DEC 26,2018

Dear Comrades of the CPP,

The Communist Organization of Greece is extending to you and to the revolutionary Filipino people congratulations on the golden anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines. When, 50 years ago, relatively few revolutionaries were gathering at a hut in Pangasinan, Luzon in order to re-establish the CPP, Philippines were ruled by Marcos. At first maybe he laughed arrogantly at the news of CPP’s founding. Then, as the CPP was gaining roots among the masses and advanced its armed and mass struggle, he declared that soon the “bandits” shall be crushed. 

Today the CPP is always here, while the dictator Marcos entered the dustbin of History – as did all those who replaced him later on as heads of the consecutive pro-US reactionary regimes. They all had declared, one after the other, that the time of CPP’s annihilation is approaching – only to be belied by the reality. If the golden anniversary proved just one thing, it is that a revolutionary movement that put itself selflessly in the service of the popular masses’ interests is not an easy match, no matter how powerful, malicious and manipulative the enemy is.

Today the world is very different than half a century ago. Scores of parties and movements worldwide, among them many that were boasting too loud their role as vanguards, have faded or ceased to exist, unable or unwilling to understand the ongoing profound changes of the globalized imperialist/capitalist system, to draw the lessons from previous failures, and to adapt in new realities in order to keep serving their peoples. Others have just chosen το bow to the TINA dogma and simply jumped to the enemy camp – the Greek people has experienced this recently in the most bitter way…

Clearly, CPP does not belong to either of these two categories. Its historic effort undertaken back in 1968, namely the struggle by all means for democratic, independent and socially just Philippines, remains today timely, valid and above all vivid. Its ideological, political and organizational strengthening continues and its roots among the popular masses get deeper. The CPP proved able to redress its mistakes and to resist the sugar-coated bullets of the enemy, while remaining the expression of the most profound needs and legitimate expectations of the Filipino people.

Dear Comrades of the CPP,

We know each other since the early 80s. During the last 35 years we have been together in many struggles and we have witnessed –and resisted– the emergence of the imperialist and neoliberal globalization as a response of the capitalist system to its own crisis. Today the alienation of whole peoples from this system, their generalized discontent and even their rage against it, as well as the delegitimation of its representatives, becomes more and more obvious in Europe and around the globe. 

As we are anxious to discover new, effective ways to serve our peoples and to imagine new liberating perspectives, your 50 years’ long struggle is offering us courage. And we are confident that the actual president, Mr Duterte, who appeared as a progressive and peace-loving candidate only to prove himself very fast as just another enemy of the Filipino people and pawn of US imperialism, will share the fate of his predecessors – while the CPP, the NPA, the NDFP and all the allied organizations will win greater victories in the ongoing struggle for national and social liberation.

Long live the Golden Anniversary of the CPP!

Let’s all welcome the unwelcome, until the time of the biggest fireworks comes!

Athens, December 26, 2018

Communist Organization of Greece / KOE


New People’s Army
North Eastern Mindanao Region


December 26, 2018

The New People’s Army in North Eastern Mindanao Region (NPA-NEMR) proudly joins the people in the region and the entire country in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) this December 26, 2018. Through the absolute leadership of the Party, the NPA continue to gain strength and effectively fights the total war launched by the AFP/PNP and fascist US-Duterte regime. 

Today, we give thanks and honor all Party members, NPA, activists and organized masses in NEMR who continue to struggle and sacrifice to fight the utterly brutal and lunatic moves of the US-Duterte regime. We also give honor and salute the martyrs who fully gave their lives, capabilities, bravery and knowledge to defend the people and further advance the people’s war.

NPA-NEMR launched tactical offensives that dealt more than 200 casualties to the enemy. It confiscated weapons that can arm a platoon of NPA forces, such as the ambush against the patrolling AFP forces in Barangay San Antonio,  RTR, Butuan City where the NPA successfully confiscated four (4) high caliber firearms. The most recent military action was the attack, without firing a single shot, against the military patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces of the AFP in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur last December 19, 2018. The Red fighters confiscated 24 high caliber firearms and 12 CAFGU members and two (2) cadremen from the 3rd SF were taken as prisoners of war (POW). 

