AFP officials bag at least P60,000 per “fake-forced-to-surrender” via E-CLIP

Agosto 25, 2019 | PRESS STATEMENT | Bisaya | Filipino

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recently announced the re-focusing of the E-CLIP (Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program) on some barrios in the four provinces of Caraga in the coming months. This will yet be a new source of corruption of millions of pesos of public funds. Moreover, it is also a capital for the promotion of AFP officials and their impossible dream of demonizing the New People’s Army (NPA) and revolutionary movement through the parading of fake-forced-to-surrenders. 

Based on reports from various barangays and communities in the region, those impelled to surrender were promised Php65,000 each. But some of them only received Php5,000, while majority were left empty-handed. In other cases, the Php5,000 was paid in the form of “downpayment” for a motorcycle, and the “surrenderee” is then obliged to pay in installment the total amount of Php65,000 for said motorcycle. Ironically, instead of receiving the Php65,000 promised them, they are now the ones compelled to produce the amount to pay the motorcycle company. AFP officials, on the other hand, have succeeded in cunningly doubling their profit, from kickbacks from the E-CLIP budget and from commissions by acting as sales agents for motorcycle companies. 

There were also some cases wherein fake-forced-to-surrenders were compelled to enlist and undergo CAFGU training and were promised bigger amounts of cash after they have been presented to the media in the cities or in Malacañang. Only a handful were able to receive a small amount of cash. Most of them only got some kilos of rice, noodles and sardines. In short, none of them were able to receive the actual amount promised.

This modus by the military is hardly new, and has long been exposed as a scheme for deception and corruption by AFP officials through the E-CLIP. 

If so, from the 96 fake-forced-to-surrenders paraded by the AFP’s 401st and 402nd Infantry Brigade in Surigao del Sur on November 10, 2018 alone, no less than Php5.8 million has been pocketed by corrupt AFP officials. While from the supposed 8,000 fake-forced-to-surrenders nationwide being boasted by the AFP, a whopping Php480 million has been enjoyed as spoils by officials of the AFP, PNP, OPAPP and other officials of the corrupt US-Duterte regime. This amount of half a billion pesos was extracted from imposed exorbitant taxes on the people. 

Truth be told, the E-CLIP further aggravates the conditions of the impoverished masses while serving as a lucrative milking cow for corrupt officials of the AFP, PNP and the Duterte government! 

These amounts are compounded by commissions received by AFP/PNP officials from big foreign businesses and the local compador bourgeoisie who are permitted to enter and operate in areas forcibly declared as “persona non grata” by the DILG and AFP/PNP or marked as “clear for peace and development” after having been directly militarized by AFP forces under the guise of its “Community Support Program (CSP).” 

The NPA in Northeastern Mindanao has long denied all fake news pertaining fake-forced-to-surrenders. Only a handful have truthfully surrendered. Those repeatedly being reported as fake surrenderees are either known military assets in barangays, former NPA members who have long left and are now living as civilians, or innocent civilians, most of them made to forcibly surrender due to deception or fear of being charged or killed by the military. 

The people are not blind to the real motives and interests of the US-Duterte regime and the AFP in showcasing so-called “successful” E-CLIP distributions. These are meant to deodorize their counter-revolutionary campaign in the national consciousness and serve as defense against strong international censure against continued martial law imposition in Mindanao, de facto nationwide martial law and the worsening fascist rule of the state. 

From the start, the US-Duterte regime and the AFP have failed in their aim to “end” the NPA and the revolutionary movement in spite of ceaseless fascist attacks by the military. Testament to this fact is the repeated postponement of their self-imposed deadlines of “wiping out” the NPA. First, by the end of 2018; then mid-2019; and now postponed anew to 2022, by the end of Duterte’s term. 

The lists of fake-forced-to-surrenders serve as basis for military officials to reach their quota for suppression, illegal arrests and extrajudicial killings under the counter-revolutionary Oplan Kapayapaan, now Oplan Kapanatagan, of the US-Duterte regime. In line with this, we expect the intensification of military operations in different parts of the region, the flooding of more fake news on fake-forced-to-surrenders and the establishment of additional AFP or CAA detachments in barrios and communities. 

The AFP implements sustained CSP operations to sow disinformation and threaten the people to suppress their resistance and make them passive. It is mandated by the US-Duterte regime’s Development Support and Security Plan, patterned after the US’ Oplan Pacific Eagle. It is no different in essence from previous oplans of previous regimes that use a “whole of nation approach”, in which the AFP mobilizes government institutions such as the DILG, DSWD, NCIP and others to terrorize communities and barangays. This is line with the US scheme to give a “humanitarian” face to the militaristic and brutal “war on terror” and “all-out war” of the AFP and the butcher US-Duterte regime against the people. 

The continuous expansion of military forces and sustained military operations use up huge amounts of the nation’s funds while a measly sum is allotted to the already meager allocation for social services for the poor masses and the development of the country’s economy. It is therefore only just and imperative that these are strongly fought and opposed by the broad masses, the revolutionary movement and the NPA. 

Then until now, various tactics and schemes by the AFP to divide and defeat the NPA and the revolutionary forces have failed. The NPA has proven time and again that it is a genuine revolutionary army committed to fight for the national and democratic interests of the country and the people. ###

Ka Maria Malaya


Gibanabanang P60,000 matag peke-pugos-gipasurender, nakurakot sa mga opisyal sa AFP gikan sa E-CLIP

Bag-ohay pa lang gianunsyo sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang subling pagpokus sa E-CLIP (Enhanced Community Local Integration Program) sa pipila ka kabaryohan sa upat ka probinsya sa Caraga sa mosunod nga mga bulan. Laing tinubdan na usab kini sa minilyong piso nga pagpangurakot. Gawas pa, kapital kini alang sa promosyon sa mga opisyal sa militar ug sa ilang laraw nga pagpangintriga ug pagsiak-siak sa han-ay sa masa. Lakip niini ang damgo nga dauton ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) ug rebolusyonaryong kalihukan pinaagi sa pagparada sa mga peke-pugos-gipasurender.

Gikan sa mga taho sa lain-laing mga barangay ug komunidad sa rehiyon nga nalunsran sa E-CLIP, ang mga peke-pugos-gipasurender kasagarang ginasaaran nga makadawat og Php65,000 matag usa.  Apan, Php5,000 lang ang kantidad sa aktwal nga nadawat niini ug, ang kadaghanan, wala.  Laing dagway sa pangilad, ang Php5,000 gihimong “downpayment” sa motor, ug ang mga peke-pugos-gipasurender na ang mobayad sa Php65,000 nga kantidad sa maong motor. Imbes nga sila’y hatagan sa Php65,000, sila na hinuon ang nagbayad sa kompanya sa motor.  Busa, doble ang igo sa mga opisyal sa AFP kay nakakurakot na sila gikan sa badyet sa E-CLIP, naka-komisyon pa sila gikan sa pagka-ahente nila sa kompanya sa motor.

Aduna pay mga kaso nga ang pipila sa mga gipasurender pugos nga giparehistro ug gipa-treyning sa pagka-CAFGU ug gisaaran og mas dakung kantidad human iatubang sa AFP ngadto sa midya sa syudad o sa Malakanyang. Maihap lang sa tudlo ang nakadawat sa gamay nga kantidad.  Ang kadaghanan, nakadawat lang og pila ka kilong bugas, noodles ug sardinas. Sa laktod, wala’y bisan usa kanila ang nakadawat sa gisaad nga kantidad.

