Quick Reply to Duterte from Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Quick Reply to Duterte from Prof. Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

You can no longer be swayed by any reason to engage in peace negotiations. You have repeatedly terminated the peace negotiations, despite the standing policy of NDFP to be ready and be willing to negotiate with the GRP. You are already crazed by your drive for absolute power and absolute corruption.

Every day you rage with your favorite call to your armed minions: Kill, Kill, Kill. You offer no solution to the crying problems of the people but further exploitation and oppression. Reasons for peace negotiations are abundant from the people and not only from the NDFP and the third-party peace advocates in the Philippines and abroad. But you are impervious to reason.

Your “localized peace talks” are fake surrender exercises. Your paramilitary agents are the ones posing as the surrenderers. Every local command of the NPA has condemned you offers of bribes for surrender. They have expressed their determination to fight and finish your tyranny, corruption and mendacity.