Duterte Is Like an Old Broken Record Endlessly Terminating the Peace Negotiations

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant | March 21, 2019

Duterte is like an old broken record repeating ad nauseam his termination of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. As far as the NDFP is concerned, Duterte formally killed the peace negotiations on November 23, 2017 with his Proclamation 360 terminating them. 

Since then, what Duterte has been doing is merely driving more nails into the coffin of the peace negotiations under his regime. He needs the continuance of the armed conflict as the excuse to impose on the people a de facto martial law nationwide and eventually a full-blown fascist dictatorship through charter change to a bogus kind of federalism.

Instead of peace negotiations at the national level by the duly-authorized panels of the GRP and the NDFP, what Duterte wants is fake localized peace negotiations staged and controlled by the military and military-occupied Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Negotiations (OPAPP). 

In these fake negotiations, people are gathered by local officials and misrepresented as surrenderers and the military officers collect the reward money for the fake surrenderers. This racket is the essence of the so-called whole-nation approach whereby the civilians are subjugated and humiliated by the military for purposes of psywar, mass intimidation and listing of prospective targets of the Duterte death squads.

As far as the NDFP is concerned, the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations can be resurrected in the future by a new GRP administration. The Duterte regime is not eternal. It can be finished with the success of the oust movement, with the end of his term in 2022 or with his certain overthrow as he forces his way to a fascist dictatorship.

In the meantime, the revolutionary forces and the people need to defend themselves actively and advance their revolutionary cause by all possible forms of resistance. By terminating the peace negotiations and brutally carrying out an all-out war against the people, Duterte gives the revolutionary forces and the people no other choice but to wage and intensify the people’s war.

The conditions for waging the armed revolution are favorable because the broad masses of the people detest and want to get rid of a regime of greed and terror that is generating an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. The tyrannical, treasonous, murdering and corrupt rule of Duterte and the rapidly worsening economic crisis combine to constitute a perfect storm conducive to waging the people’s war. ###

Like his boss Duterte, Parlade is a brazen liar

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
March 20, 2019

Brig. Gen, Antonio Parlade is a brazen liar by claiming that patriotic and progressive organizations in the Philippines are communist merely because as Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle I communicate with them and invite them to participate in the forthcoming International Assembly of the ILPS in Hongkong.

I must tell him what is publicly known. The ILPS is not a communist organization. It is an international alliance of anti-imperialist and democratic mass organizations whose civil and political rights are respected throughout the world. He is utterly stupid and illogical to label as communist any person or organization that I am supposed to mention or communicate with.

If he were to apply his own illogic on my previous communications and relations with his boss Duterte, he should also label him as a communist in the same way that he misuses the term to attack legal democratic organizations and with the same purpose of intimidating them. It is well known that I have had skype and phone conversations with Duterte.

Parlade is merely a rabid running dog of Duterte. He is an instrument for the fascisation of the Philippine political system by the Duterte ruling clique. All persons, organizations and institutions that are critical of the tyrannical Duterte regime are accused of being communist in order to intimidate them, silence them and render them vulnerable to brutal criminal action by Duterte’s death squads.

The escalating campaign of mass intimidation and mass murder against critics and opponents of the Duterte reign of greed and terror is being currently orchestrated with the electoral campaign of Duterte which is characterized by false claims of popularity with the use of paid poll surveys, troll armies in the social media, radio-TV adverts, planted stories in print media, tarpaulins, entertainment rallies and other means of propaganda.

The Duterte candidates are sure losers in the forthcoming May elections because of the outrageous crimes of the regime, including treason, mass murder and corruption of unprecedented proportions. Thus, Duterte is using terrorism and fakery during the electoral campaign and is expected to use the same in the conduct of elections and in the counting of votes. The Comelec and the military and police will be used to favor the Duterte candidates.