Karaang modus na kini sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte, AFP ug PNP, ug hilabihang nabutyag na ang ilahang  iskema sa pagpangilad ug pagpangurakot. 

Kun mao, sa giingong 96 pa lamang nga mga peke-pugos-gipasurender nga giparada sa 401st ug 402nd Infantry Brigade sa AFP sa Surigao del Sur kaniadtong Nobyembre 10, 2018, gibanabanang dili moubos sa Php5.8 milyon na ang nakurakot sa mga opisyal sa AFP.  Sa kinatibuk-ang 8,000 nga mga peke-pugos-gipasurender usab nga gipanghambog sa AFP sa tibuok nasud, nagtagingting nga kapin-kun-kulang Php480 milyon na ang kantidad nga giilog-ilogan sa mga kurakot nga opisyal sa AFP, PNP, OPAPP ug uban pang mga opisyales sa korap nga rehimeng US-Duterte.  Kining mokabat sa tunga sa bilyong piso, gipuga gikan sa nagkataas nga buhis sa katawhan.

Mao nga sa pagkatinuod, ang E-CLIP nakapasamot sa kalisod sa katawhan samtang gihimong gatasan kini sa korapsyon sa mga kurakot nga opisyal sa AFP, PNP ug sa gobyernong Duterte!

Walay pay labot kini sa mga ganti nga ginadawat sa mga opisyal sa AFP/PNP gikan sa mga dagkung langyawng negosyo ug lokal nga burgesyang kumprador nga gitugutan nga mosulod ug mo-opereyt sa mga barangay ug munisipyo nga pugsanong gipadeklarang “persona non grata” sa DILG ug sa AFP/PNP.  O dili kaha “clear for peace and development” tungod kay direkta na kining gimilitarisa sa mga pwersa sa AFP sa tabon sa ilang mga “Community Support Program (CSP)”.

Dugay nang gipanghimakak sa BHB sa Northeastern Mindanao ang mga pekeng balita mahitungod sa mga peke ug pugsanong surrenderee.  Maihap lang sa tudlo ang mga tinuod nga nagsurender. Ang gibalik-balik nga gibalita nga nagsurender mao kadtong dugay nang mga asset sa militar sa mga barangay, o dili kaha mga daang membro sa BHB nga dugay nang nag-undang, ug mga inosenteng sibilyan, kinsa kasagaran kanila pugos nga napasurender tungod kay nailad o nahadlok nga kasuhan o patyon sa militar. 

Tin-aw na sa katawhan ang tinuod nga tumong ug interes sa rehimeng US-Duterte ug AFP sa pagpasiatab sa kunohay “malampuson” nga E-CLIP aron mohumot ang ilang kontra-rebolusyonaryong kampanya sa nasudnong ang-ang. Ug mahimo pa kining depensa batok sa makusganong internasyunal nga saway sa martial law sa Mindanao, sa nagakaporma nga martial law sa tibuok nasud ug sa padayong nagkagrabeng pasistang paghari sa estado.

Kanunay nang napakyas ang rehimeng US-Duterte ug AFP sa tumong niining “tapuson” ang BHB ug rebolusyonaryong kalihukan taliwala sa walay puas nga bangis nga pagpangatake sa militar.  Gipamatud-an kini sa subli-subling pag-atras niini sa target nga petsa alang sa gideklara nilang “dedlayn” sa pagpuo sa BHB.  Una, katapusan sa 2018, ikaduha, pag-abot sa tunga-tunga sa 2019, ug karon, gisibog na ngadto sa 2022 sa pagkahuman sa iyang termino. 

Ang mga listahan sa mga peke-pugos-gipasurender nagsilbi isip basehan sa mga opisyal sa militar aron makab-ot nila ang gitakda nilang target alang sa pagpanumpo, pag-aresto o pagpamatay subay sa kontra-rebolusyonaryong mando sa Oplan Kapayapaan, karon Oplan Kapanatagan, ilalom sa rehimeng US-Duterte.  Lambigit niini, lauman nga subling moigting na usab ang mga operisyong militar, mobaha ang mga pekeng balita kabahin sa mga peke-pugos-gipasurender ug motukod og mga detatsment sa AFP o CAA niini ngadto sa mga komunidad ug baryo.

Gigamit sa AFP ang mga sustinidong operisyon sa CSP sa larawng mopakaylap og bakak-nga-impormasyon ug hadlokon ang katawhan aron pugngan ang ilang pagsukol ug himuon silang pasibo.  Gigambalay  sa rehimeng US-Duterte  ang  Development Support and Security Plan Kapayapaan nga nagsunod sa Oplan Pacific Eagle karon sa US.  Sa esensya, wala kini kalahian sa mga nangaging oplan sa kanhing mga rehimen nga nagagamit og “whole of nation approach”, kun diin gigamit sa AFP sa pagbatok sa BHB ug mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ang mga institusyon sa gobyerno sama sa DILG, DSWD, NCIP ug uban pa aron kontrolon ug hasion ang mga komunidad ug barangay.  Nahitakdo kini sa pakana sa US nga ipagawas nga makitawhanon kuno ang ilang mapanumpuon ug bangis  nga “gubat kontra-terorismo” ug “todo-gera” sa berdugong AFP ug rehimeng US-Duterte batok sa katawhan.

Ang padayong pagpadako sa mga pwersang militar ug sustinidong operisyong militar dinagkong milamoy sa pondo sa nasud bugti sa kanihit kaayo nga alokasyon alang sa katilingbanong serbisyo para sa masang kabus ug pagpalambo sa ekonomiya sa nasud. Kun mao, makatarunganon lang ang makusganong pagbatok ug pagsupak sa mabagang katawhan, rebolusyonaryong kalihukan ug BHB niini.

Sukad kaniadto hangtud karon, dili modulot ang lain-laing mga taktika ug pakana sa AFP nga siak-siakon ug pasurenderon ang BHB ug rebolusyonaryong pwersa.  Makadaghan nang napamatud-an nga ang BHB usa ka tinuod nga rebolusyonaryong hukbo nga  hingpit nga mibarog  alang sa nasudnon ug demokratikong interes sa nasud ug sa katawhan.###


Tinatayang P60,000 kada “peke-pwersahang-pinasurender”, kurakot ng mga opisyal ng AFP mula sa E-CLIP

Kamakailan lang ay inanunsyo ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang muling pagpokus ng E-CLIP (Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program) sa mga ilang mga baryo sa apat na probinsya ng Caraga sa mga darating na buwan. Panibagong pagkukunan na naman ito ng milyong pisong makukurakot. Dagdag pa, puhunan din ito para sa promosyon ng mga opisyal ng militar at sa kanilang layuning maghasik ng intriga at pagkakawatak-watak sa hanay ng masa. Kaugnay nito ang pangangarap-ng-gising ng AFP na siraan ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) at rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa pamamagitan ng pagparada ng mga peke-pwersahang-pinasurender. 

Sa mga ulat mula sa iba’t ibang mga barangay at komunidad sa rehiyon na nalunsaran ng E-CLIP, ang mga pinasusurender ay kadalasang pinangangakuan ng Php65,000 bawat isa. Pero Php5,000 lamang ang halagang aktwal na natatanggap ng mga ito, at, kadalasan ay wala. Sa iba pang iskema ng panlilinlang, ang Php5,000 ay pinalalabas na “downpayment” para sa motorsiklo, at ang “surrenderee” na ang magbabayad ng Php65,000 na kabuuang halaga ng naturang motor. Sa halip na sila ang bigyan ng ipinangakong Php65,000, sila na ngayon ang magbabayad ng halagang ito sa kumpanya ng motor. Kaya, doble ang kita ng mga opisyal ng AFP, nakakakurakot na sila mula sa badyet ng E-CLIP, nakakumisyon pa sila mula sa pagiging ahente ng mga kumpanya ng motor. 