The NPA preserved its own strength and defended the interests of the people. Imperialist companies such as Sumifru and Dole who grabbed land from farmers and Lumad and destroyed the environment, were penalized. 

Despite sustained and massive military operations launched by the AFP/PNP in the region, the NPA effectively launched counter-attacks and continue to arouse, organize and mobilize the masses. It continues to defend the lands of farmers and Lumad targeted for expansion by destructive imperialist mines and plantations. It contributed to the development of the people’s livelihoods, maintained peace and order, delivered social services and many more.

Because of these, the youth joyfully continuously join the NPA and the majority of the people continue to participate in armed struggle. Thus, the NPA became stronger and the AFP/PNP and the US-Duterte’s plan of annihilating the NPA at the end of 2018 miserably failed.

Amidst the widespread killings, repression, threats, filing of trumped-up charges and forced surrender of civilians, the people’s struggle continue to broaden, intensify and strengthen. The masses are determined to fight and advance armed revolution and will chose to die struggling for the interests of the majority of the people and defend their livelihood, rights and the environment, instead of kneeling to the fascist US-Duterte regime. 

The people of NEMR continue to launch protest actions against militarization and martial law in Mindanao, expose human rights violations committed by the AFP/PNP, resist the forced establishment of detachments and push for their just demands such as land reform, free social services and many others.

Total war and the extension of martial law in Mindanao by the fascist US-Duterte regime are but desperate moves to destroy the revolutionary movement. It shows the intensifying crisis of the ruling system, the deepening conflicts within their own ranks and the massive surge of people’s struggles against dictatorial rule.

The gravely brutal and exploitative fascist US-Duterte regime is pushing an increasing number of the people to further advance armed revolution to fight and destroy the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. The Red fighters will further strengthen their capabilities to wholeheartedly serve the people and advance their national democratic aspirations such as genuine land reform and national industrialization against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. 

Long live the New People’s Army!

Long live the struggling people!

Join the New People’s Army!

Celebrate with pride the 50th anniversary of the CPP!

Ka Ariel Montero


Regional Operational Command

50th anniversary of the CPP: Celebrate with pride! Further advance the national democratic revolution!

Message of the NDFP-NEMR on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the CPP

December 26, 2018

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) salute and commends the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), for its outstanding leadership of the Philippine revolution. Let us celebrate with pride the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP this December 26, 2018 amidst the relentless attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime. Let us commemorate this day with fervor through different activities encapsulating the victories achieved throughout the 50 years of constant advance of the revolution.    

Let us also render our highest salute to the revolutionary martyrs who valiantly offered their lives to advance the National Democratic Revolution. Their revolutionary contributions are living lessons and inspiration for revolutionaries and the people in the enduring struggle to achieve a just, democratic and free society, enjoying sustainable peace.

Through the correct leadership of the CPP, the revolutionary movement in the region never wavered amidst the ruthless brutality of the military and psychological campaigns and attacks of the fascist AFP/PNP. The revolutionary forces in the region effectively fought and defeated these attacks.  The enemy failed to stop the people from strongly uniting to advance their democratic rights and demands by launching different forms of struggle.   

It is clear to the people in the region that the US-Duterte regime is no different from previous regimes. Its economic and political policies and programs favor the interests of the imperialists, big comprador bourgeoisie, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists while majority of the people suffer in dire poverty.

The regime implements the TRAIN Law and other neoliberal policies that resulted to the grave poverty of the people. Price increases of basic commodities and services in the region are relentless.  The minimum wage of workers in Caraga is fixed at P305.00, in fact many receive lower wages especially workers, regular or contractual, in factories, mines, plantations, construction, security agencies, malls and others. This is greatly inadequate for the P1,175.00 daily expenses needed by a six member family to live decently.

