Expect the people’s resistance to rise further against the escalation of oppression and exploitation

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 22, 2019

As a result of his rigging the May 13 elections, Duterte has more than two-thirds majority in the Senate and is in a posaition to dictate the realization of his fascist dictatorship through charter change to bogus federalism and declare martial law nationwide at his whim.

Foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucratic corruption will further oppress and exploit the Filipino people. The dire conditions of underdevelopment of the country, unemployment, mass poverty, mounting debt and tax burden, soaring prices, plunder of natural resources and social wealth, mass murder with impunity and the worst forms of deception will continue. 

With overweening arrogance, the Duterte regime will continue to thrive on serving the evil forces of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism; and blame the people, the legal democratic forces and the revolutionary resistance for the worsening socioeconomic and political crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system. 

We can expect the broad masses of the people to engage in protest actions as in the time of fighting and defeating the Marcos fascist dictatorship. We can also expect that a big new wave of mass activists will join the revolutionary underground and the armed revolutionary movement of the people.

More than ever before, Duterte and his armed minions will seek to destroy the revolutionary movement in order to tighten his monopoly of power and plunder. In this context, there is no chance for the resumption of peace negotiations in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration for so long as the tyrant Duterte is in power. 

The people’s struggle for national liberation and democracy will certainly grow in strength faster than ever before precisely in contention with the escalating conditions of oppression and exploitation. It will surge in concert with the revolutionary struggles of peoples abroad against imperialism and all reaction.###

Stay alert and militant on the more important issues

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 20, 2019

It is a matter of public interest to know the physical and mental health condition of Duterte, especially because he is known to be afflicted by chronic illnesses which he himself admits. But it is even of higher public interest for the broad masses of the people and all patriotic and progressive forces not to be distracted from the more urgent and more important issues.

The entire people need to stay alert and militant against the electoral rigging by the Duterte regime, the many crimes it has committed and the more crimes of tyranny, state terrorism and plunder it intends to commit in the course of imposing a fascist dictatorship on the people. 

The Filipino people and other peoples abroad expect the Duterte regime to inflict further oppression and exploitation and are therefore desirous of the progress of the legal mass protests and the armed revolution for national freedom and democracy until the Duterte tyranny is extirpated.

Duterte should change course from the direction of hell and mend his ways – Joma

Response to Duterte’s Invitation to Hell
By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 12, 2013

This is in response to Duterte’s statement that he would be happy to go hand-in-hand with me to the mouth of hell.

I absolutely have no intention to accompany Duterte in his trip to hell, whether this be a medieval religious presumption or a figure of speech for historical infamy.

Based on his own policies and acts, I have already described his regime as a scourge to the people.  As matters stand, Duterte is destined for historical damnation for being treasonous, tyrannical, murderous, corrupt and swindling.

On my part, I will remain steadfast and militant in being loyal to the just cause of the Filipino people in fighting for their national sovereignty, democratic rights, social justice, real economic development (through land reform and national industrialization), a patriotic and progressive culture, independent foreign policy and international solidarity with the peoples of the world.

I invite Duterte to change course from the direction of hell, mend his ways and resume serious and sincere peace negotiations with the NDFP through duly-authorized negotiating panels within the framework of The Hague Joint Declaration.  Then we can work together to respond to the demands of the Filipino people for social, economic and political reforms..

I am not blinking but I am winking at my former student to indicate to him that he can avoid getting hell from the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces by acceding to the reforms needed for a just peace. ###

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In anticipation of the May 13 elections

Interview with Prof. Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
By Delfin T. Mallari, Jr.
May 10, 2019

1. What is the role of the revolutionary forces in the coming elections?

JMS: It is a given fact that the revolutionary forces (CPP, NPA and NDFP) are prohibited from participating in the elections staged by the ruling system. But they can clarify and disseminate to the people why it is wrong to vote for the parties and candidates that support the tyrannical, treasonous, mass murdering, plundering and swindling crimes of the Duterte regime.

They can also allow and encourage their revolutionary mass base to vote for parties and candidates that stand for national sovereignty, democracy, social justice, economic development through genuine land reform and national industrialization, job tenure and fair wages, expanded social services, patriotic and progressive culture and independent foreign policy.

2. Do you still stick to your prediction that opposition bets could still pull a surprise? But for sure the Duterte administration would not allow that.

JMS: I reiterate my prediction that the opposition bets in the Senate race will surely win because of their outstanding patriotic and progressive character and their record of serving the people, and because the people condemn and reject the crimes of the Duterte regime as well as the criminal record of corruption of many of the Duterte candidates and even butchery in the case of two candidates. The broad masses of the people, the patriotic and progressive forces and the Catholic and other Christian churches are supporting the opposition candidates.