May mga kaso pa kung saan ang mga pinasurender ay pwersahang pinarehistro at pinag-trayning sa CAFGU at pinangakuan ng mas malaking halaga ng salapi matapos ipresenta ng AFP sa midya sa syudad o sa Malakanyang. Mabibilang lang sa daliri ang mga nakatanggap ng maliit na halaga ng pera. Ang mayorya, nakatanggap lang ng ilang kilong bigas, noodles at sardinas. Sa madaling salita, wala ni isa sa kanila ang nakatanggap ng ipinangakong halaga ng salapi. 

Lumang tugtugin na ang modus na ito ng militar, at lantad na lantad na ang iskema ng panlilinlang at pangungurakot ng mga opisyal ng AFP sa E-CLIP.

Kung gayon, sa diumano’y 96 na mga peke-pwersahang-pinasurender pa lang na ipinarada ng 401st at 402ndInfantry Brigade ng AFP sa Surigao del Sur noong Nobyembre 10, 2018, tinatayang hindi bababa sa Php5.8 milyon na ang nahuthot na kurakot ng mga opisyal ng AFP. Sa kabuuang 8,000 peke-pwersahang-pinasurender namang ipinagmamayabang ng AFP sa buong bansa, tumataginting na mahigit-kumulang Php480 bilyon na ang halagang pinagdamutan ng mga kurakot na opisyal ng AFP, PNP, OPPAP at iba pang mga opisyales ng korap na rehimeng US-Duterete. Ang mahigit-kulumang kalahating bilyong piso ito, piniga mula sa sobra-sobrang pagbubuwis sa mamamayan. 

Kaya ang totoo, ang E-CLIP ay higit na pambubusabos sa mamamayan habang nagsisilbing gatasan ng mga kurakot na opisyal ng AFP, PNP at gobyernong Duterte!

Labas pa ito sa mga komisyong natatanggap ng mga opisyal ng AFP/PNP mula sa mga malalaking dayuhang negosyo at lokal na burgesya komprador na nabibigyang-layang pumasok at mag-opereyt sa mga lugar na sapilitan ding pinadeklarang “persona non grata” ng DILG at AFP/PNP o di kaya’y tinagurian nang “clear for peace and development” dahil tuwiran nang namilitarisa ng mga pwersa ng AFP sa likod ng tabing ng kanilang mga “Community Support Program (CSP)”.

Malaon nang napabulaanan ng BHB sa Northeastern Mindanao ang mga pekeng balita tungkol sa mga peke-pwersahang-pinasurender. Mabibilang lang sa daliri ang mga tunay na nagsurender. Ang mga paulit-ulit na ibinabalitang mga nagsurender diumano ay yaong mga matagal nang mga asset ng militar sa mga barangay, o di kaya’y mga dating kasapi ng BHB na matagal nang nagpahinga, o mga inosenteng sibilyan, kalakhan sa kanila’y sapilitang napasurender dahil nalinlang o natakot na kasuhan o bweltahan ng militar.

Malinaw na sa mamamayan ang tunay na layunin at interes ng rehimeng US-Duterte at AFP sa pag-showcaseng mga diumano’y “matatagumpay” na E-CLIP upang mapabango ang kanilang kampanyang kontra-insurhensya sa pambansang kamalayan at maging depensa sa malakas na internasyunal na kritisismo sa patuloy na pagpapatupad ng martial law sa Mindanao, nagkakahugis na martial law sa buong bansa at patuloy na lumalalang pasistang paghahari ng estado. 

Mula’t sapul ay bigo na ang rehimeng US-Duterte at AFP sa layunin nitong “wakasan” ang BHB at rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa gitna man ng walang-humpay na mababangis na atake ng militar. Patunay ang makailang ulit na nitong pag-urong sa target na petsa para sa idineklara nilang palugit sa pagsupil sa BHB. Una’y sa katapusan daw ng 2018; ikalawa, sa kalagitnaan ng 2019; at, ngayo’y iniurong na sa 2022 sa pagtatapos ng kanyang termino.  

Ang mga listahan ng mga peke-pwersahang-pinasurender ay nagsisilbing batayan ng mga opisyal ng militar upang makamit ang itinakda nilang kota para sa panunupil, pag-aresto o pagpatay alinsunod sa kontra-rebolusyonaryong atas ng Oplan Kapayapaan, ngayo’y Oplan Kapanatagan, sa ilalim ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Kaugnay nito, asahang muli na namang iigting ang mga operasyong militar sa iba’t ibang panig ng rehiyon, babaha ang mga pekeng balita tungkol sa mga peke-pwersahang-pinasurender at itatayo ang mga karagdagang detatsment ng AFP o CAA nito sa mga komunidad at baryo.

Ginagamit ng AFP ang mga sustinidong operasyong CSP upang magkalat ng disimpormasyon at takutin ang mamamayan para busalan ang kanilang paglaban at gawin silang pasibo. Nakabalangkas ito sa Development Support and Security Plan Kapayapaan ng rehimeng US-Duterte, alinsunod sa Oplan Pacific Eagle ngayon ng US. Wala itong pinagkaiba sa esensya sa mga nakaraang oplan ng mga nakaraang rehimen na gumagamit ng “whole of nation approach”, kung saan minomobilisa ng AFP laban sa BHB at mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ang mga institusyon ng gobyerno tulad ng mga DILG, DSWD, NCIP at iba pa para terorisahin ang mga komunidad at barangay. Nakaayon ito sa pihit ng US na palabasing “humanitarian” o makatao ang mapanlasag at mabangis na “gera kontra-terorismo” at “todo-gera” ng berdugong AFP at rehimeng US-Duterte laban sa mamamayan.

Ang patuloy na pagpapalaki ng mga pwersang militar at sustinidong operasyong militar ay malakihang lumalamon sa pondo ng bayan habang kakarampot ang inilalaan sa pondo para sa kapos na kapos nang alokasyon para sa mga serbisyong sosyal para sa masang maralita at pagpapaunlad ng ekonomya ng bansa. Makatwiran kung gayon ang mariing paglaban at pagtutol sa mga ito ng malawak na hanay ng mamamayan,  rebolusyonaryong kilusan at BHB.

Mula noon hanggang ngayon, hindi tumatalab ang sari-saring mga taktika at pakana ng AFP na hati-hatiin at pasukuin ang BHB at rebolusyonaryong pwersa. Paulit-ulit na pinatutunayan ng BHB na ito ay isang tunay na rebolusyonaryong hukbo na lubos na nakalaan sa pakikipaglaban para sa pambansa at demokratikong interes ng bansa at sambayanan. ###

By closing Lumad schools, Duterte is teaching Lumads to join the NPA

Photo by FRED DABU /

Communist Party of the Philippines
July 19, 2019

The CPP joins the Lumad people and their organizations, human rights advocates and other groups in condemnding the order to close 55 Lumad community schools. For years, these schools, supported by various civic organizations, are known to provide basic education services to children in Lumad communities long neglected by the Philippine government, and have earned widespread acclaim for their work.

According to the Department of Education, its order to close these schools was made upon the recommendations of the AFP and Duterte’s national security officers. Military officers have repeatedly made the baseless claim that these Lumad schools serve as “training schools” for the New People’s Army (NPA).

