Reply to Duterte regarding achievements of the Communist Party of the Philippines

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
November 1, 2018

In his speech in Cagayan de Oro yesterday when he distributed a few token Certificates of Land Ownership, he belittled the achievements of the CPP, the NPA and the entire revolutionary movement by pointing out that the CPP has not yet deployed the NPA to seize the cities and his palace.

I advise him to read my article on the Great Achievements of the CPP in waging revolution for 50 years. Look for the article on my Timeline today. If he is too lazy to read the article, he can read the gist that I give him below. But I must first call his attention to the following:

Despite his supposed familiarity with the revolutionary movement in the Southern Mindanao region, Duterte pretends not to know the great achievements of the movement and its government in mass organizing, public education, land reform, production, health care delivery, cultural work, disaster relief and rehabilitation and other endeavors for the benefit of the people.

In contrast, Duterte has been a brutal and corrupt bureaucrat capitalist serving the interests of foreign corporations, the big compradors and landlords in plantations, logging and mining. No amount of pretending to distribute land ownership certificates, be these token or fake, can cover up his selfish and ugly role as an ultra-reactionary part of the oligarchy.

By making false charges of murder against the National Federation of Sugar Workers members in Negros Occidental, he is turning the victims of the Sagay 9 massacre into culprits because he is in cahoots with the big landlord Marañon and other landlords in Negros. Duterte is using the brute power of the state to defend his fellow landlords and cover up their crimes against the farm workers and peasants.

Now, let me start to give the gist of my article. The people’s government of workers and peasants is already established and growing in the countryside. It is led by the revolutionary party of the working class. It has a people’s army as the main instrument of democratic state power and it is supported by the broad masses of the people.

In the entire history of the Filipino people, so far the biggest revolutionary movement led by the working class is the current led by the CPP. It has created the people’s democratic government on a nationwide scale, the largest revolutionary army of the people since the defeat of the First Philippine Republic and the most comprehensive range of mass organizations for various patriotic and democratic classes and sectors.

The people’s democratic government and armed revolutionary movement led by the CPP are now in the forefront of the worldwide struggle against imperialism and all reaction. It is a prominent torch bearer of the world anti-imperialist and proletarian-socialist revolution. It is an inspiration for all peoples fighting for national and social liberation and at the same time enjoys their abundant support.###

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