The tyrant and terrorist Duterte is desperate and hard pressed to steal the elections by all crooked and violent means so that he will have political agents at all levels to establish his fascist dictatorship through de facto or formally declared nationwide martial law and the charter change to a bogus kind of federalism. He wants to protect and promote his plundering accumulation of private wealth and likewise to pre-empt and prevent his prosecution and trial as a mastermind of mass murder before the International Criminal Court.###

On the plan to set-up “National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict”

Communist Party of the Philippines

March 14, 2019

The plan to set-up “National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict” shows the Duterte regime is using counter insurgency as pretext to exercise de-facto martial law powers nationwide civilian officials are under pressure to “operate” by the AFP under pain of being red-tagged, as well as by threats of being included in Duterte’s made-up narco list.

Local government officials and the entire bureaucracy are being made to bow to the military. The aim is to silence all legit opposition to Duterte’s corruption and power abuse and make everyone fall in line to his authoritarian regime. This is part of Duterte’s scheme to rig the May elections to favor his candidate as preparation for establishing a “federal system” as facade for his fascist dictatorship.

As a counter-insurgency measure the so-called Task Force will fail to stop the continued advance of the armed struggle. Duterte’s task force is a cesspool of corruption where he gives top military officials the chance to dip their corrupt fingers and get their share under Duterte’s bureaucrat capitalist rule.

Duterte’s preconditions to peace negotiations are crazy and clownish mouthing of the same rubbish

Statement by Prof. Jose Maria Sison | NDFP Chief Political Consultant | March 14, 2019

Duterte must be crazy or clowning in reiterating the preconditions he made so many times before. My educated guess is that the CPP, NPA and the people would rather intensify their revolutionary armed struggle than submit themselves to such silly and humiliating preconditions

The preconditions amount to having the armed revolutionary movement commit political suicide before even going to the negotiating table and submit itself to surrender talks and possible slaughter in the venue offered by Duterte. He is practically mouthing the same rubbish by repeating preconditions that he dished out so many times before.

Duterte has no intention of engaging the NDFP in serious peace negotiations. He continues to be hell-bent on keeping the peace negotiations terminated and on imposing a fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people. He has been escalating the abduction, torture and murder of suspected revolutionaries and even mere critics of his treasonous, brutal, corrupt, misogynist, inflation-generating and mendacious regime.

It must be obvious to the people that the Duterte regime is spending huge amounts of public and private money in the billions of pesos to pay for all sorts of propaganda, including unbelievable poll surveys, fake news by official agencies and troll armies, TV-radio ads, ubiquitous tarpaulins, paid crowds and so on in order to misrepresent his losing candidates as winners.

At the same time, the regime is engaged in all kinds of mass intimidation, including red tagging of bishops, priests, social activists, teachers, journalists, lawyers, human rights advocates and legal oppositionists and the actual escalation of murders by the Duterte death squads in the style of Oplan Tokhang.

Duterte is conspicuously on the path of fraud and terrorism in the current electoral campaign period. He controls the Comelec and the military and he is openly boasting though in veiled terms that he will use these to get the number of senators needed to railroad the charter change for a bogus kind of federalism and to counter the possibility of his being prosecuted for genocide and other massive human rights violations before the International Criminal Court.

All people who stand for national sovereignty, democracy, social justice, real development and decency must do their best to expose the evil character of the Duterte regime, to defeat its candidates in the May elections, to rise up against it when it undertakes its scheme of using fraud and terrorism against the parties and candidates of the opposition. Remember that the Marcos fascist regime in 1986 fell precisely because it used fraud and terrorism to fake the results of the 1986 elections.###

Filipina, end Duterte’s reign of terror! Join the New People’s Army and smash the feudal-patriarchal system!


On behalf of the revolutionary movement in Eastern Visayas, MAKIBAKA, the national democratic underground mass organization of women, extends its highest salutations to all the toiling Filipinas on the occasion of the International Working Women’s Day. We raise our fists high for all the exploited and oppressed women who in various fields – whether as homemaker, activist, or Red fighter – struggle against the feudal-patriarchal system upheld by the US-Duterte regime.