This shows how the policies of the civil bureaucracy are now being hijacked by the military under Duterte’s National Task Force and its obsession with the so-called “whole of nation” counter-insurgency.

However, contrary to the aims of the military, the order to close the community schools will only succeed in further inciting the Lumad people to join the people’s resistance against the tyrannical and fascist Duterte government. It adds to Duterte’s already oppressive anti-Lumad policies such as military occupation of communities, grabbing ancestral lands to pave the way for mining operations and expansion of plantations, and incessant red-tagging of their organizations.

By ordering the closure of these community schools, the Duterte regime is teaching the Lumad people and youth by negative example why the armed struggle is just and why joining the NPA is necessary in their quest for democracy and social justice.

Duterte’s anti-people achievements for his reign of greed and terror

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
June 30, 2019

Duterte’s anti-people achievements for his reign of greed and terror are “awesome” to his own presidential spokesman and are “highly popular and satisfactory” to the pollsters, troll armies, broadcasters and columnists in the Duterte payroll.

Below are the “achievements” that Duterte has attained through the escalation of the people’s oppression and exploitation in a chronically worsening ruling system of big compradors, landlords, and brutal and corrupt officials like him: 

1. Inciting and ordering the mass murder of 30,000 people labeled as drug suspects and assuring the criminals in authority with impunity, presidential protection and rewards in order to project an image of a strong man for the purpose of mass intimidation,

2. Becoming the supreme protector of drug lords and worsening the drug addiction problem through massive smuggling and distribution of shabu and other illegal drugs in connivance with Chinese criminal triads based in China and the Philippines,

3. Destroying Marawi City with Philippine and US air power and bombs, killing thousands of people , displacing the huge number of residents from their homes and livelihood, leaving them stranded in makeshift quarters and pocketing the foreign funds for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the city, 

4. Deliberately sabotaging the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations in order to serve the criminal ambition of fascist dictatorship by scapegoating the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army, bloating the budget for the military and police and militarizing the civilian agencies of the reactionary government,

5. Bribing the military and police by raising their salaries ahead of more deserving public servants such as teachers, nurses and so on and corrupting the military and police by rewarding them with cash and promotions for murdering those labelled as drug suspects and as rebel suspects,

6. Engaging in unprecedented corruption in the misuse of the presidential budget and off-budget discretionary funds and in the misappropriation of allotted public funds for infrastructure projects, social services, intelligence, communications, representation and other purposes,

7. Red-tagging and branding as communists and subjecting to extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations the toiling masses of workers and peasants and the patriotic and progressive organizations whose social activists uphold, defend and promote human rights and aim for social and environmental justice,

8. Using martial law in Mindanao and designation of large areas of Luzon and the Visayas as trouble spots for the purpose of state terrorism, plundering public funds and natural resources, and rigging the 2019 elections in advance.

9. Absolving the plunderers like the Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas, Enriles and the like through the corrupt Supreme Court and collaborating with them in the control of government and abuse of the people and in rigging the electoral, administrative, legislative and judicial processes against the people and the patriotic and progressive forces,

10. Rigging the 2019 mid-term elections through massive vote-buying at the grassroots level and manipulation of the automated electoral system at higher level in order to ensure absolute control of the executive and legislative branches of the reactionary government.

11. Laying the ground for charter change in order to give the president as tyrant or fascist dictator absolute despotic powers under the pretext of fake federalism and/or bogus anti-terrorism in order to preempt the arrest of Duterte for plunder or human rights violations,

12. Military campaigns of suppression against the peasants and indigenous people to deprive them of their land and make way for the foreign corporations and their local partners to thrive in mining, logging, plantation and real estate business and continue the wanton destruction of the environment,

13. Perpetuating the program of bogus land reform, subjecting the peasants to worse feudal and semifeudal conditions and offering to the aggrieved toiling masses and indigenous peoples with graft-afflicted dole outs in a futile attempt to turn them against their own revolutionary movement,

14. Adhering to the neoliberal policy of pressing down wages for workers under the system of short-term contracts and keeping far lower wages for agricultural workers in order to raise corporate profits and using brute force to suppress workers’ strikes and their demands for better wage and living conditions,

15. Increasing the public debt and tax burden by leaps and bounds and aggravating the domestic socio-economic and political crisis due to profit remittances by foreign monopoly firms, debt repayments, consumption dependent on further foreign debt, bureaucratic corruption, military overspending and the ever growing trade and budgetary deficits,

16. Making the masses of consumers pay for the heavier tax burden and thereby causing the prices of basic commodities to soar even while the incomes of the working people are depressed and the problems of underdevelopment and mass poverty have worsened,

17. Ever stressing overseas employment as the way out for the workers and intelligentsia from unemployment and poverty, designing education as training for docile employment abroad and removal of Philippine history and the national language from the curriculum in order to rob the students of patriotic values and ideas,

18. Selling out to China the sovereign rights of the Filipino people over the exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea and its rich marine oil, gas and other mineral resources, which if utilized for the benefit of the people are so many times more than enough to industrialize and develop the country,

19. Receiving commissions and other forms of bribes for Duterte himself, his family and his cronies for overpriced infrastructure and other projects and high interest loans from China under terms that are violative of Philippine sovereignty, extremely onerous and calculated to make the Philippines a debt colony of China,

20. Perpetuating the treaties, agreements and arrangements that make the US the dominant imperialist power in the Philippines and getting logistical support from the US under Oplan Pacific Eager in order to wage state terrorism against the people and the revolutionary movement, and 

21. Squeezing the Philippines with the regime’s double puppetry to US and Chinese imperialism and subjecting the Filipino people to the worst consequences of inter-imperialist contradictions between the US and China and the rapidly worsening crisis of the world capitalist system.

I invite everyone to add to the above list because Duterte’s anti-people achievements for his reign of greed and terror are abundant and cannot be easily exhausted. I have tried to list down the most serious crimes and policy errors that he has committed against the Filipino people.###

Resist together, wage revolution together

Message to Metro Manila Pride March 2019 
By Jose Maria Sison, Founding Chair Communist Party of the Philippines
June 29, 2019 

I wish to express my solidarity to the Filipino LGBT community and in spirit join the Metro Manila Pride March set for today in Marikina City. I congratulate the organizers for bringing together LGBTs and allies in this march for equality, and against injustice and oppression.

I congratulate you for choosing “Resist Together” as the theme for Pride March 2019. It highlights the importance of collective action in the history and achievements of the LGBT struggle. It honors the LGBT resistance started by the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, and the first Pride March in the Philippines and in Asia in 1994 spearheaded by the Metropolitan Community Church Manila (MCC Manila) and the Progressive Organization of Gays (ProGay). 

This theme is also timely and appropriate inasmuch as we are confronted by a regime that is tyrannical, treasonous, patriarchal, misogynist, mass murdering, corrupt and mendacious. The foul-mouthedness of the tyrant is often spiced with misogynist and anti-gay expletives. 

The history of the now-global Pride March is a history of LGBTs collectively fighting for their rights against police brutality, against discrimination, and against a rotten system that excludes, dehumanizes and demonizes LGBTQIs. I join you in honoring and carrying forward this fighting record of LGBTs. 

The LGBT community is a major part of the Filipino people. LGBTs have joined and even led movements and campaigns for the advancement of greater freedom, democracy, social justice, all-round development and international solidarity for peace against imperialism and all reaction.

