Duterte sets the stage for bigger war in Bangsamoro

Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 20, 2019

The MILF seems to be satisfied with the BOL. But many people and forces in Bangsamoro are resolutely and vigorously opposed to it. They call it BOL-shit. 

Those prominently opposed include the MNLF under the leadership of Nur Misuari, several sultans and government officials from the level of governor to mayor in Sulu, Lanao and Maguindanao provinces. 

Both the governor and sultan of Sulu are openly and strongly against the BOL. The former filed before the Supreme Court the petition to freeze the plebiscite on BOL on constitutional grounds. Even Duterte did a double face or had no choice in acquiescing to the filing of the petition.

Thousands of MNLF followers in red shirts and Cotabato city officials made it a point to demonstrate at city hall to counter Duterte’s presence and campaign for BOL in the vicinity. In Maguindanao, the BIFF and other forces do not agree with MILF’s collaboration with Duterte on BOL. 

Duterte presumes wrongly that the Maranaws are in his pocket. Despite his claims to being a Maranaw, he is now hated by the Maranaws for destroying Marawi City, failing to make prompt rehabilitation and preventing the residents from returning to their homes and livelihood.

Duterte is quite heavy-handed and yet so sloppy in failing to offer satisfactory terms and secure the agreement of those strongly opposing the BOL. He is railroading the BOL through the plebiscite, under the duress and unfair condition of martial law. 

He is setting the stage for a bigger armed conflict in the Bangsamoro and adjoining areas. The MNLF enjoys the support of the OIC and is angry that previous agreements and arrangements it has made with the Manila government under OIC auspices are being swept away so arbitrarily by Duterte.

The main enemy of the Bangsamoro is still the oppressive Manila government that violates their right to self-determination. What Duterte is doing is to use the BOL to divide and rule the Bangsamoro by making the various Bangsamoro forces fight each other. 

Although Duterte comes from Mindanao, he is in cahoots with the oligarchs of “imperial Manila and Luzon” in subjugating the Bangsamoro and in controlling and plundering their human and natural resources in collaboration with imperialist powers. ###

Peace agreement is more plausible and less costly than for GRP to destroy the revolutionary forces

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 10, 2019

On the surface, Duterte’s threat to arm mayors and “every one” (or the public) sounds very offensive to the revolutionary movement. 

In that sense, the revolutionary movement can easily make a riposte that the arms put in the hands of so many people can be ultimately turned against the Duterte regime because of its policies and acts detrimental to the people.

But I also take note of Duterte’s qualification of his threat that he would be willing to go back to peace negotiations on his premise that the revolutionary movement could tone down its offensives against the military and police.

There is some silver lining in his threatening statement: that he is willing to engage in peace negotiations. In this regard, the NDFP is open to exploring whatever opening the GRP is willing to offer.

If peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP resume and reach a point where substantial agreements are made, ceasefire can be agreed upon by the two negotiating parties.

In the next three years, it is possible for the GRP and NDFP to make a peace agreement if the Duterte regime is serious and sincere about negotiating and ending its all-out war against the revolutionary forces and the people.

It is even more plausible and less costly for a peace agreement to be made by the two parties than for the GRP to seek in vain the destruction of the revolutionary forces in the next three years. ###

Reset of deadline for scheme to destroy the NPA will surely fail as people’s war will intensify

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 9, 2019

The Duterte regime has reset by three years the deadline for its scheme to destroy the New People’s Army. The scheme will surely fail from day to day, week to week, month to month and from year to year as the NPA will intensify tactical offensives and mass work. The same military and police of the same exploiting classes cannot accomplish in 3 years what they failed to accomplish in 50 years.

In the next three years, Duterte himself will have difficulty surviving politically. These are lameduck years for him, during which infighting among his followers will be debilitating and challenges will rise from within the ruling system as well as from the revolutionary forces. 

Duterte used up his first three years to discredit himself by engaging in treasonous and tyrannical acts, mass murder and mass intimidation, inordinate corruption, economic mismanagement and causing runaway inflation and sell out of sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea to China.

Were Duterte regime willing to engage sincerely and seriously in peace negotiations with the NDFP to address the roots of the armed conflict and make agreements on social, economic and political reforms, a just peace could be attained in less time than three years and at far less cost in contrast to the enemy’s futile military campaigns that are costly in terms of blood and public money. 

