA. The AGC-NPA calls on the rank-and-file in the AFP and PNP not to tolerate the lawless violence committed by their colleagues and expose these crimes. More importantly, the AGC-NPA calls on all Negrosanons to rise up against the de facto martial Law in our Island. Together with the Filipino people in general, smash Duterte’s fascist and military rule. Take part in the national democratic revolution and join the NPA!###

Crackdown against the people in Negros Oriental

PRESS STATEMENT| December 28, 2018
Ka Frank Fernandez
Spokesperson, NDFP – Negros Island

The simultaneous attacks of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) troops against the people of Negros Oriental are not drug-related but a crackdown on progressive forces and ordinary peasants struggling for their daily survival and longing for genuine peace. The so-called “war on drugs” and “crime prevention” are o only covers to legitimize the presence of state agents and their crimes against the Filipino masses. 

In fact, top officials of the AFP and PNP are furious and humiliated because of their failure to obstruct the glorious celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines in Negros.

This crackdown sets the stage for the open declaration of Martial Law in Negros and nationwide. The atrocities, especially against the legal democratic movement and the peasant masses, are expected to heighten in the first quarter of next year as the US-Duterte regime is yet again facing a defeat in their illusion of decimating the New People’s Army by mid-2019.

But the people of Negros will courageously stand with the Filipino people in confronting this fascist regime. Expose and oppose all violations and abuses of the AFP, PNP and their force multipliers. There is no room for silence and apathy in this period of rising dictatorship.

The protest movement and the fight for democratic rights must reach a higher level of vigor. Mass struggles and anti-feudal campaigns must multiply tenfold amid the spate of extra judicial killings, escalating human rights violations and the worsening economic and political crisis of the reactionary system.

The broadest anti-fascist alliance must rise to resist Duterte’s sinister directive of making his enemies’ blood flow. 

Now, more than ever, armed revolution is relevant and justified. All revolutionary forces must work to arouse, organize and mobilize the greatest number to further strengthen the national democratic revolution and overthrow the fascist rule of the US-Duterte regime.###

Tyrant Duterte is trapped in self-contradiction by claiming that the armed revolution is a failure

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
December 28, 2018

Through his mouthpiece Panelo, the tyrant Duterte claims that the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is a failed rebellion. He does not understand how the protracted people’s war creates the conditions for the establishment and development of a comprehensive array of revolutionary forces against the ruling system.

He pretends not to know that the CPP-led armed revolution has already built the people’s democratic government, which is growing in strength in opposition to the reactionary government of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrat capitalists servile to US imperialism and other capitalist powers.

His attempt to ridicule the armed revolution is contradicted by his more frequent rant that the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA) are the principal threats to the counterrevolutionary state and are his scapegoats and pretext for his scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship through martial law nationwide and charter change to a bogus kind of federalism.

The CPP has made great achievements in the field of ideology, politics and organization. It leads the millions of people who are in a comprehensive array of revolutionary forces, including the NPA, the National Democratic Front, the mass organizations and local organs of political power that constitute the people’s democratic government.

The photos of the New People’s Army in company or battalion formations in so many places all over the Philippines in celebration of the 50th CPP founding anniversary prove beyond doubt that the NPA is a vibrant and growing force.

They prove the utter falsity of Duterte’s claims that the NPA is being decimated by him and is on schedule to be completely destroyed before the current year ends or at the latest in the second quarter of next year.

Of all the revolutionary forces, the NPA is in the best position to take the most dramatic initiatives in the form of tactical offensives to further disprove the false claim that the armed revolution is already a failed rebellion. Whenever the NPA tactical offensives are successful, they resound on a national scale.

Duterte will soon be out of power in 2022 or sooner if the mass movement to oust him is successful. In any case, he shall be out of power and in disgrace but the CPP, the NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations and the people’s democratic movement will continue to thrive and gain further strength.###

Statement of the Compatriots Canada chapter on the 50th anniversary of the CPP

26 December 2918

COMPATRIOTS – Canada Chapter wishes to congratulate Filipinos and their allies for successfully celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).  The events were held in different cities across Canada to mark the founding date of the CPP on December 26, also the birthdate of comrade Mao Zedong.

Altogether, over a hundred people participated in the various activities in the different Canadian cities. They were treated to Filipino performances that drew from the treasure trove of revolutionary culture coming out of the fifty years of the communist movement; from poetry to revolutionary songs and tableaus. Canadian revolutionary organizations also contributed cultural performances keeping with the celebratory nature of the events.

Jose Maria Sison, the founding chairperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines gave a pre-recorded message to participants thanking them for their solidarity and presenting the major achievements of the Party in its fifty years of existence.  In his message, Sison explained that the CPP has existed in Canada, organizing among Filipino compatriots for over three decades. Coni Ledesma, member of the reciprocal committee for the rights of Children of the peace negotiation panel for the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and International spokesperson for Makibaka – Revolutionary Women’s Organization also sent a recorded message talking about the contributions of revolutionary women in the people’s movement.

Many of the events in the different cities were co-hosted by Canadian revolutionary organizations who helped to secure venues, provided logistical support, mobilized members and members of mass organizations.  They also helped to organize the program for the evening celebrations acted as host in some instances. The celebration drew support from several communist parties, Canadian revolutionary organizations and solidarity organizations supporting revolutionary process in South-Asia, Central and South America and Palestine. The same organizations gave solidarity messages, explaining the impact of the Filipino revolutionary movement on the world proletarian revolution. Many expressed their respect and inspiration for the leadership of CPP over the Philippine revolution and in the international communist movement.

Filipino revolutionaries vow to continue to arose, organize and mobilize Filipino compatriots in Canada to contribute and participate in the Philippine revolution.  They vow to gain the deepest and broadest support from the Canadian people in opposing the US-Duterte regime, as well as Canadian imperialist intervention, until the downfall of the bloody regime in the Philippines.