The Filipina woman today suffers greatly under the worsening conditions of a rotting semicolonial and semifeudal society. By the sweat of her brow she toils in backbreaking labor in the factories, farmlands and in homes, receiving little to no compensation while abused and reduced to a mere child-rearing machine. Millions of poor families rely on her strong will and wit to weather the skyrocketing prices of commodities, the diminishing value of daily wages, and increasing unemployment. She suffers harassment from workplace superiors who threaten taking away her job if she makes so much as a peep.

No woman is spared from the wrath of the monster borne out of this system: Duterte, terrorist leader of the regime, who has openly called for such obscene acts of violence against her and her people. In the countryside, she is forced to flee with her family as her community is shelled and terrorized by his all-out war, while in the cities, her home is either demolished or remains a relocation promise unfulfilled. He represents the worst of macho-fascism, attacking the womanhood of workers, peasants, teachers, domestic helpers, overseas workers, journalists, church people, lawyers – all women from different walks of life.

But the Filipina should take pride in that she has won the ire of such a tyrant for her courageous acts of defiance. Every day she inspires the millions of Filipinos to stand up to this misogynist and persist toward toppling his dictatorship.

As we celebrate today the victories of the Filipina women’s liberation movement, let us also remind ourselves that this feudal-patriarchal system that oppresses her can only be finally smashed through the victory of the national democratic revolution and going on to socialism. The Filipina can only be free if the Filipino people are free.

We women thus find our place in the national democratic revolution: as activists, members of underground mass organizations, Party comrades and full-time Red fighters. The struggle embraces us and gives us a platform not only to advance women’s issues but to assert our equal position with men. In the people’s army we serve as Red commanders, political officers, medics, educators, propagandists, and cultural workers – roles we could never attain elsewhere. The Filipina is freed by grasping the power of the gun.

As the country is at a crossroads amidst deepening political and economic crises, we are called upon to take advantage of such favorable conditions for people’s war and contribute to its advancement and ultimate victory. Let us be part of the rich revolutionary history of the New People’s Army which for fifty years under the guidance of the Party has given us a voice and paved the way for our liberation.

As we face another fascist dictatorship in the making, let us emulate the example of Evelyn Dublin, martyr of Southern Leyte, who, after leaving her comfortable life as a teacher and serving full-time in the NPA during martial law, made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down her life so that a few more fascist troops can be killed.

Long live the revolution! Long live the revolutionary Filipina!
Oust the macho-fascist Duterte! Serve the people and join the New People’s Army!#

Women’s Day banner call: Unite and fight Filipino women’s No. 1 enemy—US-Duterte regime

March 8, 2019 | PRESS STATEMENT

On this historic day of women’s collective actions becoming a worldwide force to be reckoned with, Filipino revolutionary women under the banner of Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) continue the fierce tradition of strong women resisting and fighting along the line and program of the national democratic revolution against the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we recognize and vow to overthrow the primary enemy of Filipino women and the entire Filipino people today: the US-Duterte regime.

At the helm of this regime is Rodrigo Duterte, who is misogyny personified. He is a chauvinist who claims to cherish the memory of his late activist mother but reduces our worth to our sexual organs and orders his rabid dogs in the AFP to mutilate women who dare defy his tyranny and dictatorship. He is a barefaced liar who has long taken credit for the hardwork of activist women in Davao City in realizing pro-women programs and legislations in order to deodorize the stench of his deeply-entrenched sexism.    

Duterte is a rabid patriarchal tyrant who preys on hapless poor women and children with his disastrous policies and persecutes activist women and vocal women figures from the opposition and the media. Protected by his equally macho fascist military generals and avaricious cronies from the ruling bourgeois-comprador, landlords and his imperialist masters, he basks in utter impunity, perpetuating abuses against Filipino women and their children while pillaging and destroying their homes and livelihood.