The problem with the Duterte regime is that it thinks peace negotiations are merely for the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary forces and that the sincerity of the NDFP is merely the willingness to surrender to the unjust ruling system of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats like Duterte. 

The demand that the peace negotiations be held in the Philippinines is calculated by the Duterte regime to put the NDFP negotiating panelists, consultants and resource persons under the regime’s surveillance, control, duress and manipulation, reducing the peace negotiations to the status of the fake localized peace talks.###

Duterte regime is engaged in anticommunist witch-hunt against teachers, lawyers. Journalist and others

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 8, 2019

The Duterte regime and its military and police minions have utterly failed to destroy the New People’s Army before the end of 2018 as they boastfully threatened in October 2017. They have not destroyed a single NPA guerrilla front. And they know that they cannot destroy the NPA before Duterte himself is out of power.

But Duterte and his armed minions have the antidemocratic and evil notion that they can complement their all-out war or make up for their failure to destroy the NPA by unleashing an anticommunist witch-hunt against teachers, lawyers, journalists, youth, women, social activists, human rights advocates, religious and other people whom they consider as open prey for state terrorism. They will find it more messy and scandalous to blacklist and murder members of the intelligentsia than the poor slum dwellers, peasants and indigenous people.

They are unleashing the anticommunist witch-hunt in connection with their threat to carry out the “Indonesian solution” by massacring communist suspects. They calculate maliciously that they can actually murder a number of urban-based critics and opponents of the Duterte regime in order to frighten the entire lot of the intelligentsia and other people in the cities to stop them from exposing and opposing the crimes of the regime and ills of the ruling system.

It is in the context of the anticommunist witch-hunt that PNP’s Albayalde tries to use my name for his vile purposes. I say categorically that Albayalde is a big liar. He is capitalizing on a distorted spy report on a 30-year old video of a speech of mine in Brussels in which I actually differentiated the legal democratic forces and the forces of the armed revolution.

I have never identified or enumerated any legal organization as a “front” or facade of the CPP. The language is entirely that of the un-intelligent or stupid witch-hunting police dog Albayalde. I have always referred with respect and accuracy to legal organizations adhering to the line of national independence and democracy as legal democratic formations independent of the CPP. 

I never castigate a mere running dog alone. I hold his master Duterte most responsible for the current anti-communist witch hunt against teachers, lawyers, journalists, social activists, human rights advocates, religious and other people. He is a malicious rascal who has nothing to offer to the people but mass murder and mass intimidation in addition to his brazen acts of puppetry and treason, corruption and plunder, machismo and misogyny, foul language and mendacity.###

It is correct for NDFP to be for peace negotiations and expose Duterte’s scheme of fascist dictatorship

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 7, 2019

It is correct for NDFP to be ever willing to negotiate peace with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in order to stress the fact that the Duterte regime has been responsible for all-out war since 2016 and for the termination of the peace negotiations since 2017 and has no real intention to engage in these because these would block the Duterte scheme of declaring martial law nationwide, rigging the May 2019 elections if at all held and imposing a fascist dictatorship on the people through charter change to a bogus kind of federalism. 

The burden of proving that Duterte is willing to engage in peace negotiations belongs to him, not the NDFP. He is still engaged in self-contradictory statements like being willing to negotiate but dictating preconditions that render negotiations impossible. He has also to prove that he is in command of his own wits and his own subordinates like Lorenzana because they are increasingly exposing themselves as hypocrites combining a bit of peace pretense and obsession with all-out war against the people and the revolutionary forces.

In any case, the crisis of the already rotten ruling system and the treasonous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt Duterte regime are generating the favorable conditions for the people’s war for the people’s democratic revolution. Thus, the broad masses of the people are waging all forms of resistance. So long as the Duterte regime engages in all-out war against the national and democratic rights and interests, it is just for the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces to resist in every possible and necessary way.

The previous scheme of the Duterte regime to destroy the revolutionary movement before the end of 2018 has already proven to be a complete failure. The reactionary armed forces, police and auxiliary forces have failed to destroy even a single guerrilla front anywhere in the Philippines and not even in Mindanao where martial law has been imposed. They can keep on moving their goal for destroying the revolutionary movement but the Filipino people and the revolutionary forces will keep on advancing in struggle and celebrating their victories from month to month and from year to year until the tyrannical and corrupt Duterte regime is gone.

