Strongly pursue the accomplishment of the requirements for strategic stalemate!

Strengthen support and readiness in dealing with natural calamities!

By CPP Northeast Mindanao Regional Committe

Red greetings!

Today is the 45th year anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM. Long live the 45th year of the CPP!

This year is also the 30th year of the CPP in Northeast Mindanao Region (NEMR) since its establishment as a region in 1983. Long live the 30th year of the CPP in NEMR!

NEMR is on its 30th year since it was established as a region from the South Eastern Region in Mindanao in 1983. However, for 14 years it was merged with NMR (Northern Mindanao Region) covering the provinces of Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, the two Lanao provices, two Agusan and Surigao provinces, and two island provinces of Camiguin and Dinagat, from the year 1987 until the year 2001. So it is on its 12th year since since its re-established in 2001, as a region of Mindanao and the Philippines.

Lives of revolutionary martyrs have been sacrificed throughout the 45 years of the CPP in the country and the 30 years of the CPP in NEMR. They are the “UNWAVERING MONUMENTS.” In tribute and remembrance to the revolutionary martyrs we publish calendars or planners every year dedicated to them. Let us salute the unwavering monuments.

In the 45 years of leading the Peoples Democratic Revolution (PDR), the CPP has endured and advanced despite repression by five puppet presidents and their master US imperialist. It persevered and remained confident as it continues advancing towards victory of the PDR and the subsequent socialist revolution.

Under the 30 years of CPP leadership, NEMR was able to contribute to the comprehensive advancement of the revolutionary movement in the country. It established areas in the mountains that distinctly achieved advancement in all fronts: economic, political, military and cultural.

Functional leading local party branches endures despite enemy attacks. Under the leadership of the Party and with the peoples movement for change, hunger has been alleviated, and the masses, especially the children, are healthy.

The new generation can now read and write. Their level of knowledge in different fields have increased, along with the improvement of their economic capabilities. But this advanvement is still just in the mountain communities. There is yet much to be done so the countryside barrios (villages) attain the same achievement.

The following are several growth markers in our region since 2001 when it was re-established as a separate region from NMR to NEMR:

  • It has covered all the mountain areas of its four provinces, and there remains a small portion of the lowlands and coastal areas that have yet to be covered. The 11 guerilla fronts are now linked for more favorable maneuvers, mainly of the more than 30 guerilla units, platoon formations, and several company-sized formations.
  • The Party is rooted among the masses in more than a hundred barangays (villages) and it has increased threefold since 2001.
  • The New People’s Army has doubled in size, and the number of its high caliber fire arms has tripled. The more than 1,500 members of the Peoples Militia augment the tasks of fulltime NPA guerilla units. For every NPA guerilla there are more or less two members of the Peoples Militia.
  • There are 4,220 families in the region that are tilling land without rent. These are in the mountain areas, especially former logging areas where the NPA is able to control the cutting of trees.

The military actions of the NPA has to be improved so that these will result in increasing firearms seized from the enemy. It has succeeded in the simultaneous punishment of three large-scale mining companies: the THPAL (Taganito High-Pressured Acid Leach Nickel Corporation), Taganito Mining Corporation, and PGMC (Platinum Group Metals Corporation) which dealt a big blow to the imperialists and Aquino government. It has improved its counter-offensives against relentless enemy military operations.

The people in the mountain communities affected by military operations loudly expressed their strong protests against human rights violations in the cities.

The masses in the towns and cities have not been silenced, their militancy and voices can be heard exposing and protesting the violations, oppression and wrongdoings of the present US-Aquino administration.

We have to multiply and increase these advancements. Thus we need more educated youth from the cities and towns to help in leading the ever-increasing NPA formations that are largely made up of the peasantry.

Our persistent advancement and assistance to other regions in the country is more than ever needed in dealing with the three years of being struck by storms which resulted in great calamities. The CPP has been able to timely lead during these times with its calls. There is the constant need for readiness in facing these natural calamities to avoid great devastation of lives. The destruction wrought by the typhoons that hit our country should immediately be repaired.

Let us continue to be relentless in helping the victims of calamities.

Let us strongly pursue the accomplishment of requirements towards the achievement of strategic stalemate.

Long live the 45th anniversary of the CPP!
Long live the 30th year of the CPP in NEMR!


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