The US-Duterte regime exacerbates the inherently miserable state of women in the country. In the rural areas, already deprived of land to till, peasant women will suffer greatly as a result of Duterte’s enactment into law of the rice tariffication measure which will flood the country with initially cheap imported rice. With rice cartels controlling supply and price of rice in the country and the criminal neglect that the reactionary government has long perpetrated against peasants, rice farmers, women comprising almost half of them, fear the loss not only of their incomes but their land as well.

Lumad mothers, especially in Mindanao, grieve as their Lumad schools, which they painstakingly built themselves amid long decades of government neglect, are being systematically closed down by AFP troops and their paramilitary forces Bagani and Alamara. The AFP’s heightened militarization and the attendant fascism under martial law and Oplan Kapayapaan force Lumad and peasant women, along with their families, to flee their communities and livelihood. While women and their families are being driven away, the corrupt Duterte regime affectionately welcomes large foreign plantations and mining companies that rape and exploit the peasants and Lumad’s resources and ancestral land.  

In the towns and cities, the torment endured by mothers and wives of the thousands of victims of Duterte’s genocide against poor people, activists, mass movement leaders, peace advocates, the religious and even hapless children via Oplan Kapayapaan, his martial law and Oplan Tokhang are being aggravated by the fascist regime’s impunity. The sentence of death has already been meted against the urban poor who find no work because of absent national industrialization, while Chinese workers are being given work and allowed to stay in the country. Those who do find employment are beset with depressed wages that barely sustain decent family living and permanent contractualization. In the midst of all these, more and more women are forced to find work abroad, an alarming number of whom fall prey to human trafficking, sexual harassment or rape.     

However, these very forms of oppression—under the auspices of neoliberal policies being implemented through stark fascism—enflame further the hatred of the fighting Filipina and arouse more and more women to rally to the cause of the revolutionary struggle against US imperialism, landlords, bourgeois-compradors and bureaucrat capitalists. Despite the desperate red-tagging of the US-Duterte regime against all forms of dissent in vain attempt to suppress and discredit legitimate demands, coupled with forced surrenders of civilians in the countryside, women in their millions continue to resist in order to realize genuine agrarian reform, higher wages, the end to contractualization and other democratic rights.

More importantly, more and more women are choosing to join the highest form of struggle—advancing the revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the New People’s Army. Women Red fighters, majority of them from the youth sector, are undertaking varied military and political tasks in the NPA. They are military commanders, political officers, intelligence operatives, medical officers, cadres for instruction, propagandists or production planners in various units and formations of the Red army. They are tempered in the people’s protracted war, proving their revolutionary mettle in the face of fierce hardship and sacrifice, especially in Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao. Their increasing number and all-round participation in the revolutionary armed resistance is a big slap on the face of Duterte’s misogyny and macho-fascist rule. 

While the ruling class is in mayhem with the upcoming midterm elections, Filipino women will reject Duterte’s favored candidates as more and more of them realize the futility and circus that is the reactionary elections. They understand clearly that only through the national democratic struggle will there be any significant and worthwhile change in the lives of the Filipino people. 

In the face of intensifying oppression and fascism as in the time of the Marcos dictatorship, Filipino revolutionary women learn the lessons of history and continue to stand by their class interests as workers, peasants, petty-bourgeoisie, urban poor and national minorities in order to end the brutal rule of the US-Duterte regime, attain revolutionary justice for the Filipino people and realize genuine social change though the national democratic revolution.

Women unite, struggle to oust the fascist US-Duterte regime!
Forward the national democratic revolution to greater heights!