It is foolish and self-defeating for the Duterte regime to wage an all out war and commit barbarous acts of state terrorism against the people and all democratic forces, whether these are engaged in armed struggle or not. The people’s war in the countryside is advancing while the broad united front and democratic mass movement in the urban areas are rising up to oust the Duterte regime. 

The Duterte regime needs the peace negotiations more than the NDFP does even if only as a futile tactic to confound the opposition and confuse the public. But the NDFP is highly principled and competent to stand firmly for the national and democratic rights and interests of the people in the exploration of peace negotiations, actual peace negotiations and otherwise. ###

On Duterte’s statement of being open to peace negotiations

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 5, 2019

Enemies need peace negotiations before they can become friends or partners for the sake of the Filipino people who desire social, economic and political reforms as basis for a just and lasting peace.

Thus, I welcome the statement of Duterte that he is still open to peace negotiations even as there is still an exchange of hostile words in the mass media and exchange of bullets in the battlefield.

It is the consistent policy of the NDFP to be open to peace negotiations with the Duterte regime despite the determination of the NDFP to seek the ouster of this regime.

It is for the benefit of the people that the peace negotiations resume and stop the Duterte regime from proclaiming martial law nationwide, from calling off or rigging the May 2019 elections and from pursuing the scheme to impose a fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people via charter change for a bogus kind of federalism.

The NDFP presumes that, when peace negotiations resume, the way is open to the forging of agreements on social, economic and political reforms that are desired and needed by the people.###


By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
January 1, 2019

The Filipino people expect that this year, 2019, the socioeconomic and political crisis of the ruling system will worsen and that the Duterte regime will not solve or soften but will even aggravate the crisis by imposing heavier taxes and causing the prices of basic goods and services to rise further and to use the tax revenues and public debt to feed bureaucratic corruption and raise spending for the military and police in order to carry out his terrorist all-out war aimed at suppressing the revolutionary movement of the people.

Within the year, the Duterte regime will further inflict grave social and economic suffering on the people and unleash mass murder and other human rights violations in a futile attempt to destroy the armed revolutionary movement and intimidate the people. The state terrorism will victimize not only the toiling masses of the people but also the middle social strata and even those in the upper classes who do not belong to the small and narrow ruling clique of Duterte. 

Duterte is hellbent on imposing on the people a fascist dictatorship ala Marcos by using de facto or proclaimed martial law nationwide in the name of anti-terrorism in order to ensure control of the results of the May 2019 elections (if still to be held) and the railroading of charter change for a bogus kind of federalism in which the fascist dictator centralizes powers in his hands and handpicks his regional and provincial agents among the local dynasties and warlords.

Duterte is not interested in serious peace negotiations to address the roots of the armed conflict and make comprehensive agreements on social, economic and political reforms in order to lay the basis for a just and lasting peace. He has issued proclamations and executive orders in order to terminate peace negotiations and further render them impossible during his rule. What he wants is the impossible, which is the surrender of the revolutionary movement of the people.

In view of the foregoing, what are the expectations of the people from the various revolutionary forces? The answer comes from the revolutionary publications that disseminate the decisions and plans of the leading organs of the revolutionary forces in the Philippines.

1. The Communist Party of the Philippines will perform its overall leading role in the people’s democratic revolution promptly, correctly and clearly. It will base its plans and directives on the strength accumulated in 50 years of revolutionary struggle and the current circumstances and demands of the people. It will carry out the tasks to further strengthen and advance the Party and the revolutionary movement of the people.

2. The New People’s Army(NPA) will intensify its tactical offensives to defeat the campaign of the enemy to destroy it while carrying out agrarian revolution and mass work. The successful NPA offensives in guerrilla warfare based on an expanding and deepening mass base will serve to strengthen the revolutionary movement by seizing arms from the enemy forces and will expose the lies of the enemy which misrepresent the character and status of the people’s army and seek to mislead the people. The intensified offensives are meant to develop a fully armed company per guerrilla front and fulfill the maturation of the strategic defensive and proceed to the strategic stalemate in a few year’s time.

3. The various types of mass organizations will be expanded as the source of strength of the CPP, NPA and the people’s democratic government. The urban-based mass organizations will supply more workers and educated youth to serve in the rural areas and in thepeople’s army. The rural-based mass organizations are urgently needed for direct support to the people’s democratic government and to the entire armed revolutionary process. The members of the mass organizations qualify as members of the local organs of political power, the people’s militia and self-defense units.

