Growing US military intervention is linked to escalation of human rights violations

Chairperson, NDFP Human Rights Committee

The all-out war policy of the Arroyo regime and the escalating human rights violations under Oplan Bantay Laya have been inspired and directed by the US government, especially under the Bush global war of terror and under the operational command of the US commander in the Pacific based in Hawaii.

The US has declared the Philippines the “second front” in the so-called war on terror and has escalated the intervention of US military forces in Philippine affairs under the pretext of “joint military exercises” and “combating terrorists”. It has expanded the pretexts for deploying US military forces in Philippine territory, ranging from the oldest pretext of “mutual defense against foreign aggression” to the recent cluster of pretexts: joint military exercises, anti-terrorism, anti-drugs, civic action, disaster relief, anti-epidemic mission, humanitarian mission and so on.

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