(sgd.) KA TERESA
Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan
Southern Mindanao

On the anti-communist witch hunt against legal democratic organizations

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant 
March 6, 2019

Albayalde and his ilk continue to malign me as having identified the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) and other legal democratic organizations as “front” organizations of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

I am therefore reissuing my press statement of January 8, 2019 (attached hereto ) which frontallly answered Albayalde the first time he made his lie against me and against patriotic and progressive mass organizations. It carries the following paragraphs:

“It is in the context of the anticommunist witch-hunt that PNP’s Albayalde tries to use my name for his vile purposes. I say categorically that Albayalde is a big liar. He is capitalizing on a distorted spy report on a 30-year old video of a speech of mine in Brussels in which I actually differentiate the legal democratic forces and the forces of the armed revolution.

I have never identified or enumerated any legal organization as a “front” or facade of the CPP. The language is entirely that of the un-intelligent or stupid witch-hunting police dog Albayalde. I have always referred with respect and accuracy to legal organizations adhering to the line of national independence and democracy as legal democratic formations independent of the CPP. “

The witch hunt being conducted by the political and military minions of Duterte against legal democratic organizations is calculated to intimidate them, their leaders and mass activists, prepare them for the kill by the Duterte death squads, prevent them from exercising their freedom of speech and assembly, discredit them and possibly outlaw them as “terrorist” organizations and disable them from expressing themselves during the electoral campaign period.

The anti-communist witch hunt against ACT and other legal democratic movements is part of the scheme of the Duterte terrorist regime to intimidate and discredit the forces of the opposition and make it appear that Duterte’s corrupt and high-spending candidates are real winners in the forthcoming May elections which are now increasingly emerging as characterized by fraud and terrorism by the agents of Duterte in the Comelec, the military and police.

The political life and fascist ambitions of Duterte depends on stealing the elections by fraud and terrorism in order to pack the Senate with enough puppets to railroad the charter change to a bogus kind of federalism in which powers are centralized in the hands of the fascist dictator who handpicks his regional and provincial subordinates from the narrow circles of the big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats.###

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So-called LGU declarations naming CPP-NPA-NDF persona non-grata mere PR stunts, result of psywar tactic by desperate AFP in Southern Mindanao

New People’s Army
Regional Operations Command
Southern Mindanao Region
March 1, 2019 |PRESS STATEMENT

The fascist propaganda machinery of the AFP’s Eastern Mindanao Command are having a field day in these last few days, with so-called “declarations” from local government units or Lumad communities condemning the “atrocities of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines” and subsequently naming them as “persona non-grata” coming out of the woodwork.

In reality, these “declarations” are the product of the relentless psywar and intimidation campaign of “peace and development outreach programs” under the whole-of-nation approach of Oplan Kapayapaan. In Southern Mindanao and elsewhere in Mindanao, they are in fact mere PR stunts which hold neither a grain of truth nor reflect the sentiments of thousands of Lumad who continue to be victimized by the US-Duterte regime’s hated martial law and hold the revolutionary movement in high esteem, especially the NPA as their true people’s army. 

The mercenary bigwigs of the AFP in the region are wasting precious taxpayers’ money from their over-bloated budget in conducting useless “peace-building seminars” and other similarly ludicrous activities in Davao City, Davao Oriental, Compostela Valley Davao del Norte and Bukidnon in order to lend credence and credibility to the implementation of counter-insurgency programs such as the corruption-laden Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) in the region. 

It eludes common sense that peasants and the Lumad should support the reactionary armed forces or their counter-insurgency campaigns, as persistently claimed by the AFP. The peasants and Lumad know that behind the veil of the AFP and PNP’s civic-military activities, these rabid dogs of the US-Duterte regime seek to destroy the masses’ way of living, sell their ancestral land to capitalist greed and exploitation and threaten or kill whoever stands in their way.