4. The people’s democratic government will be strengthened at all possible levels in order to take charge of administration and programs for the benefit of the people, such as land reform, public education, production, health and sanitation, cultural work, defense, arbitration and people’s court, environmental protection and disaster relief. The people’s government will support and facilitate the mobility and tactical offensives of the people’s army.

5. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP will further strengthen itself as the most consolidated realization of the national united front but will be able to cooperate with all possible allies in the broad united front in order to isolate and oust the Duterte regime from power. The NDFP is authorized to be open to peace negotiations with the current and prospective regime of the reactionary government but its principal work now is to work for the ouster of the Duterte regime.

We expect that the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces will win ever greater victories in the next year and thereafter. The accumulated victories of their struggle in the 50 years of revolutionary struggle since the founding of the Party under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ought to inspire them to confront and defeat the US-Duterte regime and make further advances in the struggle for national and social liberation against the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system. ###

Tyrant Duterte is trapped in self-contradiction by claiming that the armed revolution is a failure

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
December 28, 2018

Through his mouthpiece Panelo, the tyrant Duterte claims that the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is a failed rebellion. He does not understand how the protracted people’s war creates the conditions for the establishment and development of a comprehensive array of revolutionary forces against the ruling system.

He pretends not to know that the CPP-led armed revolution has already built the people’s democratic government, which is growing in strength in opposition to the reactionary government of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrat capitalists servile to US imperialism and other capitalist powers.

His attempt to ridicule the armed revolution is contradicted by his more frequent rant that the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA) are the principal threats to the counterrevolutionary state and are his scapegoats and pretext for his scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship through martial law nationwide and charter change to a bogus kind of federalism.

The CPP has made great achievements in the field of ideology, politics and organization. It leads the millions of people who are in a comprehensive array of revolutionary forces, including the NPA, the National Democratic Front, the mass organizations and local organs of political power that constitute the people’s democratic government.

The photos of the New People’s Army in company or battalion formations in so many places all over the Philippines in celebration of the 50th CPP founding anniversary prove beyond doubt that the NPA is a vibrant and growing force.

They prove the utter falsity of Duterte’s claims that the NPA is being decimated by him and is on schedule to be completely destroyed before the current year ends or at the latest in the second quarter of next year.

Of all the revolutionary forces, the NPA is in the best position to take the most dramatic initiatives in the form of tactical offensives to further disprove the false claim that the armed revolution is already a failed rebellion. Whenever the NPA tactical offensives are successful, they resound on a national scale.

Duterte will soon be out of power in 2022 or sooner if the mass movement to oust him is successful. In any case, he shall be out of power and in disgrace but the CPP, the NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations and the people’s democratic movement will continue to thrive and gain further strength.###

On the Duterte regime and the celebration of the CPP 50th founding anniversary

Interview with Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines
By Dr. Rainer Werning for Neues Deutschland 
December 27, 2017

1) President Duterte initially seemed very enthusiastic to strike a deal with the NDFP/CPP/NPA. Since the end of 2017, he has changed his policy and is calling all these organizations “terroristic”. What’s behind such a drastic change? Is he physically and mentally fit to lead the country?

JMS: Duterte is a political swindler. He called himself a Leftist and socialist. But even when he was still the mayor of Davao City, he was already engaged in double-dealing by pretending to be cooperative with the revolutionary movement but actually serving the mining, logging and plantation interests and his own bureaucrat capitalist interests; and providing information to the reactionary intelligence agencies against the revolutionary movement.

The NDFP noticed that he was a liar when he backed out of his promise to amnesty and release all political prisoners. As soon as he became president in 2016, he launched his all-out war against the New People’s Army (NPA). His armed minions attacked the NPA and the people in rural areas despite periods of ceasefire during the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. 

Pretty soon he was exposing his secret alliance with the worst of the Luzon-based oligarchs and plunderers, like the Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas, Enrile and the like. These actually gave Duterte the 14% percentage points to add to his 25% Visayan votes that made him president with 39% of the total national vote.

He is crazed by power and corruption and aims to establish a fascist dictatorship through charter change to a bogus kind of federalism in which the fascist dictator has absolute power and handpicks his regional and provincial agents among the dynasties and warlords. He is also physically and mentally sick.

He has admitted that he has at least two debilitating illnesses. He has become addicted to fentanyl and almost every day he makes self-contradictory statements that reveal his mental derangement. He is physically and mentally unfit to be president of the Philippines.

2) He and influential military leaders behind him aim to “destroy” the CPP within the year 2019! What is your opinion on this?