But unfortunately, Duterte has the overwhelming power and malicious character to rig the elections. He has control of the Comelec and its computer machines, the military and police. He wants to gain at least two-thirds control of the Senate in order to railroad charter change to a bogus kind of of federalism, establish a full-blown fascist dictatorship, plunder the country and prevent his arrest, prosecution and trial for the grave crimes that he has committed.

Even before election day, Duterte has been rigging the elections by placing the whole of Mindanao under martial law and so-called trouble spots in Luzon and the Visayas under de facto martial law. He and his military and police running dogs have used red-tagging, so-called matrices and death threats to intimidate the critics, the opposition parties and candidates and the people at large.

3. Have you a last minute election message?

JMS: I urge the electorate to vote against the candidates of the Duterte regime, especially in the senatorial race, and prevent Duterte from realizing his scheme of fascist dictatorship, unbridled corruption and sell-out of the sovereign rights and national patrimony of the Filipino people. The people must make conspicuous the overwhelming victory of the opposition senatorial candidates and expose effectively all the dirty tricks of Duterte in rigging the elections.

The voters must vote for candidates opposed to the Duterte regime to exercise and demonstrate their sovereign will and to strengthen their moral and political conviction and will to oust Duterte from power by direct democratic action should he rig the elections, as expected. Remember that Marcos rigged the elections of 1986 but his fake electoral victory roused the Filipino people to overthrow him.

Duterte has no basis for filing cases against those he offends with diagrams

/ CNN Philippines

Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Duterte cannot file cases against the victims of his slander. He has merely used the long discredited method of guilt by association through mere innuendoes and trial by publicity in the absence of any evidence that is presentable to the appropriate court of law.

His matrices are worthless drawings and are pure bullshit. They do not amount to evidence against anyone except as evidence of Duterte’s mental derangement. I do not think that any foreign intelligence agency had to provide the drawings to him. Anyone with the mental capacity or deficiency of Duterte can make such drawings.

It is the victims of slander who should be filing cases in court against Duterte but he is still immune to prosecution while he is president, unless the Lower House has enough members to impeach him and the Senate has enough members to try and convict him.

If he steps down in 2022 or if before that he is ousted by the mass movement in connection with the withdrawal of military support from him, then he will be subject to prosecution and trial before the ICC for the mass murders that he has incited and enabled.

It is also under conditions that Duterte is no longer out of power the the victims of his slander and other crimes would have the opportunity to bring him to court. That’s why he is expected to rig the elections and establish a full-blown fascist dictatorship.

Comment on New Diagrams Produced and Released by Duterte and Panelo

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 8, 2019

When the boss is someone as mentally deranged as Duterte, even someone like Panelo who is reputed to be a clever lawyer (abogado de ultimo remedio) appears to be stupid by following that sort of master.

The diagrams or matrices being bandied about should include a big box to refer to the Filipino people with clear links to the individuals and organizations that are accused of conspiracy to discredit Duterte and in fact share a common detestation for the policies and acts of treason, tyranny, mass murder, plunder and swindling by the traitor and tyrant Duterte.

In the history of law, guilt by association has long been discredited as a method for criminalizing people through bills of attainder, congressional witch hunts and trial by publicity, instead of approaching first the courts of law with evidence to prove the personal criminal responsibility of every one accused.

Incriminating people through diagrams and using them in trials by publicity can be used against Duterte himself and his peace negotiators by simply linking them to names of persons who are designated or claimed to belong to the CPP, NPA and the NDFP.

More damning and more telling than diagrams that can be easily drawn by anyone are pictures of camaraderie between Duterte, his son Paolo, son-in-law Mans and Bong Go on one hand, and the notorious drug lords like Peter Lim, Michael Yang, kenneth Dong and others on the other hand.

The best way to reduce the drawing of diagrams or matrices to absurdity is to use the toilet of the presidential palace as the common point of reference for a criminal linkage between ex-dilawan Duterte and Noynoy Aquino and all sorts of people going to the palace and using the same toilet. 

Nonetheless, the diagrams drawn and released by Duterte and Panelo are certainly not even worth a scrap of toilet paper. Are these the result of Duterte’s reported nervous breakdown or prolonged rest from dialysis treatment last week?

Prospects during and after the May 13 elections

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
May 6, 2019

1. The opposition senatorial candidates will surely win because of their powerful issues against the tyrannical, treasonous, mass murdering, plundering and inflation-generating Duterte regime.