In Davao Oriental, for example, Governor Nelson Dayanghirang himself recently admitted that despite pronouncing the province as “insurgency-free” in 2016, the revolutionary movement is still a “continuing concern” as NPA units continue to launch successful tactical offensives against and thwart the attacks being carried out by AFP and PNP troops. Like most bureaucrat capitalists in the region and the ruling class which he represents, Dayanghirang conveniently glosses over the incontrovertible fact that the masses continue to embrace the NPA and the revolutionary armed struggle as the sole means to attain social justice and emancipation from the rotten semi-feudal and semi-colonial system.

The AFP, together with their brutal paramilitaries Alamara and Bagani and detested Lumad dealers as Joel Unad, browbeat Lumad councils and members to attend these so-called peace-building seminars, force them to get in line and hold anti-insurgency placards in rallies and strong-arm them into signing declarations and such. They likewise malign and red-tag legal organizations, progressive partylists and non-government institutions that champion the rights and welfare of peasants and Lumad, effectively putting these civilian institutions and their leaders in the AFP’s hitlist. To be sure, these “declarations” are a portent and justification of more arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, indiscriminate shelling and bombing and all-around wanton violations of human rights against civilians, activists and mass leaders in the region. 

In addition, Duterte himself is desperately capitalizing on these counter-insurgency activities in order to ingratiate to the masses his motley gang of senator-wannabes composed of plunderers, liars, fascists and murderers, especially in Davao City and other provinces in the region where his popularity has suffered immense backlash following his anti-poor policies and fascist attacks against the people.

If anything, the desperate US-Duterte regime and its fascist dogs in the AFP are the real ones who are unwelcome not only in the countrysides but in the rest of the country as well. So let them pretend their “declarations” and other such non-sense actually amount to anything. The steady advance of the revolutionary armed struggle and the people’s war will render these machinations as false and futile time and time again. 

Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command
New People’s Army

Fascist AFP units victimize children in Bukidnon; arrest, parade civilians as surrenderees in Compostela Valley 

National Democratic Front of the Philippines |Southern Mindanao Region
February 26, 2019 | PRESS STATEMENT | Bisaya

The renewed extension of martial law in Mindanao continues to wreak havoc in the lives of civilians in the region, especially victimizing steadily increasing number of children and other civilians. 

On February 18, at around 11:00 in the morning, a platoon of fascist soldiers of the 88th Infantry Battalion accosted and seized 17-year old Loujean Antian Lumbatan, a Grade 7 student of Sinuda High School, and 10-year old Ara Mystica Antian Pangcat, a Grade 5 student of Cabalansihan Elementary School at Sitio Sanggiapo, Brgy Sinuda, Kitaotao in Bukidnon province. For no apparent reason, the two unarmed Lumad minors were arrested and held incommunicado at the unit’s camp in Sitio Sanggiapo between 11:00 in the morning and 11:00 in the evening. 

Early in the afternoon, the parents and some relatives searched frantically for the missing children and proceeded to confront the soldiers but were crudely rebuffed by the latter who insisted they knew nothing of the children’s whereabouts. The girls later recounted that they could hear their parent’s voices but were warned by the soldiers not to make any sound. At around 11 in the evening, the two girls were brought to the 88th Battalion Headquarters in Maramag. While on military custody, the children were intermittently subjected to harrowing interrogation and were only released late in the afternoon of the next day, February 19. When confronted as to why they arrested and detained the two girls, the soldiers had to gall to claim it was “for the safety of the children.” 

The Bukidnon incident of children abuse is but an addition to the spate of recent attacks against minors under martial law, including notably the January 30 seizure of two toddlers, a one-year old and a 2-year old, and their subsequent forced separation from their parents and guardians, by AFP and PNP troops following an illegal raid of the office of Misamis Oriental Peasants Association (MOFA) in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. In Lumad areas in Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte and elsewhere in the Southern Mindanao, bombings, shelling and indiscriminate firing within populated communities by AFP troops and their paramilitaries Bagani and Alamara have terrorized hundreds of children. 