JMS: It is impossible for Duterte and his military minions to destroy the CPP within 2019 or in any further year for the following reasons:

2.1 The crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system is rapidly worsening. The escalating conditions of oppression and exploitation drive the people to resist the Duterte regime and the ruling system and join the legal mass movement as well as the armed revolutionary movement.

2.2 The Duterte regime is aggravating the crisis of the ruling system. The brutal attempts of the regime to destroy the revolutionary forces and intimidate the people motivate an increasing number of them to join the CPP and NPA.

2.3 The CPP, NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations and the local organs of political power (which constitute the people’s democratic government) keep on gaining strength and advancing.

2.4 The line of the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war is working effectively and defeating every strategic operational plan to destroy the revolutionary forces since the time of the Marcos fascist regime.

2.5 The CPP in particular cannot be destroyed because it has gained nationwide strength through struggle and is deeply rooted among the masses of workers and peasants. It has always been clandestine. Duterte has to kill 100 to 1000 noncommunist people before he can kill one communist.

3) On Dec. 26 the CPP celebrates its 50th anniversary. What were the party’s main achievements during the last 5 decades? How come all the other communist parties in the region – aside from Vietnam vanished?

JMS: The CPP has made great ideological, political and organizational achievements in the last 50 years. It credits its success to its adherence to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, its general line of people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war and the organizational principle of democratic centralism.

3.1 In ideology, the CPP has produced theoretical and political writings applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism on the history and concrete circumstances of the Filipino people. It has combated dogmatic and empiricist currents of subjectivism, and has corrected these through criticism and self-criticism and serious rectification movements.  

The CPP has upheld, defended and promoted its proletarian revolutionary integrity and outlook by resisting revisionism, reformism and opportunism from within and from other parties as well as neocolonialism and neoliberalism from imperialist sources. It has educated and trained tens of thousands of Party members and candidate members who are in the mass organizations, people’s army and in institutions. The latest technology has been useful in facilitating the education and training of Party cadres and mass activists. 

Since the total restoration of capitalism in revisionist-ruled countries in the years 1989 to 1991, the CPP has stayed firm on the line that the entry of China and Russia into the top circle of imperialist powers will ultimately accelerate the decline of US imperialism and aggravate inter-imperialist contradictions within the decadent world capitalist system.

3.2 The CPP has correctly set the general political line of people’s democratic revolution with a socialist perspective through protracted people’s war against foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. It has successfully carried out this line consistently.

It has proven itself to be the advanced detachment of the Filipino proletariat and people. It has developed a trade union movement from only 20,000 in the national capital region in 1968 to hundreds of thousands nationwide now. It has also developed a peasant movement from 80,000 in 1969 to millions now. 

It has built the New People’s Army from only 60 Red fighters sharing only nine automatic rifles and 26 inferior firearms in one provincial district of Tarlac province to thousands with high-powered rifles in more than 110 guerrilla fronts in 73 out of 81 Philippine provinces.

The NPA has integrated revolutionary armed struggle with agrarian revolution as the main content of the democratic revolution and with mass base building to form rural-based mass organizations of various types and build the local organs of political power. Under the leadership of the CPP, the NPA has served as the defender of the rural-based people’ democratic government in opposition to the city-based reactionary government of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats.  

The CPP has been responsible for the development of the mass movement of the toiling masses of workers and peasants, the urban petty bourgeoisie and various sectors with common interest. It is building, leading and enabling the people’s government to undertake programs of public education, land reform, production, health and sanitation, cultural defense, arbitration and justice, disaster relief, environmental protection and others.

The CPP has aroused, organized and mobilized the people in their millions through the mass movement and the united front. It caused the overthrow of the Marcos fascist regime and the corrupt Estrada regime in 1986 and 2001, respectively, through the gigantic mass protests and intensification of the people’s war in the countryside.

3.3 The organizational achievements of the CPP can be most easily understood from the fact that it had only 80 members on its founding day in 1968, and now it has 70,000 members who are in the people’s government, mass organizations, people’s army and various institutions.

CPP members are drawn from the mass movement and the people’s army. They are deeply rooted among the toiling masses of workers and peasants and are tested and tempered by the revolutionary struggle. They are now in all provinces of the Philippines. The current 5-year plan of the CPP is to increase its membership to at least 500,000.

4) Are you foreseeing an escalating and even bloodier war versus the AFP?