The farmers’ problem of having no land or lack of land to till in the region remains. Of the more than 100,000 families of coconut farmers, almost 5,000 families own only a half to 11 hectares of land. This means that more than 90,000 families of coconut farmers have no or lack land to till. Majority also of rice farmers do not own the land they till and are renting land to earn a living.

The farmers continue to suffer from high land rent. For example, in coconut farming, the 40-60 and 50-50 sharing scheme with expenses shouldered by the tenants in favor of the landlord and in the rice farms, the 12-25 sacks of rice as land rent for a hectare of land, still exist. Rentals of agricultural equipment, farm expenses and loan interests remain high. Meanwhile, prices of their products remain low such as copra at P10.00-P16.00 a kilo and rice grains at P16.00-P18.00 a kilo. 

There are no salary increases for teachers, government employees and service workers. The US-Duterte regime chose to implement the 100% salary increase of soldiers and the police. Those who rank PO1 for the police and Pfc. for the AFP, receive at the minimum, P30,000.00 monthly salary, with their officials getting more. Duterte implemented this to secure their blind loyalty and realize his ambitions for dictatorial rule. 

In effect, the AFP/PNP implements the tyrannical and brutal campaigns of the US-Duterte regime against the revolutionary forces and the people, such as the total war under Oplan Kapayapaan, martial law in Mindanao and Oplan Tokhang. These resulted to the unrelenting violations of human rights of the people. 

Since the first month of the year 2018, the AFP launched massive and sustained military operations against the revolutionary movement in NEMR. It is consistent to his illusion of annihilating the NPA at the end of the year.  It used combat equipment such as the 105 howitzer, attack helicopters and bomber planes, supported by surveillance drones. It bombs areas near communities and farms targeted for expansion by imperialist plantations and mines. 

Alongside these, they launch widespread community support program/community organizing for peace and development (CSP/COPD) and forcibly establish CAA detachments of the AFP/PNP in communities in the countryside to destroy the unity of the people and suppress its residents. They effected numerous surrenders of civilians they accused as members of the NPA and the people’s militia. They also initiate anti-social activities such as penile implants, illegal drugs and others. The enemy spreads fake and poisonous news against the revolutionary movement and progressive and legitimate people’s organizations.

Amidst all these, the revolutionary movement in the region continue to advance. The AFP/PNP and US-Duterte failed to defeat the NPA in 2018. Instead, the NPA-NEMR was able to launch more than 200 tactical offensives and confiscated several firearms from the enemy. Just this December, Red fighters attacked and without firing a single shot, controlled the patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces (SF) in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur and confiscated 24 high caliber firearms. Twelve (12) CAFGU members and two (2) SF cadremen are currently prisoners of war (POW).

The NPA continue to enjoy high prestige and widespread support from the people. The thousands of farmers and Lumad will never forget how they benefitted from the implementation of agrarian revolution and social services rendered by the NPA. Because of this, thousands of families of farmers and Lumad continue to till the land distributed for free and regained the ancestral lands seized by logging companies such as Roa, PICOP, Sudecor-Puyat, Lianga Bay and others. In the past they were deprived of land to till and to earn a living inside the hundreds of thousands of hectares of logging concessions and suffered from grave brutal abuse from the armed forces of these companies.  

Wages of farm workers increased in the countryside from P150.00 to P300.00 with free meals and P450.00 without free meals. Land rent decreased to 75-25 in favor of farmers, with expenses deducted. Interest rates of loans decreased to P200.00 for every P1,000.00 loan in a single cropping and others. The revolutionary organizations implement the program of improving production for direct consumption through cooperatives. 

On the other hand, the enemy failed to deprive the people of their initiative to launch mass actions in the cities and countryside. Protests were launched against destructive mines and plantations, forcible establishment of detachments, militarization, martial law in Mindanao price increase of basic commodities and others. The people were shaped by anti-fascist, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles.  

Mass bases continue to expand and consolidate, especially in the strategic areas in the region. Not a single guerilla front was destroyed and the coordination and support of each front remain strong. The people’s unity with the revolutionary movement and the NPA continue even in areas enclosed by the enemy. In effect, the suppression and deceit of the enemy failed to prevent the youth in the countryside and the cities from joining the NPA.  

