War Games


War games are exercises regularly conducted by the New People’s Army to maintain the Red fighters’ war footing. Experience dictates that their offensive posture gives them the courage and enthusiasm to thwart the enemy and achieve victories.

This videoclip is a preview of the upcoming video “Istatus: SMR” coming out next week.

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NDFP calls for moral regeneration, system change

By Liberation Multimedia

Interview with officials of the NDFP about the pork barrel scam and the high-level corruption within the Aquino government. They call for the punishment of corrupt officials and discuss the formation of a council of national unity.

LUIS G. JALANDONI, Chairperson of the NDFP Negotiating Panel. Prof. JOSE MARIA SISON, NDFP Chief Political Consultant. CONI K. LEDESMA, Chairperson of the NDFP Special Office for the Protection of Children. And FIDEL V. AGCAOILI, Chairperson of the NDFP Human Rights Committee.

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Soldier of the People

Pulang Pamilya Productions

Video documentary about life inside a New People’s Army camp in Southern Mindanao, in southern Philippines.

For the New People’s Army is above all the people’s army. It comes from them, shares their hopes, struggles and victories, and promotes and safeguards their rights and welfare.


PHILIPPINES: Lost in a shadow war

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Unreported World reporter Evan Williams and Director George Waldrum travel to the Philippines where a war over control of the country's resources is raging between rich and poor. On one side, the 135 families who hold economic and political power in the country, supported by the government and military, and on the other an armed rebel group. Caught in the middle are hundreds of students, activists and left wing politicians who have been killed or disappeared without trace. 14 November 2008.


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"40". The Communist Paty of the Philippines is the shining star of the Filipino people. For 40 years, the Party has engaged in fierce struggle and has led the people's revolution paving the way for a just society. The Party celebrates its 40th founding anniversary with far greater resolve to serve the Filipino people to the fullest of its capacity.

ANTONIO ZUMEL: He never wrote 30

A film on the life of revolutionary propagandist Antonio Zumel. Produced by the Antonio Zumel Foundation, awarded at the 18th Cultural Center of the Philippines Awards for Alternative Film and Video (ika-18 Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video).

October, by Sergei Eisenstein

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Excerpt from the movie "October: 10 days that shook the world" (Oktyabr': Desyat' dney kotorye potryasli mir), by Sergei Eisenstein, with the song "I Lenin Takoi Molodoi" (Lenin Is Young Again). The film was commissioned in 1927 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution.

Captives of Red political power

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The film highlights the humane and lenient treatment, and the release on humanitarian grounds of prisoners of war Lt. Ronaldo Fedelino and Pfc Ronel Nemeño in August 2004. The two soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines had surrendered in battle against the New People's Army on 01 March 2004 in Camarines Sur province. The humanitarian policies and disciplined practice of the NPA with regards the POWs serve to debunk the "terrorist" label that have been attached to the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA by the governments of the US, European countries, Canada and Australia.

Rise in Revolution

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Celebrating 35 years of the Filipino people’s victories in their struggle for national liberation, the NDFP observed its 35th year founding anniversary on 24 April 2008.

The rotten & perfidious US-Arroyo regime

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The US-Arroyo regime can hardly catch its breath because anomalous scandals come after the other. Malacañang loses its way to cover-up for the conjugal corruption of Gloria and Mike Arroyo who get the biggest share in the latest National Broadband Network multimillion dollar pie, the biggest in the history so far.

The people consider the Arroyos as the greediest thieves in the entire history of the puppet republic. In no time, they and the rotten ruling reactionary state will be overthrown by the people's rage and through the assiduousness of the revolutionary movement in the armed struggle.