COMPATRIOTS – Canada Chapter

*COMPATRIOTS is a revolutionary organization of Filipino migrants overseas and is a member organization the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.


New People’s Army
North Eastern Mindanao Region


December 26, 2018

The New People’s Army in North Eastern Mindanao Region (NPA-NEMR) proudly joins the people in the region and the entire country in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) this December 26, 2018. Through the absolute leadership of the Party, the NPA continue to gain strength and effectively fights the total war launched by the AFP/PNP and fascist US-Duterte regime. 

Today, we give thanks and honor all Party members, NPA, activists and organized masses in NEMR who continue to struggle and sacrifice to fight the utterly brutal and lunatic moves of the US-Duterte regime. We also give honor and salute the martyrs who fully gave their lives, capabilities, bravery and knowledge to defend the people and further advance the people’s war.

NPA-NEMR launched tactical offensives that dealt more than 200 casualties to the enemy. It confiscated weapons that can arm a platoon of NPA forces, such as the ambush against the patrolling AFP forces in Barangay San Antonio,  RTR, Butuan City where the NPA successfully confiscated four (4) high caliber firearms. The most recent military action was the attack, without firing a single shot, against the military patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces of the AFP in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur last December 19, 2018. The Red fighters confiscated 24 high caliber firearms and 12 CAFGU members and two (2) cadremen from the 3rd SF were taken as prisoners of war (POW). 

The NPA preserved its own strength and defended the interests of the people. Imperialist companies such as Sumifru and Dole who grabbed land from farmers and Lumad and destroyed the environment, were penalized. 

Despite sustained and massive military operations launched by the AFP/PNP in the region, the NPA effectively launched counter-attacks and continue to arouse, organize and mobilize the masses. It continues to defend the lands of farmers and Lumad targeted for expansion by destructive imperialist mines and plantations. It contributed to the development of the people’s livelihoods, maintained peace and order, delivered social services and many more.

Because of these, the youth joyfully continuously join the NPA and the majority of the people continue to participate in armed struggle. Thus, the NPA became stronger and the AFP/PNP and the US-Duterte’s plan of annihilating the NPA at the end of 2018 miserably failed.

Amidst the widespread killings, repression, threats, filing of trumped-up charges and forced surrender of civilians, the people’s struggle continue to broaden, intensify and strengthen. The masses are determined to fight and advance armed revolution and will chose to die struggling for the interests of the majority of the people and defend their livelihood, rights and the environment, instead of kneeling to the fascist US-Duterte regime. 

The people of NEMR continue to launch protest actions against militarization and martial law in Mindanao, expose human rights violations committed by the AFP/PNP, resist the forced establishment of detachments and push for their just demands such as land reform, free social services and many others.

Total war and the extension of martial law in Mindanao by the fascist US-Duterte regime are but desperate moves to destroy the revolutionary movement. It shows the intensifying crisis of the ruling system, the deepening conflicts within their own ranks and the massive surge of people’s struggles against dictatorial rule.

The gravely brutal and exploitative fascist US-Duterte regime is pushing an increasing number of the people to further advance armed revolution to fight and destroy the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. The Red fighters will further strengthen their capabilities to wholeheartedly serve the people and advance their national democratic aspirations such as genuine land reform and national industrialization against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. 

Long live the New People’s Army!

Long live the struggling people!

Join the New People’s Army!

Celebrate with pride the 50th anniversary of the CPP!

Ka Ariel Montero


Regional Operational Command

50th anniversary of the CPP: Celebrate with pride! Further advance the national democratic revolution!

Message of the NDFP-NEMR on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the CPP

December 26, 2018

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) salute and commends the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), for its outstanding leadership of the Philippine revolution. Let us celebrate with pride the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP this December 26, 2018 amidst the relentless attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime. Let us commemorate this day with fervor through different activities encapsulating the victories achieved throughout the 50 years of constant advance of the revolution.    

Let us also render our highest salute to the revolutionary martyrs who valiantly offered their lives to advance the National Democratic Revolution. Their revolutionary contributions are living lessons and inspiration for revolutionaries and the people in the enduring struggle to achieve a just, democratic and free society, enjoying sustainable peace.

Through the correct leadership of the CPP, the revolutionary movement in the region never wavered amidst the ruthless brutality of the military and psychological campaigns and attacks of the fascist AFP/PNP. The revolutionary forces in the region effectively fought and defeated these attacks.  The enemy failed to stop the people from strongly uniting to advance their democratic rights and demands by launching different forms of struggle.   

It is clear to the people in the region that the US-Duterte regime is no different from previous regimes. Its economic and political policies and programs favor the interests of the imperialists, big comprador bourgeoisie, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists while majority of the people suffer in dire poverty.

The regime implements the TRAIN Law and other neoliberal policies that resulted to the grave poverty of the people. Price increases of basic commodities and services in the region are relentless.  The minimum wage of workers in Caraga is fixed at P305.00, in fact many receive lower wages especially workers, regular or contractual, in factories, mines, plantations, construction, security agencies, malls and others. This is greatly inadequate for the P1,175.00 daily expenses needed by a six member family to live decently.

The farmers’ problem of having no land or lack of land to till in the region remains. Of the more than 100,000 families of coconut farmers, almost 5,000 families own only a half to 11 hectares of land. This means that more than 90,000 families of coconut farmers have no or lack land to till. Majority also of rice farmers do not own the land they till and are renting land to earn a living.