2. But Duterte has the power and opportunity to rig the elections because of his total control of Comelec officials, personnel and computer machines and the Comelec-deputized military and police officers in Mindanao and in designated “trouble spots” in Luzon and the Visayas to ensure the success of electoral cheating. It is ominous that Namfrel is prevented from performing its role as electoral watchdog. And publlc school teachers belonging to ACT and the opposition poll watchers are being red-tagged and being intimidated en masse.

3. The broad masses of the people, the opposition parties and cause-oriented organizations are well aware of the scheme of the Duterte regime to rig the elections. When the rigging occurs, they will certainly be outraged and be ready to rise up against the regime.

4. The Duterte regime will harp on its false electoral victory and undertake more draconian measures in order to suppress the broad opposition and railroad the bogus federalism to complete the process of establishing a fascist dictatorship and to counter the prosecution of Duterte and his criminal cohorts by the International Criminal Court upon the end of his term.

5. At the same time, the regime may approach the anti-Duterte conservative opposition and the Catholic Church with threats and offers of reward and compromise. It remains to be seen how the anti-Duterte conservative opposition will respond to the Duterte approaches and take into account the broad united front and mass movement against Duterte.

6. The regime may approach the National Democratic Front of the Philippines for the resumption of the peace talks if only to split the broad mass movement against the regime. But it is more likely that the regime will never make the approach to maintain its consistent line of scapegoating the CPP and NPA as the excuse for its draconian policies and measures. In the first place, the NDFP will respect the outrage of the people over the electoral rigging and will support the people’s movement for the ouster of the tyrant Duterte.

7. Most of the anti-Duterte conservative oppositionists will reject Duterte’s threats and offers of compromise for patriotic and democratic reasons and for the wisdom and long-term advantage of siding with the people’s movement to oust Duterte.

8. Although continuously targeted for red-tagging and exemplary murders, the cause-oriented organizations and their leaders will be more determined than ever to undertake protest mass actions and seek the ouster of the tyrannical Duterte regime.

9. Because of Duterte’s election rigging and his drive for bogus federalism and fascist dictatorship, he will be the cause of continuous turbulence and turmoil in the Philippines. His imperialist patrons can eventually junk him for being more of a liability than an asset as they did Marcos. They have the levers for turning the finances and armed forces of the Philippines against an already untenable puppet like Duterte.

10. Because of the foregoing prospects, the armed revolutionary movement of the people will have more far more fertile ground for growing in strength and advancing towards greater victories in the people’s democratic revolution. It is the most steady and reliable force of the Filipino people against the Duterte regime, whatever are the twists and turns in the struggle between the regime and the unarmed legal opposition forces and at whatever rate the imperialist masters allow Duterte to stay in power. ###

On the May 13, 2019 elections in the Philippines

Interview with Prof Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

By Rio Mondelo, Editor, Pinoy Abrod
April 30, 2019

RM 1: The senatorial race in the May 13, 2019 elections in the Philippines is of crucial importance because if Duterte’s candidates in Hugpong ng Pagbabago and PDP-Laban win in an overwhelming way, Duterte will have complete control of the government and will have two-thirds vote in the Senate to push his federalism project.  What are the chances of Duterte’s candidates and the opposition candidates in Otso Deretso, Labor Win, Makabayan,  People’s Choice and Catholic Vote?

People crowd at a school entrance yard to vote -Photo: REUTERS

JMS: If the elections are clean and honest, the senatorial candidates of Duterte will surely lose because they are  discredited  by their own gross crimes as well as by those of the Duterte regime.

Many of the candidates are notorious plunderers like Marcos, Estrada, Revilla, Enrile and Bong Go and butchers like Enrile as martial law administrator of Marcos and Bato de la Rosa as the chief butcher in the infamous Oplan Tokhang.  The Duterte slate stinks because of the shady track record of the candidates. It is so bad in contrast to the clean and brilliant record  of the opposition candidates. 

The broad masses of the people detest the Duterte regime  for the soaring prices of basic commodities and the rise of mass unemployment and poverty. The Duterte candidates are seen as stooges of a tyrant,  puppet of China, mass murderer, supreme protector of drug lords,  plunderer, incorrigible liar, antagonist of the Christian churches and women and generator of inflation.  

RM 2:  Because he will surely lose in the senatorial race in the elections if these would be clean and honest, what do we expect from Duterte?  Will he rig the elections?  Why?

JMS:  Duterte has total control of the Commission on Elections and the military and police personnel who will be deputized for election duties, especially in Mindanao, which is under martial law, and in the other areas designated as trouble spots by the Comelec, the military and the police.

Duterte is well-known to have a sly criminal mind.  He will certainly use his power over the Comelec and the armed services to rig the elections, especially because he wants to increase his despotic powers and prolong his stay in power by railroading charter change to a bogus federalism.