LGBTs have thus played a major role in the struggle for national and social liberation against the four evils of foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism and patriarchy. 

The Communist Party of the Philippines has accorded full civil, political, economic, cultural, and social rights to LGBTs in guerilla zones and territories of the provisional revolutionary government. 

The CPP has long been affirming and welcoming all LGBTs who seek to overthrow the corrupt system that perpetuates hate, discrimination and oppression. Many LGBTs have taken up the cause of revolution and have become Red fighters and Red commanders of the New People’s Army. We admire their brilliance and bravery. 

For 25 years now, the CPP rules on the relation of sexes have included a non-discrimination clause that guarantees LGBTs enjoy the right to love and be loved while in pursuit of revolutionary goals. Yes, marriage equality has long been a part of life in the revolution. 

The 12-point program of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines has also included a provision for the cause of LGBTs. When the revolution wins, equal rights and non-discrimination would be part of the law of the land. 

I call on national democratic organizations to keep their doors wide open to LGBTs seeking to becoming activists. I also call on national democratic organizations to come out in full support of LGBTs in promoting and defending their rights against discrimination. 

The International League of Peoples Struggle, the world’s biggest anti-imperialist and pro-democracy alliance, also includes a Commission on LGBT Concerns. As chairperson emeritus of the ILPS, I cordially invite all anti-imperialist and pro-democracy LGBT organizations to join ILPS. 

The worsening crisis of the ruling system under the homophobic and misogynist Duterte challenges LGBTs to political action. This is a president who claims to have been “cured” of his gayness, and uses the word “gay” as an insult. LGBTs are way more decent, more courageous, and more patriotic than Duterte. 

LGBTs thus cannot rely on Duterte for the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill. We must depend mainly on the collective action of LGBT community and the support of the Filipino people who had been dubbed as among the “most gay-friendly” in Asia. 

The LGBT community deserves the highest appreciation for having persevered in the struggle against discrimination. It is truly admirable that the number of participants in the Metro Manila Pride March have grown for the past years, especially in 2018. More towns and cities have also held their own Pride marches and parades. 

I hope that Metro Manila Pride 2019 will achieve the utmost success in upholding, defending and promoting the rights of the LGBT community. Your commitment and your activism would surely earn the respect, admiration and support from allies and from the entire Filipino people. 

Beyond Duterte, there’s a country to save and a world to win. The revolution is open to all and fights for all. Let us resist together today, and build a new country and a new world without exploitation tomorrow. ###

Duterte exposed his own bisexual orientation, I merely criticised his hypocrisy and mendacity

Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 14, 2019

There is an attempt of some malicious elements to misrepresent me as being against the gays, bisexuals and queers, and the entire lot of the LGBTQ sector as a result of my criticism and ridicule of Duterte’s hypocrisy in making a public overstatement of his macho sexuality and his contempt for gays, despite certain statements of his to the contrary a number of times.

The issue is not his actual sexual orientation, whether male heterosexual or bisexual, but his hypocrisy and mendacity. Whatever is the gender or sexual orientation a person has cannot be helped, like the color of the skin or social circumstances of birth, and he or she (to use conventional pronouns) cannot be taken to task for said orientation.

Contrary to Duterte’s frequent assertions of masculinity, he admitted in a television interview in 2016 with Vice Ganda that he was once gay but that he “reformed” as if being gay were something bad.

Duterte also publicly admitted that he often had joint masturbation with Dominguez in a speech at a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) event in Bulacan in December 2017. In a recent speech, he actually claimed that he made a mighty erection whenever he was with other naked men at the YMCA dormitory bathroom.

Duterte himself again exposed his own bisexual orientation or behavior. I did not criticize his actual sexual orientation but I simply criticized his hypocrisy and mendacity in overstating his macho heterosexuality and yet unwittingly giving evidence to the contrary.

It is quite a malicious spin for anyone to state that I am culpable for discriminating against heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality per se. I have long advocated gender equality and respect for the gender and sexual orientation of anyone. It is utterly malicious for anyone to ascribe to me as my own bias what I precisely criticize in Duterte’s sexist, hypocritical and mendacious statements. ###

Release of POW Cui to Bong Go exposes Duterte’s tacit recognition of NPA’s status of belligerency

New People’s Army
Regional Operations Command
Southern Mindanao Region

July 29, 2018 | PRESS STATEMENT | Bisaya»

Photo by Kilab Multimedia

Despite the much-ballyhooed declaration of the fascist AFP that Davao City is virtually free of the New People’s Army, the NPA Regional Operations Command, through its custodial force, released NPA Prisoner of War Menardo N. Cui, PNP Badge No. 0-28281, on July 27 in Sitio Indawhong, Brgy, Salaysay, Baguio District following his 7-month detention. GRP Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go was at hand to receive POW Cui, a move that only showed that the US-Duterte regime has failed to obliterate the reality that the NPA continues to be a belligerent force in the country.

The US-Duterte regime’s principal, Rodrigo Duterte, has declared the NPA and revolutionary forces as terrorists and criminals and scuttled the peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. But by sending his closest emissary and chief representative, Duterte has unwittingly acknowledged the status of belligerency acquired by the NPA under international laws. The People’s Democratic Government has proven its status of belligerency whenever the NPA captures and detains prisoners of war for various lengths of time and accords them humane treatment under the Geneva Conventions and Protocol I.

Photo by Kilab Multimedia

The revolutionary forces have acquired belligerent status under international laws by waging revolutionary armed struggle, building organs of political power, organizing the people and defending its own territory. It is by doing all these and achieving greater victories in people’s war that it has gained wide international recognition of the NPA’s status of belligerency and the recognition of the People’s Democratic Government.

The NPA-SMR, however, rejects Bong Go’s announcement for localized peace talks for these will only serve the pacification and surrender campaign and psy-war operations of the US-Duterte regime. The NPA is adamant not to be made party to local peace negotiations that reject the masses’ clamour for genuine land reform and national industrialization.

The NPA’s safe and orderly release of its POW is poles apart compared to the tyranny, fascism and anti-peace talks stance that characterize the regime of Bong Go’s principal Rodrigo Duterte. Despite martial law in Mindanao and Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s sway over AFP and PNP forces to vanquish NPA forces in her turf, the NPA persists in its areas of operation in Davao City. The People’s Democratic Government continues to conduct governance and police power, including granting clemency or archiving cases filed against enemy state forces on justifiable grounds. The same comport cannot be expected from the US-Duterte regime which prefers extra-judicial killing and arrest of innocent civilians and plunder of the nation’s coffers.

During the release, POW Cui expressed appreciation for the humane and lenient treatment by the NPA custodial force. POW Cui’s treatment stands in stark contrast to the cruel detention being inflicted to arrested Red fighters, including NPA Commander Zaldy Cañete, and 99 other political prisoners presently languishing in different jails in Southern Mindanao.

A day after the release, AFP troops deployed for combat and pursuit operations against the NPA custodial force were hit by command-detonated explosives in Sitio Kamarag, Brgy. Tambobong, Baguio District at around 10:25 am. Initial reports revealed that the enemy sustained at least 6 casualties in the NPA offensive.

Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command
New People’s Army

Pagbuhi kang POW Cui ngadto kang Bong Go nagpakita sa pag-ila ni Duterte sa status of belligerency sa NPA

Photo by Kilab Multimedia

Taliwala sa labihang gipanghambog nga deklarasyon sa pasistang AFP nga wala nay NPA sa Davao City, gibuhian sa New People’s Army Regional Operations Command, pinaagi sa custodial force niini, ang bihag sa gubat nga si Menardo N. Cui, PNP Badge No. 0-28281, niadtong Hulyo 27 sa Sitio Indawhong, Brgy, Salaysay, Baguio District human sa 7 ka bulan niyang pagkabihag. Anaa si GRP Special Assistant to the President Cristopher “Bong” Go nga maoy nidawat kang POW Cui, butang nga nagpamatuod lang sa kapakyasan sa rehimeng US-Duterte nga wagtangon ang kamatuoran nga nagpabiling usa ka pwersang nakiggubat o belligerent force ang NPA sa nasud.

Ang prinsipal sa rehimen nga si Rodrigo Duterte mideklara nga mga terorista ug kriminal ang NPA ug mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ug gipahunong ang hinabing pangkalinaw tali sa National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Apan sa iyang pagpadala sa pinakasuod niyang emisaryo ug nag-unang representante, wala tuyoang giila ni Duterte ang status of belligerency nga anaa ang NPA ilalom sa kalibutanhong mga balaod. Ginapamatud-an sa Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan ang status of belliegerency niini sa matag higayon nga ang NPA adunay madakpan ug makustodiya nga bihag sa gubat sa usa ka takda nga panahon ug hatagan sila og tawhanong pagtratar ilalom sa Geneva Conventions ug Protocol I.

Nakab-ot sa rebolusyonaryong pwersa ang belligerent status niini pinaagi sa paglunsad og rebolusyonaryong armadong pakigbisog, pagtukod og mga organo sa pulitikanhong gahum, pag-organisa sa katawhan ug pagdepensa sa kaugalingon niining teritoryo. Pinaagi sa paghimo niini ug pagkab-ot og mas dagkung kadaugan sa gubat sa katawhan maong nakakab-ot og internasyunal nga pag-ila ang status og belligerency sa NPA ug sa Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan.

Bisan pa man, gisalikway sa NPA-SMR ang pahayag ni Bong Go alang sa localized peace talks tungod moalagad lamang kini sa kampanyang pasipikasyon ug pagsurender ug operisyong saywar sa rehimeng US-Duterte. Lig-ong nagbarog ang NPA nga dili mahimong kabahin sa lokal nga negosasyong pangkalinaw nga wala nag-asdang sa panawagan sa katawhan alang sa tinuod nga repormang agraryo ug nasudnong industriyalisasyon.

Photo by Kilab Multimedia

Ang luwas ug hapsay nga pagbuhi sa NPA sa iyang POW dakung kalahian kun itandi sa pagpanglupig, pasismo ug kontra-hisgutanang kalinaw nga kinaiya sa rehimen sa prinsipal ni Bong Go nga si Duterte. Bisan pa sa balaod militar sa Mindanao ug sa gahum ni Presidential daughter ug Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte ngadto sa AFP ug PNP aron paphaon ang pwersa sa NPA sa iyang natad, padayong naglihok ang NPA sa mga erya sa operisyon niini sa Davao City. Padayong ginapatuman sa Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan ang pagdumala ug police powers, lakip ang pagtugyan og clemency ug pag-arkibo og mga kaso nga gipasang-at batuk sa mga pwersa sa kaaway subay sa makatarunganong kapasikaran. Ang samang kaayo dili madahom gikan sa rehimeng US-Duterte kinsa mas ginapili ang ekstra-hudisyal nga pagpatay ug pag-aresto og mga inosenteng sibilyan ug pagkawkaw sa bahandi sa nasud.

Atol sa iyang pagbuhi, nagpasalamat si POW Cui ngadto sa iyang NPA custodial force sa maayong pagtratar kaniya. Ang maong tawhanong pagtratar dakung kalahian sa mangtas nga pagbalhog sa mga giarestong mga Pulang manggugubat, lakip ang NPA Commander nga si Zaldy Cañete, ug uban pang 99 ka mga bilanggong pulitikal nga sa kasamtangang anaa sa lain-laing prisohan sa Southern Mindanao.

Usa ka adlaw human sa pagbuhi kang POW Cui, naigo sa command-detonated explosive ang tropa sa AFP kinsa gi-deploy alang sa operisyong kombat ug paggukod sa custodial force sa NPA sa Sitio Kamarag, Brgy. Tambobong, Baguio District, mga alas 10:25 sa buntag. Matud sa pasiunang taho, nakahiagom ang kaaway og dili moubos sa 6 ka kaswalti human sa maong opensiba.

NSA Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., is an active purveyor of fake news

NDFP archive photo

By Fidel V. Agcaoili
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel
Press Statement | July 21, 2018

The claim of National Security Adviser (NSA) Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., that Prof. Jose Maria Sison is seriously ill is false.

Prof. Sison is very well and has fully recovered from his arthritis last year.

He is up and about, conducting interviews here and there with journalists, student scholars, academics and foreign solidarity friends, and issuing statements left and right especially on the brewing Duterte fascist dictatorship in the Philippines as Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), as well as on significant events in the world as Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS).

His mind remains as sharp as ever and his analysis of political situations as incisive, brilliant and comprehensive as before.

On the other hand, Esperon remains a pathological liar. In 2006, as AFP Chief of Staff, Esperon made the ridiculous claim that the extrajudicial killings of activists were happening because of “internal purges” in the movement, even producing a document allegedly captured from a New People’s Army (NPA) camp as evidence.

His allegation was dismissed by Prof. Philip Alston, then UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, as “especially unconvincing” and the document presented as bearing “all the hallmarks of a fabrication and cannot be taken as evidence of anything other than disinformation.” Prof. Alston concluded that “there is no reasonable doubt that the military is responsible for a significant number of the killings and that subsequent evidence points to the continuing nature of that practice.”

But Esperon does not stop with his false claim on Prof. Sison’s health.

He even implies that the GRP administrations of Fidel V. Ramos and Joseph E. Estrada have conspired with the NDFP in attempting to topple the Manila government by signing The Hague Joint Declaration, the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

Such nonsense!

On the so-called localized peace talks, I strongly suggest that Esperon reads the statements of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the National Operational Command of the NPA, and the NDFP territorial units and regional commands, before he embarks on this road show meant only to line the pockets of bureaucrats, military commanders and faked surrenderers. ##

The Tangled Web of Lies and Deception of Col. Alberto Desoyo of the Philippine Army 303rd Brigade

Press Realease | July 4, 2018 | Ilonggo»
Ka JB Regalado
Spokesperson, Leonardo Panaligan Command, New People’s Army
Central Negros Guerrilla Front

On July 3. 2018, Col. Alberto Desoyo of the Philippine Army 303rd Brigade simultaneously spread lies of disinformation and Psy-war operation to the tri-media and social media.

Desoyo distorted the truth stating that the “CPP-NPA-NDFP cancelled the peace talks between the NDFP and the GRP”. The truth is, after the AFP Command conference last June 14, 2018, it was Duterte himself who immediately announced that he will not continue the peace talks with the NDFP which was scheduled on June 28. 2018 in Oslo, Norway. The said schedule was mutually agreed by both negotiating parties last June 9, 2018. he reasoned out that the “stakeholders” have yet to be consulted despite the calls and demands of the Filipino people to resume the peace talks.