The country’s economic and political crisis will fuel the further advance of the people’s national democratic struggle. The decaying system have no other direction but eventual collapse.  The victories within the 50 years of advance of the Philippine revolution shows the determination and strength it achieved in all fronts. This is a favorable condition for the further advancement of the people’s democratic revolution. 

Thus, the people must persistently promote their democratic rights and demands. We should bravely and fearlessly fight the threats and suppression of the enemy. We will not allow the AFP/PNP to destroy the revolutionary unity of the people in the region.  

Reach the broadest masses in the countryside and cities by arousing, organizing and mobilizing them. Establish relations with patriotic and humanitarian organizations and individuals, including the enlightened soldiers and police. 

Party courses must be studied to sharpen our understanding of the conditions of society and the Philippine revolution. Increase and strengthen the NPA and intensify the people’s war towards higher levels. 

Advance the people’s national democratic struggle! 

Join  the New People’s Army! 

Fervently celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CPP!

Ka Maria Malaya



A warm greeting to the Communist Party of the Philippines on its 50th anniversary

From Pascual Duarte
International Relations 
Central  Committee  P.R.M.L.
Partido Revolucionario Marxista Leninista 

Dear comrades:

I regret that I can not be present at such an important celebration. The costs have risen, with the devaluation of our currency in more than one hundred percent and therefore we must restrict above all the expenses of trips abroad and in other currencies.

On behalf of our C.C. We want to send a warm greeting to the Communist Party of the Philippines on its 50th anniversary, in which the Filipino people have entrusted the struggle for their national and social liberation. We have no doubt about the importance of the example of your Party and the NPA at the head of the armed experience of the masses, for the whole of the world revolutionary movement and especially for the Marxists Leninist, in a context where ideas and forces still predominate revisionists -reformists. Much more, in times when imperialism and its crisis poses the challenge of opposing it to the possibility of inter-imperialist war, the workers’ rebellion and the people’s war.

To unite, organize and unleash the struggle of the most consistent forces against imperialism and reaction and be able to advance along the path of Liberation and Socialism, we need not only the powerful parties like the CCP at the head of the tools capable of uniting to those forces, but we need one or several triumphant revolutions that are the beacons that illuminate the new revolutionary stage.

Surely, in that way we will have the contribution of the experience of the Filipino people and their communist leadership.

Live the 50 years of the Communist Party of the Philippines !!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

For the imperialism crisis there is a path: Revolution and Socialism!


International Relations 

Central  Committee  P.R.M.L.

Partido Revolucionario Marxista Leninista 



December 29, 2018

Workers World Party sends revolutionary greetings and solidarity on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines. It is a great honor to be invited to this celebration, and we wish were able to attend and express our solidarity in person.

The CPP and it’s 50 years of struggle are an inspiration to Workers World Party and revolutionaries around the world. The CPP’s creative and dialectical application of the ideas and practice of Marx, Lenin, Mao and many other revolutionary leaders to the concrete conditions of the Phillipine struggle are an example that all revolutionaries, including those here in the belly of the U.S. imperialist beast would do well to study.

We salute the struggle of the CPP against the blood thirsty Duterte regime and for the people’s democratic revolution to lay the basis for socialist revolution.

With the determined and principled leadership of the CPP, the struggle of the Filipino people against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism will surely continue to strengthen.

Imperialismo, Ibagsak!

In Solidarity,

Sara Flounders
Workers World Party Secretariat

Teresa Gutierrez
Workers World Party Secretariat

Nathaniel Chase
Workers World Party Interim Central Committee 

Our warmest greetings, and we are confident that the years ahead will bring still greater victories

From: Freedom Road Socialist Organization

December 26,2018

Dear Comrades:

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Freedom Road Socialist Organization sends our warmest greetings, and we are confident that the years ahead will bring still greater victories.