Meanwhile in Compostela Valley, three civilians were arrested by members of the 71st IB on February 20 at Sitio Binogsayan, Brgy. Napnapan in Pantukan town. Eddie Avila, Graciano Embalsado and Pulpy Lariwan were later forced to “surrender” as members of the New People’s Army, even as local government officials insisted that the three were in fact civilians. The masses report that the families of the three fear for their safety and are terrified to press charges. 

These fascist crimes perpetrated by the AFP, PNP and their paramilitaries, hardly isolated cases under Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao, are what is fuelling unrest in the countryside and pushing more and more Lumad and peasants to seek relief and justice from the revolutionary movement. 

We urge all democratic forces, especially in this day as we commemorate the 1986 EDSA revolution that toppled a fascist dictator, to demand justice for all victims of the US-Duterte regime’s martial law in Mindanao and by Oplan Kapayapaan elsewhere in the country. As NPA units nationwide continue to launch attacks against fascist reactionary armed forces and thousands upon thousands march the streets, we call upon the people to learn the lessons of history: prevail in the current economic and political quagmire by overthrowing the rotten US-Duterte regime. 



Padayong nagsabwag og kalisang sa kinabuhi sa mga sibilyan sa rehiyon ang subling gipalungtad nga balaod militar sa Mindanao, labaw na sa nagkadaghang ihap sa mga ginabiktima niining mga bata ug uban pang sibilyan. 

Niadtong Pebrero 18, mga alas-11 sa buntag, gidagit sa usa ka platun nga pasistang sundalo sa 88th Infantry Battalion ang 17-anyos nga si Loujean Antian Lumbatan, usa ka Grade 7 nga estudyante sa Sinuda High School, ug ang 10-anyos nga si Ara Mystica Antian Pangcat, usa ka Grade 5 nga estudyante sa Cabalansihan Elementary School, sa Sityo Sanggiapo, Brgy Sinuda, Kitaotao sa Bukidnon. Bisan walay tinong hinungdan, gi-aresto sa kasundalohan ug gidetinir nga incommunicado ang 2 ka dili armadong Lumad nga mga menor-de-edad sa kampo sa ilang yunit sa Sityo Sanggiapo gikan alas-11 sa buntag hangtud alas-11 sa gabie.

Early in the afternoon, the parents and some relatives searched frantically for the missing children and proceeded to confront the soldiers but were crudely rebuffed by the latter who insisted they knew nothing of the children’s whereabouts. The girls later recounted that they could hear their parent’s voices but were warned by the soldiers not to make any sound. At around 11 in the evening, the two girls were brought to the 88th Battalion Headquarters in Maramag. While on military custody, the children were intermittently subjected to harrowing interrogation and were only released late in the afternoon of the next day, February 19. When confronted as to why they arrested and detained the two girls, the soldiers claimed it was “for the safety of the children.” 

Sayo nianang hapona, gipangita na sa mga ginikanan ug paryente sa 2 ka menor-de-edad ug gikompronta gilayon ang mga sundalo apan yano lang silang gilimdan sa ulahi kabahin sa gikahimutangan sa mga bata. Gisaysay sa mga nga ila kunong madungog ang pagpanampit sa ilang mga ginikanan apan gibaharan sila sa mga sundalo nga dili motingog. Mga alas-11 sa gabie, gidala ang 2 ka bata sa hedkwarter sa 88th IB sa Maramag. Samtang anaa sila sa kustodiya sa militar, gipailalom ang mga bata sa makalisang nga interogasyon ug gipagawas lang pagkahapon sa Pebrero 19. Dihang gipangutana sila nganong ilang giaresto ug gidetenir ang 2 ka bata, namakak pa ang mga sundalo nga alang kuno sa “kaluwasan” sa mga menor-de-edad.

