Warrants of arrest issued against members of Negros RPA-ABB, armed goons

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Spokesperson, Roslyn “Ka Jean” Pelle Command
NPA Northern Negros

The Roselyn Pelle Command of the New People’s Army-North Negros strongly condemns the atrocities committed by the RPA-ABB (paramilitary Revolutionary Proletarian Army – Alex Boncayao Brigade) and armed goons hired by Achilles Baldevia of Had Baldivia and Bernard Tribol of the Had RMP Realty Corporation of Barangay (village) Lopez Jaena in Sagay City, against the farmer-beneficiaries of Had Baldivia.

Based on the cases filed in the Revolutionary Court by the Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid-Northern Negros (PKM, National Peasants Association), it was learned that on 27 October  2011, Sheriff Bernard Barella and Walter Viazon, together with a demolition team, destroyed the seven houses of residents in Had Baldivia despite the writ-order of the reactionary court to remove only structures made thru forcible entry.

After the said incident, the unified forces of the mercenary RPA-ABB and armed goons continue to terrorize and intimidate the poor farmers by firing their 45, 357, 38 cal handguns and shotguns, burning and destroying houses, including the crops planted by the peasants in the said hacienda.

Last 09 December 2011 at about 11PM, mercenary armed men burned the peasant camp out, fired their weapons indiscriminately, and forced the poor peasants to leave their homes.

Three families were forced to destroy their houses for fear of being killed while the others continue to assert their rights to the land. The armed men also harvested the bananas and monggos of the farm workers and repeatedly accused them of producing such crops for the New People’s Army.

By the end of December 2011, instead of celebrating Christmas just like the rest of the people, the poor peasants were saddened and terrified because armed goons once again destroyed the rest of their crops using a tractor. After this, the peasants were no longer allowed to come near the contested land.

The situation worsened when members of the RPA-ABB and armed goons burned seven houses, and wrecked five others using a tractor, and forced five families to vacate the contested land last 24 December 2011, 3:30PM, on 25 December 10:00 AM, and in January 2012. During the act of terrorizing, the poor peasants the armed goons were laughing.

These acts of terror and atrocities committed by the RPA-ABB and armed goons against the poor peasants of Had Baldivia and other haciendas is unbearable. This is also the case in the haciendas in Minauyahan, Calintaan, Pula ang Vincent, and many others last year. This only show that these thugs do not respect lives and human rights as declared by the International Declaration of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Even third party groups and personalities advocating human rights especially of civilians were not spared. Last 26-27 January, a Fact Finding Mission (FFM), numbering almost a hundred which went to the troubled area, was fired at by suspected members of the RPA-ABB and armed goons.

Members of the RPA-ABB and armed goons that were identified as involved in the said atrocities are alias Remar, Larry Chavez; alias Mingming, Loreto Bandala; alias Rufo, alias Barok, alias Bongbong, Asmad Florentino; and their companions. Included as the brains of the RPA-ABB in the said area is their commander Remar Agabon.

The poor peasants have been terrorized too much in the presence of the mercenary RPA-ABB and armed goons hired and protected by prominent landlords in northern Negros like Bebe Lumayno, Bernard Tribol, Tim Ballesteros, Achilles Baldivia, the Javelosa-Sarosa-Maranon and their likes. Sad to say that even the reactionary courts can do nothing in prosecuting these armed thugs because of their crimes against the people. The provincial government under Maranon, the municipal level under Cuevas, and at the barangay (village) level are inutile or play blind and deaf to these atrocities being perpetrated by armed mercenaries.

After finding probable cause based on the facts presented, the Revolutionary Court issues Warrants of Arrest to all those involved in the burning and destruction of crops and properties, grave threats, and frustrated homicide against the people and civilians in the said incident. The Roslyn Pelle Command orders all the units of the NPA in Northern Negros to immediately initiate steps in arresting the suspects.

Likewise the RPC-NPA calls on concerned landowners to follow the policy of the Revolutionary government in the treatment, observance and respect of Human Rights and the Rights of their laborers in the haciendas that they own or lease. The Revolutionary government of the people also condemns the hiring and use of armed goons like the RPA-ABB, Blue Guards, and other bandit groups that sow terror and destruction on the people’s lives and properties. These acts are punishable in the revolutionary government.

To all those who are involved in the above crimes, the RPC-NPA calls on them to surrender to the nearest agency of the Revolutionary Court or to any unit of the NPA so that your case will be given due consideration on the merit of voluntary surrender.

Onward with the National Democratic Revolution until the Strategic Stalemate and Total Victory!

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