The “stakeholders” referred to by Duterte are not the Filipino people at large especially the peasant and the working class .Instead, the pro-imperialist bureaucrat capitalists, the elite and fascist Armed FOrces of the Philippines(AFP)

Together with the shallow alibi of Duterte is the insistence to hold the peace talks in the Philippines. The Duterte position violates and denies (pagdalasa) The Hague Joint Declarations that defines the nature , character, agenda and mechanism of the Peacetalks. Duterte is not sincere to the genuine and lasting peace in the country. He does not respect neither the Filipino people’s aspiration for for the implementation of genuine lard reform and national industrialization which are the content of the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER).

While Delfin Lorenzana of the Department of National Defense (DND) maneuvers as well to sabotage the peace talk and spread vicious proopaganda against the CPP-NPA-NDFP under the US Central Intelligence Agency’s directions.

The truth is, the US-Duterte regime crudely announced the cancellation of the scheduled peace talk in order not to stall/ hinder execution of military operations against the CPP-NPA. Within 3-6 months, the AFP together with Duterte is hoping to decimate the NPA force by 50% on a nationwide scale and to declare a lot of areas “insurgent-free”. It is also their intention to arrest NDFP Consultants to reduce the 5th Round of Peace Talks as talk to surrender.

What Col Desoyo says that the AFP, particularly, the 303rd Philippine Army Brigade wants the “Peace Talks to continnue” is mere propaganda ploy.

Not a shed sicerity was shown by the AFP in the Peace Talk. Instead, they intensified the militarization in the rural areas.

In Central Negros alone, from March 26 to June 24, 2018the 303rd Brigade Philippine (303rd Bde PA) launched aa a series of 5 Battalion Operations. The militarization has further intensified last June 12, 2018 with the reinforcement of 94th Infantry Brigade (IBPA).

There ware loads of cases recorded by the Leonardo Panaligan Command-New People’s Army (LPC-NPA) committed by the 62nd IBPA, 79th IBPA and 94th IBPA in violation of CARHRIHL kag Human Rights of the people particularly in the countryside of Guihulngan and Canlaon in Negros Oriental and Magallon, Isabela and La Castellana in Negros Occidental. Examples are the use and stay of the AFP personnel in the schools, churches, houses of peasants as military camp; The forced confessions as members of the NPA, as supporters of NPA and the instigation to surrender.

Desooyo is lying when he said that there were a lot of NPA surendered in the island.

the AFP instigation that the NPA surenderes is a ploy of “psy-war tactics” of the military. While the “CLIP program” is designed to gain the trust of the people, deception and disinformation.

Despite these, because of the correct leadership of the CPP, in just 5 months alone (February to June 2018), the LPC-NPA increased its force by 30-35 %.
It came from the ranks of the intellectual, Working class and the young and best sons and daughters of the peasantry. They have the high moral and preparedness to comprehensively face the all-out war of Oplan Kapayapaan of the US-Duterte regime. These new NPA recruits are courageous and determined in building the Mass base, carrying forward the Armed Struggle and the Agrarian Revolution. They are supported by a wide mass of people who aspire a genuine, just and lasting peace in the country where democracy and social justice will prevail.

Col. Alberto Desoyo sang 303rd BdePA, Naglubid sang mga Kabutigan kag Pagpatalang

Press release | Hulyo 4, 2018
Ka JB Regalado
Spokesperson Leonardo Panaligan Command, New People’s Army
Central Negros Guerrilla Front

Hulyo 3, 2018 naglanog ang mga linubid nga mga kabutigan sang 303rd BdePA halin sa mga pahayag ni Col. Alberto Desoyo sa media, kadungan sa mga ginpalapta nga mga dis-impormasyon kag psywar operations sang AFP sa pungsod paagi sa tri-media kag social media.

Gintursi pa ni Desoyo ang kamtuoran nga kuno “ang CPP-NPA-NDF ang nagkansela sang Peacetalks sa tunga sang NDFP kag GRP”. Ang matuod, matapos ang Command Conference sang AFP sadtong Hunyo 14, 2018 si Duterte mismo ang gilayon nagpahayag nga indi niya ipadayon ang pag-istoryahanay sa kalinong sa NDFP sa gintalana nga liwat nga pagbukas sang peacetalk sa Hunyo 28, 2018 sa Oslo, Norway. Resulta ini sang back channel talks diin ginkasugtan sang magkatimbang nga bahin sadtong June 9, 2018. Rason niya nga ikonsulta pa sini ang mga “stakeholders” sa pihak sang mga singgitan kag panawagan na sang pumuluyong Pilipino nga ipadayon ang Peacetalks.

Ang “stakeholders” nga ginasiling ni Duterte indi pa ang malapad nga pumuluyong Pilipino ilabe na ang sahing mangunguma kag mamumugon kundi ang mga maki-imperyalista, burukrata kapitalista mga elitista kag pasistang AFP sa pungsod.

Upod sa manabaw nga rason sa pagpamalibad ni Duterte, nagagiit pa ini nga tigayunon ang peacetalk sa Pilipinas. Ini nga panindugan ni Duterte nagalapas kag nagadalasa sang The Hague Joint Declarations nga amo ang nagatalana sang kinaiya, katuyuan, agenda kag mekanismo sang Peacetalk. Indi sinsero si Duterte sang tunay kag malawigon nga kalinong sa pungsod. Wala man ini nagarespetar sang handum sang pumuluyo Pilipino sa pagpatuman sang matuod nga reporma sa duta kag pungsodnon nga industrialisasyon nga amo ang unod sang Comprehensive Agreement on Socio and Economic Reforms.

Samtang si Delfin Lorenzana sang DND nagamaniobra man sang pagsabotahe sang Peacetalk kag nagapalapta sang mga pagpakalain batok sa CPP-NPA-NDF sa mando sang US-CIA’s.

Ang kamatuoran, garapal nga gin-anunsyo sang US-Duterte ang pagkanselar sang gintalana na nga skedyul sang pagpakigsugilanon sa kalinong para indi na mapunggan ang ginkasa na nga operasyon militar batok sa CPP-NPA. Sa sulod sang 3-6 ka bulan, handum sang AFP upod kay Duterte nga mapagamay ang kusog sang NPA sa 50% na lamang sa bilog nga pungsod kag madamo sang mga erya ukon lugar nga madeklarar nga “insurgency-free.” Tuyo man sini nga pang-arestuhon ang mga NDFP Consultants agud ang ika-5 nga round sang Peacetalk mahimo na lamang nga pag-istoryahanay sang pagpasurender.

Propaganda na lamang ang ginasugid ni Col. Desoyo nga gusto sang AFP partikular 303rd BdePA nga nagapanawagan ini nga “ipadayon ang Peacetalk.”

Wala sang may ginpakita ang AFP nga may sinseridad ini sa Peacetalk. Sa baylo, ila ginpasingki ang militarisasyon sa mga kaumahan.

Sa Central Negros lang, halin sadtong Marso 26, 2018-Hunyo 24, 2018 nag-agum ini sang 5 ka serye sang Battalion Operations nga ginlunsar sang 303rd Brigade Philippine Army.

Labi pa nga ginpasingki ang militarisasyon sang gindugang ang 94th IBPA sadtong Hunyo 12, 2018 sa Central Negros.

Madamo sang recorded nga mga kaso kag sirkumtansya nga nakuha sang LPC-NPA angot sa nakomiter sang 62nd IBPA, 79th IBPA kag 94th IBPA nga mga paglapas sa CARHRIHL kag pagbayolar sang tawhanon nga kinamatarung sa pumuluyo dira sa mga kaumahan partikular sa binukid sang Guihulngan kag Canlaon sa Negros Oriental kalakip na sa Magallon, Isabela kag La Castellana sa Negros Occidental. Ehemplo sini ang pagtiner sa mga buluthuan, simbahan, puluy-an sang mga mangunguma kag iban pa diin ginhimo nga kampo militar. Pilit nga pagpa-ako nga mga katapo sang NPA, suporter sang NPA kag paghaylo sa pagsurender.

