On Duterte plan of lockdowns and so-called anti-terror drills

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

The Duterte regime is planning to stage a lockdown and anti-terror drills in Davao City and subsequently in cities nationwide. These are calculated to create an atmosphere of terror and hysteria for proclaiming martial law nationwide and to threaten everyone with the charge of ¨terrorism”.

The real terrorists are the fascist clique and armed minions of Duterte in the AFP, PNP and paramilitary groups. They seek to generate hysteria against the CPP and NPA and likewise against all legal opposition groups, social activists, critics, the churches, press and others being accused of destabilizing the tyrannical regime.

According to reliable sources, the Duterte terrorist clique is also planning to stage bloody acts of terrorism against the civilian population like Marcos did in the past in order to maximize the anti-communist hysteria and facilitate the proclamation of martial law nationwide and the railroading of charter change for a fake kind of federalism under the fascist dictatorship of Duterte.###

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