The farmers continue to suffer from high land rent. For example, in coconut farming, the 40-60 and 50-50 sharing scheme with expenses shouldered by the tenants in favor of the landlord and in the rice farms, the 12-25 sacks of rice as land rent for a hectare of land, still exist. Rentals of agricultural equipment, farm expenses and loan interests remain high. Meanwhile, prices of their products remain low such as copra at P10.00-P16.00 a kilo and rice grains at P16.00-P18.00 a kilo. 

There are no salary increases for teachers, government employees and service workers. The US-Duterte regime chose to implement the 100% salary increase of soldiers and the police. Those who rank PO1 for the police and Pfc. for the AFP, receive at the minimum, P30,000.00 monthly salary, with their officials getting more. Duterte implemented this to secure their blind loyalty and realize his ambitions for dictatorial rule. 

In effect, the AFP/PNP implements the tyrannical and brutal campaigns of the US-Duterte regime against the revolutionary forces and the people, such as the total war under Oplan Kapayapaan, martial law in Mindanao and Oplan Tokhang. These resulted to the unrelenting violations of human rights of the people. 

Since the first month of the year 2018, the AFP launched massive and sustained military operations against the revolutionary movement in NEMR. It is consistent to his illusion of annihilating the NPA at the end of the year.  It used combat equipment such as the 105 howitzer, attack helicopters and bomber planes, supported by surveillance drones. It bombs areas near communities and farms targeted for expansion by imperialist plantations and mines. 

Alongside these, they launch widespread community support program/community organizing for peace and development (CSP/COPD) and forcibly establish CAA detachments of the AFP/PNP in communities in the countryside to destroy the unity of the people and suppress its residents. They effected numerous surrenders of civilians they accused as members of the NPA and the people’s militia. They also initiate anti-social activities such as penile implants, illegal drugs and others. The enemy spreads fake and poisonous news against the revolutionary movement and progressive and legitimate people’s organizations.

Amidst all these, the revolutionary movement in the region continue to advance. The AFP/PNP and US-Duterte failed to defeat the NPA in 2018. Instead, the NPA-NEMR was able to launch more than 200 tactical offensives and confiscated several firearms from the enemy. Just this December, Red fighters attacked and without firing a single shot, controlled the patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces (SF) in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur and confiscated 24 high caliber firearms. Twelve (12) CAFGU members and two (2) SF cadremen are currently prisoners of war (POW).

The NPA continue to enjoy high prestige and widespread support from the people. The thousands of farmers and Lumad will never forget how they benefitted from the implementation of agrarian revolution and social services rendered by the NPA. Because of this, thousands of families of farmers and Lumad continue to till the land distributed for free and regained the ancestral lands seized by logging companies such as Roa, PICOP, Sudecor-Puyat, Lianga Bay and others. In the past they were deprived of land to till and to earn a living inside the hundreds of thousands of hectares of logging concessions and suffered from grave brutal abuse from the armed forces of these companies.  

Wages of farm workers increased in the countryside from P150.00 to P300.00 with free meals and P450.00 without free meals. Land rent decreased to 75-25 in favor of farmers, with expenses deducted. Interest rates of loans decreased to P200.00 for every P1,000.00 loan in a single cropping and others. The revolutionary organizations implement the program of improving production for direct consumption through cooperatives. 

On the other hand, the enemy failed to deprive the people of their initiative to launch mass actions in the cities and countryside. Protests were launched against destructive mines and plantations, forcible establishment of detachments, militarization, martial law in Mindanao price increase of basic commodities and others. The people were shaped by anti-fascist, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles.  

Mass bases continue to expand and consolidate, especially in the strategic areas in the region. Not a single guerilla front was destroyed and the coordination and support of each front remain strong. The people’s unity with the revolutionary movement and the NPA continue even in areas enclosed by the enemy. In effect, the suppression and deceit of the enemy failed to prevent the youth in the countryside and the cities from joining the NPA.  

The country’s economic and political crisis will fuel the further advance of the people’s national democratic struggle. The decaying system have no other direction but eventual collapse.  The victories within the 50 years of advance of the Philippine revolution shows the determination and strength it achieved in all fronts. This is a favorable condition for the further advancement of the people’s democratic revolution. 

Thus, the people must persistently promote their democratic rights and demands. We should bravely and fearlessly fight the threats and suppression of the enemy. We will not allow the AFP/PNP to destroy the revolutionary unity of the people in the region.  

Reach the broadest masses in the countryside and cities by arousing, organizing and mobilizing them. Establish relations with patriotic and humanitarian organizations and individuals, including the enlightened soldiers and police. 

Party courses must be studied to sharpen our understanding of the conditions of society and the Philippine revolution. Increase and strengthen the NPA and intensify the people’s war towards higher levels. 

Advance the people’s national democratic struggle! 

Join  the New People’s Army! 

Fervently celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CPP!

Ka Maria Malaya



Further intensify the determination to fervently advance the people’s democratic revolution!

Statement of the CPP-NEMR on the 50th anniversary of the CPP

December 26, 2018

This December 26, 2018, all revolutionary forces in the different guerilla fronts and Party organizations in our region and the entire country, proudly celebrate the 50thth anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). 

The Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (CPP-NEMR) warmly honors the cadres and members of the Party; Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA); leaders, activists and members of revolutionary mass organizations and allies, for their tireless and persistent advance of the democratic revolution in our region amidst the brutal attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime.

On this golden anniversary, we also warmly give our highest salute to the revolutionary martyrs who gave their time and lives for the national democratic liberation of the Filipino people and for spreading the spirit of socialism and communism. They are the epitome of boundlessly serving the people and bravery in confronting the difficulties of waging revolution.

The revolutionary spirit and lessons carved by our martyrs and the victories we achieved within the 50 years of waging revolution inspire us to further strengthen our convictions to fervently advance the people’s democratic revolution towards victory. 

From 1968 until the present, through the leadership of the CPP, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), over the Philippine revolution, the revolutionary movement effectively overcame all manners of vicious encirclement and annihilative attacks of the reactionary regimes from the fascist US-Marcos dictatorship until the present US-Duterte regime. This is also exhibited by the revolutionary movement in NEMR from its beginnings in 1982 until the present. 

This year, the US-Duterte regime’s illusion of defeating the revolutionary movement failed. The Philippine revolution continue to advance while the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system remain beset by crises which will ultimately result in its collapse.  The future of the people’s democratic revolution is bright.

The anger of the people in the region towards the despicable US-Duterte regime has intensified

The US-Duterte regime is no different from the past regimes in its being reactionary and its puppetry under an oppressive and exploitative system. It consistently defends the greed of imperialists, big comparador bourgeoisie, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists despite the suffering of the Filipino people. 

Under almost three years of power, the Duterte regime has further sunk the people in the region and the entire country in destitution by implementing unpatriotic and anti-people laws and policies. It employed state fascism and terrorism to sow fear among the people while harnessing politician-like chicanery and deceit to effectively implement whatever he and his imperialist masters want. But it has earned him the anger and resistance of the people in the region and the entire country, to end the tyranny of the US-Duterte regime.   

The following are several of the US-Duterte regime’s turpitude tormenting the majority of the people in the region:

His puppetry and subservience to the imperialist neo-liberal policies or “free trade” advocated by the IMF-WB, WTO, APEC and AFTA, caused the lowering of the price of copra. From P35 a kilo it was reduced to P6-P16 a kilo because of the uncontrolled importation of palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia. It destroyed local coconut production. The regime further encouraged the establishment of thousands of hectares of oil palm plantations that competes with coconut. It resulted to the severely miserable conditions of tenants in coconut farms. Aside from this, the coconut farms in Caraga are targeted for the expansion of banana plantations of Del Monte, Dole and Sumifru, for export. Other coconut areas are being converted into falcatta tree plantations that destroys the land. Through these schemes, landlords were able to avoid the distribution of coconut lands to farmers.

The regime deliberately manipulated the “rice crisis” which resulted to panic and sacrifices of majority of the people in the region. Prices significantly increased to P50-P60 a kilo because of the manipulation of businessmen and the government. All these happened despite statements made by the regional National Food Authority (NFA) and Department of Agriculture (DA) that the rice supply in Caraga is sufficient. The US-Duterte regime generated the crisis to give way to deregulation and uncontrolled rice importation by private businessmen in line with the Rice Tarrification Law

The farmer tenants of ricefields suffer from increased land rent, high prices of fertilizers and pesticides and usurious loans, and their livelihood are further destroyed by the deluge of imported rice. They will then be forced to convert ricefields to plantations and other uses, further threatening the region and the country’s food security. Rice supply will be further monopolized by big business and the country’s basic food supply will be dependent on foreign capitalists. 

The Duterte regime is indifferent to the plight of the people as shown by its implementation of additional taxes on commodities and services under the TRAIN law. It is intended to fund his ambitious projects such as railways, roads, airports, etc. under its Build, Build, Build program which in the end, serves only the capitalists.  

This (Train law) has brought about sudden price increases of commodities, services and fuel, while there has been no increase of incomes, plunging the majority of the people in the region in suffering and dire hardship. The government dole-outs of 4Ps and subsidies are insufficient palliatives to poverty. What is more bitter to swallow is the fact that foreign investors and imported products enter the Philippines under lowered or free tariffs/taxes. With the people’s discontent intensifying, the regime was forced to suspend the imposition of additional taxes on imported fuel to the following year. 

Workers in the region are more than ever frustrated because of his failure to fulfill the promise of ending labor contractualization. Greedy for-profit capitalists continue to inflict upon workers, low wages, inadequate to meet the daily needs of their families. To further please the capitalists, the regime breaks up labor unions and worker’s organizations. Joblessness and underemployment in the region increased.

While majority of the people suffer from low incomes, Duterte shows his selective benevolence by doubling the salaries of soldiers and the police to get their subservience to his vile plan of establishing dictatorial rule. He has given his soldiers and police license to commit human rights violations through Oplan Kapayapaan, martial law and the war against illegal drugs. 

Under Oplan Kapayapaan and martial law’s total war, the AFP and PNP carry out brutal suppressive actions which callously destroyed homes, lives and livelihoods of the people especially the farmers and the Lumad in the region. In its ambition to annihilate the NPA by the year 2018, it has implemented massive and sustained military operations combined with ruthless and deceptive psychological operations through CSP/COPD.

The US-Duterte regime completely terminated the peace talks and declared the CPP and NPA as “terrorists”; and attacked progressive groups strongly opposing his pro-imperialist and anti-people policies. Even students in universities and colleges are being suppressed by the military. These are the reasons for the extension of martial law in Mindanao.

Human rights violations in the region committed by the AFP/PNP forces increased, such as killings, illegal arrests and filing of trumped-up charges, threats, suppression, forcible evacuations, forced surrender of civilians and forced conscription to the CAFGU. 

Oplan Tokhang which killed almost 20,000 people, is meant to conceal the elimination of competitors of the illegal drugs business and establish his power over the syndicates. This is the reason why there has been no let up of cases connected to illegal drugs. No bigtime shabu smuggling case from China have been solved.  His son, son-in-law and close friend have been strongly linked to drug syndicates.

Duterte’s government is wrapped in corruption. The parade of fake surenderees of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPAP) and forced recruitment to the CAFGU are milking cows of AFP/PNP officials for moneymaking and promotions. Those removed from power due to alleged corruption charges were his political opponents while his allies remained in their positions.  The notoriously corrupt, like Arroyo, Estrada and Marcos, are his close allies and have been absolved of charges. 

The regime has sold the Philippines to China and the US. While he is brutal to the Filipino people, he is a coward to China’s occupation of the Philippine islands in the West Philippine Sea. The Duterte regime has never firmly defended Philippine sovereignty. 

The tyranny of the US-Duterte regime is pushing the people to unite and fight. Widespread protest actions were launched to oppose this tyranny and demand for the recognition of national and democratic rights of the Filipino people. His fascist and brutal repression failed to silence the people.

Oplan Kapayapaan failed in 2018, the revolution in NEMR continue to advance

The tyranny and bankruptcy of the US-Duterte regime and the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system it defends, is the reason why the enemy will never succeed in dousing the flames of the people’s just struggle. Through the wise leadership of the CPP over the revolutionary movement in the region, the AFP/PNP’s annihilative attacks were frustrated. The strength of the NPA and the revolutionary forces has been preserved. The revolution and the Party continue to advance ideologically, politically and organizationally. 

Through the absolute leadership of the CPP, the NPA effectively performed its revolutionary tasks as forces for combat, propaganda, organizing and production. Enemy attacks failed to deprive it of the initiative to continue advancing the people’s war in the region. In 2018, more than 200 military actions and counter-attacks were launched by the NPA-NEMR effecting a number of casualties among the fascist forces of the AFP and PNP. The NPA confiscated several high caliber firearms from the enemy. Just recently, Red fighters confiscated 24 high caliber firearms by attacking, without firing a single shot, the patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces of the AFP in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. Twelve (12) CAFGUs and two (2) SF are now prisoners of war (POW) of the NPA-NEMR. Companies that destroy the environment and livelihoods of farmers were penalized, such as plantations of Dole and Sumifru.

Not a single NPA-NEMR formation was wiped out by the enemy. The AFP’s propaganda and claims that more than 500 Red fighters surrendered, is a big lie.  The truth is that these surrenderees were civilians and former members of the NPA who were forced to surrender. Instead, the number of NPA forces increased. The threats and repression of the enemy failed to prevent the youth from participating in armed struggle and joining the NPA. Youth conferences were secretly launched in the different guerilla fronts in the region. Military, medical, mass work and other trainings were launched in the different fronts.  

Despite the brutal dismantling by the AFP of suspected mass bases of the NPA, it failed to fully succeed. The NPA-NEMR continue to consolidate and broaden in other areas, while steadily retaining its position in strategic locations in the region. The NPA enjoy widespread support from the revolutionary mass bases. The masses help the Red fighters with food, technical support and in launching tactical offensives. 

In areas occupied by the enemy, residents continue to link with the NPA and secretly supports them. The people has experienced the vast distinction in their community lives when there are NPA presence. They look forward to regaining their strong unity and cooperation, living peacefully; without the problem of illegal drugs, thievery and other anti-social activities. They achieved more economic benefits from agrarian revolution such as ownership of the land they till, improving farming, wage increases and others, through the help of the NPA.

On the other hand, Party cadres are armed with MLM theory. The studies of Party courses were successfully launched in guerilla fronts of the region despite enemy operations. 

Even with pressure from fascist forces, local Party branches were able to lead the revolutionary movement in the barrios to demand for the rights of the residents against fascism and military abuse. There were also situations when, because of intensified military repression, Party branches temporarily stagnated and failed to advance. On the other hand, new Party branches were also organized and Party members increased in other barrios.

By learning from revolutionary practice, the methods of work of Party committees in the region advanced despite concentrated enemy attacks.  Party cadres were galvanized to rely on themselves. The conscious implementation of organizational discipline improved through the firm adherence to democratic centralism and upholding the guidance of higher organs of the Party. Because of these, we frustrated the plan of Oplan Kapayapaan and the US-Duterte regime this year. We continue to achieve victories as contribution to the advance of the people’s democratic revolution in the country. 

Intensify the determination to further advance the revolution in all fronts 

Even though the ruling system is beset with severe crisis, it is braced by the imperialist US and China to prevent its collapse. The imperialists give military support to the US-Duterte regime to counteract the advance of the revolution and protect their economic interests in the country. The consolidation of power through the militarization of the bureaucracy, extension of martial law in Mindanao until the end of 2019 and its expansion to other parts of the Philippines, show that the Duterte regime will launch more brutal attacks next year. We must then prepare. Hold on to our victories, persistently accomplish tasks and intensify the determination to further advance the revolution and frustrate, once again, the enemy’s plan. 

Intensify the people’s war. Strengthen, expand and establish several NPA formations. Recruit the youth and workers by the numbers, to become Red fighters, political officers and soldiers of the NPA. Build several units of the people’s militia and self-defense units in the barrios. Launch tactical offensives against operating enemy troops and armed impediments in the area. Be sure to confiscate firearms from the enemy.

Strengthen and expand membership in Party branches and committees to increase the number of those who will lead the ever-growing revolutionary tasks and to train many cadres to enhance their capabilities. Strengthen the practice of self-reliance in implementing tasks and in facing enemy attacks.

We must be creative in launching Party courses for all Party members to sharpen their understanding of MLM and apply these in practice. Consciously launch regular assessments and criticism-self-criticism (CSC) to point out the weaknesses and strengths in the conduct of actions. Through these we will raise our determination and commitment to sincerely serve the people.  

While we advance armed revolution, we should not forget that it is integral that we also advance agrarian revolution and strengthen broad mass bases. Persistently build revolutionary mass organizations and recover those left behind or are occupied by the enemy. Continue building organs of political power in the countryside. Resolutely propagate the study of courses of the Pambansang Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) to further raise the political consciousness of revolutionary forces.

Strengthen and broaden alliance with different sectors in the middle forces and national bourgeoisie especially among the church people, professionals, academe, media, local government officials and other progressives. We should correctly recognize their role in defending and upholding respect for human rights, resisting tyranny and anti-people policies of the US-Duterte regime and support for the struggle of the masses for their rights. 

In connection with this, we must mobilize to defeat the rabid anti-people and those who implement/support Duterte’s tyranny, in the coming elections. 

Expose and fight the tyrannical US-Duterte regime and the extension of martial law in Mindanao. Fearlessly launch protest actions against its unpatriotic and anti-people laws and policies. Demand for the nationalist and democratic aspirations of the people. Oppose the intervention and exploitation of the US, China and other imperialists in our country. 

Establish relations and cooperate with patriotic elements among the politicians, police and military to oust the fascist and puppet Duterte regime.

Long live the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP!
Long live the struggling people!
Long live the national democratic revolution!

Regional Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines
North Eastern Mindanao Region

Bulawanong mga kadaugan sa 50 ka tuig nga rebolusyonaryong pakigbisog sa NCMR

Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas
North Central Mindanao Region

Pamahayag s Media
Desyembre 24, 2018

Ipasigarbo nato ang atong mga kadaugan sa milabay’ng 50 ka tuig sukad matukod pag-usab ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas sa paggiya sa MLM diha sa paglunsad og rebolusyonaryong armadong pakigbisog, agraryong rebolusyon ug pagpabarug sa baseng masa.  

Ang ideolohikal nga kadaugan sa PKP nag-una diha sa pagsagop  sa Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo isip banwag sa pagpatuman niini sa iyang mga rebolusyonaryong gimbuhaton. Kini ang naggiya isip himan sa pagtuki (tool of analysis) sa nagkalainlaing isyu, kahimtang ug problema sa rebolusyong Pilipinhon. Nag-una dinhi ang pagtuki sa katilingban isip semikolonyal ug semipyudal, nga kinahanglan moagi kini sa duha ka yugtong rebolusyon sa dili pa kab-oton ang sosyalismo. Aduna kiniy Batakang Balaod ug nakahimo og Programa sa Demokratikong Rebolusyon sa Katawhan ug  sa 1971 migawas ang Giya sa Pagpabarog sa mga Organo sa Pulitikanhong Gahum nga gisundan sa pagka-1972 sa Giya sa Pagpabarog sa Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan ug gisagop sa Rehiyon ang bag-ong amendasyon sa Constitution sa Partido ug ang Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution (PPDR) nga  resulta  sa Ikaduhang Kongreso sa Komite Sentral niadtong Nobyembre 7,2016.

Padayong nalunsad  ang  mga pagtuon sa Batakang Kurso sa Part ido nga naghatag og kahibalo sa kasaysayan sa Pilipinas, sa batakang mga problema sa katawhang Pilipino ug sa demokratikong rebolusyon sa katawhan.  Ang Intermedyang Kurso sa Partdo nagtudlo sa pagtukod sa Partido, sa hukbong bayan ug sa nagkahiusang prente ug sa pagtandi sa mga nagmalampusong rebolusyong gipangulohan sa proletaryado ug ang Abanteng Kurso sa Partido sa komprehensibong kahibalo sa materyalistang pilosopiya, pulitikanhong ekonomiya, siyentipikong sosyalismo, sa estratehiya ug taktika sa proletaryong rebolusyon ug sa internasyonal nga kalihukang komunista. Kining maong mga pagtuon, BKP ug IKP miabot na ngadto sa mga Sanga sa Partido. Ang AKP anaa pa sa ang-ang sa Nataran nga mga kadre.

Dinhi sa atong rehiyon sa NMR sa nausa pa ang NCMR ug NE nakalunsad  kita og 3 ka mga Komperensya sa Partido ug nakahimo pagsumada sa iyang mga kasinatian nga nahimong giya sa tanang mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa ilang rebolusyonaryong paglihok. 

Nasumada usab sa Rehiyon ang iyang rebolusyonaryong kasinatian sa milabay’ng 15 ka tuig (2002-2016) diin hustong napunting ang mga hinungdan sa pag-uswag ug pag-atras. Gipunting ang mga dagway sa konserbatismo, emperisismo ug kalugak sa organisasyon nga maoy nag-unang agos sa mga kasaypanan, ingon man sa mga segundaryong tendensya. Nalatid ang mga konsepto ug pamaagi sa pagsulbad niini. Sa dagan sa pagpatuman may mga kasaypanan nga gahi ug dugay natul-id, wala dayon mapunting, magbalik-balik pagtumaw ug may mga bag-o pud nga nagtumaw. Apan sa kinatibuk-an nakapatigbabaw ang husto diha sa organisasyon sa Partido sa NCMR tungod kay mayorya sa mga kadre ang migunit niini.   

Ang pulitikanhong  kadaugan nag-una diha sa pagkatukod sa BHB niadtong Marso 29,1969 uban sa iyang Batakang Lagda, sa iyang 3 ka Lagda sa Disiplina ug Walo ka Puntong angay Timan-an. Dinhi sa isla sa Mindanao natukod ang BHB kaniadtong 1971 isip unang pag-abre sa sonang gerilya apan wala kini nagmalampuson ug sa atong rehiyon sa North Central Mindanao napabarog kini sa ulahing bahin sa 1974 diin nakalunsad kini og unang taktikal opensiba niadtong sayong bahin sa 1975. Sukad dinhi nag-anam kadaghan ang mga platung pormasyon. 

Sukad sa 2011 ang rehiyon naglunsad na og mga komperensyang militar matag tuig aron makita ang mga positibo ug negatibong aspeto sa gimbuhatong militar ug gihimoan kini og mga tukmang resolusyon. Nagalunsad usab kini og pupanahong mga pagbansay ug edukasyon sa teknika ug taktika alang sa dugang pang pagpalambo sa gimbuhatong militar. 

Sa 2018 sientodos (102) sa nagkalain-laing  aksyong militar ang nalunsad ug nakapahamtang og kaswalidad sa kaaway nga mokabat og usa ka kumpanya (88 ang KIA ug 78 ka WIA). Sa pikas bahin mihalad usab og kinabuhi ang pipila ka mga kauban isip rebolusyonaryong martir  ang 16 ka Pulang Kumander ug Manggugubat.

Bisan pa sa grabeng pagpanumpo sa nangaging mga pasistang rehimen ug sa kasamtangang rehimeng US-Duterte sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan,  wala mapugngi niini ang  padayong paglapad ug  paglig-on sa baseng masa nga makita diha  sa padayong pagtunhay sa mga Organo sa Politikanhong Gahum (OPG) sa kabanikanhan ug sa pagkatukod sa mga kapunungang masa ug  pagbarog sa mga organisasyong masa. 

Ang pagdaghan sa mga tropa sa kaaway sa atong rehiyon nagpakita lang nga dili niya bastabasta ibale-wala ang mga kadaugan sa hukbong bayan nga nag-aghat  kaniya sa pagdugang og laing tulo pa ka mga batalyon gikan sa pito lang sa miaging tuig.

Aron paghugno sa morale sa mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa gipakaylap sa AFP nga kapin na kuno sa 1,000 ka BHB ang nagsurender. Apan sa katinuoray dakong mayorya niini mga sibilyan nga nailad diha sa pagpatawag kanila aron kuno hatagan og pundo sa panginabuhian (livelihood) ug human kuhai og hulagway ila dayong gipresentar nga mga NPA nga nagsurender. Pananglitan niini ang nahitabong pagpasurender  sa “117 ka mga NPA”  didto sa Maynaga, Cabanglasan; sa “500” didto sa Sumilao; sa “177 “ sa Bolunay ug sa “100” kapin ka mga membro sa TINDOGA sa Quezon, Bukidnon. Hinuon duna gyuy 11 ka NPA ug mga kanhing NPA nga dugay nang nagpahulay ang  nailad sa E-CLIP. Ila kining giarmasan ug  gipakita sa media nga mga tinuod kini nga NPA. 

Ang BHB sa rehiyon nakahupot sa hugot nga suportang masa tungod kay nakig-away kini alang sa ilang interes sa tinuod nga reporma sa yuta ug sa inanay nagpaalibyo kini sa ilang kalisod pinaagi sa agraryong rebolusyon ug sa pakigbisog alang sa ilang kaayohan.  Gani, daghang mga mag-uumang setler ang nakaangkon og yutang matikad ubos sa konsesyon sa NALCO dihang gisumpo sa BHB  ang  mga bangis ug abusadong concession guards.  Nagtabang usab kini  pagdepensa sa yutang ansestral  o yutang kabilin  sa mga Lumad ug sa katawhang Moro alang sa  Katungod sa Kaugalingong Paghukom,  paghatag sa katawhan og mga serbisyo sa panglawas, edukasyon ug pagtudlo kanila nga makabaton sa kaisog sa paglihok, pag-organisa ug paglihok sa ilang han-ay .  

Karong tuiga sa 2018 nalunsad ang 13 ka hugnang minimum anti-pyudal nga pakigbisog ug mga kampanyang masa sama sa pagpataas sa suhulan sa mga mamumuong panguma sa katubhan, pagpakunhod sa usura, pagpataas sa presyo sa ilang mga produkto nga kape ug lanot  sa abaka ug pagdepensa sa yutang kabilin ug uban pa  diin kapin sa 30,000 ka mga masang mag-uuma ug lumad  ang naka-benepisyo.

Human sa duha ka tuig nga pagpahamtang sa Martial Law sa Mindanao, anam anam nga nalunsad ang mga protestang masa, may mga anti-pasistang kalihukan nga nalunsad pagbakwet, kampohan, picket sa 4thID panahon sa HR day, aron iprotesta ang grabeng militarisasyon sa kabukiran; pag-okupar sa ilang mga komunidad, pagpamomba; kanyon ug helicopter gunship.  

Sa organisasyon sukad sa 1971 diin ang Mindanao usa lang ka rehiyon milambo kini ngadto sa lima. Ang NCMR natukod sa mga tuig 1983 gikan sa usa lang ka front—-ang Front 4. Karon may pipila na ka mga panggubatang gerilya ang naglangkob sa NCMR, nga may igong kamaniobrahan sa gerilyang pwersa.  Milambo kini tungod sa hugot nga paggunit nato sa demokratikong sentralismo giniyahan sa MLM ug sa paggiya sa Komite Sentral ug sa pangkinatibuk-ang linya sa demokratikong rebolusyon pinaagi sa malungtarong gubat sa katawhan. Nangatukod na usab ang pipila ka mga subrehiyon nga gilangkoban sa pipila ka  lumpong sa mga panggubatang gerilya aron mas lapad ang wanang sa paglunsad sa gerilyang pakiggubat.

Ipadayon ang Pagtuon ug pagdapat sa kongkretong kahimtang sa MLM!

Mas ipahugot pa ang panaghiusa sa katawhan, panaghiusa sa Hukbo ug Katawhan, ug pagpagamot sa Partido ngadto sa masang ginsakpan!

Pag-andam sa atong pwersa sa mas grabe pang operasyon nga ginalunsad sa pasistang Rehimeng US-Duterte, hugot nga gunitan ang masukolong diwa aron batokan kini.

