Lorenzana, militarists delusional about localized peace talks

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and the other militarists in the Duterte regime are delusional if they think that localized peace talks are the key to defeating the armed revolutionary movement.

Blaming killings on the NPA is meant to hide the real culprits and justify martial rule

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines vehemently assails malicious insinuations made by the military, police and a number of Duterte apologists that the New People’s Army (NPA) is behind the spate of killings of local officials.

Duterte-Lorenzana notion of localized peace talks is totally absurd and stupid for five major reasons

The notion of GRP President Duterte and his adjutant DND secretary Delfin Lorenzana that so-called localized peace talks can take the place of peace negotiations between the negotiating panels duly-authorized by the highest leadership of GRP and NDFP is totally absurd and stupid for the following five major reasons:

NDFP-SMR rejects localized peace talks

The revolutionary forces in Southern Mindanao reject the localized peace talks of the US-Duterte regime as it is nothing but a hollow attempt to draw a veil over the ravages of Martial Law in Mindanao and the escalating bloodbath of Oplan Kapayapaan affecting millions of civilians in the country.

Pagbayarin nang mahal ang pasistang AFP at mga asset nila!

Iginagawad ng Apolonio Mendoza Command (New People’s Army-Quezon) ang parusang kamatayan kay Roberto Orogo, isang asset ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Si Orogo ay kaaway ng mamamayan ng Quezon at isa sa pinakaaktibong tauhan ng reaksyunaryong AFP sa pagkuha ng impormasyon laban sa NPA at rebolusyonaryong kilusan na ginagamit ng kaaway sa kanyang mga operasyong pangkombat.

CPP to Malacañang: “A ‘no’ is a no”

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) reiterated its firm rejection of the pretend “localized peace talks” being pursued by the Duterte regime.

Why the Duterte regime is isolated and hated by the Filipino people

After two years of broken electoral promises, mass murder, corruption, deterioration of the economy and sell-out of Philippine sovereign rights, the Duterte regime is isolated and extremely hated by the broad masses of the Filipino people, contrary to persistent pro-Duterte propaganda churned out by the reactionary bureaucracy and the military, mercenary poll survey firms, a major part of the mass media and troll armies deployed by Duterte and his allies.