Your progress in advancing the people’s democratic revolution with a socialist orientation, and in developing a people’s war to liberate the Philippines from the burden of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism is an inspiration to revolutionaries everywhere. 

The monopoly capitalists who rule the United States have built an empire the spans the globe – from the Philippines to Palestine to Peru. While the U.S. imperialists have constructed an immense war machine, they are beset by fundamental contradictions and strategically doomed. The people of the U.S. and the people of the Philippines share a common enemy and every blow against imperialism is a good thing that brings closer the day of their final defeat.

We appreciate the many contributions that the Communist Party of the Philippines had made to the international communist movement. Your spirted defense of Marxism-Leninism, including the earthshaking contributions of Mao Zedong to this science of revolution, stands as an example of clarity and leadership, as does the CPP’s willingness to oppose revisionism.

We place great value on the militant friendship that exists between our organizations and we will work to build on it in the coming years. For the people of our respective countries, the future is bright!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long live the unity between the peoples of the U.S. and the Philippines!

With communist greetings,

Freedom Road Socialist Organization 



DECEMBER 26, 2018

The Communist Workers League in the United States salutes and congratulates the comrades of the Communist Party of the Philippines on your 50th anniversary. We stand with you in your struggle to free the Philippines from the tyranny of US monopoly capital, it’s military state apparatus and their present agent, the bloody Duterte regime.

The refounding of the CPP was a milestone not only for the people of the Philippines but for workers and oppressed people everywhere. It was one of the great events of the revolutionary year of 1968, the year of the Tet offensive in Vietnam, a year of fierce class struggle and uprising in every corner of the globe. The revolutionary cause has suffered many setbacks since then, and many have wavered or lost their way. But the Communist Party of the Philippines has survived despite monstrous repression and stood steadfast in the cause of the exploited and oppressed.

Armed with love and devotion to the workers and oppressed and with the proletarian ideology of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong, the heroic and self-sacrificing leaders and cadre of the CPP have fearlessly served the people from the bloody time of martial law under Marcos through the events of 1986 until today. You have forged the New Peoples Army, the army of the workers, peasants and indigenous, and built the National Democratic Front to unite all sectors of Philippine society oppressed by imperialism and comprador capitalism. 

US Imperialism emerged on the world stage in 1898 when it invaded the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba and launched a genocidal war against the Filipino people. That invasion signified the transition of capitalism from its competitive colonialist to its imperialist monopoly stage. 

But it was in also in the Philippines that US imperialism met its first mass resistance. And with the founding of the first Philippine Communist Party in 1930, that resistance merged with the global anti-imperialist proletarian struggle unleashed by the 1917 Bolshevik  Revolution and lead to the formation of the Communist International. That resistance lives on today in the CPP. 

Today the imperialist system is in decay and decline. It has entered a dangerous new stage, manifested by the installation of the Trump regime in the United States and the rise of fascism. This is a symptom of a system in crisis that has nothing to offer humanity but war and destruction. And it is also giving birth to new struggles. For revolutionaries everywhere this is a call to battle. Never has a united front of anti-imperialist and proletarian revolutionary forces been needed more urgently. We look forward to standing with our comrades in the Philippines, who provide such an inspiring revolutionary example, to build greater unity in the days to come.

Long live the CPP! Long live the NDF! Long live the NPA! Death to imperialism! The present is struggle, the future is ours! Workers and oppressed people of the world unite!

Coordinating Committee

Communist Workers League 


 Alors que le Parti Communiste des Philippines (CPP), qui dirige la New People’s Army (Nouvelle Armée Populaire), fête son 50ème anniversaire dans toute l’archipel et à travers le monde, l’OCML VP souhaite plein succès au CPP et à la NPA dans son combat pour la libération nationale et sociale des Philippines. Dans ce pays, les communistes dirigent depuis des décennies la lutte des masses pour l’indépendance nationale, la démocratie et la Révolution. Ils font face aujourd’hui au gouvernement du Président Duterte, un démagogue violent qui maintient les Philippines sous la coupe de l’impérialisme US. Duterte a été élu en promettant de négocier avec le NDFP ; en réalité il accentue sa répression, comme celle de la population en générale, sous prétexte notamment de lutte contre le trafic de drogue. Mais le CPP-NPA fait face et poursuit le combat révolutionnaire !
✊ Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA! #CPP50