He is mortally afraid that the moment he steps down from power, he is liable for criminal prosecution by the International Criminal Court and for punitive actions by the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces.  Thus, he is driven like crazy to prolong his stay in power and gain more powers to oppress and exploit the people.

Even  before the elections, the  rigging has started. The whole of Mindanao and the so-called trouble spots are already under martial rule, the public school teachers and people from various walks of life are being red-tagged for the purpose of mass intimidation and extrajudicial killings.  Opposition candidates are at a huge  disadvantage.

RM 3: In view of Duterte’s control of Comelec and the armed services to be deputized for the elections and his determination to rig the elections because of his fear of prosecution, why should the opposition candidates still run for the Senate? 

JMS:  They need to run in order to arouse, organize and mobilize the people for realizing the real majority vote and, when and if elections prove to be rigged, there will be clear ground for the people to take offense and rise up to oust Duterte in the same manner that they rose up after Marcos cheated in the 1986 elections.  

Remember that before the 1986 elections there were the huge electoral rallies of the Aquino slate and the mass protest actions of BAYAN.  These forces eventually conjoined with the mass following of the Catholic and other Christian churches and those military and police officers who turned against Marcos in order to oust him after he cheated in the elections.

RM 4:  Duterte has excelled at fabricating poll surveys and fake news, dominating the print and electronic media with paid ads and payola for broadcasters and columnists and most important of all Duterte has succeeded in causing mass intimidation through red-tagging and mass murders in Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Kapayapaan in the short span of three years. 

In the case of Marcos, he had stimulated and collected the people’s wrath for at least 14 years before he could be ousted.  Under these circumstances, are the opposition forces strengthening themselves and building a broad united front in order to make huge rallies before election day and then to oust Duterte after he cheats in May?

JMS:  I presume that the opposition forces are doing their best  in order to strengthen themselves and to build a broad united front. There are less than two weeks before May 13 for the opposition to show the huge electoral rallies of the opposition candidates as well as the protest rallies of the progressive organizations. We hope these will still arise before election day. 

But even if these do not materialize, it is still important for the opposition to do the best possible now so that in the long run when Duterte continues to abuse the people and violate their national and democratic rights, and to amass power and wealth, the people would be in a position to rise up with the intensity and magnitude of mass actions against Marcos in 1986.  

There are certain factors that can run counter to the building of the broad united front.  The climate of mass intimidation due to widespread red-tagging and actual murders of social activists might have a dampening effect on certain sections of the population.  

There are also anti-Duterte reactionaries who are at the same time more anticommunist and more pro-imperialist than they are anti-Duterte.  These are the same elements that would be vulnerable to Duterte’s false assurances that he would step down in 2022 or as soon as his bogus federalism is ratified.            

RM 5:  Of course, it is well-known that you do not depend entirely on elections and legal mass actions within the ruling system, especially because rascals like Duterte have overwhelming advantages in terms of power and control over the armed forces and most owners of mass media.  In the meantime, what can the people do to assert themselves against an imminent rise of outright fascist dictatorship?

JMS:  The people should never give up the legal mass struggles no matter how much are the mass intimidation, red-tagging  and actual murders committed by the Duterte regime against them. By asserting and exerting their democratic rights to speak out and assemble and to create the broadest possible united front, the people themselves make it counterproductive for Duterte to insist on his regime of tyranny, treason, mass murder and plunder.

In the meantime, while all efforts are being exerted to develop the legal democratic struggle against the Duterte regime, the revolutionary forces of the Filipino people are also developing and advancing the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war.  If Duterte rigs the elections, he will certainly use his fake electoral  victory to suppress the people further and try to go on a killing rampage against the national and democratic forces.

But the revolutionary forces of the people are invincible because their cause is just. They are deeply rooted among the toiling masses nationwide and can at will launch tactical offensives by surprise against the weakest points of the counterrevolutionary regime.  As Duterte brutally attacks the legal democratic forces, he unwittingly incites the mass activists to join the armed revolution as Marcos did previously in the 1970s and 1980s. The growth of the armed revolution is the surest guarantee that the  people’s resistance will continue and the Duterte regime will come to an end.###

Duterte kills GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, prods the people to intensify armed revolution

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 17, 2019

In the experience of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in negotiating with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), the reactionary pro-US military officers at the highest level have always interfered to stop the peace negotiations for the following reasons:

1. that the GRP negotiating panel cannot obtain the surrender of the armed revolutionary movement of the people through a protracted and indefinite ceasefire and 2. that the NDFP negotiating panel is gaining credit for pushing social, economic and political reforms to address the roots of the armed conflict.

