The Filipino People Firmly Support the Venezuelan People and President Nicolas Maduro in the Upcoming Presidential Election

The Filipino people firmly support the heroic Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela led by President Nicolas Maduro in the upcoming presidential election. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) stands in solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela again organizes a presidential election as another powerful example of the Venezuelan people’s exercise of their inalienable right to choose their rightful leader.

We vigorously condemn the US imperialist Trump regime for its flagrant violations of the sovereignty and independence of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Trump regime’s economic sanctions against Venezuela and threats of military intervention are utterly condemnable. The cohorts of US imperialism are likewise to be condemned. These imperialist cohorts among reactionary government leaders do not respect the fundamental rights of the Venzuelan people who are determined to exercise their right to democracy, peace, sovereignty and independence.

The Venezuelan people are deeply aware of the many programs initiated and implemented by the beloved Comandante Hugo Chavez Frias and firmly executed by Presidente Maduro for the benefit of the Venezuelan people. The Venezuelan government has built more than two million homes for the poor. It has an effective program to provide food at low cost. It provides free education and medical care. These and other benefits are deeply appreciated by the Venezuelan people who give their enthusiastic support for President Nicolas Maduro.

The indelible spirit of the Great Liberator Simon Bolivar and the undying legacy of Comandante Hugo Chavez continue to inspire the Venezuelan people. “Chavez vive! La lucha sigue!” “Chavez no murio, se multiplico!” All throughout Venezuela, in the many communes, among the workers, the peasants, the indigenous people, the entire Venezuelan people stand firmly in support of President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Long Live the heroic Venezuelan people!
Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines