Reaction to the UNHRC resolution to investigate Duterte killings

Communist Party of the Philippines

Communist Party of the Philippines
July 12, 2019

1. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) welcomes the resolution of the UN Human Rights Commission seeking a comprehensive report on the widespread killings carried out both by police and state-endorsed death squads in the course of the Duterte government’s so-called drug war.

The tactic of mass killings against drug suspects and its terror effect is now being widely used against the patriotic and democratic forces and against all forms of opposition to stifle dissent and put down the people’s resistance and stifle their demand for justice.

2. The statement of the PNP Chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde that the CPP is behind the UNHRC resolution is extremely laughable and shows the extent to which Duterte’s minions would invent scenarios and act stupid in their desperation to keep the truth from coming out. In their anti-communist delusion, Duterte’s minions have resorted to red-tagging even the UNHRC itself.

3. It is utterly hypocritical and self-serving for Duterte to claim national sovereignty in the face of the UNHRC’s resolution, when at the same time, it conveniently sets aside the sovereignty and national patrimony questions in the face of China’s intrusions into the Philippine exclusive economic zone and maritime territory, as well as presence of US military troops in the country.

Duterte makes false claims the UNHRC resolution violates Philippine national sovereignty. The bigger question is how Duterte seeks to suppress the people’s sovereign power, their demand for an end to the mass killings and a stop to Duterte’s tyrannical abuse of power.

4. The UNHRC resolution will surely boost the Filipino people’s struggle to defend their rights and civil liberties. The people will surely welcome the representative and investigators of the UNHRC and provide them will all the support and security.

U.N. rights council adopts resolution vs PH drug war killings


Note on SWS Survey

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
July 8, 2019

Paid poll survey as usual. Tendentious questions to favor Duterte.

Important questions evaded. Endorsement of Duterte’s crimes and policy errors: tyranny, treasonous sell-out of sovereign rights to China, mass murder in poor urban and rural areas, supreme drug lordship and presidential protection for drug lords and drug smuggling, corruption and alliance with previous plunderers, rigging of 2019 elections, excessive deficit spending and borrowing, soaring prices of basic commodities, increase of unemployment and low incomes, perpetuation and aggravation of endo, absence of genuine land reform, high-interest loans and overpriced infrastructure projects and so on.

Three years of tyrannical rule is enough!

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 30, 2019

The Filipino people people have had enough under Duterte’s three-year reign of tyranny and terrorism, mass murder, abuse of military and police powers, dictatorial threats, national treason, subservience to foreign interests, misogyny, lies, threats and intimidation.

Under Duterte, the broad masses have suffered from ever worsening oppression in the face of low wages, job loss and joblessness, gross working conditions, job insecurity, rural landlessness, dispossession and displacement, burdensome taxes, high prices, lack of social services, widespread drug trafficking and crime.

In stark contrast, Duterte and his cohorts continue to amass wealth from bribery, misuse of so-called discretionary funds, kickbacks from anomalous Chinese loans, cuts in overpriced infrastructure projects as well as from criminal operations of drug syndicates. Favored big oligarchs including Dennis Uy, Ramon Ang, Lucio Tan, the Villars, Cojuangcos and Sys continue to accumulate wealth from government contracts and business accommodations.

Not soon after taking power, the Duterte regime would carry out one of the most vicious campaign of mass violence and expose itself as one of the worst since the Marcos dictatorship. He has imposed martial law on Mindanao and put Samar, Negros and Bicol under military rule resulting in widespread abuses of people’s rights. Supported by the US, Duterte has mounted a brutal war to suppress the people’s revolutionary movement as well as their patriotic and democratic forces.

Duterte’s all-out war of suppression aims to secure the ruling system by preventing the people from resisting and rising up as they are subjected to the most despicable and oppressive neoliberal policies. Duterte’s misrepresentation of himself as a “socialist” three years ago is now all but forgotten as he has attacked with outright brutality the economic and social rights of the people to serve the interests of transnational corporations and foreign big capitalists, big compradors and big landlords.

The brutal, treasonous, corrupt and oppressive US-Duterte regime is a grotesque outgrowth of the rotten ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system. As the ruling system slumps from one crisis to a deeper one, the reactionary state increasingly sheds all pretensions and exposes its real essence as an instrument of oppression and exploitation against the people.

Duterte has assimilated and aggravated the worst aspects of all the past regimes and has set sights on surpassing his idol Marcos. He has succeeded to concentrate under his three-year regime all the political, social and economic evils of the past three decades.

There is urgent need to strengthen the organized ranks of the Filipino people and intensify their mass struggles. They need to build unions and all forms of organizations, raise their collective consciousness and take action in great numbers.

Under the leadership of the Party, all commands of the New People’s Army must carry out tactical offensives in order to deal one blow after another against Duterte’s fascist troops, serve justice for the people, and build their revolutionary strength and raise the level of the people’s war.

Three years under Duterte is more than enough! The need to rise up and resist is crystal clear.

The propaganda war: Truth will always trump Duterte’s lies

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 25, 2019

A military official was reported to have acknowledged that the Duterte regime is losing the propaganda war with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the revolutionary forces. In a Philippine Daily Inquirer report, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Director General Alex Paul Monteagudo claims that the CPP-NPA “has exploited and deceived the people for 50 long years.”

To Mr. Monteagudo, we have this to say: The CPP, the NPA and all revolutionary forces in the Philippines could not have thrived for 50 years if it were not speaking the truth which reflect the objective conditions of the Filipino people. They could not have grown and persevered if they did not express the sentiments and aspirations of the people.

The revolutionary forces speak about the objective realities which Duterte tries hard to obscure. About rampant killings, arbitrary arrests, and gross abuses of human rights perpetrated by military and police forces against the mass of poor people under condition of martial law. About landlessness and the grabbing of peasants’ and minority peoples’ lands. About the continuing crisis of the local economy and deteriorating social conditions of the masses. About the lack of jobs, low wages, oppressive working conditions, high prices and burdensome taxes. About Duterte’s treason and sellout. How he favors big business oligarchs, big plantation owners and mining companies.

How Duterte and his cohorts continue to accumulate unexplained wealth. His ambitions to be like another Marcos and how he fears ending up in jail. The people’s outrage and their determination to wage armed struggle and all forms of resistance.

The fact is, the revolutionary movement continues to grow in strength and draw in thousands of adherents everyday because it speaks the truth about exploitation and oppression, abuses and injustice which daily beset the people. The Party’s program and its declarations reflect their aspirations for genuine freedom and democracy, real change and a better life.

Duterte is a tyrant to the Filipino people but a craven puppet to a foreign master

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
June 21, 2019

The Duterte regime is doing everything to cover up the deliberate ramming of the boat of the Filipino fishermen by a Chinese militia boat. Now, again exposing his character as a traitor and paid agent of China, Duterte wants to have a joint investigation with China to further put down the Filipino victims and worst of all to insinuate that China has joint jurisdiction over the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

Instead of toying with the stupid notion of joint investigation, the Philippines should condemn the intrusion of the Chinese militia boat and ramming crime in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines and demand from China the surrender of the Chinese culprits. It is the misfortune of the Philippines to be ruled by a tyrant who is self-serving and yet so cravenly servile to his foreign master.

Fascism–Duterte’s ideology–is old and rotten

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 21, 2019

In his speech before the 8th Infantry Division, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte of the GRP yesterday chided the Party and NPA for having an “outdated” ideology and declared that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) can defeat the revolutionary armed movement in Samar and across the country.

In fact, it is Duterte’s ideology — fascism — that is old and rotten. It is an ideology based on hatred of the poor and dispossessed who have learned to stand up and speak out against tyranny and oppression. Fascism is the worst ideology of the reactionary classes who aim to perpetuate their power and wealth accumulation.

It is the same ideology behind Hitler’s holocaust of the 1930s, and various bloody dictatorial regimes from Europe to the Americas and Asia — from Batista to Somoza, Suharto to Marcos and a number of other tyrants who plundered their countries but were eventually overthrown by the people who learned to wage resistance valiantly.

The Filipino people have long rejected fascism in the Philippines and will continue to resist it because it is oppressive and aims to condemn them to eternal hardships and poverty. With his fascist ideology, it is a certainty that Duterte will fail miserably in his declared aim of defeating the people’s armed and non-armed resistance.

The CPP, guided by the most advanced theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with its democratic ideals, will continue to strengthen and draw deep support among the broad masses of the people and lead the New People’s Army and the democratic mass movement to greater heights.

Duterte is exposed as a traitor and paid agent of China

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
June 17, 2019

Photo: AFP/Ted Aljibe

Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio is legally, politically and morally correct in demanding that the Philippines and the Duterte regime take a strong stand against China’s aggressive act and demand compensation and punishment for the captain and crew of the vessel that rammed the Filipino fishing vessel, F/B Gemvir 1.

The failure of Duterte himself to make the required strong stand against the aggressive act and to demand compensation and punishment from the criminal rammers exposes him as a traitor and paid agent of China and takes the lid off a whole barrel of treasonous crimes that Duterte has committed in betrayal of the national sovereignty and national patrimony of the Filipino people.

As I have long pointed out, Duterte and his close relatives and high subalterns have privately benefited from commissions on high-interest Chinese loans and overpriced infrastructure projects at the official level and at the same time from the massive smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs by the Chinese criminal triads at the unofficial level.

Duterte is engaged in double puppetry. For the purpose of keeping the loyalty of the US-lining military and police officers, he retains all the treaties, agreements and arrangements that make US imperialism the most dominant power in the Philippines. At the same time, he serves as a double traitor focused on the quick and secret income from commissions by Chinese corporations and payoffs by the Chinese criminal triads.

While Duterte and his ruling clique profit enormously from their Chinese connections, they sell out to China the sovereign rights of the Filipino people over the West Philippine Sea and and its marine and mineral resources and make the Philippines a debt colony of China through high-interest loans and overpriced infrastructure projects.

Thus, they do not make any demand for China to vacate the artificial islands it has built and militarized in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, to pay rent for occupancy of those islands and to pay compensation for the damage and destruction of the marine environment. The Duterte regime is traitorous and corrupt. It is shamelessly subservient to Chinese imperialism.###

Apolinario Gatmaitan Command on the pressing issues affecting Negros Island

PRESS STATEMENT | June 4, 2019

After Duterte’s rigging of the midterm elections this May 2019 in favor of his cronies we expect an increase of the Duterte-style deception, maneuvers and attacks against the people.

The revolutionary movement must steel itself to confront and defeat the regime’s attacks from Oplan Kapayapaan to Oplan Kapanatagan and Oplan Sauron. The gimmicks of the enemy more so its growing brutality and all forms of fascism against the people must not be allowed to prosper. We must surmount the state agents’ unceasing smear campaign and efforts to tarnish the prestige and reputation of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in order to cover up their own blunders and receive additional bounty from their commander-in-chief.

It is but right for the people to oppose Duterte with greater unity and more vigorous campaigns against tyranny, fascism, corruption, deceipt, violations of human rights (young and old) and abandonment of Philippine sovereignty.

For the New People’s Army Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (NPA-AGC), the genuine people’s army musters its collective determination to fight for and defend the people. It earnestly tackles the enemy’s counterrevolutionary attacks and carry the revolution forward.

The following is the NPA-AGC’s position on the current issues in Negros Island:

1. Increasing militarization, redeployment of the 11th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army and the relocation of the 302nd Brigade Headquarters to Negros.

In the past months battalions under the 303rd and 302nd Brigade were humiliated after their successive failures. The Armed Forces of the Philippines’s (AFP) foot soldiers are in miserable condition because they are being fed by their commanders to the battlefield and in the end their deaths are outrightly dismissed. In the first half of 2019, the enemy has sustained at least 84 casualties. Recently, eight firearms were seized by the NPA from the hands of the mercenary RPA, an AFP paramilitary unit. Even if the AFP denies it and how much 303rd Brigade Commander Benedict Arevalo parrots the NPA’s defeat, these are all talk and will never deceive the people. On the NPA’s part, each life spent in service of the people is honourable. All who take part in the revolution is prepared for the highest sacrifice and is acclaimed by the people.

The people is repulsed of the AFP and Philippine National Police (PNP) and this is their greatest disadvantage. It is the reason behind the intensifying fascism in the countryside and even in the cities. The AFP and PNP are obsessed of chasing the NPA. The crackdown on the legal democratic movement shows their madness in keeping to their deranged master’s orders. The AGC has monitored the ongoing movement of military and police forces in Negros to implement bloody operations like what happened in the Synchronized Enhanced Managing of Police Operations (SEMPO) 1 and 2 in Negros Oriental. Due to alarming killings in Negros since the Sagay 9 massacre, political extrajudicial killing has abruptly increased to six killings per month from the one per month average. It is important for the people to take courage and be astute of the enemy’s attack especially of the imminent SEMPO 3.

The move of the AFP Central Command of redeploying the 11th IBPA to Negros Oriental bodes of the heightening of terror deliberately propagated in the countrysides. The 11th IB has a long list of crimes against the people of Central Negros. The NPA is ready to face additional forces of the enemy. Through protracted people’s war and the continuing support of the masses frustrate the attacks of the butcher AFP. The national democratic revolution is spreading fast in the entire country. The AFP and PNP are frantic about repressing the advance of the revolution.

2. On Gross election fraud.

Before the May 2019 midterm elections, the CPP have been consistent in exposing Duterte’s plan of cheating the elections to consolidate his rule. He wants to crush those who block his pipedream of becoming a fascist dictator. Duterte is using the full force of his administration including the Commission on Elections to ensure the seats of his allies. Now, without doubt, the scheme of fake federalism and sellout of Philippine sovereignty through charter change and other laws strengthening Duterte’s fascist reign will be railroaded in Congress.

The rampant cheating in the elections took place even in Negros Island. Duterte is exposing the bankruptcy and weakness of his regime. In his aim to display the people’s resounding support for his administration, he gained instead the rage of the people for ruining democracy, tainting the sanctity of their votes and installing his minions who like him have no regard for any interests but their own.

3. The bogus and deceitful localized peace talks.

The ambitious and greedy officials of the 303rd and 302nd Brigade prate of alleged numerous NPA surrenderees and scores of firearms yielded from their “successful” localized peace talks. But because of its firm principles and ironclad discipline, not one unit of the NPA will be caught in the trap called localized peace talks. In reality, troops under Arevalo and 302nd Brigade Commander Ignacio Madriaga have only spread terror among the masses.

The AGC has received accounts that the Army is gathering people in barangays luring them with government programs (i.e. DSWD’s 4Ps, DA’s animal dispersal and farm implements distribution) and then after the assembly declaring them as NPA surrenderees. In another circumstance, people are threatened if they will not confess of being NPA members and supporters. Often if state agents cannot force those they accuse of being “rebels” to admit guilt, conniving with judges and the courts, they are charged with trumped-up charges or evidences are planted in their homes.

The surrendered firearms that the AFP eagerly boasts of are taken from the same heap of lies. These are only recycled firearms from the Army’s armory and fabricated reports in order to access the corresponding reward for every firearm and surrenderee. It is popularly known for a fact that the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) is a big source of corruption of AFP top dogs.

4. On declaring the NPA as persona non grata.

State agents show desperation in whitewashing the failure of the “counter-insurgency” campaign in pressuring local government units (LGU) to declare the NPA as “persona non grata.” This move is part of the “whole-of-nation” approach through Duterte’s Executive Order 70 or the National Task Force Against Local Communist Conflict where the LGU is obligated to engage in the “counter-insurgency” campaign. This is part of a propaganda gimmick and serves as a threat to the LGU and local officials. It is geared towards mobilizing the LGU thus leeching off public funds for the program of the AFP and PNP; directly taking over civilian authority.

No matter how many times government declares the NPA as “persona non grata” this will not reflect the expanding People’s Democratic Government (PDG) well-rooted in the countrysides. The NPA is cherished by the people and because of this the NPA will succeed in advancing the desire of the people for national liberation and genuine freedom.

5. Extortion activities maliciously implicating the NPA.

Reports on proliferating extortion activities in Negros Island implicating the NPA reached the AGC. In one reported incident, a businessman received text messages introducing themselves as NPA. Still through text message they demanded for money and gave instructions on wiring the money. Last May 2019 in Sibulan, Negros Oriental, an alleged extortionist, Ivy Tordillos, also benefited from posing as an NPA member. Ivy Tordillos a.k.a. Norie is not related to the NPA and extorting “protection money” violates the policies and processes of revolutionary taxation. 

These extortion activities are modi operandi of syndicates protected by the AFP and PNP. Apart from blackmailing people, these are also black propaganda of the enemy to discredit the revolutionary movement and the prestige it has attained even with people in business.

Revolutionary taxation is implemented by the PDG asserting its status as belligerent state challenging the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. There are policies that are strictly followed and primarily it is implemented against businesses of class enemies of the exploited and oppressed who amass big profits while not giving just wages and benefits to their workers. Funds generated from revolutionary taxation mainly goes to social services of the revolutionary government like education, production, livelihood and health and sanitation. This is contrary to how the reactionary government milks the coffers of the people’s taxes to enlarge the pockets of insatiable bureaucrat capitalists like Duterte. The existence of the revolutionary government primarily relies on the conscious support of the basic masses and all exploited classes.###


Ka Juanito Magbanua

Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson

New People’s Army Regional Operational Command

Negros Island

Shatter the illusion of democracy, prepare for a more brutal and virulent Duterte

The Communist Party of the Philippines calls on the people, especially those who are fed up and enraged with Rodrigo Duterte’s corruption, crimes and puppetry, to shatter the illusion of democracy brought about by his regime’s win in the midterm elections and prepare for a more brutal and virulent reign.

The midterm elections are being falsely touted as a show of overwhelming support for Duterte. But this convinces no one as everyone knows that Duterte’s candidates merely won because he used the Commission on Elections to hack the results of the automated vote counting and tallying system. No amount of historical revisionism, macho posturing and sycophant simpering would have elected the likes of Imee Marcos, Bato dela Rosa and Bong Go to the Senate.

Shatter the illusion of democracy, prepare for a more brutal and virulent Duterte
Shatter the illusion of democracy, prepare for a more brutal and virulent Duterte

Duterte will capitalize his illusory victory to push more of his brutal and virulent policies. He is set to order his newly minted minions to pass his fake federalism through charter change that would set him up as head of state for as long as he wants, or as long as his failing health holds. Aside from his overriding ambition to become a detested dictator, his charter change will “open up the economy and country to foreign investors”– a euphemism for selling out the country’s water, land and labor resources to the highest bidder.

He has ruled the country through terror, openly in Mindanao and in the countryside, and through threats, killings and intimidation elsewhere. His illusory win will embolden him to continue to do so and more. He will push the Philippine society further to a fascist state by reviving the death penalty, lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility, and requiring citizens to train and eventually serve the military.

The weeks preceding his fourth State of the Nation should serve to strengthen the people’s will to resist Duterte’s brand of fascism, the kind which serves no one but himself, his favored allies and his puppet masters.

Stay alert and militant on the more important issues

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 20, 2019

It is a matter of public interest to know the physical and mental health condition of Duterte, especially because he is known to be afflicted by chronic illnesses which he himself admits. But it is even of higher public interest for the broad masses of the people and all patriotic and progressive forces not to be distracted from the more urgent and more important issues.

The entire people need to stay alert and militant against the electoral rigging by the Duterte regime, the many crimes it has committed and the more crimes of tyranny, state terrorism and plunder it intends to commit in the course of imposing a fascist dictatorship on the people. 

The Filipino people and other peoples abroad expect the Duterte regime to inflict further oppression and exploitation and are therefore desirous of the progress of the legal mass protests and the armed revolution for national freedom and democracy until the Duterte tyranny is extirpated.