Kabutigan man ang ginsugid ni Desoyo nga madamo sang nagsurender nga NPA sa isla.

Ang mga pagpanghaylo sang AFP sa NPA nga magsurender isa ka padugi sang “psywar tactics” sang militar. Samtang ang “CLIP program” pasalig, panginto kag pagpatalang.

Sa baylo bangud sang husto nga pagpamuno sang Partido Komunista sang Pilipinas, sa sulod sang 5 lang ka bulan (Pebrero 2018-June 2018), ang LPC-NPA naglab-ot sa 30-35% ang pagdako sang kusog. Ini naghalin sa hanay sang mga intelektwal, mamumugon, mga hubin kag maayo nga anak sang mangunguma. Taas-moral kag handa ini sa tanan nga tion agud komprehensibo nga atubangon ang tudo-gyerang Oplan Kapayapaan sang rehimeng US-Duterte. Ining mga bag-o nga rekrut sang NPA, maisog kag determinado sa pagtukod sang baseng masa, pagsulong sang armadong paghimakas kag agraryong rebolusyon. Suportado sang malapad nga pumuluyo nga nagahandum sang tunay, makatarunganon kag malawigon nga kalinong sa pungsod diin mapaluntad ang demokrasya, kahilwayan kag hustisya sosyal.

International Lawyers’ Resolution on the Philippines Calling for Resumption of Peace Negotiations in a Foreign Neutral Venue

International Lawyers’ Resolution on the Philippines Calling for Resumption of Peace Negotiations in a Foreign Neutral Venue

WHEREAS, we are in receipt of depressing information and disturbing reports that the political, economic and social situation in the Philippines have turned from bad to worse, resulting in continuing injustice and impunity and in deprivation and discrimination;

WHEREAS, various forms of violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law and the failure of the Philippine government to fulfill its obligations and pledges under international legal covenants and instruments it has entered into continue with disregard or impunity;

WHEREAS, such situation calls for accountability and mechanisms to ensure respect for human rights and international humanitarian law and needs institution of basic social, economic and political reforms;

WHEREAS, we are keenly aware that there is an ongoing armed conflict in the Philippines for the longest time and we welcome serious efforts to resolve this through peace negotiations;

WHEREAS, the formal talks in the peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to address the roots of the armed conflict are being held in Norway and the Netherlands;

WHEREAS, such talks are being hosted and facilitated by the Royal Norwegian Government (RNG) as the mutually-agreed Third Party Facilitator;

WHEREAS, we are informed that the Philippine government is again persistently demanding that the peace negotiations be held in Manila, a position divergent from a binding agreement between the parties that it be held in a foreign neutral venue;

WHEREAS, that mainly for security reasons, history and universal practice teach us that most, if not all, peace negotiations between two warring parties were generally held in a foreign neutral venue outside the country or territories where their respective armed forces are;

RESOLVED , that we members of the governing Bureau of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) strongly join the calls urging the GRP and the NDFP to honor and abide by their agreements and resume their peace negotiations in a foreign neutral venue in order to try to resolve the basic issues of the Philippine armed conflict so that the Filipino people can attain a just and stable peace.

Brussels, Belgium, 21 June 2018.


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IADL President
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IADL Secretary General
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(Members of the Bureau in attendance include those from Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and Togo.)

Unite to oppose the National ID system

Information Bureau | Communist Party of the Philippines

May 26, 2018

With the Senate leadership recently usurped by Duterte apologist and minion Tito Sotto, with the Supreme Court, now free of Duterte arch-critic Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, and with the rubber-stamp lower house of Congress, the enactment of the National ID system by the fascist Duterte now seems to be imminent. This totalitarian measure was first proposed more than two decades ago and has long been fiercely resisted by democratic sectors.

Wielding his new unbound powers, Duterte is now testing the waters with his push to enact the fascist National ID system. If he could get away with this, it is likely that he will push with far more insidious measures such as the plan for charter change to give Duterte greater authority, including less restrictions on his power to declare martial law, and pave the way for perpetuating himself in power under one or another pretext.

The National ID system will practically be reviving the detested cedula system which the Spanish colonial power used to control the movement of people and suppress their democratic rights. In the hands of Duterte, the National ID system is bound to be a weapon of suppression, a weapon of mass monitoring and surveillance to track everyone’s movement, and to bribe and arm-twist, especially against Duterte’s political critics and dissenters.

The Party urges all democratic sectors to unite firmly and oppose vigorously the National ID system, advance their resistance against Duterte’s various dictatorial schemes and his fascist abuses under Oplan Kapayapaan and Mindanao martial law, fight the regime’s anti-people and burdensome policies especially against the workers, peasants and oppressed economic classes, and put an end to widespread and large-scale corruption, surrender of the country’s sovereignty and subservience to foreign imperialist interests.

Please read further below the slightly edited statement by the CPP Information Bureau first issued on September 5, 2017.

National ID system in the hands of murderous strongman will have dreadful results

Duterte’s feverish push to implement a National ID system is part of his machinations to establish a totalitarian state of mass surveillance, population control, social, political and criminal profiling and mass murder.

The draft law of the National ID system has been bulldozed by Duterte’s supermajority of political allies in the House of Representatives. Will the GRP Senate pass the proposed ID system with similar dispatch and prove itself to be no more than a rubberstamp than the lower house is?

The Party joins the Filipino people in opposing the National ID system. In the hands of the Duterte regime, especially its security, military and police agencies, the National ID system will serve as an additional weapon for fascist suppression. There will be dreadful results once such a weapon is placed in the hands of a strong-man tyrant as Duterte who is obsessed with summary killings and mass murder as “solution” to social problems, to silence his political opponents and suppress people’s resistance.

Such a system has long been proposed by the AFP and PNP and US military and security advisers to facilitate mass surveillance through the centralization of the collection and storage (or databasing) of personal information. Past regimes have failed to push the National ID system confronted with popular opposition. The US imperialists will congratulate Duterte if he succeeds on ramming the repressive system.

Duterte’s proposed system aims to collect an inclusive list of personal information in violation of civil rights. Duterte’s National ID system will be a deathblow to privacy rights. In the hands of a repressive and oppressive state, the collection of such information will surely be weaponized and used as a tool for mass surveillance, social, political and criminal profiling.

In many capitalist countries, centralized databases of personal information collected officially as well as illegally have been used by military and security agencies for mass surveillance and “terrorist profiling” leading to stigmatizing of social, religious and political groups and false accusations against individuals.
To conceal its insidious aims and dupe the people to support the proposed identification system, the Duterte regime makes false claims that the National ID will serve to expedite the delivery of government service. Such claims are put to dispute by the fact that the Duterte regime continues to cut the budget for public education and public health and other important social services.

How can a National ID system help facilitate the provision of public health when government hospitals are, in fact, being commercialized and privatized in whole and in part? If the priority of government is to provide everyone with free public health, free education, free public housing, public transportation and so on, there is no need for a National ID system for the people to benefit from these. A national system of identification has nothing to do with the efficiency in the provision of public service.

Neither does computerization make a clean government. This is starkly demonstrated by continuing widespread corruption in government agencies which has computerized its record-keeping and processing. Manipulation of election results in the Philippines have become more widespread, albeit less obvious, through automation.