Ka. Norcen Manggubat 
North Central Mindanao Region

Ang absolutong pagpangulo sa partido, padayong nagpalig-on sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan ug epektibong gisuklan ang todo-gera nga gilunsad sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte

Sulat Pamahayag | Disyembre 26, 2018

Ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa North Eastern Mindanao Region (BHB-NEMR) mapasigarbuhong  miduyog sa mabagang katawhan sa rehiyon ug sa tibuok nasud sa pagsaulog sa ika-50 nga anibersaryo sa subling pagkatukod sa Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) karong Disyembre 26, 2018. Gumikan sa absolutong pagpangulo sa Partido, padayong milig-on ang BHB ug epektibong gisuklan ang todo-gera nga gilunsad sa AFP/PNP ug sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte. 

Niining maong adlaw, atong pasalamatan ug pasidunggan ang tanang mga membro sa Partido, BHB, mga aktibista ug mga organisadong masa sa katawhan sa NEMR nga mapadayunong nakigbisog ug nagsakripisyo aron suklan ang tumang kabangis ug hinungog nga mga lakang sa rehimeng US-Duterte. Atong pasidunggan ug saludohan usab ang mga martir nga naghalad sa ilang tibuok kinabuhi, katakus, kaisog ug kahibalo aron nga madepensahan ang katawhan ug mas labaw pang mapaasdang ang gubat sa katawhan.

Nalunsad sa BHB-NEMR ang kapin 200 ka mga taktikal nga opensiba nga mipahamtang sa kapin sa 200 ka mga kaswalti sa han-ay sa kaaway. Nakasakmit og pusil nga ikaarmas sa usa ka platun nga pwersa sa BHB sama sa pag-ambus sa nagapatrolya nga pwersa sa AFP sa Barangay San Antonio,  RTR, Butuan City nga malampusong nakumpiska sa BHB ang upat (4) ka tag-as nga kalibreng armas. Ang pinakabag-ong aksyon militar mao ang pag-atake nga walay buto sa military patrol base sa 3rd Special Forces sa AFP didto sa New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur niadtong Disyembre 19, 2018. Nakasakmit ang mga Pulang manggugubat og 24 ka tag-as nga kalibreng pusil ug adunay 12 ka mga CAFGU ug 2 ka mga kadreman nga sakop sa 3rd SF nga nahimong mga prisoners of war (POW). 

Napreserba usab sa BHB ang kaugalingong kusog ug nadepensahan niini ang interes sa katawhan. Nasilotan ang mga imperyalistang kompanya sama sa Sumifru ug Dole nga nangilog sa kayutaan sa mga mag-uuma ug Lumad ug nagdaut sa kinaiyahan. 

Taliwala  sa sustinido ug dinagkung mga operisyon militar nga gilunsad sa AFP/PNP sa rehiyon, ang BHB epektibong nakalunsad og mga kontra-atake ug wala mapugngi ang pagpadayon sa pagpukaw, pag-organisa ug pagpalihok sa masa. Padayon kini sa pagpanalipod sa mga yutang gitikad sa mga mag-uuma ug Lumad nga target sa ekspanyon sa makadaut nga mga imperyalistang minahan ug plantasyon. Nitabang kini sa pagpalambo sa panginabuhian sa katawhan, pagpatuman sa kahusay ug kalinaw, paghatag sa katilingbanong serbisyo ug daghang pang uban.  

Gumikan niini, ang mga kabatan-onan walay hunong ang kadasig nga mosampa sa BHB ug  ang mabagang katawhan padayong nagsalmot sa armadong pakigbisog. Tungod niini mikusog ug milig-on ang BHB ug pakyas ang laraw sa AFP/PNP ug sa rehimeng US-Duterte sa pagpuo sa BHB sa katapusan sa tuig 2018.

Taliwala sa dinaghang pagpamatay, pagpamig-ot, pagpangdakop, pagpanghulga, pagpasaka og tinumo-tumong kaso ug pinugos nga pagpasurender sa mga sibilyan, padayon nga nagkalapad, nagkakusog ug nagkalig-on ang pakigbisog sa katawhan. Determinado kining misukol ug mipaasdang sa armadong pakigbisog ug mas pilion pa ang kamatayon nga nakigbisog sa interes sa kinabag-ang katawhan ug manalipod sa panginabuhian, katungod ug kinaiyahan, kaysa moluhod sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Wala usab mapugngi ang katawhan sa NEMR sa paglunsad og mga protesta batok sa militarisasyon, martial law sa Mindanao, pagbutyag sa AFP/PNP sa ilang pagpanglapas sa tawhanong katungod, pinugos nga pagpangtukod og mga detatsment ug pagduso sa ilang mga makatarunganong demanda sama sa tinuod nga reporma sa yuta, libreng katilingbanong serbisyo ug daghan pang uban.  

Ang todo-gera ug ang pagpalugway sa martial law sa Mindanao sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte, usa ka desperadong lakang nga pukanon ang rebolusyonaryong kalihukan. Nagtimaan kini sa nagkagrabeng krisis sa nagharing sistema, nagkagrabe nga panagbangi sa ilang han-ay ug sa nagakakusog nga bul-og sa mga pakigbisog sa katawhan batok sa diktadurang paghari. 

Kining hilabihang kabangis ug pagkamapahimuslanon sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte ang magtukmod sa mabagang katawhan nga mas labaw pang ipaasdang ang armadong rebolusyon aron suklan ug lumpagon ang nagharing sistemang semi-kolonyal ug semi-pyudal. Mas palig-onon pa sa mga Pulang manggugubat ang kaakuhan nga  tibuok kinabuhi nga alagaran ang katawhan ug iasdang ang ilang nasudnon demokratikong pangandoy sama sa tinuod nga reporma sa yuta ug nasudnong industriyalisasyon batok sa imperyalismo, pyudalismo ug burukrata kapatalismo.

Mabuhi ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan! 
Mabuhi ang katawhang nakigbisog!
Kabatan-onan sampa sa BHB!
Mapasigarbuhong saulogon ang ika-50 anibersaryo sa PKP!

Ka Ariel Montero
Regional Operational Command