Statement of the Compatriots Canada chapter on the 50th anniversary of the CPP

26 December 2918

COMPATRIOTS – Canada Chapter wishes to congratulate Filipinos and their allies for successfully celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).  The events were held in different cities across Canada to mark the founding date of the CPP on December 26, also the birthdate of comrade Mao Zedong.

Altogether, over a hundred people participated in the various activities in the different Canadian cities. They were treated to Filipino performances that drew from the treasure trove of revolutionary culture coming out of the fifty years of the communist movement; from poetry to revolutionary songs and tableaus. Canadian revolutionary organizations also contributed cultural performances keeping with the celebratory nature of the events.

Jose Maria Sison, the founding chairperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines gave a pre-recorded message to participants thanking them for their solidarity and presenting the major achievements of the Party in its fifty years of existence.  In his message, Sison explained that the CPP has existed in Canada, organizing among Filipino compatriots for over three decades. Coni Ledesma, member of the reciprocal committee for the rights of Children of the peace negotiation panel for the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and International spokesperson for Makibaka – Revolutionary Women’s Organization also sent a recorded message talking about the contributions of revolutionary women in the people’s movement.

Many of the events in the different cities were co-hosted by Canadian revolutionary organizations who helped to secure venues, provided logistical support, mobilized members and members of mass organizations.  They also helped to organize the program for the evening celebrations acted as host in some instances. The celebration drew support from several communist parties, Canadian revolutionary organizations and solidarity organizations supporting revolutionary process in South-Asia, Central and South America and Palestine. The same organizations gave solidarity messages, explaining the impact of the Filipino revolutionary movement on the world proletarian revolution. Many expressed their respect and inspiration for the leadership of CPP over the Philippine revolution and in the international communist movement.

Filipino revolutionaries vow to continue to arose, organize and mobilize Filipino compatriots in Canada to contribute and participate in the Philippine revolution.  They vow to gain the deepest and broadest support from the Canadian people in opposing the US-Duterte regime, as well as Canadian imperialist intervention, until the downfall of the bloody regime in the Philippines.

COMPATRIOTS – Canada Chapter

*COMPATRIOTS is a revolutionary organization of Filipino migrants overseas and is a member organization the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.