Press Statement

12 September 2015


The NDFP-Mindanao strongly condemns the brutal killing of ALCADEV Executive Director

Emerito Samarca, MAPASU Chair Dionel Campos and Datu Juvello Sinzo committed by the

combined elements of the 36th IB, 75th IB and the bandit group led by Calpet Igwa and Marcos

Bocales. They also burned down the cooperative building of Sitio Han-ayan. As a result, over

3,000 residents from the hinterland barangays of five towns in Surigao del Sur and one in Agusan

del Sur were forced to evacuate en masse to Tandag City. After the residents evacuated, the same

armed groups also burned down 10 houses and a school building of the Panocmoan Lumad

community and a corn sheller in the nearby Lumad community of Kabuluhan, all part of Diatagon,

Lianga, Surigao del Sur.


Before the Han-ayan massacre, AFP elements and their bandit murdered two Tabugol brothers in

Brgy. Siagao, San Miguel, Surigao Sur, last August 28, 2015. In Brgy. Mendez, Pangantucan,

Bukidnon, the 1st Special Forces Battallion also massacred five members of the Samia family last

August 28, 2015. The number of Lumads in Mindanao who fell victim to summary killings by the

Aquino Regime have reached almost 70.

The Han-ayan massacre happened on Sept. 1, six days after Sec. Teresita Deles, of the OPAPP

(Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process) together with Maj. Gen. Aurelio Baladad,

C.O. Eastmincom AFP, and General Oscar Lactao, C.O. 4th ID P.A., and other high ranking

officials presented 42 mostly fake surrenderees in a “Peace” Caravan held in Lianga, Surigao del

Sur last August 25. Also, on Aug. 22 AFP Chief of Staff Hernando Iribiri, who was born in

Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, visited during his hometown fiesta, and in less than a week after he left,

he deployed additional troops to Surigao del Sur.


Last Wednesday, Sept. 9, Sec. Mar Roxas visited the 3,000 evacuees in Tandag. Instead of showing

sincere sympathy, he rubbed salt to the injury of the evacuees by absolving the military and the

bandits, saying that the police is investigating into the alleged NPA shooting in the area that may

have caused the displacement and misery of residents from 27 communities. He deliberately and

shamelessly brushed off the fact that it is already public knowledge and the evacuees themselves

have testified that it was the military and their armed bandits who killed their school executive

director and leaders and sowed other forms of terror in the hinterlands of 5 municipalities of

Surigao del Sur and one adjoining municipality, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. It turned out that his

10-minute visit was to cover-up for the AFP and its bandit group and a photo-op session to boost

his sagging survey results.


Malacañang cabinet members and the AFP national leadership have shown such special interest in

Caraga to ensure the unhampered plunder of multinational foreign and local mining and plantation

firms in the area, and to finally defeat the resilient and advancing revolutionary movement in the

region. But such a special interest is not only focused on Caraga, in fact it is beefing up its forces

from just about 50% to more than 60% of the total nationwide AFP forces, air and land assets to

Mindanao, giving particular focus to three NPA regions of Eastern Mindanao, namely Southern,

North Central and Northeastern regions.


Maj. Gen. Aurelio Baladad, C.O. Eastern Mindanao Command, says that “they key to defeating

the revolutionary movement in the Philippines is to defeat it here in Eastern Mindanao.” But, with

barely eight months left to Aquino III’s term, he is now ever more desperate to turn his regime’s

dream of defeating the revolutionary movement into reality by unleashing the most brazen fascism

against the people through the escalation of AFP combat and terror operations in Mindanao.


In its terror campaigns, AFP forces are secretly recruiting, training and arming Lumad bandits,

calling them by many names such as “Task Force Gantangan” and “Alamara” in Southern

Mindanao, “Wild Dog”, “BULIF” and “NIPAR” in North Central Mindanao, “Magahat” and

“Bagani” in Northeastern Mindanao and many other groups. These groups are trained to kill even

their own kin and terrorize communities whom they suspect to be NPA sympathizers, and they

engage in banditry, extortion, illegal drugs and illegal logging to support their vices.


The AFP is trying desperately to project that these bandits are Lumads rising up in arms against

the revolutionary movement and that it’s a case of Lumad versus Lumad, when in fact what they

are recruiting are mostly the dregs of Lumad communities who, due to their self-interest and vices,

are prone to violence and banditry. By employing these cost-effective counter-revolutionary

bandits, the AFP can get away from any responsibility of the crimes committed by these groups

and can also easily disclaim and dispense them off once there is public uproar.


Benigno Aquino III is currently touring the country to help boost the chances of his anointed

successor Mar Roxas in next year’s elections. He is making sure that the country continues to go

down the path of his “daang matuwid,” which, in truth, is his legacy of deception and blatant

fascism. Roxas himself vowed to continue Aquino III’s legacy, which only means that once he

wins in next year’s electoral race, he will continue and even intensify state terror that is detested

by the people.


We call on the people of Mindanao and the rest of the country to unite in protest with the countless

victims of the US-Aquino III regime’s intensified terror campaign in Surigao del Sur, Caraga and

in other regions in Mindanao. The people must further amplify its demands to give justice to all

victims of state terrorism, to immediately disarm and dismantle all bandit groups in Caraga and

other parts of Mindanao, and to stop all forms of state terror perpetrated either by the military or

the para-military.

We call on the New People’s Army to do everything within its capacity to defend the peasants and

Lumads by launching tactical offensives against military operations of the AFP and their bandit


(sgd) Ka Oris