JMS: Duterte has pursued an all-out war policy since he became president in 2016 and has formally terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. Every day he rants against the revolutionary movement and calls on his armed minions to kill, kill, kill all suspected actual or potential members of the CPP and NPA. Meanwhile, he aggravates the exploitation and oppression of the entire people.

Therefore, the revolutionary movement of the people led by the CPP has no choice but to intensify the revolutionary armed struggle in order to cause the overthrow of Duterte and advance the long-term revolutionary struggle to overthrow the ruling system. The Duterte regime is responsible for terminating the peace negotiations, for unleashing state terrorism and goading the people and the people’s army to wage armed resistance.

5) What about chances for further peace negotiations between the NDFP and the GRP during Duterte’s time?

JMS: The NDFP remains open to peace negotiations with the GRP in order to stop Duterte from pursuing his scheme of full-blown fascist dictatorship and to aim for agreements on social, economic, and political reforms to address the roots of the armed conflict and to lay the basis for a just and lasting peace.  

It is possible for Duterte to realize that it is futile for him to suppress the armed revolution through sheer military force and he might be persuaded to opt for the resumption of the peace negotiations. But the people cannot depend on his erratic subjective. He has a psychotic propensity for using violence and a scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship through charter change for a bogus kind of federalism..  

6) Will the president even finish his regular term, which ends in 2022?

JMS: The broad masses of the people are for the ouster of Duterte from power. They estimate that it is easier to oust him than to persuade him to opt for peace negotiations, mend his ways and finish his term in 2022.

It is not likely for Duterte to finish his term as he engages in mass murder, military attacks on urban and rural poor communities, corruption on an unprecedentedly grand scale, treasonous sell-out of sovereign rights and national patrimony to China and other imperialist powers, excessive local and foreign borrowing, imposing heavier tax burden on the people and causing the rapid rise in prices of basic commodities and services.  

Also, Duterte has serious liabilities and vulnerablilities because of his deteriorating physical and mental health and the increasing rifts among the high bureaucrats, the military and police, because of his arbitrary decisions, acts of favoritism, and frequent flip-flops and self-contradictions. Several times, he himself has publicly expressed fears that he might be overthrown through a coup by pro-US and anti-China military officers. 

At the same time, there is a growing number of patriotic and democratic-minded military and police officers and enlisted personnel who are preparing to withdraw support from Duterte as soon as the mass protests rise to the level of hundreds of thousands or millions in Manila. They emulate the examples of 1986 and 2001 when the military and police officers joined up with the mass movement to overthrow Marcos and Estrada. ###

The Filipino people have the sovereign right to oust the Duterte tyrannical regime

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
December 25, 2018

Having become a tyrant and a shameless instigator of mass murder and other grave human rights violations, Duterte is the abominable No. 1 violator of human rights and is the precise target of the Filipino people’s exercise of their sovereign right to free themselves from tyranny and to undertake all necessary actions to oust him from his position.

Duterte and his followers seem to have forgotten that he received only 39% of the vote in the elections of 2016 and that the 61% that did not vote for him was the overwhelming majority. Despite the weakness and vulnerability of his position, Duterte has become a tyrant escalating the oppression and exploitation of the people.

He has brazenly used his armed minions to commit mass murders and other human rights violations. He has arrogantly pushed his scheme of fascist dictatorship through chartyer change for a bogus federalism. He has imposed an intolerable tax burden on the people and has caused the prices of basic goods and services to soar. He has treasonously sold out the sovereign rights and national patrimony of the people.

In an attempt to confuse the situation, Duterte and his apologists claim that a political refugee like me and political consultant of the NDFP has the unenviable role of tyrant that Duterte is playing. In fact, they insinuate that it is the victims– the aggrieved people, the legal opposition forces and the armed revolutionary movement– that are the violators of human rights for fighting and seeking to oust the tyrant.

As a co-belligerent in the ongoing civil war in the Philippines, the people’s democratic government (PDG), which is led by the Communist Party of the Philippines served by the New People’s Army and supported by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines has vowed to follow and enforce the International Bill of Rights, the International Humanitarian Law and the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

The people’s democratic government (PDG) should welcome the expressed demand of the reactionary Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) that the PDG respects human rights. In this connection, GRP should present formally its complaints to the PDG directly or through the Joint Monitoring Committee established under CARHRIHL. The GRP and NDFP negotiating panels previously submitted their respective complaints to said committee under CARHRIHL.###