As the communist party of the Philippines (CPP), which runs the new people’s Army (new people’s army), celebrates its 50th anniversary throughout the archipelago and throughout the world, the OCML VP Wishes the CPP AND NPA every success in its fight for the national and social liberation of the Philippines. In this country, the communists have been running for decades the struggle of the masses for National Independence, democracy and revolution. Today they face the government of President Duterte, a violent demagogue who keeps the Philippines under the cup of us imperialism. Duterte was elected by promising to negotiate with the ndfp; in reality it accentuates its repression, such as that of the general population, under the pretext of combating drug trafficking. But the CPP-NPA faces and continues the revolutionary fight!
✊ long live the CPP-NPA! #Cpp50


Celebration in Toronto of the 50th Anniversary of the Communist Party of The Philippines
Message from the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) – December 15, 2018

Comrades and Friends;

On this very auspicious occasion, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist Leninist) brings its warmest revolutionary greetings to this national gathering in Toronto to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines. On behalf of the Party’s National Leader Comrade Anna Di Carlo, the Party’s Central Committee and its membership, we congratulate the CPP and its leadership and all its members in The Philippines and you yourselves here in Canada for fifty years of arduous work, many achievements and many historic successes. Your leadership and your rank and file communists have shown exemplary courage and ability to prevail against all odds. May your celebrations bring you great well-deserved joy, strength and further advances in the complex times which lie ahead. 

Your example shows the necessity for a revolutionary communist vanguard Party to lead the people’s complicated struggle for national liberation to a successful conclusion. This is why you founded your Party in the sixties and fifty years of work and struggle have only further confirmed this fact.

Over these last fifty years the CPP has also been steeled by the armed struggle as well as the many-sided legal and political battles. Today in the complex national and international situation, including the fact that the U.S. imperialists continue their military and economic domination of the Philippines, and use it as a base in their striving for domination over the entire Asia-Pacific, the work of the CPP continues to be decisive.

On this occasion permit us to also congratulate the New People’s Army, founded by the CPP on March 29,1969, which is enabling the masses to exercise political power in 17 of the 18 political regions of the Philippines. Permit us to congratulate all those involved in leading the National Democratic Front of the Philippines founded on April 24, 1973 to spearhead the extra-parliamentary and parliamentary fronts of struggle. This front of work has successfully engaged successive U.S. sponsored Philippine governments in peace talks aimed at ending the almost 50 year civil war on the Islands with a just and comprehensive peace. We specifically mention today the work of the NDFP  to put forward  a Draft Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER), presented to the Duterte government. This framework document is a bold pro-social all-sided nation-building project that is a pre-condition for a just and lasting peace. Its measures, including land reform, termination of all onerous international treaties and free trade agreements that are an impediment to the development of an independent national economy, state investments in social programs, an independent and peaceful foreign policy and other proposals are aimed at taking the Philippines in a new direction and creating the conditions for the Philippines to be independent and self-determining, the basis of the Filipino people’s well-being and prosperity.

We also congratulate all of you and the work you do to uphold the rights of the Filipinos abroad. Close to one million Filipinos live and work in Canada under conditions of severe exploitation and abuse. They are an integral part of the Canadian working class and its fight against the anti-social offensive and for an alternative which favours the people. This work underscores the point that today the working class is international. We are one class with one program in defence of the rights of all. You can always count on our Party to support your just cause.

On this historic occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the Communist Party of Canada ( Marxist-Leninist) re-affirms its solidarity and warm fraternal relations with the Communist Party of the Philippines, its leadership and its members and supporters and wishes the CPP continued success in all its work.

May the relations between our parties flourish!

Long live the fraternal unity between the peoples of Canada and the Philippines!

Workers of All Countries, Unite!