Since The Hague Joint Declaration of September 1, 1992, the reactionary diehards in the military have always acted to shorten the peace negotiations under every GRP administration whenever the NDFP rebuffs their precondition for the surrender of the New People’s Army and their maneuvers to block the negotiations of social and economic reforms.

The reactionaries facilely and deceptively say that the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations have been running for 27 years since 1992. But in fact, under every administration from the Ramos regime to the current Duterte regime , peace negotiations are held only for a few months before the reactionary military diehards intervene to pressure their commander-in-chief to slow down or to declare the suspension or termination of the peace negotiations.

Under the pressure of the military, Duterte has terminated and practically killed the peace negotiations since he issued Proclamation 360 on November 23, 2017. And he has proceeded to drive more nails into the coffin of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

He has rendered peace negotiations impossible between the official panels of the GRP and NDFP that are duly authorized by their respective principals. While Duterte is in power, there will be no peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP because of the following:

1. Duterte has formally terminated the peace negotiations with the NDFP with Proclamation 360.

2. He has designated the CPP and the NPA as terrorist.

3. He has rejected the substantive agenda of the peace negotiations stipulated by The Hague Joint Declaration and the Joint Agreement on the Sequence, Formation and Operationalization of the Reciprocal Working Committees.

4. He has wantonly violated the safety and immunity guarantees under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) by ordering the arrest of NDFP consultants and their murder if there are no witnesses, as in the case of Randy Malayao.

5. He has unilaterally scrapped the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law and has dismantled the GRP section of the Joint Monitoring Committee.

6. He has unleashed his military and police dogs to red-tag, frame up and kill at will social activists and suspected revolutionaries in his all-out war and pursuit of fascist dictatorship.

In view of the foregoing, there can be no genuine peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP while Duterte remains in power.

The so-called localized peace negotiations are patently false. No one would ever be authorized by the NDFP National Council to negotiate with the GRP or its military under conditions completely under the control of the murderous Duterte regime. And no revolutionary in his right senses would ever surrender himself to the brutal and corrupt enemy.

The CPP, NPA and NDFP are highly centralized and have a collective style of decision-making and working. No individual or part of these organizations would ever fall for a trap like the fake localized peace talks under the control and manipulation of a rapacious and bloodthirsty enemy.

It is obvious to the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces that they have no choice but to concentrate on intensifying the people’s war for a people’s democratic revolution. In fact, no reactionary regime after the Duterte regime would ever be interested in negotiating peace with them unless they intensify the people’s war and win ever greater victories.

It is actually favorable to the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces to be confronted by a tyrannical, treasonous, murderous, corrupt, and swindling Duterte regime as in the time of the fascist dictator Marcos. It is far easier to fight and win victories against a regime that makes no pretenses about being patriotic and democratic than against previous regimes that had patriotic and democratic pretenses.

While there are no GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, for as long as Duterte is in power, I find it more useful and worthwhile to concentrate on exposing the crimes of Duterte and demanding the end of his regime without being distracted by back channel talks and flip-flops by the mentally, politically and morally deranged Duterte.

As I indicated before, I am happy to have more time to do research on Philippine and global issues, write and publish my books and articles and engage in more study meetings with Filipinos and their solidarity friends in the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle.

There is a rising interest in the revolutionary resistance of the Filipino people for national and social liberation because of the flagrantly antipeople, antinational and antidemocratic character of the Duterte regime. The peoples and revolutionary forces of the world expect the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces to fight and defeat the tyrannical regime of Duterte. ###

NDFP and the Filipino people must be alert to Duterte’s militarism in the name of peace

Press Statement by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 14, 2019

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Filipino people should be alert to Duterte’s militarist purposes in announcing that he wishes to reopen the peace talks with the use of a militarized negotiating panel under the militarized office of the presidential adviser, General Galvez.

The NDFP does not want to be baited into accepting a war panel of the Duterte regime whose purpose is merely to seek the impossible, such as the surrender of the revolutionary forces, especially the New People’s Army.

Duterte must first answer the following prejudicial questions: 

1. Why did he terminate the peace negotiations and annul all agreements painstakingly made since the The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992?

2. Why did he terminate and dismantle the GRP section of the Joint Monitoring Committee formed under the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Humans Rights and International Humanitarian Law?

The NDFP must remind Duterte that he cannot dictate the terms of whatever kind of negotiations he seeks from the revolutionary movement pf the people. 

By all indications, Duterte is merely play-acting in the name of peace while carrying out an all-out war and scheming to rig the May 2019 elections in order to pave the way for a fascist dictatorship through charter change to a bogus federalism. ###