Ang nahitabong pagpangabuso sa mga bata sa Bukidnon kabahin lang sa nagkagrabeng atake batuk sa mga menor-de-edad ilalom sa balaod militar, lakip na ang pagdagit sa duha ka gagmayng bata—usa ka 1-anyos ug 2-anyos—ug ang pagbulag kanila sa ilang mga ginikanan ug tigbantay, nga hinimoan sa tropa sa AFP ug PNP human sa iligal nga pagreyd sa opisina sa Misamis Oriental Peasants Association (MOFA) sa Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. Sa mga erya sa Lumad sa Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte ug lain pang dapit sa Southern Mindanao, nagsabwag og kalisang sa gatusan ka mga bata ang ginahimong pagpamomba, shelling ug pagpamusil sa tropa sa AFP ug ilang mga paramilitar nga Alamara ug Bagani sulod sa mga sibilyang komunidad.

Sa Compostela Valley, tulo ka sibilyan ang giaresto sa mga membro sa 71st IB niadtong Pebrero 20 sa Sitio Binogsayan, Brgy. Napnapan sa munisipyo sa Pantukan. Pugos nga “gipasurender” isip mga membro sa NPA sila Eddie Avila, Graciano Embalsado ug Pulpy Lariwan, bisan pa giduso sa lokal nga mga opisyal sa barangay ug munisipyo nga sila mga sibilyan. Gitaho sa mga masa nga labihang nahasi ang mga pamilya sa 3 ka biktima ug nahadlok nga mopasang-at og kaso.

Kining mga pasistang krimen nga hinimoan sa AFP, PNP ug ilang mga paramilitar dili mga himulag nga panghitabo ilalom sa balaod militar ni Duterte sa Mindanao. Kini maoy nagasugnod sa pagsukol sa masa sa kabukiran ug nagatukmod sa nagkadaghang mga Lumad ug mag-uuma nga modangop sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan alang sa kalingkawasan ug hustisya. 

Atong ginaawhag ang tanang demokratikong pwersa, labaw na sa atong paghinumdom sa 1986 EDSA revolution nga mipalagpot sa usa ka diktador, nga i-demanda ang hustisya alang sa tanang biktima sa pagpatuman sa rehimeng US-Duterte sa balaod militar sa Mindanao ug Oplan Kapayapaan sa lain-laing dapit sa nasud. Samtang padayong naglunsad ang NPA og mga atake batuk sa reaksyunaryong armadong pwersa ug samtang pid-an ka libo na ang nagamartsa sa kadalanan, atong ginaawhag ang katawhan nga tun-an balik ang kasaysayan: pagtigbabawan ang kasamtangang ekonomikanhon ug pulitikanhong kaguliyang pinaagi sa pagpalagpot sa dunot nga rehimeng US-Duterte.

Setting the Record Straight

Fidel Agcaoili
Chairperson, NDFP Peace Panel

The February 27, 2019 press release of the Philippine News Agency as published in Manila Bulletin is way off the mark.

For the record, I am not a lawyer, never had the ambition to be one despite coming from a family of lawyers.

So I have nothing to do with the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers, though some of its members happen to be legal consultants of the NDFP Negotiating Panel even before the organization was founded, as well as legal counsels of detained NDFP consultants and political prisoners.

Such happenstance does not make NUPL a so-called front of the Communist Party nor are the concerned lawyers as members of the Party. In accordance with due process, it is for any court of law, be it revolutionary or reactionary, to determine the truth of such allegations through competent and admissible evidence and not through manufactured witnesses or planted evidence like what is brazenly happening now.

But red-tagging has a more sinister objective. It is meant to smear any organization or individual to set them up for the kill, as has been shown in many cases in the past such as those of NDFP consultant Randy Malayao and NUPL lawyer Benjamin Ramos.

The peace-spoilers in the GRP security cluster are having a heyday, before but especially after GRP Executive Order 70, engaging in a wild frenzy of anti-communist witch hunting against legal democratic organizations, individuals and the parliamentary opposition. They have even become bold enough to disrespect and challenge the pronouncements of their commander-in-chief. But I leave it up to them to sort out their differences.###